I Don’t See Race

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • I guess my eyes have just evolved to be like, so progressive.

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    Katie Marovitch
    Zac Oyama
    Grant O'Brien
    Mike Trapp

    Director - Michael Schaubach
    Writer - Katie Marovitch
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Luc Delamare
    1st AC - Arturo Ochoa
    Gaffer - Vince Valentin
    Key Grip - Huan Manton
    Sound Mixer - Ryan Bertolami for BoTown Sound
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
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    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Emily Ellis
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Licensing and Programming Coordinator - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Andrew Primavera
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek
    Assistant Editors - Spencer Kombol & Andrew Primavera
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  • Runtime: 3:34
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Comments: 8 182

  • PixieoftheWood
    PixieoftheWood 11 hours ago

    I use to only see formless blobs. Then I went to the eye doctor to get some glasses.

  • Pls Explain Life 3
    Pls Explain Life 3 13 hours ago

    I see race all the time

  • Salvador Formento
    Salvador Formento 17 hours ago


  • TheThinkingManThinketh
    TheThinkingManThinketh 19 hours ago

    Love the connection drawn between race and disability. I didn't know that college humor was staffed by a bunch of race realists.

  • TheGateProductions
    TheGateProductions 22 hours ago

    This is what SJWs believe in *face-palm

  • Luna_The_Zombie
    Luna_The_Zombie 1 day ago

    Liberals in a nut shell

  • HowBlairYou
    HowBlairYou 1 day ago

    Reminds me of when I watch Tomi Lahren and Trevor Noah talking and she says that..

  • Straynar
    Straynar 1 day ago

    Why try to isolate, group, and label humans? Stop trying to find ways to discriminate people.

  • Marinelife7
    Marinelife7 1 day ago

    Of course you can see that people look different but "I don't see race" means you don't judge people based on their race.

  • Jonathan Hrovat
    Jonathan Hrovat 1 day ago

    I don't see comment likes

  • Aaron
    Aaron 1 day ago

    *How to get liberals triggered:*
    I don't see non-heterosexuals. There are only two genders.

  • love60073
    love60073 1 day ago

    I was fully expecting her to just REALLY need glasses

  • Sean Wheeler
    Sean Wheeler 1 day ago

    Wasn't Katie one of those people in the "Black not Poor" video with the one guy everyone mistook for poor because of his race?

  • Emilyyy
    Emilyyy 1 day ago

    i dont see gender when looking for a partner but thats it.

  • jackdeath
    jackdeath 2 days ago

    Sorry, but if this was suppose to be funny, then you missed the mark. Promoting people who don't see race as myopic only shows your channel as entirely bigoted.

    If you want to send a message, use Western Union. Otherwise, you're just not funny.

  • iNezumi
    iNezumi 2 days ago

    I didn't see race until I moved to Canada (I'm from Europe). I didn't know anyone even still cares about race these days. People in Canada and America are obsessed with it.

  • Krijn van Alten
    Krijn van Alten 2 days ago

    The only people who don't see race are blind people.

  • The Glass Hammer
    The Glass Hammer 2 days ago

    This is Tumblr

  • GeauxGSUEagles
    GeauxGSUEagles 2 days ago

    "Ageless and every age at the same time..." 😂😂😂😂

  • Triforce adm
    Triforce adm 2 days ago

    Wow I love this strawman that you got here! It just absolutely gorgeous!

  • JustLiftinBro
    JustLiftinBro 2 days ago

    Next: I don't see gender

  • Lexie Blake
    Lexie Blake 2 days ago

    What if someone was deaf? "Speak to them as if they could hear" OMFG I CHOKED ON MY WATER😂😂😂

  • Emi Animal
    Emi Animal 3 days ago

    I don't see Buzzfeed.

    (I wish that were true)

  • Eggs n' Toast
    Eggs n' Toast 3 days ago

    Modern day feminists, and SJWs in a nutshell.

  • Lundog
    Lundog 3 days ago

    Instead of pretending not to see race, gender, etc...we should embrace our differences.

  • markus dahle
    markus dahle 3 days ago

    she just got worlds worst vision

  • Tyler Beckett
    Tyler Beckett 3 days ago

    I hate this sketch so much that I've hit a thumbs up!!

  • Automatik
    Automatik 3 days ago

    In German, it's pretty much a no go to use the term race for humans.

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K 3 days ago

    I used to be like this. Then I was told I was racist for saying I don't see race. So I started seeing race. Then I was told I was racist for seeing race. Then I was told I was racist for being white. Then I was told I was racist for not thinking all white people were racist. Then I was told I was racist for thinking a black person calling a white person a cracker was racist. Then I was told I was racist for thinking black people could be racist.

    I'm super racist, apparently.

  • maeve !
    maeve ! 3 days ago

    Nah I'd rather be woke

  • LikeGdz
    LikeGdz 3 days ago

    Imagine being this much of a leftard.


  • Tom Smith
    Tom Smith 3 days ago

    Bunch o' Fags.

  • KingMJAH
    KingMJAH 3 days ago

    what a jump cut to her perspective with the faceless blobs

  • Kisses For Me
    Kisses For Me 3 days ago

    I don't see age either ;)

  • Various Curious
    Various Curious 4 days ago +1

    All races are equal, except for black people, they run really fast.

  • ryan macdonald
    ryan macdonald 4 days ago

    So the woman here went this far just so she wouldn't be accused of being a bad person for having negative opinions about anyone? LOL! That's what the world will be like for white people at the rate that we're going, we won't be allowed to regard anyone as different from anyone else for any reason or else we'll be called Nazis and executed by the SJW police!!

  • ifer lyf
    ifer lyf 4 days ago

    When people say they don't see race, they don't mean it litterally, they just mean they don't care about it. Basically they're saying that skin color means as much about a person as hair or eye color do, wich is how it should be.

  • Raider56 Fitz75
    Raider56 Fitz75 4 days ago

    There are white people, black, red, brown and yellow people this is not racist it was made by a scientist before racial slurs. Just search it up.

  • lord buss
    lord buss 4 days ago

    It's all about definition. I see races and genders. I just don't notice them, because they don't matter.

  • TalkingToMyself
    TalkingToMyself 5 days ago

    I don't know why but "he's famously bald" was my favourite line of the video.

  • Emma Xiang
    Emma Xiang 5 days ago

    yup politically correct bs

  • Avery Patrick
    Avery Patrick 5 days ago

    Katie is retarded
    this was a very good script

  • NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

    That awkward moment when there is only one black person in the room and someone is desperately trying to describe them by any means necessary other than race or skin colour...uum the person 45 degrees to the left of that one guy who is one and a half inches shorter than the person in a long sleeved shirt next to the other person in a long sleeved shirt, just in front of the person on the phone, who knows the guy petting the dog, by that painting. Is it really that bad to just say the black guy? Or the white girl? Painfully obvious that there is a much easier way to describe someones physical characteristics.

  • KingCarrot
    KingCarrot 5 days ago

    *Throwing up*

  • TheSwordWillRise
    TheSwordWillRise 5 days ago

    "Jesus Christ Katie" best line

  • Charlotte Sachs
    Charlotte Sachs 5 days ago

    Funny till trans-erasure in script. Good try guys!

  • Ace Engler
    Ace Engler 5 days ago

    this is sadly becoming true

  • Kekistan Never Forget

    so not being racist is racist.

    Those obsessed with race are usually racist.

  • Pieter Hulsen
    Pieter Hulsen 6 days ago

    After a while I dont see the people anymore, i just see the numbers. I am the anti-neo

  • Toryu-Mau
    Toryu-Mau 6 days ago

    It all made sense at the end somehow?!

  • Lilly Farrell
    Lilly Farrell 6 days ago

    This video made me lose most of my brain cells

  • D'antoinette M
    D'antoinette M 6 days ago

    "I don't see age..."

    Sounds like an argument for pedophiles

  • Sonny Lummes
    Sonny Lummes 6 days ago

    Katie seems exactly the same as chelsea peretti

  • Hannah Frick
    Hannah Frick 7 days ago

    I just see shapeless blobs walking around😂

  • DrewDaBom
    DrewDaBom 7 days ago +1

    she needs glasses if she sees shapeless blobs.

  • Emmanuel Spurlock
    Emmanuel Spurlock 7 days ago +1

    The girl n this video thats acting is either acting like she is blind or just a plane idiot if come up to person that is like that n real life is obviously blind or a dumbass

  • Sabrina Ghadaouia
    Sabrina Ghadaouia 7 days ago +1

    Maybe she has a very intense form of prosopagnosia ;)

  • A Wilson
    A Wilson 7 days ago

    I hate those kinds of people. It's exactly what she said at the end, it's so they can ignore the problems and pretend everything is the same like DAMN

    • Tessa Bain
      Tessa Bain 3 days ago

      No, because they're not being literal like she was.

      I don't see color means you don't care about it because it doesn't fucking matter. Only racists care so if you care, you're a racist.

  • NeighborCas
    NeighborCas 7 days ago

    I don't see. I am blind

  • Plastic Tree
    Plastic Tree 7 days ago +1

    Sad there are people like this out there

  • ronnie og
    ronnie og 8 days ago +1

    i thought collegehumor was for transgender people

  • Frank Guo
    Frank Guo 8 days ago

    There is nothing wrong with "I don't see race". That's how governments should view people.

  • Duston McCreary
    Duston McCreary 8 days ago +1

    This is sadly realistic. It's the far left and the reason Trump won.



  • FluffleLion
    FluffleLion 8 days ago +1

    This is what real feminists sound like, stupid propagandist bullshit. (I know what this video means btw).

  • Decode Cod3
    Decode Cod3 8 days ago

    well of course we see race. some of us just care more about a good performance than color.

  • Luke Hartung
    Luke Hartung 8 days ago

    I don't see age

  • Julie NgamBe
    Julie NgamBe 9 days ago

    How to trigger me

  • marya _
    marya _ 9 days ago

    *I don't see intelligence.*

  • diana v
    diana v 9 days ago

    katie's sketches are the best lol

  • Sturgeon
    Sturgeon 9 days ago +3

    There is a blue haired fat gender studies major somewhere, watching this and nodding her fat fucking head in total unironic agreement.

  • Miles Stewart
    Miles Stewart 9 days ago +2

    Her nose is longer than my future.

  • Cheshire Cat
    Cheshire Cat 9 days ago

    ive gotta say my favourite parts of these videos is grants excessive anger

  • DankMemesBrokenDreams

    I don't... see

  • Mettaton's Biggest fan

    "It is perhaps tucked under their little butt." I'm dying 😂😂😂

  • Guillermo Cardenas
    Guillermo Cardenas 10 days ago

    HAHA one of the biggest liberals!!

    SARAH AYE 10 days ago +1

    When racist white people try to convince you they're not racist

  • shubham bhandari
    shubham bhandari 10 days ago

    oh god, I just wanna puch her!!

  • Yuri Grigsby
    Yuri Grigsby 10 days ago +1

    This is my teachers trying to talk about slavery, race issues, or other politically incorrect topics

  • Greyson Unlucky
    Greyson Unlucky 10 days ago +3

    She just needs glasses

  • Lawliet the Panda
    Lawliet the Panda 10 days ago

    Katie is literally everyone on Tumblr

  • marcus.exe has stopped working

    This has a basis in reality. Think about that. It actually has a basis in reality! let that sink in!

  • Jello ollej
    Jello ollej 10 days ago

    Katie needs glasses

  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA 11 days ago

    watch all college humor on 1.5x speed lol XD

  • Tengericsillag
    Tengericsillag 11 days ago

    This is where the word keeps

  • Mae Evans
    Mae Evans 11 days ago

    Katie has me so triggered lmao

  • mv vo
    mv vo 11 days ago

    thats how it should be with regard to race. who gives a shit about how you look. according to these snowflakes everyone is prejudiced even if they dont know it. they know you more than you know yourself

  • Oliver Webb
    Oliver Webb 11 days ago

    Her reasoning was brilliant!

  • Reality Truth
    Reality Truth 11 days ago +1

    this is offensive, comes off like watering down racism.

  • hugo votan
    hugo votan 11 days ago

    why did katie stop using cocaine?

  • Anthony Moore
    Anthony Moore 12 days ago

    Ik it's a script but it still really triggered me xD

  • Alientroll Thompson
    Alientroll Thompson 12 days ago

    for the younger kids watchiing collegehumor use to be really funny like 10 years ago. thats why its called collegehumor cuz it use to be funny and not this garbage.

  • Turtles
    Turtles 12 days ago

    Friendly reminder, moonlight wasn't diverse, if a movie has 99% black people it is as diverse as a movie that has 99% white people

  • Red genome
    Red genome 12 days ago

    Excuse me while I go headbutt a brick wall

  • WarLord Era
    WarLord Era 12 days ago

    "That's not what equality means!" Great stuff. :D

  • Neon Life
    Neon Life 12 days ago

    I don't see how I'm not awesome

  • simpəl
    simpəl 12 days ago

    If people embrace their own racial roots, or see that someone is culturally/ethnically different than them doesn't mean they don't accept others because of where they came from or them as a person.

  • captainautobots
    captainautobots 12 days ago

    I don't see crackers, I see chips... The TV series, not the shitty movie.
    I don't see why Adam Sandler movies get horrible reviews...because
    I don't see how anyone could sit through them long enough to write a review.
    I Nintendon't see why Sega does.
    I don't see why people are so selfish when they should be more like me... Me, me, ME.
    I don't see... a reason to give a shit.

  • Wednesday Wilson
    Wednesday Wilson 12 days ago

    this is hilarious.

  • MatrixXxX
    MatrixXxX 12 days ago

    So she doesn't see food?

    *how have you been living*

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