Wow, Everyone's Flirting With Me

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Remember that time I got hit by a bus? Those EMTs wanted me BAD.

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    Katie Marovitch
    Zac Oyama
    Mike Trapp

    Waiter - Brandon Raman
    Waitress - Frankie McLafferty
    Restaurant Patrons - David Silavin, Christopher Schuchert, Maya Nalli

    Director - Michael Schaubach
    Writer - Katie Marovitch
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Luc Delamare
    1st AC - Kelsey Taylor
    2nd AC/DIT - Huan Manton
    Gaffer - Adam Lee
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
    Supervising Producer - Alex Edge
    Production Legal - Karen Segall
    Production Accountant - Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Intern - Kristie Lee
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Michael Schaubach
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Assistant Editor - Spencer Kombol
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  • Runtime: 5:20
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Comments: 6 043

  • Ruby Chan1
    Ruby Chan1 4 hours ago

    The cringe

  • QbertTehKiller
    QbertTehKiller 7 hours ago

    this is like half the female co workers I've ever had.

  • Salvador Formento
    Salvador Formento 9 hours ago

    That was disturbing! Hahahaha

  • ShamanPlaysGames
    ShamanPlaysGames 20 hours ago

    I had that friend. *FRIEND*, KATIE. *FRIEEEND*.

  • Mason Rafferty
    Mason Rafferty 1 day ago

    I sneezed about three seconds before Zac did

  • Darth Revan
    Darth Revan 1 day ago

    wtf?!?! xD

  • BulletBill110
    BulletBill110 1 day ago

    Wow I didn't even see this when it came out. Also I enjoyed it, well except for that last part that went on far too long...

  • Titanical12
    Titanical12 1 day ago

    If I was one of the guys in this video, I would just say "I'm gay..." then she would stop. And if she doesn't stop. Pretend to kiss one of the other guys there (with them knowing) then she would stop

  • Thelegend27
    Thelegend27 1 day ago +1

    Feminism in a nutshell

  • epic0teddy
    epic0teddy 2 days ago +1

    Ugh, I hate people like that, and when people are like 'WHY IS EVERYONE STARING AT ME?' when like one 4 year-old glanced in their way. ,-,

  • Abigail Barraza
    Abigail Barraza 2 days ago

    We all know someone like that lol

  • Bassem Boustany
    Bassem Boustany 2 days ago

    I would so flirt with Katie <3

  • Sophie Jackson
    Sophie Jackson 2 days ago

    You flirty little assholes.

  • Genji
    Genji 2 days ago

    I watched this video like a hundred times, i have never seen the second part

  • Kortran
    Kortran 3 days ago

    This is one long stinger for a sketch...

  • Olivia Thorpe
    Olivia Thorpe 3 days ago

    I expected this to be about people who complain to their friends about people being attracted to them, but this is also great content

  • Da Tacocat
    Da Tacocat 3 days ago

    my favorite part


  • Splashstorm04
    Splashstorm04 3 days ago


  • Looking In With Victor B

    The waiter is flirting with you Katie. It increases his tip.

  • RMFbucketglove
    RMFbucketglove 4 days ago

    shes ugly tho

  • Dimension 10
    Dimension 10 4 days ago

    i hate girls like that

  • Dante Campos
    Dante Campos 4 days ago

    Everyone was flirting with her.

  • BufABuffalo
    BufABuffalo 5 days ago +1

    No body would try to hit on a girl like that

  • Tinyhaid
    Tinyhaid 5 days ago

    At the end..

    I was literally choking on my own spit.

    • BulletBill110
      BulletBill110 1 day ago

      Tinyhaid are you sure that wasn't just vomit?

  • ceraz052
    ceraz052 5 days ago

    The improv ending is glorious

  • E S
    E S 6 days ago

    flirty assholes

  • Rex o-o
    Rex o-o 6 days ago

    I got so mad at Katie in this video I'm so glad it was just a character

    ily katie.

  • Cj Looklin
    Cj Looklin 6 days ago

    I'm sure this doesn't matter to her even a little bit, but after years of seeing her play these gross characters I can't be attracted to her. like I logically know Katie's cute and probably a great person, but she has so successfully crafted this persona, I am physically repulsed by her

  • LoganHunter82
    LoganHunter82 6 days ago

    Unfortunately, these kind of women really exist.

  • Zee Pinheiro
    Zee Pinheiro 6 days ago


  • BethanyS Richardson
    BethanyS Richardson 6 days ago

    @ everyone at my school

  • Vincent Nigro
    Vincent Nigro 6 days ago

    Being polite is so rare nowadays, that it is confused for flirtation.

  • crazyinsane500
    crazyinsane500 6 days ago

    The worst tsundere. No class. No honor.

  • Andres Henry
    Andres Henry 7 days ago

    feminist be like

  • Oren Cohen
    Oren Cohen 7 days ago

    That was painfully hilarious to watch!

  • I am a Unicorn and I don't believe in Humans

    WTF did I just watch.

  • Gabriel Fusco
    Gabriel Fusco 7 days ago

    Katy, too much cocaine

  • Benjamin Clackum
    Benjamin Clackum 8 days ago +1

    Kill her

  • Batman
    Batman 8 days ago


  • A L
    A L 8 days ago

    Im dying at the end omg

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 9 days ago


    • Star Butterfly
      Star Butterfly 9 days ago

      The I saw her shit her pants and I regretted my comment

  • The214thRabidFangirl

    She is super annoying

  • Woahlil X
    Woahlil X 9 days ago


    NELOPES7 9 days ago

    unsubscribe and never gonna watch a CH AGAIN

  • Tadeo
    Tadeo 9 days ago

    Is it wrong that Grant turns me on?

  • Nerdico
    Nerdico 9 days ago

    Besides the shit Katie has a nice ass

  • Bundi Mc Unk
    Bundi Mc Unk 9 days ago

    I'm surprised those people in the background didn't look at her for being such a retard.

    • Bundi Mc Unk
      Bundi Mc Unk 1 day ago

      BulletBill110 no shit sherlock.
      Im saying they could have made the background people look at her

    • BulletBill110
      BulletBill110 1 day ago

      Bundi Mc Unk they were actors

    • Bundi Mc Unk
      Bundi Mc Unk 9 days ago


  • Sean Hurley
    Sean Hurley 9 days ago

    What happened to CH? Holy shit that was cringy...

  • Slayer119988
    Slayer119988 10 days ago

    Omg the acting at the end where they started yelling was actually really believable, like their anguish, though fictional, translated through the screen!

  • attiume yami
    attiume yami 10 days ago +1

    whaaat????? I thought girls didn't poop!

  • RoseQuartz stepoutside

    What if Katie got high before lunch? that would explain why she's acting crazy...

  • Otonashi Kanade Ai
    Otonashi Kanade Ai 10 days ago

    Feminism in a nutshell

  • Gabi DV
    Gabi DV 10 days ago


  • Erin Maria
    Erin Maria 10 days ago

    this mustve been so fun to shoot

  • Olivia O
    Olivia O 10 days ago

    dude i hate people like that my best friend is like thay and its sooooo annoying one time she asked this guy to do something and she tries to convince him of stuff a lot and he said i wont let ur charm work this time but not in a flirty way its besn almost a yeat and she still thinks he likes her

    • Olivia O
      Olivia O 10 days ago

      i apooligize for meh terribel greemer

  • Markus FIN
    Markus FIN 10 days ago

    "Katie, no one here is into you, YOU ARE GARBAGE"
    "Dirty talk at the dinner table?"
    LMAO :D

  • Ahmad Vawaid Sulthon
    Ahmad Vawaid Sulthon 10 days ago

    this type of people really exist, it's mental illness perhaps. I know an old woman divorced her husband because she thought and felt everyone attracted to her.


    ugly ass white girl shits on her pants fantastic!

  • gunfighterdrummer
    gunfighterdrummer 10 days ago

    Katie looks like a porn star.

  • Breandan Parker
    Breandan Parker 10 days ago

    is there such a thing a toxic femininity? because i keep having unwanted interactions at school, and weather they say positive things or negative things its still unwanted right now.w.. its like reverse sexual harassment. others think im playing hard to get but realy i just want to be alone. and they pretend not to take the hint just so im forced to ignore their advances or be mildly rude and cut them off to say im busy and need to go to the library alone... but eather way i feel like im the ass hole. if i turn them down im a dick, if i play along im just making it harder for us both. i need to be alone for 4 years

  • Breandan Parker
    Breandan Parker 10 days ago

    i hate hanging out with people who seek attention just so they can complain about how hard it is being the center of attention. just leave me alone, i dont want to objectify anyone just please leave me alone to study. im not these people's objectification object, if u want to be oogled go hang out with frat boys. i want to get through college calc. class please.

  • Breandan Parker
    Breandan Parker 10 days ago

    i HATE how girls act like everyone is trying to hit on them, maybe i just hold the door for people behind me cuz im courteous! but no, im just the bad guy now and get scolded like i sexually harassed sum1, what should i do only hold a door for men now or would that be discriminating? politeness is not flirting! . Get over yourselves!

  • Nadia Neziri
    Nadia Neziri 11 days ago

    literally every time i watch this video and grant say oh god i laugh so hard there hasn't been a single time where i haven't laughed when he says that idk why its so funny to me because i have no soul but it never gets old

  • Lusty Not Busty
    Lusty Not Busty 11 days ago

    erotomania (n.): this video.

  • Survierl
    Survierl 11 days ago

    Feminist in a nutshell

  • trollskullkid69
    trollskullkid69 11 days ago

    Wow, that was fucking irritating

  • Mattieas Wan The nerd
    Mattieas Wan The nerd 11 days ago

    i was on the toilet when i watched it and when she did that poop thing i started to have diahria

    • BulletBill110
      BulletBill110 1 day ago

      Mattieas Wan The nerd I had diarrhea coming from the mouth because it was so gross

  • Mattieas Wan The nerd
    Mattieas Wan The nerd 11 days ago


  • ShutterShOckZzz
    ShutterShOckZzz 11 days ago

    Idk y but I always hate Katie

  • Olivia Goldsmith
    Olivia Goldsmith 12 days ago

    I have no words

  • N'aber youtube
    N'aber youtube 12 days ago

    I almost vomited in the end

  • The Abstract
    The Abstract 12 days ago

    Every feminist about rape

  • Saint Wildcard
    Saint Wildcard 12 days ago

    I like how when Katie is annoyed she calls Grant by his full name

  • Bee Godly
    Bee Godly 12 days ago

    *Y O U R A F U C K I N G G A R B A G E*

  • Alexander Durocher
    Alexander Durocher 13 days ago

    i would have left like almost at the beginning.

  • Tetsu Okima
    Tetsu Okima 13 days ago

    It's kinda fked up but, to be that person who never suspects flirting is worse than this.

  • Raider56 Fitz75
    Raider56 Fitz75 13 days ago

    I lost my teddy bear can I sleep with you instead.

  • Kind Guy
    Kind Guy 13 days ago

    Youre too ugly ! aint nobody in right mind will hit on u.. so relax!

  • TheCool Username
    TheCool Username 13 days ago +1

    Wait. Only Katie ordered.


  • Engleb3rt Fish
    Engleb3rt Fish 14 days ago

    Tf has happened to this channel?!

  • Ethan Davidson
    Ethan Davidson 14 days ago

    Um, not funny.

  • Leticia Gonzalez
    Leticia Gonzalez 14 days ago

    I was T R I G G E R E D because Grant wasn't mentioned in the Crew part of the description of the video

  • Kalu Abay
    Kalu Abay 14 days ago +3

    my next door neighbor's wife yelled to me "hey Abay how you doing?" before she got in her car headed off to work this morning. safe to say we've been having an affair since this morning... 😈 don't judge me

  • Edgy Whiteboy
    Edgy Whiteboy 14 days ago

    uhhhh, can I have a 🅱 O N E L E S S pizza?

  • Stef
    Stef 14 days ago

    I thaught this was supposed to funny?

  • uncle martin
    uncle martin 14 days ago

    it's true. i hate it.

  • Chaitan Reddy
    Chaitan Reddy 14 days ago

    Lmao these actors are fucking hilarious

  • Juggernaut
    Juggernaut 15 days ago

    I wouldnt hit on you fishface

  • Airsoft devil
    Airsoft devil 15 days ago

    if only this could be happening to guys

  • E L L A R A E
    E L L A R A E 15 days ago

    One of my favourite videos 😂😂😂

  • Max_payne To the max
    Max_payne To the max 16 days ago

    This went too far

  • Pieter Viljoen
    Pieter Viljoen 16 days ago


  • Pieter Viljoen
    Pieter Viljoen 16 days ago


  • Dareck MJ
    Dareck MJ 16 days ago

    i want to see the making of, pleeeeeeeaaasse

  • Johnny Doughboy
    Johnny Doughboy 16 days ago +1

    Little flirty assholes.. LOL

  • Everybody Hates Judy
    Everybody Hates Judy 16 days ago

    Why is it always the ugly girls who do this? Was literally talking to a chick yesterday and she's kinda ugly with bad teeth yet EVERYONE is always hitting on her. I'm like "What are these guys seeing??" 😞

  • Versace loudpack
    Versace loudpack 16 days ago

    Disliking my comments? You flirty lil assholes.

  • Joe Reyes
    Joe Reyes 17 days ago

    this blonde chick is super fucking ugly

  • Rize Skating
    Rize Skating 17 days ago

    Katie reminds me of Amir in this sketch..

  • BeastHugzHD
    BeastHugzHD 17 days ago +2

    I don't know why but this makes me so fucking angry

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