Senbonzakura - cover by Lindsey Stirling

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  • I hope you like my cover of Senbonzakura by Kurousa!

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    Executive Producers: James Khabushani and RJ Collins
    Directed by: Tom Morris
    Produced by: Elliot Feld and Jaz Kalkat
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  • Runtime: 3:25
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  • Russ Darracott
    Russ Darracott 5 hours ago

    Just a thought for miss Sterling, maybe do "hopes and dreams/save the world" from undertale in her own style?



  • Maria's random channel

    Linsey stifling was the one who inspired me to play violn

  • Kikinxing Sakura
    Kikinxing Sakura 1 day ago

    I can't believe you play senbonzakura. This is awesome. Thank you.

  • אסלאם מלחם

    lendse my love❤💄❤💄❤💄❤💄❤💄❤💄😘

  • Admin Hikki
    Admin Hikki 2 days ago

    This is why I bought high speed internet

  • Sam Wood
    Sam Wood 2 days ago

    Lindsey should be on americas got talent

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2 days ago

    Kuchiki Byakuya : Scatter, Senbonzakura!

  • Kaloian Mitrev
    Kaloian Mitrev 2 days ago

    well i was hoping for one of the good reproductions of your early style unfortunate this piece just changed the whole thing, so sr for you having to adjust to the request of other just to keep on winning money :C losing your fans unsubed..

  • Nin's YT Channel - CuteWolfPups Her niece

    I'm just trying to learn to play this on my violin the tune and notes

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones 2 days ago

    Now, where is Byakua from _Bleach_?

  • Allison Daniela Garduño Muñoa

    me encanta de todas las canciones es mi favoritah

  • MlpSunshineStudios
    MlpSunshineStudios 2 days ago

    When I found out that  Senbonzakura is Hatsune Miku, I loved this cover even more!!

  • 月凝鏡
    月凝鏡 3 days ago

    what!!!! 居然有千本櫻

  • Natalia Castrillon
    Natalia Castrillon 3 days ago

    is amazing

  • Natalia Castrillon
    Natalia Castrillon 3 days ago

    i love it

  • Tigerlily Wildflower

    Amazing. Wonderful. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  • GeneralEric123
    GeneralEric123 4 days ago

    How is that..? Nothing can be that good. There's no way... But it is...

  • Преджер SLIP

    Умножающий талант! Respect.

  • Haley Rushing
    Haley Rushing 4 days ago

    as I look through the comments I notice almost all of the profile pics are from animes including mine

  • Storm Alda
    Storm Alda 4 days ago

    You make me more inspired to play my violin.
    Love you

  • Drawkill Dreams
    Drawkill Dreams 4 days ago

    Do Lost One's Weeping, PLEASE!!!

  • Evelien Steur
    Evelien Steur 5 days ago


  • James Blackburn
    James Blackburn 5 days ago

    This is so wonderful thank you for sharing this with me james \ (^_^)/

  • Oscar S.
    Oscar S. 5 days ago

    Kinda disappointed that she removed the guitar solo

  • Maria Dunny
    Maria Dunny 5 days ago

    Lindsey Sterling your music helps me write such interesting Fanfics. This alone is helping me through writers block on a Persona 5 Fanfic actually!

  • 愛l σ ν є у υ к ι愛 3000


  • Magui Sanchez
    Magui Sanchez 6 days ago

    alguien que hable español? :v

  • Kasane Teto Fever
    Kasane Teto Fever 6 days ago

    This is perfect

  • The Booty Guru
    The Booty Guru 8 days ago

    It'd be great if someone could do a cover with all the notes, instead of skipping notes during the fast parts...

  • meow choco
    meow choco 9 days ago

    Senbonzakura... i love you *p*

  • Nicholas Bautista
    Nicholas Bautista 9 days ago

    did anyone saw this and thought of bleach?

  • TypingOnDarkness
    TypingOnDarkness 9 days ago

    The song is actually really sad if you look at the english lyrics.

  • Kukki Manga
    Kukki Manga 9 days ago

    Vocaloid yeahhh!!!!!

  • Madgizmo
    Madgizmo 10 days ago

    now we just need to mix this with the vocals from Liz's cover of this song and we will win the internet.

  • Rodric Alvarez
    Rodric Alvarez 10 days ago

    Didn't know about this cover Only the wagakki band version

  • Jester
    Jester 10 days ago

    can this be bought from anywhere? I am having trouble finding it anywhere, this song is amazing

  • Lil_Band_Nerd
    Lil_Band_Nerd 10 days ago

    welcome to the weeb family Lindsey

  • Catalina Monsalva
    Catalina Monsalva 11 days ago

    suena demasiado hermoso🎻🎻😏

  • Gergő Szabó
    Gergő Szabó 11 days ago

    Somebody from OSU?

  • Jack Fathaillah
    Jack Fathaillah 12 days ago


  • Unstable One
    Unstable One 12 days ago

    it's been at let's a year since I listened to Lindsey and I know realized THIS IS A VOCALIOD SONG.... That blew my mind.

  • Eliza Schulyer
    Eliza Schulyer 12 days ago

    i came from lizz

  • Crimson Wolf
    Crimson Wolf 13 days ago

    Name reminds me of Bayakuya Kuchiki from Bleach

  • Nohrian Scum Niles
    Nohrian Scum Niles 13 days ago

    How have I, the weaboo if my friend group, only just discovered this wonderful cover oml? Utterly beautiful...

  • Kiersten Dezurae
    Kiersten Dezurae 13 days ago

    If you look up this song but the English version then you will know how dark it is.....

  • AlyDeamz 12 im otaku trash

    You don't even know how happy I was when I saw this!

  • Patrick Baudoin
    Patrick Baudoin 13 days ago

    j'adore! Merci

  • Nyca sz
    Nyca sz 14 days ago


  • Clo hey
    Clo hey 15 days ago

    hatsune miku!😁

  • StarStruck Song
    StarStruck Song 16 days ago

    *screams in joy* I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

    yet it is had a more relatable story than the rest

  • maxastro
    maxastro 16 days ago

    This reminds me so much of Yuyuko's boss music from Perfect Cherry Blossom... especially with the cherry trees flying in the background...

  • Lyla Rain
    Lyla Rain 17 days ago


  • Ana Paula Da Silva Pimenta

    toca muito...

  • Alena Hamilton
    Alena Hamilton 18 days ago

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THE Stirlingite
    THE Stirlingite 19 days ago

    this song makes me so joyful

  • Fernando Domingo
    Fernando Domingo 20 days ago

    Tokyo Ghoul's Unravel please

  • galaxy nova
    galaxy nova 20 days ago


  • Eng Yenkye
    Eng Yenkye 20 days ago


  • Cassini
    Cassini 21 day ago


  • Cielo Tturo Hilari
    Cielo Tturo Hilari 21 day ago

    Que bacan

  • Miho Ayanami
    Miho Ayanami 21 day ago

    Sry, but i prefer the air chicken version.

  • Fangirl 104
    Fangirl 104 21 day ago

    Came here expecting Bleach instead I got this. No regrets clicking on this❤️

  • Alejo Bueno
    Alejo Bueno 22 days ago


  • Катя Максименко

    Очень красиво, всегда мечтала играть на скрипке :)

  • jeff the killer
    jeff the killer 22 days ago

    so many good songs, and this is one of the best

  • AnxietyActive
    AnxietyActive 22 days ago

    Goose Bumps, this is truly amazing, It's so beautiful that my eyes are tearing. Your music helped me through tough times, thank you for your amazing music.

  • The Animeshnisa
    The Animeshnisa 23 days ago


  • TanookiTobes#1
    TanookiTobes#1 23 days ago


  • Asian Jesus
    Asian Jesus 23 days ago

    I pity the pople who have'nt seen this video or are'nt a fan

  • Asian Jesus
    Asian Jesus 23 days ago

    Excuse me, have to pick up my jaw fromthe floor

  • Emmanuel Granados
    Emmanuel Granados 23 days ago

    bueno bueno lavar Bueno la verdad sí está muy bonita la música más con violín y así así me puedo relajar escuchando la Bueno me gustó mucho la música felicidades a quién la hizo abrazos😍🐱😳😄😘

  • Hyerpderp
    Hyerpderp 23 days ago

    oh my gooooshhh miku hatsune I love you lindsey, I can't believe she listens to vocoloid

  • themayandemond
    themayandemond 23 days ago

    First thing on my mind: Senbonzakura Byakuya's Bankai

  • Gwx Pok Videos
    Gwx Pok Videos 23 days ago

    Wagakki Bando😊😊😊😊


    играет клас

  • Le evelyn Lan
    Le evelyn Lan 24 days ago

    I can't believe this song is so famous, first ever Japanese - especially original from Vocaloid - song that she ever played

  • Shadowdroid776
    Shadowdroid776 25 days ago

    If Lindsey did "Love is War", it would be absolutely stunning of a song!

  • DJ Young the bad boy

    i hope that she played this song without knowing meaning..

  • anandabwp
    anandabwp 28 days ago

    Byakuya approved.

  • Siti Fathima
    Siti Fathima 29 days ago


  • firewolf 0704
    firewolf 0704 29 days ago

    Omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomfomgo mg ofmkosidoakdiosowj ha jiia AHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA YESSSSS I LOE THIS I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!

  • a1uM1nuM448
    a1uM1nuM448 29 days ago

    is Lindsey sterling a weeb

  • Daphné
    Daphné 29 days ago

    Next... Bad Apple ?

  • Christian Schaaff
    Christian Schaaff 29 days ago

    i love this song :)

  • Swastick Khearu
    Swastick Khearu 1 month ago

    2675 idiots and counting...

  • EverlastingEcho
    EverlastingEcho 1 month ago

    I love this song so much😀😀😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • nnss 18
    nnss 18 1 month ago

    I love this sooo 😍🎶🎻

  • Lay Mei Feen Lawajdh

    But Me Girl I'm Lay Mei Feen
    ok 😁👍

  • Lay Mei Feen Lawajdh

    wow you good 😊 so love
    oh ok yes 💝🎻🎵🎤🎧🎸

  • Splendors Way
    Splendors Way 1 month ago

    I love you.

  • Stefan Buying
    Stefan Buying 1 month ago


  • sara michelle
    sara michelle 1 month ago

    gosh this is awesome, i love you lindsey stirling, i never get bored if im listening to your songs

  • Epic Bacca
    Epic Bacca 1 month ago

    Yay! Hatsune Miku song!

  • Ayumi Sinfony
    Ayumi Sinfony 1 month ago

    I love this song

  • Lee Eugene
    Lee Eugene 1 month ago

    노 예뽀

  • Batmanthelegend!
    Batmanthelegend! 1 month ago

    The visuals are really nice

  • Jungkook Senpai
    Jungkook Senpai 1 month ago


  • Mari LC
    Mari LC 1 month ago

    ho is... is... really good

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