Creepy Desert Creatures!

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    In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew head out into the desert to see how many creepy crawlies they can find in a single hour!

    A lot of people have been writing in asking how Coyote and the crew spend their free time when they’re not out making new videos for Brave Wilderness…well, truth be told they mostly just stay outside to look for more wildlife because...what could be more fun than that?!

    So to show you what this "work break" experience is like they decided to bring the cameras along with them one evening in the Sonoran Desert and WOW, you’re never going to believe just how many animals they found!!

    Get ready to get up close with all sorts of creepy desert creatures!

    Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT making episodes of Breaking Trail.

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    Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series - Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.

    So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man!

    GET READY...things are about to get WILD!
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  • Bryan S
    Bryan S 20 hours ago

    ah yeah that what my dad tough me so cool

  • connie stanley
    connie stanley Day ago


  • Jackie Bieri
    Jackie Bieri Day ago

    I love u guys and lol pup how much candy did you ACTUALLY eat?

  • Voltoh
    Voltoh Day ago

    I saw a Bee once.

  • Brajan BiciYT
    Brajan BiciYT Day ago

    OMG your girl is so hype

  • PhantomPhoenix101


  • Loofy Chub
    Loofy Chub Day ago

    I'm not scared of spiders at all

  • Aiden Zane
    Aiden Zane Day ago

    When did he get the black widow

  • Eekek Hekk
    Eekek Hekk Day ago

    Is there any other way to find cute geckos without having to travel into a death dimension

  • Eekek Hekk
    Eekek Hekk Day ago


  • Der Radet
    Der Radet 2 days ago

    Where is the Black Widow?

  • Archana Rana
    Archana Rana 2 days ago

    Can you get a trantula bite

  • Michelle McCullough
    Michelle McCullough 2 days ago

    Guys I love your videos can you guys can never stop I love them I like the ones when they get bite to

  • Sienna Stroud
    Sienna Stroud 3 days ago

    She is crazy!

  • Trash KatPanda
    Trash KatPanda 3 days ago +2

    Pups face at 1:42 LMAO

  • Venom
    Venom 3 days ago

    i love spiders!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kallis Katene
    Kallis Katene 3 days ago

    She's funny

  • Kallis Katene
    Kallis Katene 3 days ago

    I'm sorry I actually like her

  • Michelle Kim
    Michelle Kim 4 days ago

    i wish coyote was my dad...

  • Olivia Kloss
    Olivia Kloss 4 days ago

    This girl can hold a tarantula but small spiders scare me... huh

  • Arlana Loving
    Arlana Loving 4 days ago

    I would run a mile away from that tarantula

  • Dali
    Dali 4 days ago

    And my brother

  • Dali
    Dali 4 days ago

    I sucsribe and turn on my notifications can you bring me to beyond the tide

  • Louie 766
    Louie 766 4 days ago

    When was black widow

    KIRKWOOD_ LEGACY 4 days ago

    I'm not scared of spiders .
    Die's from spider bite 😂😂

  • Messofanego
    Messofanego 4 days ago

    If I ever have a kid, I want them equally fearless and adventurous like her :D

  • Ha Told ya
    Ha Told ya 4 days ago

    She remind me of mandy from iCarly 😂😂

  • Jansen Breitenstein
    Jansen Breitenstein 4 days ago +1

    Is that girl high

  • Gold Moguera
    Gold Moguera 5 days ago

    It says a lot about centipedes that they need to be caught with snake sticks.

  • Rashmi Arun
    Rashmi Arun 5 days ago +1

    I am also 8 years old

  • Rashmi Arun
    Rashmi Arun 5 days ago +1

    Your brave pup

  • Leixoo_
    Leixoo_ 5 days ago

    Gosh that girl annoyed me

  • KhanDarbar
    KhanDarbar 6 days ago

    That girl ate lots of sugar before this vid

  • Foxlover86 Pounce Pounce

    Coyote:Holy macarol oh my gosh it really is that is insane
    Me:....umm Coyote a little too much words forget it (bursts out laughing for no reason)

  • sandi fletcher
    sandi fletcher 6 days ago

    I love spiders too plus I held a spider well a Rosed haired trulantnala when I was 8 and know I'm 9

  • Alfie Playz
    Alfie Playz 6 days ago +1

    Pause at 1:43 and look at pups face. That's the face of crazy person who actually "wants" to be eaten by a turantula😂😂😂😂😂

  • Arlene Mitchell Mitchell

    I'm just the same as pup

  • Logan and Layton games


  • Madelyn Webster
    Madelyn Webster 6 days ago

    "Belly belly belly rub" lizard: :V

  • blacktwang101
    blacktwang101 6 days ago


  • Random Icon
    Random Icon 6 days ago

    How is she not afraid to hold and touch all these scary insects when i cant even be near a ant without having a panic attack lol

  • Inuyasha Kagome
    Inuyasha Kagome 7 days ago +1

    Coyote: so are you sacred of tarantula , pub?
    Pub: No, I'm not even afraid of spiders!

    Helloooo tarantula is a spider.

  • LPS MusicVideos LPS MV
    LPS MusicVideos LPS MV 7 days ago +1

    The kid is really hyper... Like, no kidding. Do u think she smuggled more then 100 candy's in her pockets

  • Vegas Sims
    Vegas Sims 7 days ago

    I can remember being that age and no its not drugs doing that... its CANDY!!! I would bounce off the walls when I ate too much, but, what Coyote is not showing you is the sugar crash that will come over her in an hour or two... night night!

  • Kolton Ford
    Kolton Ford 8 days ago

    how much suger did she eat 1112

  • galaxy hitchhiker72
    galaxy hitchhiker72 8 days ago

    why did I find the Little solpugid so adorable? I imagined it like "I am the night! get that puny human finger away from me! I will end you!" but in a really high pitched and sqweaky voice

  • Elizabeth Coyle
    Elizabeth Coyle 8 days ago


  • x Name x
    x Name x 8 days ago

    Did anyone realize time they started they found an animal?

  • Icix Gnu Jr.
    Icix Gnu Jr. 8 days ago

    :O i would die of shock :O

  • antonlimj Gaming
    antonlimj Gaming 8 days ago

    An 8 yr old kid holds a freaking trurantula and im still scrared of a flying unknown bug in my house

  • Alien Msp
    Alien Msp 8 days ago

    She's not afraid of spiders and I can't even be 1 meter away from a 1 inch spider I have to be like MUM WHERE MOVING

  • much wow
    much wow 9 days ago

    Why can't I be this happy like how is this kid this happy

  • Idalia May
    Idalia May 9 days ago

    If this kid and I grew up at the same time, we'd have been best friends.

  • Adan Carrillo
    Adan Carrillo 9 days ago

    Is the girl single??

  • Mike Moerbeek
    Mike Moerbeek 9 days ago

    That me in the morning

  • Brandon
    Brandon 9 days ago

    Snakes are okay but spiders are a bit more freaky than snakes im not afraid of spiders well am i

  • Smiccle Smack
    Smiccle Smack 9 days ago

    i'd be terrible at this i scream to much

  • Jake Peralta
    Jake Peralta 9 days ago +1

    Whatever that girl was on, i want some

  • Vyla & Szara Richie
    Vyla & Szara Richie 9 days ago +1

    "His name is pork chop charlie" XDXD

  • Colleen Kiernan
    Colleen Kiernan 10 days ago

    I'm 8 too

  • Violina Blonk
    Violina Blonk 10 days ago

    Cyote . That's a good trantula.

    Me: if it climbs on me. Bad trantula!!

  • Violina Blonk
    Violina Blonk 10 days ago

    His daughter is so energetic. So much like her dad

  • Henri Leitzinger
    Henri Leitzinger 10 days ago

    Awsome make one catching fish

  • Random Boy 3 m
    Random Boy 3 m 10 days ago

    Was that you daughter or a fan

  • Alfie Munnelly
    Alfie Munnelly 10 days ago

    aawww is that your daughter? :)

    BLUERAYGUNNER 10 days ago

    I'd love to have you come down to North Carolina to see if you can find anything interesting.

  • Justine Herron
    Justine Herron 11 days ago

    Do it

  • Justine Herron
    Justine Herron 11 days ago

    I've seen one of those ceentiped

  • JuinorNapGaming
    JuinorNapGaming 11 days ago

    first 2 second an 8 year old finds a centipede XD it would take me like 10 minutes to find one

  • William O.
    William O. 11 days ago

    There where once ants in my room and I was afraid of it and I'm 11 and she's 8 and she will hold a snake

  • Professional Clickbait

    Those 3k people are jealous parents that can't even get their kids out the front door

  • Ali Faraz
    Ali Faraz 11 days ago

    Do it

  • Calin Pavel
    Calin Pavel 11 days ago

    She is crazy! No hate!!

  • Al-khayl Maulad
    Al-khayl Maulad 11 days ago

    why is the girl hiper

  • Damien Mehigan
    Damien Mehigan 11 days ago +1

    This 8 year old girl has the energy of a common 8 year old during the day and the instinct of a hunter who lives in the woods for a living

  • Cryptid 56
    Cryptid 56 11 days ago +1

    Is it bad that i believe what the girl said about the candy?

  • BalloonPOPGaming
    BalloonPOPGaming 11 days ago

    This eight year old is so brave dude I was scared for like a day just on a little daddy long leg even though I see them like every we're like every day I hate spiders this eight year old is sooooo crazy

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 12 days ago +1

    imagine coyote Nutting

  • Cookies123
    Cookies123 12 days ago

    I have
    a lot of spiders in our house

  • Ali Faraz
    Ali Faraz 12 days ago


  • Ali Faraz
    Ali Faraz 12 days ago

    Come to Texas

  • bleep bloop
    bleep bloop 12 days ago +1


    PIXEL GAMER 12 days ago

    white kids be like

  • Poviii i
    Poviii i 12 days ago

    how an earth did she not get diabetes!

  • remmie toyne
    remmie toyne 12 days ago

    What a fantastic dad Coyote is! His lovely little daughter is a chip off the old block (not that Coyote is old haha). More dads should be like him :o)

  • Ashton Itzel
    Ashton Itzel 12 days ago

    Look how much support we're giving this little girl, she totally deserves it and I bet coyote and his daughter are just so happy

  • Jacx_ kilux
    Jacx_ kilux 13 days ago

    That kids so hype it's great

  • Homie Bee
    Homie Bee 13 days ago

    Have you ever hold a brazzilian wandering spider?

  • Issam Hatoum
    Issam Hatoum 13 days ago

    His name is pork chop Charlie

  • Catatonicfire 84
    Catatonicfire 84 13 days ago

    That 8 year old is mental from that CANDY 🍭

  • Beantane46 //
    Beantane46 // 13 days ago

    future: ugh dad holding wild tarantulas isnt cool anymore, why cant we ride sharks like everyone else

  • Beantane46 //
    Beantane46 // 13 days ago

    future: ugh dad holding wild tarantulas isnt cool anymore, why cant we ride sharks like everyone else

  • Eric Rooyakkers
    Eric Rooyakkers 13 days ago

    me to

  • Daniel Tomashevskiy
    Daniel Tomashevskiy 13 days ago

    that girl ruined the video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coyote dont make video's with kids!

  • Daniel Tomashevskiy
    Daniel Tomashevskiy 13 days ago

    hi i live in texas i love scorpions

  • Jonathan Shih
    Jonathan Shih 13 days ago

    Heres a fact about snakes if you find a snake and hold it and it does not bite you it means that they are full and heres another fact if a snake is full it can last 4 days or less without eating

  • Silvern
    Silvern 13 days ago +3

    it warms my heart to see how enthusiastic his daughter is about animals, we need more people who care this much about wildlife! Coyote is probably a pretty cool dad too!

  • Silvern
    Silvern 13 days ago +1

    I see the gene for extreme sugar hyperness travels in the family 😂

  • Khristie Michel
    Khristie Michel 13 days ago

    Is she your daughter?

  • Dark Skull
    Dark Skull 14 days ago

    Everybody sais that she is high but mauve its just the candy that makes her happy

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