Bernie Sanders MAGNIFICENT Take On 'Trump Investigation', Tweets, GOP Tradgedy & More!

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  • Randy Potter
    Randy Potter Month ago +1

    I think that Bernie should worry about his own investigation.The feds are not too happy with his lovely spouse, Jane.

  • Randy Potter
    Randy Potter Month ago +1

    Trump 2020 !!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Plante
    Kelly Plante Month ago


  • Kelly Plante
    Kelly Plante Month ago

    This pathetic channel supports terrorists organization like CNN

  • Morgan Rath
    Morgan Rath Month ago

    This shooter was a bernie supporter!!! Why aren't you throwing the ENTIRE Democratic Party under the bus!?!?!?

  • Randy Potter
    Randy Potter Month ago +1

    Time to lawyer up , Bernie. The feds are putting their microscope on you.

  • TexMexAmerican
    TexMexAmerican Month ago

    All these Bernie fans ignore or have no clue that your precious Bernie and his wife are literally under investigation for bank fraud....FEEL THAT BURN🔥

  • Samsonian Pitydafool

    What an asshole question. How come few people are bringing up Trump's obvious attempt to incite violence in his campaign events? Just because the Republicans control the congress for now the rules don't apply? Hypocritical bullshit.

  • multisphere1
    multisphere1 Month ago

    Everyone who has a brains, please listen to Criss Hedges, it is now on YouTube. Care of truth? It takes some guts to face it. We all are manipulated pumpkins. Wanna remove the veil from your eyes? If yes , than go ahead! :)

  • AuntiJen
    AuntiJen Month ago

    Lets also remember, the media reported that the gunman voted (D) in '08/'12 AND '16 (say WHAAA?!?!) Which means He (was SO DEVOTED TO BERNIE) voted FOR THE PERSON WHO BACKSTABBED & CHEATED SANDERS, Ms HRC in the General??!! 2 me, that fact impeaches the gunmans' Bern cred entirely!

  • Fucc Yoo
    Fucc Yoo Month ago

    Marco Rubio has freakishly big ears lmfao

  • undefined freedom
    undefined freedom Month ago

    The conspirator between fake news and a communist. The regressive left is barbaric, filthy and full of violence.

  • w chaput
    w chaput Month ago

    One of the hazards of dipping into YOUTUBE has always been having to traipse through the despicable, illiterate, lowlife presumptions of truly ghastly American divots so utterly barren of decency and wit as to be like barrels of scorpions on meth.

    America hasn't the tiniest chance of surviving as anything more than a confederacy of dunces.

  • w chaput
    w chaput Month ago

    CNN and FUXCARTOONNEWS are truly despicable Fascist foghorns that deride the very freedoms that allow them to spew their trashy venom. These are moral derelicts, antediluvian hysterics, and dangerous purveyors of nightmares more toxic than cyanide.

    Would that slobbo America had the wisdom and guts to shovel these ingrates off the pier.

  • Amado Guzman
    Amado Guzman Month ago +1

    Why are Democrats such haters. They hate everything about America. So sad.

  • Lennard Kahn
    Lennard Kahn Month ago

    Bernie Sanders our modern day Moses who encouraged his followers to a promised land but only to drown them all in the sea of Democrat and Hilary Clinton corruption.

  • Lennard Kahn
    Lennard Kahn Month ago

    George Soros finances Crowdstrike the company that dreamt up the false story about President Tumps Russian connection backfires but mainstream media just continue with Fake News

  • G Chesterton
    G Chesterton Month ago

    Please, Bernie, run again in 2020. TRUMP WILL TROUNCE YOU!

  • Mark Chippendale
    Mark Chippendale Month ago

    These days "American Democracy" is a contradiction in terms. The small elite minority are essentially stealing wealth from the remainder of the population! I feel incredibly sorry for the vast majority of American citizens and disgusted at a government that is so appallingly intent on allowing such outrageous actions against the interests of its citizens! Corruption has become a byword for US politics.

  • Helen Shaughnessy
    Helen Shaughnessy Month ago

    Absolutely horrific that this bill is not being revealed. Republicans Up to No Good again. A shame Bernie did not make it in Presidential run. Great energy and so focused. Compare him, to dodo, dumbass, Trump.

    • Amado Guzman
      Amado Guzman Month ago

      Helen Shaughnessy I guess they need to pass the bill to see what is in it; won't they? Where is Nancy when you need her. 😎

  • free money
    free money Month ago

    pajama boy loses in Georgia.

  • h20fwler1
    h20fwler1 Month ago +1

    That's just funny...the DNC is a complete train wreck! All the libtard left can do now is make up fake shit with their antiTrump movement making themselves look even more idiotic with their terrorist ideology that sure isn't working. They are just to stupid to see it living in their fart bubble, all they do is expose how desperate and full of shit they are.

  • J W
    J W Month ago +1

    As the comment section clearly shows, there are very few intelligent Bernie supporters.

  • mrt57rn
    mrt57rn Month ago

    Legalize recreational Marijuana in all 50 states & the tax money would pay for it with spare change left over.

  • William Olsen
    William Olsen Month ago

    Any violent takeover will be taken down with violence it is a vicious cycle the only way to really cause a change in this country is peacefully. Knowledge and awareness are the greatest weapons we can possess. I know that may sound corny, but if you look at history. Peaceful change is much more meaningful.

  • doggiesarus
    doggiesarus Month ago

    Politicians kill people all the time. Their laws kill them, take their jobs away, leave them penniless. How many people will die because of this health care situation? I can see how Mr. Hodgkinson was just reacting (albeit in a violent way). Too bad, so sad, Republicans. This is just Collateral damage. The Revolution was started because of stupid tea taxes and so on. Why shouldn't we become violent? Right, Sanders, the process is Insane, and the people who are passing the bills are Immoral. I can see how someone would go ballistic.

  • smartypantz Number
    smartypantz Number Month ago

    he always rides MLK coattails..hes been dead for 50 years bern.come up with some new material...

  • smartypantz Number
    smartypantz Number Month ago

    I'm sure Bernie is giddy one of his goons did his bidding. this cowardly commie advocates this behavior..

  • Shala Taebi
    Shala Taebi Month ago

    People think and feel the overwhelming political pressure with a moron in charge. Nobody and nothing will have control on others' thoughts and feelings. Insane.

  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes Month ago

    Republicans are psychopaths and it was Trump who rolled back gun rights for mentally ill, that was friggin genius

  • Barbara Hughes
    Barbara Hughes Month ago

    When Republicans are literally trying to kill Americans whether it be pollution, taking away consumer rights, war on women, or taking away healthcare, people are not going to just roll over

  • Zenith Stratosphere
    Zenith Stratosphere Month ago +1

    Most people can't afford to have Obamacare if it is even available in their State.. Why don't we just past Trump=care and do like Nancy Pelosi said, "Let's pass it and see what is in it." The Constitution ends with "In the Year of Our Lord". The Constitution was based on Judeo Christian ethics , and that included their belief in Jesus Christ as the Saviour of the World. It certainly beats the rules of Sharia Law!

  • Joe Mallett
    Joe Mallett Month ago

    Bernie is the billionaire corporatist fascist's worst nightmare. If he runs in 2020, even the brainwashed Fox viewers will see that clearly.

  • Margo Romero
    Margo Romero Month ago


  • Roger Percival
    Roger Percival Month ago

    Bernie sanders is an idiot I can't imagine listening to his voice as president argh

  • Almericus Project
    Almericus Project Month ago

    Bernie Sanders is too old but he would do a much better job..

  • Zucchinna
    Zucchinna Month ago

    why are the repubs trying to kill millions? half of them at least are their own voters

  • Bret Spangler
    Bret Spangler Month ago

    non violent fighting back makes no sense, how it this accomplished? I'm sure there were many brits calling for non violence before the revolutionary war, we might be at a similar tipping point, where the military will be forced to pick sides

  • Hoodoo Man
    Hoodoo Man Month ago

    As an atheist myself, any time the discussion gravitates towards religion which is an irrational fairy tale in all it's forms. I lose interest in actually having a rational conversation. Truly I could care less if other people believe in sky gods, cloud beings, elves, fairies or leprechauns. But for those people who do believe in such things I would feel very uncomfortable discussing any productive rational solutions to real problems. If people have a need to believe in something, start believing in yourself first.

  • Jax
    Jax Month ago

    Thank god everyone on that baseball field had INSURANCE...You know the same insurance they are trying to steal from us. Fuck em!

  • Android_Z
    Android_Z Month ago

    The more the American people buy into the polarizing left vs right paradigm, the easier it will be for those on controll to take away our liberties and rights. A divided nation is a weak nation that is susceptible to tyranny. Simple divide and conquer. Instead realize that the establishment is scared shitless of a large unified movement of the people and will do anything to prevent that from happening.

  • Skankhunt_74
    Skankhunt_74 Month ago +1

    Bernie Sanders and his supporters are a farce and a pathetic cross section of cry babies.
    They promote violence against their opponents and even commit mass public shootings and other antifa style crimes.
    These starbucks slurping basement dwellers didnt even vote for their party out of spite, and thanks to that genius move, we have Trump as president.
    Good job Bernie Sanders, youre the second most evil and clueless person in government.

  • Michael Kitchens
    Michael Kitchens Month ago

    Bernie is so divisive he puts a label on so many groups of people. But that's identity politics for you.

  • Michael Kitchens
    Michael Kitchens Month ago

    I agree. He IS talking about the bill we have to pass to read by Obama and the Democrats.

  • Taylor Armour
    Taylor Armour Month ago

    Bernie Sanders never held a job so he was 30 Bernie Sanders is a admitted socialist before you get mad and me look up the word socialist and then you read it to yourself I don't care what you say about me

  • greg romero
    greg romero Month ago

    trump and the republican't party is terrifying ! lying is what they do best !

  • apple-sauce
    apple-sauce 2 months ago

    Is it just me or are Rubio's ears big as fuck

  • Chris Ashcroft
    Chris Ashcroft 2 months ago

    American politics hasn't represented the average American for a few decades now. Both parties are shills for the ultra wealthy. That is NOT a democracy.

  • Blanche-Marie Couture
    Blanche-Marie Couture 2 months ago

    Bernie? Bernie? Bernie?

  • Barkley Henson
    Barkley Henson 2 months ago

    What's (((Bernie's))) "MAGNIFICENT" take on his army of autistic communist assassin followers?

  • CaneFu
    CaneFu 2 months ago +7

    If Bernie were president now instead of Trump 99% of us would be a thousand times better off.

  • theyungcin
    theyungcin 2 months ago

    The republicans have only been poking the hornets nest up to now, passing this health care bill will be kicking that nest and not being able to run away. I don't condone violence but they are bringing it upon themselves and their other party members by fanning the flames of the class warfare they are supporting.

  • Alex Missel
    Alex Missel 2 months ago

    As all you brain dead fools on the left and right take sides to hate each other... the real problem, the established ruling class with no term limits laughs and watches you MORONS hate eachother. Wake up you zombies! They don't care about you, the animosity you have for a Republican or a Democrat is what they want. SMH go ahead let them pull the strings for you. Hate eachother some more be the good little puppets they want.

  • Sheila
    Sheila 2 months ago

    Replubicans r so stupid....get Trump out! All over the world he is a laughing stock!

  • Sheila
    Sheila 2 months ago

    RISE UP AMERICA!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Brenda Rua
    Brenda Rua 2 months ago +3

    A big chunk of the 23M who will lose healthcare are supporters of el Trumpo. They're the ones with the most guns. They are angry enough to vote for a clown. If the repubs take away their health insurance after pulling this chicanery to try and get the bill passed, they have no right to complain about the riots to follow. Everyone getting woke up is what will bring the country together.

  • Zach  Couch
    Zach Couch 2 months ago

    My man Bernie ALWAYS stays on point.

  • Zach  Couch
    Zach Couch 2 months ago +3

    I love his effort. I feel that Bernie is the only one truely working for every American.

  • Linda Crowley
    Linda Crowley 2 months ago +1

    Don't forget Elizabeth warren...Bernie not the only one..

  • lola g
    lola g 2 months ago

    Brilliant? Bernie bent over for the Luciferian Globalists, long before Trump came along. He is a lying travesty. Read WikiLeaks. This turd was on Podesta's payroll since the beginning of the campaign; a controlled opposition. Why do you think, Bernie rolled over, like a dog in heat for Hillary at the nomination? Come on. How stupid are we going to let them think we are?

    Bernie knew that he could never be president. His wife is under Federal investigation.  He makes me sick, with his contrived Communist crap. Big brother is not our friend. Chump change sellout.

    CECI CEO 2 months ago

    Far too many ads.😠.

  • Will Bert
    Will Bert 2 months ago +1

    It's a fucking crime every day that Bernie Sanders isn't President of the US, and I say it as a European.

  • al 41057
    al 41057 2 months ago +1

    Bernie alienated evangelicals. He cannot win the White House without their support.

  • John Flynn
    John Flynn 2 months ago +4

    As always, I like what Bernie Sanders had to say.

  • Myke hog
    Myke hog 2 months ago

    tapper; "now senator has your continuous and consistent stand against violence caused this violence? do you, as an advocate of non violence, do you think your responsible?" WHAT A PRICK

  • Myke hog
    Myke hog 2 months ago

    if that's the standard of journalism in america, no wonder the place is stuffed, the dishonest line of questioning about violence from the ONLY politician that doesn't advocate it is disgusting, no wonder you got trump, wake the fuckcup

  • john blast
    john blast 2 months ago +2

    America has gone from contraversal, to a ''COMPLETE FUKING JOKE'' under Trump.. Im worried to be an ally just now??

  • Cosmonaut Billy
    Cosmonaut Billy 2 months ago

    Lets see your dick, Senator. I'd say Trump's is bigger. Prove me wrong. Let's settle this like grown men.

  • Rosemarie Bullers
    Rosemarie Bullers 2 months ago

    I think if the work in the senate is brought to a stop, i.e.: strike, then I think their paycheck should stop as well. I think the discussion on healthcare should involve both parties. Every American citizen should be encouraged to contact their congresspersons and let them know what they need in healthcare.

  • mjc 427
    mjc 427 2 months ago

    I have worked in the healthcare field all of my life, near retirement now, I can say that universal care for everyone is possible, the hard part is to remove greed from the equation, the middle man, aka insurance carriers who are between you and your Dr., the one's who make billions a year on not providing healthcare, while their CEO's get million dollar bonuses every quarter, the Dr. that treats your cancer could only hope to make a fraction of what these guys pull in, it's time for people to see the big picture and realize that giving to corporations and the wealthy will never help the average working person.

  • Sidsel Nilsestuen
    Sidsel Nilsestuen 2 months ago +4

    bernie sanders is a very intelligent man,well spoken and i hope the next president in the us.

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 2 months ago

    I trust Russia more than CNN, MSN, ABC and the Democrat party and that is sad.

  • Finbar Boyle
    Finbar Boyle 2 months ago

    What a man! I think you Americans need another March on Washington with this man leading it.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 2 months ago

    What a bunch of Fools, Bernie trolled all you simpletons, he was Controlled Opposition for Hillary, and never planned to win... GET A CLUE COMMIES! MY GOD!!!

  • John Chamberlain
    John Chamberlain 2 months ago

    unsubscribe from this Fake News Site and win your soul back!

  • John Chamberlain
    John Chamberlain 2 months ago

    Donald Trump, a patriot, Bernie Sanders, nice old lefty who is a traitor. Make no mistake, all this crap is just: Fake News BS.
    Wake up libtards!

  • John Chamberlain
    John Chamberlain 2 months ago +1

    The virus Network has AIDS

  • sclogse1
    sclogse1 2 months ago

    Surprised Rubio did so poorly in the campaigning. He talks the talk and walks the walk. I voted for Ike.

  • Vincent P
    Vincent P 2 months ago

    Bernie has no idea what hes talking about. Its suprising to me I
    supported him in 2016. Before I learned about basic economics and islam.

  • Ivan Cherry
    Ivan Cherry 2 months ago

    Why do we have to keep seeing him? He did his damage! He gave us trump! Why can't he just go somewhere and shut up!?! I don't want to see him! I don't want to hear from him! BE GONE!

  • Ian Nutter
    Ian Nutter 2 months ago

    Rubio: "I honestly believe the best thing for the country is an honest, unimeped investigation" ..... as opposed to... what, an obstructed one? Thanks Marco, you just have so much wisdom and are really sticking your neck out saying things like that

  • Michael Sommers
    Michael Sommers 2 months ago

    I can't stand CNN no wonder I don't watch this damn Channel change the channel I have

  • Stephen Paul
    Stephen Paul 2 months ago

    Blood is on the MSM's hands.

  • Stabby Tentacles
    Stabby Tentacles 2 months ago

    UNLEASH THE!!! Bernie 2020
    Return America to Greatness.

  • Wookie Groomer
    Wookie Groomer 2 months ago +1

    It's sad that violence is the only way to get things fixed now that everything is falling apart. Trump and his circus of clowns are setting an example of how not to do things and it's going to be a challenge for every single American to not completely lose their minds as more nonsense unfolds every day.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 2 months ago

    crazy Bernie.hes like a crazy grandpa..clown.

  • itsadogsworld yaknow
    itsadogsworld yaknow 2 months ago

    Bernie or Clinton 2020' LMFAO!

  • Furd Felmer
    Furd Felmer 2 months ago +1

    Sanders has always talked a great story, but has not effected any change to stop the crap from continuing.
    His support for clinton by pimping for her, was the end of bernie for me. He would have beat trump hands down, but CHICKENED out...screw sanders.

    • Furd Felmer
      Furd Felmer 2 months ago

      Hey dumb ass, the dems STOLE from sanders, PROVEN.
      Sanders beat trump in every pole BEFORE he got RIPPED OFF.
      Nice try prick, go sell your bullshit to someone with the thinking of a 5yr have a lot in common.

    • Royal Ace
      Royal Ace 2 months ago

      Seriously how dumb are you? The Democrats nominated Hilary over Bernie. He lost so the only thing he could at least do is show his support for her because it was only Trump and Hilary left.

    REAL WORLDPEACE 2 months ago

    Also, why hasn't this video got 10 million views already ? Or the entire country 400 million views! This shit is important not stupid music videos about sex with over a billion views !

  • Patrick Holt
    Patrick Holt 2 months ago +2

    Here's the thing. Inflicting poverty on people is violence. It shortens people's lives. It harms their health. Depriving people of healthcare is violence. It causes deaths and suffering. The point of socialism is to remove violence, to dial down class warfare. This guy shooting people is a symptom of what socialism is trying to stop. The more you worsen economic inequality, the more you use the powers of the state and monopoly market power to funnel money away from ordinary voters and into the bank balances of rich people, the more violence you are doing and the more violent you are making the public's mood, and indeed society. The cost of peace is redistribution of wealth back to the poor, and the cause of revolutions and civl wars is the redistribution of wealth and income to the rich.

    REAL WORLDPEACE 2 months ago

    If Bernie would of gone up against Trump he would of won big time in all the debates and in the election. Fucking Hilary had to cock block him. Also, Bernie needs his own show.

  • Pootube Doodle
    Pootube Doodle 2 months ago

    You all have to be kidding. Right? Have to fight against something and you dont even know what is is? Fight against it because its currently behind closed doors?
    Most trusted person in America? A diehard Socialist. Turn a Constitutional Republic into a Socialist State peacefully? Step away from the pipe.
    The shoe is on the other foot now Socialists. Its very poor form to criticize others for doing things the same way you have been. Peaceful? Umm... The only ones I see taking violence to the streets right now are Socialist Democrats.
    Pot meet Kettle.
    You really need a new strategy. Your losing any shred of credibility you ever had.

  • BrownCow1919
    BrownCow1919 2 months ago

    Sell-out Bernie is always good for a laugh! I can see why the DNC gave him the shaft!! LOL!

  • Samuel Bastian
    Samuel Bastian 2 months ago

    ...left-libertarianism leads to a benign totalitarianism that promises happiness but delivers misery and despair.—David Carlin

  • Rosemarie Collins
    Rosemarie Collins 2 months ago

    trumpeteers take despicable he's racist, violent rhetoric literally, but when a liberal takes action they want to cry fowl

  • PA G
    PA G 2 months ago

    why is a serious and important man likre bernie wasting his time on a clown like tapper.

  • Jeff Trujillo
    Jeff Trujillo 2 months ago

    Old Bernie needs to go away and the commie news network is a joke.

  • Viv Pace
    Viv Pace 2 months ago

    Some in our political society say our greatest risk is being attacked by 'radical Islamic terrorists'. The scariest ppl in this country are cowardly, 'angry white men'. The Illinois man could have killed everyone on the baseball field.

  • Jonathan C.
    Jonathan C. 2 months ago

    Freaking Republican does NOT answer the question. These sleeze balls are so good at not answering the question. but it is the reporters fault for not putting his feet to the fire.

  • goodgulf13
    goodgulf13 2 months ago

    The DNC is madly looking for a way to fail.

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