Target - Fresh Machine (Rube Goldberg)

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  • - Here's the second Rube Goldberg machine we've now created. This is a machine designed and built by us for Target (the retailer) with a fresh food theme. The video is actually being displayed as an interactive ad at a Houston store location. The guests that watch this in real life will be prompted to interact with the machine in order to keep it going.

    Everyone that had a hand in making this happen:

    Olson - (they brought everyone together for a great project)
    2D House - (we designed, built and filmed the machine)
    Drive Thru - (edited the final footage)
    Monster Media - (made the video interactive)
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  • Runtime: 2:12
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  • VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    So sick keep up the fruity work!

  • Seven Parrish
    Seven Parrish Month ago

    I tapped but the video fast forward

  • 0011115ish
    0011115ish Month ago


  • Ryan Nielsen
    Ryan Nielsen 2 months ago

    Do people actually think this is real

  • さゆうしん
    さゆうしん 2 months ago


  • Sirinterweb
    Sirinterweb 3 months ago

    it ain't a real rube if you gotta touch it halfway through

  • IanPlayz-Cod & More
    IanPlayz-Cod & More 3 months ago

    at the end  the burger started getting cold i guess

  • Troy Stone
    Troy Stone 4 months ago


  • Golden Daddy Fresh Son Cr

    1:58 brocolli fails

  • Mrderpydongama
    Mrderpydongama 10 months ago

    There's kids in Africa that would want that food that fell on the floor what a waste disliked

    • C D
      C D 7 months ago

      Mrderpydongama it's not like they can send it to them in the mail dude.

  • No chicken escapes from Tweedy's farm

    That was adorable how it put the tomato slice on the burger :D

  • Andrea Cruse
    Andrea Cruse Year ago

    wait everyone has a smooth transition

  • Andrea Cruse
    Andrea Cruse Year ago

    this calls for a celebration

  • Andrea Cruse
    Andrea Cruse Year ago

    target's funbyoam dead festival

  • Bunnykin The great

    On God as soon as I touched it it went

  • Rosa Yanez
    Rosa Yanez Year ago


  • Jason Moore
    Jason Moore Year ago

    Apple instead of Banana.

  • EmilySheep
    EmilySheep Year ago

    you could just pick it up......

  • Andrea Cruse
    Andrea Cruse Year ago

    i don't think so but I'm sure I don't know what slaughter to be able too many times you don't understand why he didn't have to make it Goldberg happiness in my foot of an interesting things that sounds great thanks to target and2d house for letting us making stuff yummy

    • LiLPoplocker
      LiLPoplocker 9 months ago

      What da fuq language are u typing in? "English by Dory" ??

  • ShockTwister
    ShockTwister Year ago

    Just WAAAIIITING for the product placement part.

  • Anne Loder
    Anne Loder Year ago

    100th comment!

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce Year ago +5

    Do not tap or hold it is useless

  • Dongye Shen
    Dongye Shen Year ago +4

    2:00 broccoli fail!

  • President_Yolo
    President_Yolo Year ago

    It was sooo beautiful

  • Theodore Stephen
    Theodore Stephen 2 years ago

    Cool but a huge waste of food

  • Petar Drianov
    Petar Drianov 2 years ago


  • Red Ted Art
    Red Ted Art 2 years ago +1

    Oh my that is simply the coolest! Love!

  • Kevin Smiley
    Kevin Smiley 2 years ago +2


  • Keep Guessing
    Keep Guessing 2 years ago

  • john03ification
    john03ification 2 years ago +2

    Can you upload what would happen if the oranges or the bananas would be like?

  • chen howard
    chen howard 2 years ago +1

    so was this a target commercial?

  • ShinnyDiamonds XD
    ShinnyDiamonds XD 2 years ago +1

    wow that is like so cool is that a real app?

  • BenNet
    BenNet 2 years ago +1


  • Blue_
    Blue_ 3 years ago +11

    I tapped it and it paused the video. :I

  • Berthy Van Breugel
    Berthy Van Breugel 3 years ago +2

  • Chrystal
    Chrystal 3 years ago +2

    This is so awesome! Nice!

  • Parowaro24
    Parowaro24 3 years ago +2

    One can not simply "dislike"

  • RedShadow
    RedShadow 3 years ago +2

    0:48 now how long did THAT take to get right?

  • Randomtermite426
    Randomtermite426 3 years ago +1

    Well, now you can have a strawberry smoothie, a cup of orange juice, a cup of cofee, and a dinner! CONGRADULATIONS!

  • shizzelstar
    shizzelstar 3 years ago

    turn me on im Mr Coffee with the automatic drip! cmon nobody got that reference? the bad touch!

  • Durn
    Durn 3 years ago +2

    The guy who being served. "um no thanks, I don't like tomatoes."

  • Samsonite
    Samsonite 3 years ago

    So, all of that for placing a tomato slice on it...
    (Jk this is amazing)

  • Varia-Gaming Slicer
    Varia-Gaming Slicer 4 years ago

    when life gives you lemons dont make lemonade make a friggin rube goldberg

  • john03ification
    john03ification 4 years ago

    What happened if you hit the bananas or the oranges?

  • wimpykidfan37
    wimpykidfan37 4 years ago

    What happens if u press the banana or orange at the beginning? Same as this?

  • 2D House
    2D House  4 years ago

    The string is pinned down by the platform that the pepper is sitting on. When the apple falls the platform lifts and releases the string which in turn releases the ladle (spoon). :)

  • john poo
    john poo 4 years ago

    21 people clicked instead of taped

  • rollerfantwo
    rollerfantwo 4 years ago

    heeeheeeheeeeee.... HULK. WANT. MORE. NOW.

  • Busters
    Busters 4 years ago

    the broccoli had no chance at that race towards the end

  • Leon Vreling
    Leon Vreling 4 years ago


  • Z Movement
    Z Movement 4 years ago

    Well, I lost all my groceries, but forget that! BRUNCH!!

  • Lava Wolf Paul
    Lava Wolf Paul 4 years ago

    Why does it say tap?

  • KMoore Outdoor
    KMoore Outdoor 4 years ago

    WOW... just wow

  • MrFweeeeee
    MrFweeeeee 4 years ago

    Poor Broccoli at 1:59! He never stood a chance!

  • birghterthanbrighter
    birghterthanbrighter 4 years ago

    which means it would take you days or weeks or even months to make this kind of "contraption"?!?

  • hornymaneee
    hornymaneee 4 years ago

    whoever ate that burger sure loves tomato

  • 2D House
    2D House  4 years ago

    If you read the description you'd see that it was actually an interactive ad, so yes technically we cheated, but this was never suppose to be a true rube in the contemporary sense.

  • 2D House
    2D House  4 years ago


  • Explosive371
    Explosive371 4 years ago

    Didn't you kind of cheat on the blender and windmill parts?

  • roadnottaken0
    roadnottaken0 4 years ago

    flubber did it first

  • Taffynation
    Taffynation 4 years ago

    poor broccoli never had a chance 1:58

  • Carla Nathan
    Carla Nathan 4 years ago

    That was really cool

  • i2cybeast
    i2cybeast 4 years ago

    That was dope

  • Beag Bonner
    Beag Bonner 4 years ago

    This is how I serve all my burger

  • Chris Rose
    Chris Rose 4 years ago

    All that just to put a tomato on a hamburger...

  • sandboy231
    sandboy231 4 years ago

    just me or did you tap the screen hoping that it would go faster?

  • Armtek 2012
    Armtek 2012 4 years ago

    Very smooth... a little too smooth for judgement call...

  • john03ification
    john03ification 4 years ago

    Can you do the oranges and the bananas to see what they do

  • Ducky Diddles
    Ducky Diddles 5 years ago

    i kept waiting for the skip ad button to pop up.

  • cr0wbar
    cr0wbar 5 years ago

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, banana phone...

  • Sacha K
    Sacha K 5 years ago

    Aahhhh, all it does is shoot ya!

  • Nikolaj Jakobsen
    Nikolaj Jakobsen 5 years ago

    Or you could just take a slice of tomato and put it on the bun >.<

  • Halfbuc
    Halfbuc 5 years ago


  • Gorus the Random
    Gorus the Random 5 years ago

    I had no idea, thanks for the trivia :)

  • raja singh
    raja singh 5 years ago

    O.k now for my

  • Gorus the Random
    Gorus the Random 5 years ago

    Is Mr. Coffee a reference to SpaceBalls?

  • Avery Pelzman
    Avery Pelzman 5 years ago

    saw the video cut at the wooden spoon fan

  • Domino Boy 08
    Domino Boy 08 5 years ago

    Please answer! Some parts look fake!

  • Rebella
    Rebella 5 years ago


  • Domino Boy 08
    Domino Boy 08 5 years ago

    @2dphotography No, my question is whether this is all one machine with multiple cameras or a screen link.

  • 2D House
    2D House  5 years ago

    @dominoboy08 they whole machine was real. Yes.

  • Domino Boy 08
    Domino Boy 08 5 years ago

    Is this all one real machine? Please answer!

  • Mike Neto
    Mike Neto 5 years ago

    ......OR you can just put the tomatoe on the bun with your hands

  • fazMcLovin
    fazMcLovin 5 years ago

    so i have to make a rube goldberg to make dinner much easier?

  • ProfSmiles
    ProfSmiles 5 years ago

    this video doesn't work so well on a touch screen...

  • OceanSandy
    OceanSandy 5 years ago

    That was so awesome! Man o man!

  • Kdimi22
    Kdimi22 5 years ago

    he made all those things just to put a tomato on his burger??? :P

  • JOKBO1
    JOKBO1 5 years ago

    i tapped.

  • 2D House
    2D House  5 years ago

    @TheSchoolOfFool they were filled with helium and the fan just before them was turned out which blew them over like that.

  • Magic .Mark
    Magic .Mark 5 years ago

    You have a great mind for thinking outside of box. I enjoyed your two Rube machines.
    Do you know what model camera was used to record the video?

  • dfalefitu
    dfalefitu 5 years ago

    God, am I the only one that is trying to tap the Target sign when it says to tap?!

  • Jesusdragon737
    Jesusdragon737 5 years ago

    Mad Respect. That was awesome

  • muehler
    muehler 5 years ago

    Too many cuts!

  • Toothpaste35
    Toothpaste35 5 years ago

    @2dphotography thanks, keep up the awesome video making!

  • 2D House
    2D House  5 years ago

    @toothpaste35 Aww Toothpaste, we know about you as well. :) - We were fairly thorough in our research and both your and Sprice popped up a number of times. Love the dominoes! PS - Nice job catching all 3 references in our other video!

  • Asasaghghh
    Asasaghghh 5 years ago

    Great job once again!:)

  • Toothpaste35
    Toothpaste35 5 years ago

    @2dphotography I wish I could too, lol. I also make rube goldberg machines like TheSprice17.

  • Sprice Machines
    Sprice Machines 5 years ago

    @2dphotography :)

  • Mathias Fejborg
    Mathias Fejborg 5 years ago

    That's a really long room !

  • 2D House
    2D House  5 years ago

    @TheSprice17 Hehe, we've seen your channel! Saw it a long while ago - before we even started building the first one. Keep up the awesome work!

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