Lindsey Stirling - Prism

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  • Brave Enough on iTunes featuring "Prism"! Album out worldwide!

    Sheet music here:

    Check out Kurt's video w/ M&M's here:

    Also available for purchase here:

    **Thanks to Mars and M&M for sponsoring this video!

    Also thanks to Kyle Hanagami for choreographing! Check him out at

    Song produced by Robert Delong

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  • tanqueta_moster
    tanqueta_moster 3 hours ago

    y de pronto un comentario en español

  • BumbleCake
    BumbleCake 1 day ago

    Kind reminds me of Bladerunner...

  • Nicole A
    Nicole A 2 days ago

    How can she dance so well?

  • Euclides Ferreira
    Euclides Ferreira 2 days ago

    I would love to watch a behind of scenes of this

  • maja Chudzik
    maja Chudzik 2 days ago +1

    super uwielbiam cię

  • Filip Nudzik
    Filip Nudzik 2 days ago +1

    Fantastik !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashly Rose
    Ashly Rose 2 days ago

    really, you're going to close one eye while inside a triangle, really?? *sigh*

  • Bohdan Stroiuk
    Bohdan Stroiuk 3 days ago


  • Vipersneak
    Vipersneak 4 days ago

    Which is your favorite Violindsey?

  • Nathy Koori
    Nathy Koori 5 days ago

    Didn't this one sound a little like Swag?

  • Stephen Gillie
    Stephen Gillie 5 days ago

    In which multiverse is Lindsey the Doctor and her violin the TARDIS? And Macguyver is her companion.

  • Mai The Neko
    Mai The Neko 5 days ago

    You know, Lindsey would make a great cosplayer.

  • Giulia Mariutti
    Giulia Mariutti 8 days ago +1

    Man, if they were distinct people I would totally go to their concert

  • strange channel
    strange channel 8 days ago


  • Tony TheTGR
    Tony TheTGR 8 days ago

    It's easy to love Lindsey for her personality. She has like, twenty of them here to choose from!

  • Ярослав Якубовский

    See this 6 236 871views?2 564 464 my

  • KessThetrainer
    KessThetrainer 10 days ago

    Lindsay is my favorite

  • Artsygirl 5858
    Artsygirl 5858 10 days ago

    0:29 the Lindsey on the far right gives me Harley Quinn vibes

  • Seircha Hines
    Seircha Hines 11 days ago +1

    I really liked all the cut scenes, out fits, and make ups. All the different collaborations of the video were awesome. Hope to see some more.

  • NightmareWith _Dragon_ Msp

    0:44 TEACH ME

  • Stephanie S.
    Stephanie S. 12 days ago

    the long haired, "lindsay", looks like hanna the wine mom, from buzzfeed...

  • Shadow!
    Shadow! 13 days ago

    i love you,

  • Tabitha Perez
    Tabitha Perez 14 days ago

    Lindsey is Illuminati :O

  • Abdelkarim Samir
    Abdelkarim Samir 14 days ago

    trop bien tu dance bien est tu fais du viollon hiper bien

  • juvemilano11
    juvemilano11 15 days ago

    one of them reminded me of that girl from Space Channel 5 game. :D

  • Róbert Máni Ásgeirsson

    ha ha trying to play gaames with this in the background but cant stop watching ha ha
    XD ps amazing vid

  • Kasey Kilian
    Kasey Kilian 17 days ago

    My favorite is Lindsee >.<

  • The Person
    The Person 17 days ago

    I just discovered this band and OH MY GOSH THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Can't wait to hear more from The Violindseys!

  • Lizzy Frost
    Lizzy Frost 18 days ago

    Maravilhosa ❤❤

  • Dylan O' Brien
    Dylan O' Brien 19 days ago

    I love this song so much!!!<3<3<3

  • EverShall 72396
    EverShall 72396 19 days ago

    Science teacher: Why are you staring at a prism?
    Me: I am watching multiple Lindseys performing.

    I got to keep the prism yey!

  • Kenan bılgıc
    Kenan bılgıc 20 days ago

    aga hicbir TÜRK dinlemiyomu bu kadini hep ingilizce yorum aq

  • Gamer Nation
    Gamer Nation 20 days ago

    remember when you just did covers for video games a movies?

  • Jan Kowalski
    Jan Kowalski 20 days ago

    -i love it!-

  • Assucena Pereira
    Assucena Pereira 20 days ago


  • It's a corny girl
    It's a corny girl 21 day ago

    *Sees a maths prism question*
    Idk what is a prism?
    *Sees a triangle in the beginning of the video*
    *figuring out the prism question*

  • Benjamin bro
    Benjamin bro 22 days ago

    Feels like a total orphan black effect

  • Rimas Babichus
    Rimas Babichus 22 days ago


  • Celine Bidault
    Celine Bidault 22 days ago +1

    HELLO Lindsey je t'adore😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🖒❤❤

  • Falando Em
    Falando Em 23 days ago

    Tenho uma imensa vontade de aprender a tocar violino deste que me entendo por gente

  • dailyvlogfan92
    dailyvlogfan92 24 days ago

    Shake that cutie booty!

  • GitKnown Media
    GitKnown Media 24 days ago +1

    I honestly can not think of a more creative and cute female on this planet than Lindsey Stirling. 😍🤓

    ASHLEY VEGA 24 days ago

    For some reason the part in 2:14 reminds me of the show Sherlock 😂

  • HRPStudios
    HRPStudios 25 days ago

    What's your favorite Lindsey version?
    Mine: Lindsey (the party one)

  • Mishael Abigail
    Mishael Abigail 25 days ago

    YES!!!!!multiple Linseys

  • Rogue-9
    Rogue-9 26 days ago

    Wow, your music videos have gone from extremely well done "YouTube professional" status to full on high end MTV productions

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball 26 days ago

    so Lindsey looks some like Jennifer Anniston with the straight blonde wig. am I right. oh yeah

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball 26 days ago

    Luna looking sharp. ha. Lindsey wow great choreography sooooooo fun!!

  • Rubius Sunligth
    Rubius Sunligth 26 days ago

    wow es preciosa simplemente perfacta te amo

  • Master Z
    Master Z 27 days ago

    Is that Luna I see?

  • Mom4C Garvin
    Mom4C Garvin 27 days ago

    my favorite one was lin-z.

  • palo baena
    palo baena 28 days ago

    like si Lindsey cambió mucho ( su música) , me gusta la canción pero el vídeo no mucho , igual soy fann

  • Abby Stott
    Abby Stott 28 days ago +1

    This is one of my favourites of hers

  • daniel3188
    daniel3188 28 days ago

    illuminati confirmed.

  • Lilia Yasmin Mata Hidalgo

    ella es muy inspiradora para los jóvenes de hoy

  • Tsubomi Ayase
    Tsubomi Ayase 29 days ago

    this is china or japan ?

  • Allina MT
    Allina MT 29 days ago +1

    Lindsey: SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!!!


  • Afsheen Fahim
    Afsheen Fahim 1 month ago

    i kinda think looks like megan mcarthy

  • Meagan Hodgson
    Meagan Hodgson 1 month ago

    I will never be Satisfied with just a few Lindseys(Hamilton reference)

  • Schuyler Blackwell
    Schuyler Blackwell 1 month ago

    Like the song, but not the video much

  • Katrina Knowlton
    Katrina Knowlton 1 month ago

    so my 7 month old has been in love with song since her 3rd month of life. this is her calm down song. she loves other Lindsey songs as well but this is our go too song when she's fussy!
    thank you Lindsey for your life's work!!!!

  • Allboy `
    Allboy ` 1 month ago

    Animation where they are in a row is terrible

  • Kamienny_PL
    Kamienny_PL 1 month ago


  • Mi vida como una Otaku

    this is one of my favorite songs of the brave enough album it just an amazing song i love it so much

  • Anne Ball
    Anne Ball 1 month ago

    lindsey is so fun talented an humourus. would like to hear a few classical though. or like movie themes ie Somewhere In Time

  • cellogirl11RW
    cellogirl11RW 1 month ago

    I love this song! It makes me feel so good!

  • Lena Chernyaeva
    Lena Chernyaeva 1 month ago

    Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Fabian Law
    Fabian Law 1 month ago

    so does this seem similar to the spice girls? In order. Baby Spice, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice, Scary Spice, and Sporty Spice. Just saying.

  • Ezel nur Bayram
    Ezel nur Bayram 1 month ago


  • EvanAllmighty
    EvanAllmighty 1 month ago

    at 1:27 when your crush comes in the room.

  • Jörg Schiller
    Jörg Schiller 1 month ago

    so schön

  • Amelie Scheller
    Amelie Scheller 1 month ago

    Still my fav music video from Lindsey 😍

  • Natalia Burban
    Natalia Burban 1 month ago

    je adore ma artiste préféré 😃🎻

  • Hervé Dessoris
    Hervé Dessoris 1 month ago

    How many is Lindsey??? (Incal Inside ^^)

  • Anajujuba Hasegawa
    Anajujuba Hasegawa 1 month ago

    Y love you

  • Anajujuba Hasegawa
    Anajujuba Hasegawa 1 month ago


  • Batmanthelegend!
    Batmanthelegend! 1 month ago

    Lin-Z is my favorite

  • Andrea Giselle Arrechea

    las diferentes personalidades MKultra ... que lastima

  • Dillon Gray
    Dillon Gray 1 month ago

    love this video #!

  • Meu mundo desconhecido

    beatiful Lindsey love you!!!

  • Nishita Sanesi
    Nishita Sanesi 1 month ago

    The one with the pink hair reminds me of the nurse in pokemon

  • Corsair Carl
    Corsair Carl 1 month ago

    "The Hakamata-Soujin Cloning Inc. established in 2140 will now demonstrate our 5 'Lin' Clones as a way to entertain future customers! Sign up today at your local Nintendo™ Street Terminal in Neo-Tokyo today!"

  • ricardo juan
    ricardo juan 1 month ago

    The short haired , black lindsey is weirdly so hot for me

  • Frost Bitten Skater
    Frost Bitten Skater 1 month ago

    I love the fact that she looks like a Japanese pop group! <3

  • zuera craft
    zuera craft 1 month ago

    Alguem do Brasil???

  • romario villar
    romario villar 1 month ago +1

    i love your music

  • austin finchie
    austin finchie 1 month ago

    How did she get so many look alikes that could dance and play violin? :0 ;) Xd

  • Peter Regan
    Peter Regan 1 month ago

    You didn't have the blue M&M at the end? unsubbed.

    jk you're my favorite youtuber/musical artist and have been since you started <3

  • Peter Regan
    Peter Regan 1 month ago

    listen at 1.25 You're welcome.

  • Yugiold
    Yugiold 1 month ago

    Did one Lindsey kick another Lindsey at 1:47? Can't the Lindseys get along?

  • Алексей Игошин

    офигительно ))))))

  • Vanesa loli
    Vanesa loli 1 month ago

    me gusta mucho la canción like si ATI igual

  • Patata Universe
    Patata Universe 1 month ago

    The violin is the best music! :)

  • Sose 12
    Sose 12 1 month ago

    😍😍😍... My mum and my dad loves you.... I cam from Germany 😍😍

  • Meky Moore
    Meky Moore 1 month ago

    es una mezcla de un comercial japones y lady Gaga

  • bluewonderz
    bluewonderz 1 month ago

    I think I broke the replay button

    Anyone else having this same problem? Well I made u some free replay buttons :D

  • Tishela
    Tishela 1 month ago

    She's so self obsessed.

  • - Bginninpst -
    - Bginninpst - 1 month ago

    I wonder how many times they had to do this over and over again for the costume changes

  • sugarblunt
    sugarblunt 1 month ago

    I love this song so much, would be awesome to hear more pizzicato (the plucking or picking of the violin strings) in your songs Lindsey it sounds really unique. Almost reminds me of being underwater.

  • Ramon Massoni
    Ramon Massoni 1 month ago

    she is amazing, I lover her

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