Bill O'Reilly Gets the Boot: The Daily Show

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  • Duke_ Nitro
    Duke_ Nitro 11 hours ago

    Along the way foxes and wolves took the name of Christians.

  • moist faucet
    moist faucet Day ago

    Get some pepper yoo........

  • Aceves Efrain
    Aceves Efrain 3 days ago


  • Heidi Myers
    Heidi Myers 3 days ago

    Oops. Typo. I meant Gary Burghoff.

  • Heidi Myers
    Heidi Myers 3 days ago

    Good riddance, Bill O'Reilly. You won't be missed by sane people.

    Oh, yeah..... I have a suggestion for his old show, The O'Reilly Factor..... hire Gary Butghoff. Then we can have The Radar O'Reilly Factor!!!!

  • Fatlord27
    Fatlord27 5 days ago

    5:56 That's fuckin crazy. *Ph.D.* All they see is one thing.

  • ambokozo
    ambokozo 5 days ago

    Bill O'Reilly for president?

  • Marsha Six
    Marsha Six 9 days ago

    This reminds me of how f*cked up Bill O'Reilly really is.

  • Owen Garret
    Owen Garret 9 days ago

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  • Dutty Dartz
    Dutty Dartz 10 days ago

    How did someone like Bill O'Reilly get air time? That's effed up.

    • Dutty Dartz
      Dutty Dartz 10 days ago

      Actually no I can see why - divide and conquer. And now there is Trump :)

  • yourtv
    yourtv 14 days ago

    This TV host Trevor Noah tries to hide that he is half white! Why? Is this something to be ashamed of?

  • Black N Proud
    Black N Proud 14 days ago

    Love to see a Amerikkka nuked

  • Abdo Chabbi
    Abdo Chabbi 16 days ago

    Good way to be dirty

  • Abdo Chabbi
    Abdo Chabbi 16 days ago


  • Erma Smith
    Erma Smith 17 days ago

    Potty Mouth

  • alfriedar
    alfriedar 19 days ago

    this pedophile and jazz gross  Bill O yuck

  • vitaminhoshi
    vitaminhoshi 19 days ago

    ya like jazz?

  • John S
    John S 19 days ago

    Shitbag joke clown. Lol

  • Israel Odufote
    Israel Odufote 23 days ago

    this video made me do a little research about o'reilly. I never knew he was such a proud, lying, domestic abusing and utterly uncool man. cause i used to like him before.

  • Paul Mutzel
    Paul Mutzel 24 days ago

    maybe it is time for Americans to understand it is not white vs. black but poor vs. rich.

  • achmed al Wahhab
    achmed al Wahhab 24 days ago

    Bill O'Reilly needs mental health care asap

  • Lemon Chief
    Lemon Chief 24 days ago

    Somebody get that dude back on his meds.

  • kyle stewart
    kyle stewart 25 days ago

    I know he's been gone for awhile. but I'd like to say again... FUCK YOU O'REILLY!
    you and Limbaugh have brewed more hate in this country, and have incited more hate and violence than any two people in modern history.

    I hope you 2 sorry fucks burn in hell.

  • Assuredly Athrowaway
    Assuredly Athrowaway 25 days ago


    I've reported you to your youtube sponsors, shame on you that was disgusting.

  • Dodie L
    Dodie L 26 days ago

    Bill really made me wish I could have grown up in Levittown in the 50's. It must have been amazing if he ended up with such a placid temperament.

  • OhNo
    OhNo 27 days ago

    I wish Trevor Noah was funny

  • An Than Van Man Tan
    An Than Van Man Tan 27 days ago

    To be fair, Noah would be a good comparison to Rey

  • JLF
    JLF 27 days ago

    you wants some ketchup! pow pow pow  ... lol lmao

  • Michael Sanchez
    Michael Sanchez 28 days ago

    Foreign national's ? Strange term! Foreign implies that they come from elsewhere! However national's! Implies you live here.... if you do then according to the law you get! Too vote. National means citizen in that context!

  • Meg Alyssa
    Meg Alyssa 29 days ago

    A handsome man in a suit with a PhD looks like a coke dealer? If he's a coke dealer I need to get into cocaine.

  • Eric Floyd
    Eric Floyd Month ago

    Damn happy to see the aggrieved jackass gone.

  • Eric Floyd
    Eric Floyd Month ago

    I would have cold cocktail Billo.

  • lawrence cyprian
    lawrence cyprian Month ago

    Wow this is bad

  • Rosemarie Faye
    Rosemarie Faye Month ago

    How can you agree with O'Reilly if Christian? Didn't Jesus attempt to teach us love, forgiveness and compassion? Bill O'Reilly is none of those things. Now that he is gone, maybe we can all move forward in truth. Over 4 thousand thumbs down? Wake up over 4 thousand, wake up!

  • What would ya say you do here?

    I like how Fox News has to write what bill says. Probably because the main bulk of viewers are octogenarians who can't hear well.

  • sean albert
    sean albert Month ago

    I'm pretty sure o'riely was just miss pronouncing jizz

    MrCOPYPASTE Month ago

    just the fact that it recons white privilege that should raise the question what the fuck is wrong with this society?

  • Sam I Am
    Sam I Am Month ago

    When you don't have a leg to stand on, show your ignorance and the *ugly* within by spewing the *script* and calling people names. Just another sycophantic minion of the TrumPutin regime and their support of white "supremacy".

  • Captain Con Queso
    Captain Con Queso Month ago

    I'll probably cry from joy the day that fat piece of shit finally dies.

  • HP3 TV
    HP3 TV Month ago

    Always exciting to see Palpatine thrown down his own Death Star reactor.

  • Leo Romana
    Leo Romana Month ago

    Everytime Bill says Jazz he means Jizz. Food for Thought

  • Gian-carlo Crumps
    Gian-carlo Crumps Month ago

    I'm surprised no one cuff him in his face

  • Chase Bullock
    Chase Bullock Month ago

    Ya like jazz?

  • Seven Matterson
    Seven Matterson Month ago +1

    Most of the coke dealers I know are white dudes with a bunch of tattoos that wear tank tops 24/7 and ill fitting jeans

  • Samuel Robinson
    Samuel Robinson Month ago +1

    I don't know of a single black person with a tattoo on their head, however I've seen countless neo-Nazis with swaticas tattooed on their heads... Bill O'Reilly is a fucking moron..

    RYAN LEHRMAN Month ago

    woah woah woah what black guy sells cocaine, it's all about the heroin man.

  • The Orlando Kids
    The Orlando Kids Month ago

    I don't care for O'Reily but I still cant believe he said that in the 90s on inside edition

  • John Bender
    John Bender Month ago +1

    First off, Asians statistically do have it better than white people, Trevor didn't do his research. And second, who's having a better time? YOU TREVOR. You get to say whatever the fuck you want about white people, no matter how racist because you're "diverse", you don't want to talk about how whites are being murdered in South Africa in record numbers, and that the government there won't investigate. How are you any different than OReilly with all the things you say about white people? You legit said "Fuck white people am I right?" on your show. You only got your job because you're half black, the most obvious virtue signal ever. You had been at the Daily Show for three months when Comedy Central decides to make you the host, you, don't think race and identity politics had anything to do with it. You think you're intellegent, there's nothing insightful about anything you or your show says and you know it. You're narrative is the dominant narrative in the media and you know it, there's nothing good your show has to offer you have turned it into a regressive propaganda program disguised as a comedy. So many people have stopped watching the Daily Show ever since you took over as host, because let's face it the daily show is fucking cancer. Most people who read this comment will laugh because let's face it most people who watch and subscribe to your show are regressive idiots, but let's make one thing clear: while you're here laughing with this racist about white people, conservatives, and anyone slightly to the right of Barry O, the rest of the world is laughing at you guys. Trevor Noah, you suck.

  • Sigritus
    Sigritus Month ago

    USA will never be the land of dreams as long as you have such dinosaurs on the loudest positions

  • K D
    K D Month ago

    Thank you, Jesus

  • Jeremy Hill
    Jeremy Hill 2 months ago

    "Ya like jazz?"

    -Bill O'Reilly

  • Alex Synan
    Alex Synan 2 months ago

    WOW I never knew bill was THAT blatantly racist, because i dont watch him. I mean i knew he was racismt but damn that is crazy. I think it is seeing it all put together in one short clip. Im glad he is gone, just another talking head for scared white people

  • Farouk Elhamdi
    Farouk Elhamdi 2 months ago

    What did he mean by ''jazz'' ?

  • Diana Elenes
    Diana Elenes 2 months ago +1

    nigger should get fired from the daily show

  • yuk747
    yuk747 2 months ago

    Pussy grabber Trump came to lend his shoulder to Bill O'Reilly to cry on.

  • Ser Arris
    Ser Arris 2 months ago

    Aliens! (E.T) dont forget them

  • emiliano gaspard
    emiliano gaspard 2 months ago

    Oh, I have a question. What is the *Original Sin* of the blacks that they're despised globally? What fuels it for so many centuries? I know from reading that they are truly hated in the USA, but the truth be told there are also despised in a lot of other small and large countries as well. Arabs & Jews prefer us whites over blacks on any day, so does the Hindus. Also the Chinese, Russians and European blocks, just to name a few. Even the whites in African countries, deep down truly can't stand any negroes in general. ~ I am not a racist so this is not about me cause I've black friends; I am trying to get to a core question and answer of a global issue.

  • emiliano gaspard
    emiliano gaspard 2 months ago

    If Bill O'Reilly had 5 million viewers nightly, then you have to multiply that times 10 to get a good sense of his core central Fanbase, bc not everyone watches every night. As humans we tend to watch what we like and believe in. Therefore, that enlightens us and reinforces our innate behaviors. Coupled with the fact that most average racist Americans did not watch the O'Reilly shows. I must therefore as a statistician, projects that the total amount of Hardcore white racist in the America is even greater. *for such a powerful & influential country that likes to tell the entire world what to do, think, and say; what is it that is driving this putrid behavior?!*

  • Nino Yb
    Nino Yb 2 months ago

    who wants my fucking jazz??

  • Frank Meier
    Frank Meier 2 months ago

    I am German. I just saw the first time this Bill O'Reilly.
    I never ever disliked somebody so fast as this guy.

  • Mike Rojo
    Mike Rojo 2 months ago

    how does mark lamont hill look like a drug dealer? and how does he know how black restaurants are like smh.

  • Tom Ga
    Tom Ga 2 months ago

    Why can't these so called VIPs behave themselves and treat other peoples with Dignity?

  • Hylefavud
    Hylefavud 2 months ago

    Trevor you impersonated my Serena's pregnant happy yell perfectly lol

  • Kellyn 87
    Kellyn 87 2 months ago

    The x'ed Factor. Fitting

  • Jack Walsh
    Jack Walsh 2 months ago

    I have no idea who this punk loser is talking about Mr. Bill O'Reilly, a man of distinction. He was #1 15 years for a reason, the majority supports his ideas, not your BS. Keep trying, your losing...

  • Niobesnuppa
    Niobesnuppa 2 months ago

    Who gave the racist village grandpa so much time on TV?

  • Dr. Chemo's Lab Home Of the OP


  • Eish Balu
    Eish Balu 2 months ago

    He was so disrespected person wow I am glad he is gone

  • AdLibby
    AdLibby 2 months ago

    O'Riley gave everybody whole lot of "jazz" for a long time. Now we are safe from the "jazz."

  • nkjassal
    nkjassal 2 months ago

    That opener was probably the best segue way ever!!!!

  • JessBisme123
    JessBisme123 2 months ago +1

    Bill O'Reilly is such a gross human being.

  • iampuco
    iampuco 2 months ago

    There Fucking is no race, but humans. Ethnical groups ... Yes. Different cultures ... omg yezzzzzzz. But there are no races. That is an invention by some guys who wanted to be superior. Like my ancestors (i'm German).

    Take this racial bullshit out of the conversation and the problem seems absurd.

  • jgonascar
    jgonascar 2 months ago +1

    Bill O'Reilly is the hotel guest that complains to management about not getting to take home the soaps.

  • Joshua G.
    Joshua G. 2 months ago

    y a l i k e j a z z ?

  • Mo Reglob
    Mo Reglob 2 months ago +1

    As an Irish citizen I am very upset to think that that that racist bigot is linked with my country.

  • ★ Korbi CSGO
    ★ Korbi CSGO 2 months ago

    Bill O'Reilly, fuck off and die already.

    PHARM1RECON 2 months ago

    lol i just noticed that in the old clip of bill, he looked like Saul Goodman

  • James Toles
    James Toles 2 months ago


  • Alonso Moya
    Alonso Moya 2 months ago

    everyday Anyone recognize better than this versivn ?%

  • blackice7317
    blackice7317 2 months ago

    What do you mean Asians dont have it good?

  • Chessie Silkman
    Chessie Silkman 2 months ago

    The ketchup haaaa

  • Mac Kirkman
    Mac Kirkman 2 months ago

    Ya like jazz?

  • adriene stephens
    adriene stephens 2 months ago

    Bill is racist trash. Thank you for this video Trevor. I knew he sexually harassed women but to hear the bs he said in the video, def makes him a racist in my opinion.

  • jimreid5
    jimreid5 2 months ago

    What accent does Trevor Noah have?

  • Lex Nuss
    Lex Nuss 2 months ago

    Human race. Slow down. Take a break. Find some clean air to breathe. Much love. We own this bitch and she is our mother...

  • Srikrishnan Sridhar
    Srikrishnan Sridhar 2 months ago

    do ya like jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazz?

  • James Butterson
    James Butterson 2 months ago

    all the yelling stems from sexual frustration lol.

  • CommentCrusader
    CommentCrusader 2 months ago

    "Are they gonna be on soul-train?" Lmao, i'm done

  • DAVID veilleux
    DAVID veilleux 2 months ago

    This guy, in addition to being exceptionally stupid, is pure evil.

  • longview Resident
    longview Resident 2 months ago

    fuck you trevor noah. fuck you for making a mockery of our country and my vote. fuck you for trying to make my voice not matter. and really FUCK YOU for undermining all my family members who served for this country and lost their lifes to uphold the freedom we all enjoy, so u can sit there and talk shit about the President who i voted for, the man running our country, the man who won the vote in the united states of america. you are not only talking shit upon me, you are talking shit upon over half of our country and our people. thats over 180 million people you are shitting on. I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER. i am proud of my vote and where i come from. SHAME ON YOU FOR PISSING ON ALL OF MY FELLOW AMERICANS and what we stand for. we are what founded this country. grow some balls and show some respect for our leader. anything less and you are asking for us to fail as a whole. grow some balls you liberal piece of shit.

  • Robert M
    Robert M 2 months ago

    Fox news has been one sided so called news org. For years they have had hypocritical standards they have been one sided on all their reporting with hate machine behind the reporting! And for bill O'Reilly his hate & hypocrisy came back to bite him! What goes around comes around in some form or fashion!

  • Curly73
    Curly73 3 months ago

    Imagine that bill O'Reilly, black people acting like civilized human beings. Shocker!!!

  • Sarah Smile
    Sarah Smile 3 months ago

    Omg he said the man looks like a cocaine dealer. I am speechless.

  • Sarah Smile
    Sarah Smile 3 months ago

    That Bruno Mars mystery race comment nearly killed me.

  • David J
    David J 3 months ago

    So racist to acknowledge that blacks area loud? You all know it's true

  • Gabriela Villanueva
    Gabriela Villanueva 3 months ago

    "What neck? what woods? woods don't have necks. it doesn't make sense. it doesn't fucken make sense. ahhh. fuck it, I'll do it live!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pedro Ferrer
    Pedro Ferrer 3 months ago

    O'reilly would make a great palpatine

  • John Grunder
    John Grunder 3 months ago

    Did anyone ever notice that Bill O'Reily was one angry old white man? Jazz-up Bill ;-)

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 3 months ago

    Such a racist host the daily show!

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