Puddles Pity Party - Opening/National Anthem

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  • Puddles Pity Party at the Regency Ballroom Lodge in San Francisco 9/27/14
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  • Clown  Puddles Pity Party  

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  • Andrew Marrs
    Andrew Marrs 13 hours ago

    Nailed it!

  • Nathan Hodges
    Nathan Hodges Day ago

    Over half the video it's him stumbling around .

  • UltraLiteSpeed1
    UltraLiteSpeed1 Day ago

    You brought a Tear to my Eye.. It happens every time when I hear this when its done so well from the Heart...

  • Gale Andrews
    Gale Andrews 3 days ago +1

    I wondered how long he has actually been doing the clown act. I just saw him on AGT and we all LOVE HIM. So, I wanted to see how many other clips there were, this is in 2014.

  • Rose Reynolds
    Rose Reynolds 3 days ago

    Does anyone know how tall puddles is?... His voice his size and his costume.... Perfect trifecta.!

  • Nemo Niente
    Nemo Niente 3 days ago


  • Ga Mu
    Ga Mu 4 days ago

    Would like to see him in a Packers or Patriots game singing this song. Amazing.

  • roger briggs
    roger briggs 5 days ago

    Nervous laughter.

  • mee of course
    mee of course 8 days ago

    I want him to sing for our Columbus Clippers baseball game.....complete with all this build up....2017!!!!!

  • Earl Layne
    Earl Layne 8 days ago

    I'm not an American but believe he sang the national anthem much much better than most I've heard..he's a naturalist!!

  • WHiiTEBoyy904
    WHiiTEBoyy904 9 days ago

    If he dont sing at superbowl this year im not watching it

  • GriddownGuy
    GriddownGuy 9 days ago


  • Juan Del Rey
    Juan Del Rey 10 days ago

    Singing starts at 6:13

  • Keita Tetsuma
    Keita Tetsuma 12 days ago

    I wanna hear him sing the National Anthem in a sports venue like Boxing of champs in Las Vegas (^-^)/

  • alex neil
    alex neil 12 days ago

    damn that was great...

  • Em Spearing
    Em Spearing 12 days ago

    I guess Kaepernick was sitting on his ass at the unemployment agency.

  • seth griffin
    seth griffin 13 days ago

    That's how you sing the national anthem!

  • العوادي Tmz
    العوادي Tmz 15 days ago

    صوت جميل واحساس اجمل امنياتي لك بالعالمية دائما

  • Grand Waha
    Grand Waha 15 days ago

    Finally straight and to the point! Absolutely beautiful rendition! A little clowning around in the beginning. But straight and to the point when the song was preformed.

  • Kamelhaj
    Kamelhaj 16 days ago

    Singing starts at 6:10.

  • J Brown
    J Brown 17 days ago +1

    Holy crap that was amazing

  • Jesse Maxwell
    Jesse Maxwell 17 days ago


    KING MONSTA 19 days ago

    Team America F@ck yeah!!!

  • David Graham
    David Graham 20 days ago +1

    What a voice holy crap! Simply amazing and not over the top. Thank you!

  • Spen Alex
    Spen Alex 20 days ago


  • Reta Taylor
    Reta Taylor 20 days ago +1

    I'm going to watch every single video I can find of this guy! Every single note he hits is perfect every single motion he makes is incredible his communication skills I mind blowing I love the facial expressions and every single new ones of his character this guy is one in a billion!🤡

  • Kimbo Strange
    Kimbo Strange 20 days ago

    What if Andy Kaufmann didn't die , what would he be doing now ???

  • Ian Wall
    Ian Wall 20 days ago +1

    His rendition of the American national anthem was so moving that I am almost considering moving there except I am one of the few lucky sons "O" bitches to be born Canadian sooo...and until you get rid of the real clown named Trump I would rather stay here thanks...

    • Raz
      Raz 11 days ago

      Ian Wall Too bad the clown sometimes in the White House can't come close to Puddles

  • Ms K. Johnson
    Ms K. Johnson 20 days ago

    That man can sing. Why is he dressed up like a clown??????

  • ZeraCloud
    ZeraCloud 21 day ago +1

    Who's cutting onions because I actually cried when he started singing, because it was held with such emotion that not all singers do when singing the national anthem. He was one of the best that sung the anthem. And I praise him for it. I so hope he wins AGT. He needs it we need him. A person that could actually speak for singers who makes us feel something in the music. Not that the singers now are bad, but they are good. Not as good as Puddles. No. Its beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. I love him. He's amazing no words could say anything else about his singing. What simon said at his first audition, he said Don't judge a book by his cover. And I've always agreed with that quote and I can totally agree with it now.

  • Ron McKickass
    Ron McKickass 21 day ago +1

    Ran across an AGT video earlier and have been catching up on this guy since. Wow, he has a powerful voice. Amazing.

  • Rebel with a cause
    Rebel with a cause 21 day ago

    Beautiful rendition !!

  • Faye Brown
    Faye Brown 21 day ago

    His voice is AMAZING!!!!
    Also, he is SOOOO FUNNY!!!!

  • Dan Buster
    Dan Buster 21 day ago

    I look just like him but I can sing at all

  • C Cann
    C Cann 21 day ago

    Better than most of the clowns that sing it

  • Aubrey Whaley
    Aubrey Whaley 21 day ago

    he's really great God bless him

  • Roland Jr Escalante
    Roland Jr Escalante 22 days ago

    He has a robust singing voice!👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Fed Up
    Fed Up 23 days ago

    Wonderful singer Puddles is,...such passion and he enunciates every word..well done Puddles.

  • asankaw1
    asankaw1 25 days ago

    Amazing powerful voice teared my eyes...

  • Hadont Thinkso
    Hadont Thinkso 25 days ago +1

    If he makes it to the Americas got talent live shows, he should do this same performance!
    It would score huge points with the viewers especially if he incorporated some sort of military personnel, whether they be current or vets.
    Also having the crowd stand impressed me. Nice touch.

  • FXJammer
    FXJammer 27 days ago

    this is pure comedy gold

  • Paul Lowery
    Paul Lowery 29 days ago

    still get tears

  • Chris Horst
    Chris Horst Month ago

    He has a very powerful voice WOW

  • I'm Mercy
    I'm Mercy Month ago

    Holy fuck, i just realized how fucking tall he is.

  • Roberto Galleros
    Roberto Galleros Month ago


  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash Month ago +1

    Love ya Mikey!!!

  • RickJ666ESQ
    RickJ666ESQ Month ago +1

    I'm Canadian and i am not trying to knock our national anthem but i really enjoy the star spangled banner much more. The composition of the music, the imagery of the lyrics. And when it is sung well it is a thing of beauty. Puddles did a great rendition and Marvin Gaye also did a wonderful one too at the NBA all stars game. It would of been perfect if not for that shitty Casio accompaniment music.

  • morati1963
    morati1963 Month ago

    The way its supposed to be sung!

  • Stephen Spencer
    Stephen Spencer Month ago

    Puddles singing stopped the laughing....took the breath right out of them.....

  • Absaalookemensch
    Absaalookemensch Month ago

    His voice cuts you to the core, it's so good.

  • julieann501
    julieann501 Month ago

    I liked it so much i cried you are amazing incredable even i know your amazing i do not know about you.

  • Nacho Amigo
    Nacho Amigo Month ago

    this clown is no clown!! Just a Genius!!

  • Mike V
    Mike V Month ago +1

    Beautiful singing of our national anthem.

  • Scorch
    Scorch Month ago

    singing starts at 6:10 btw

  • Jan Sherrick
    Jan Sherrick Month ago

    Love love love

  • threalis Maradona
    threalis Maradona Month ago

    Jeez he nailed it without accompaniment he is truly a talented soul

  • William Gates
    William Gates Month ago

    Idk y but it still makes me upset on why they don't Pledge Allegiance in school anymore what the fuck

  • Mike Foley
    Mike Foley Month ago

    Puddles proves the best national anthem in all the world is the one from the United States of America. PERIOD.

  • c00lbr3z
    c00lbr3z Month ago

    Wow !!! Well done, Puddles !! Very well done.

  • Dennis Arlan
    Dennis Arlan Month ago

    incredible......... very original....golden voice.

  • Peng Fu
    Peng Fu Month ago

    I am crying at the end....

  • Jaime S
    Jaime S Month ago

    This DUDE is Awesome

  • Opfi Pip
    Opfi Pip Month ago

    It was difficult to sing this a capella. Well done.

  • sown laughter
    sown laughter Month ago

    Not easy to give some one who is anti-government good chills. Beautiful . just a gift that voice.

  • Steve B
    Steve B Month ago

    Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rearviewhsfutball14

    This is one of only a few singers to do justice to our national anthem. Another was a country singer at a NASCAR race where he held his young son in front of himself and his right hand was over his own heart. I hope I'm right about this other one. I believe it was Alex B. God bless anyone who respects our country enough to render our NATIONAL ANTHEM in a patriotic manner!

  • ckisckis1
    ckisckis1 Month ago

    Simple but very awesome!

  • mark rush
    mark rush Month ago

    and its moments like this why iwill protest likehell against frauds like donald j trump...fuck trump and his whole fucking bunch of pretenders

  • The Demon
    The Demon Month ago

    good singer but didn't eric carmen , david bowie and Peter gabriel done this ??

  • Elkabong53708
    Elkabong53708 Month ago

    Kinda late for the Super bowl, but definitely he can sing at say opening game of the All Stars or World Series. You go Puddles!!

  • Waldemar Wieligda
    Waldemar Wieligda Month ago

    great singer , respect ....

  • DARK RIDE - Nightmare on Wheels

    Brings tears

  • Bernard Deocampo
    Bernard Deocampo Month ago

    So can we have him sing the National Anthem on thanksgiving football instead of Aretha Franklin??

  • Jacob
    Jacob 2 months ago

    This clown is great!

  • kroakie4
    kroakie4 2 months ago

    He needs to do this on AGT. The judges would die!

  • Kelly Long
    Kelly Long 2 months ago


  • john Jaworski
    john Jaworski 2 months ago

    This was dope!!!!

  • Phil Gray
    Phil Gray 2 months ago

    Imagine that a CLOWN singing our National Anthem better than most professional singers in modern day history, let alone doing a short skit to show pay homage to our Countrymen at the same time. What we can learn from this America.

  • jcnme2020 ooo
    jcnme2020 ooo 2 months ago

    Absolutely Love Puddles !
    Beautiful Voice !

  • jjthedrunk
    jjthedrunk 2 months ago

    Thanks. Hope to work with you sometime.
    My number is on my Instagram page.

  • Mark Richetti
    Mark Richetti 2 months ago +2

    never herd of him till last night did not know what to think then he starts sing blew my mind he is a great entertainer cant stop watching his videos hope to see him live awesome good job

  • Julie Jakoubek
    Julie Jakoubek 2 months ago

    I was simply brought to tears with your emotional singing, Puddles.

  • Zane Vest
    Zane Vest 2 months ago

    moved to tears

  • Marco Pederzoli
    Marco Pederzoli 2 months ago

    one day Puddles wil be POTUS

  • Jojo Pajarillo
    Jojo Pajarillo 2 months ago

    thank you postmodern jukebox for introducing me to mr.puddles......

  • Ken Moore
    Ken Moore 2 months ago

    you are not a clown, you ar an artist........

  • June Bug
    June Bug 2 months ago +4

    Perfect. He sang it the way they teach you in elementary school. No drama. No BS. Just the song.

  • Bill Tracy
    Bill Tracy 2 months ago


  • gentlegiant6585
    gentlegiant6585 2 months ago

    Puddles kicked ass on our National Anthem. Bravo!

  • foxeyedman
    foxeyedman 2 months ago

    This hit me hard, and I am not even american.

  • Jonathan Rivera
    Jonathan Rivera 2 months ago

    Is this one of those interdimensional time-space cameras? Because it is messing me up.

  • thedoc2102
    thedoc2102 2 months ago

    Does anyone else see the Diogenese reference in this clip?

  • Lance Morrow
    Lance Morrow 2 months ago

    dude....you need to open some sporting event with this rendition....:)

  • mechE girl
    mechE girl 2 months ago

    omg, he's seriously amazing

  • flor wast
    flor wast 2 months ago +4

    Sure, the voice is great. But, what seems to move the crowd is the antici...
    ... pation...

  • G man Gg
    G man Gg 2 months ago

    Anybody who gave this a thumbs down should be kicked out of this country and sent to Afghanistan pieces of shit

  • Mitch Fleming
    Mitch Fleming 2 months ago

    I think it should be mandatory Puddles sing the national anthem at all World Series events...

  • Massivemisle101
    Massivemisle101 2 months ago +1

    6:10 Thank me later. :3

  • Hulk
    Hulk 2 months ago +3

    I think I'm most surprised that you actually sung it to tune which is incredibly rare (even from professional singers) now of days. Great performance.

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