How I Saved Over $30,000 in 2 Years! / How to Save Money / Minimalism

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  • lalagirl211
    lalagirl211 13 hours ago

    Oh man i have car insurance, car debts, school debts and miscellaneous debts... it's difficult to freaking save

  • Azeez Salvador
    Azeez Salvador 22 hours ago

    I dont believe this broad, she's probably a call girl.

  • Nelson
    Nelson 4 days ago

    400 a month for food?

  • Xaviery Yap
    Xaviery Yap 12 days ago

    30k for me that's alot of money here in philippines!

  • gsotoaz
    gsotoaz 12 days ago

    Cutting down on rent costs is HUGELY important

  • Sony Sonic5
    Sony Sonic5 14 days ago

    now do it with a 400 dollars paycheck a week

  • Chris P.
    Chris P. 17 days ago

    Well done, Melissa. It's incredible what we accomplish when we live within/below our means! Good work :)

  • Fahima A
    Fahima A 26 days ago

    Very inspiring

  • Maximum Achievement
    Maximum Achievement 27 days ago

    Need more info like where do you live? Location matters. Though I still prefer living alone than to have roommates or family members. I really love my privacy. You could have gotten a studio apartment if you didn't need the extra space. There is plenty of ways to double or triple what you saved without roommates. General rule of thumb is to pay yourself first. ;-)

  • Mia Paul
    Mia Paul 29 days ago +2

    I'm 10 and I save 5,000 k in 1 and half years from only pocket money

  • K S
    K S Month ago

    Congratulations you are doing great. Hope you are putting that in a Roth IRA!

    • Kristen Marie
      Kristen Marie Month ago

      My parents made my get a roth IRA 7 years ago and I knew nothing about it.. fast forward today - it's the greatest gift they gave me! :)

  • Norluco
    Norluco Month ago

    I get $450 a paycheck. :/

    • Kristen Marie
      Kristen Marie Month ago

      If nothing else, try and put 10% ($45) of each paycheck into some form of a savings account! That's still over $1,000 in the year :)

  • BanaBanana
    BanaBanana Month ago

    I can't wait for 2 years!! I'm saving up for a 2 month kitten! Someone's going to buy the kitten!

  • Leonel Oliveros
    Leonel Oliveros Month ago

    You are so smart and beautiful :)

  • NicTime
    NicTime Month ago

    This is a great budget!

  • Freddy Hyde
    Freddy Hyde Month ago

    nice video, helpful.:)

  • Tee Bee
    Tee Bee Month ago

    $400 is a lot to spend on one person for food.

  • Raul Barrera
    Raul Barrera 2 months ago

    $40 cell phone?? who's your provider? I just moved to the most expensive city in America I'm looking for answers :/

  • laura cox
    laura cox 2 months ago

    Everyone has a choice and if you choose to live below your means and save you will save. That's a fact!

    Most will say they can't live below their means because ..(insert some excuse here). How many of these people that simply CAN'T save anything have iPhones, tattoos, brand new cars, Netflix and HBOgo, eat fastfood all the time, etc.

    Of course they look at me like I'm crazy when I suggest they cut a $100+ a month cable bill. Or drive a car that is 3 years old. Or only fill up their tank from the cheapest place according to GasBuddy. Or get $25/month budget car insurance from Insurance Panda. Or cook their own food instead of spending a hundred a week on restaurant food (or far more if they like the bar).

    We make the beds we lie in. Be responsible for yourself.

  • Michael Lochlann
    Michael Lochlann 2 months ago

    Can I borrow some money? Seriously, good job. Rent is a beeyotch

  • 5T4R3
    5T4R3 2 months ago

    if you didnt rent think how much more you would have made rather than burning money

    • Kristen Marie
      Kristen Marie Month ago

      This was the number one driving reason that I bought my first house! :)

  • richard ordonez
    richard ordonez 2 months ago

    are you willing to sustain that lifestyle? I saved at least $100 in one week by fasting for 7 days straight. Now none of my pants fit properly.

  • richard ordonez
    richard ordonez 2 months ago

    dump your gf

  • Sameer Siddiqui
    Sameer Siddiqui 2 months ago

    I am not sure, i ll buy this saving theory. My idea is, if you want more money in your account! you need to make more money. You could have saved 30 Grands by making 1500 more every month, and not choking on your life style. I did that and i have more than 300 Grands with me! No Loans

  • jj15511
    jj15511 2 months ago

    Great video Melissa. I am a 25yr old and I appreciate your advice.

  • xoxo xyz
    xoxo xyz 2 months ago

    its hard for saving. my salary is $300 only 💔

  • frankieG
    frankieG 3 months ago +1

    I was paying BIG bills to get online. One day they cut off my services. I can still get youtube, fb, pay bills and do almost everything else. I live in a high rise where everybody has cable including almost 100 business offices and restaurants . Now I owe nothing and can still get online. Go figure.I saved!

  • SGspecial84
    SGspecial84 3 months ago

    You don't save money by living a Minimalist's life. Its actually more expensive buying in small qualities when you need them (for non-perishable items). I guess everyone has their own interpretation of minimalism.

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa 3 months ago

    she's a beautiful

  • e M
    e M 3 months ago

    U making $2700 a month not $2500. ($1250 *26)/12=$2700 a month

  • TheMwowner1
    TheMwowner1 3 months ago

    this is fking impossible in NYC especially with my job.

  • cybtb
    cybtb 3 months ago

    Did a similar thing. Saved 100k in 5 years which I invested and also used as a down payment for an apartment. Best thing I ever did, and now I'm way ahead and on my way to a million net worth 10 years later.

  • lol wut
    lol wut 3 months ago

    Easy, live at home until you're married!

  • Gale Minor
    Gale Minor 3 months ago

    I make 10 dollars a day working 9-5. third world countries suck!!!

  • Nargis Ahmedi
    Nargis Ahmedi 3 months ago

    how much she spend a day? (sorry for my bad english)

  • Christian Comia
    Christian Comia 3 months ago

    if you exchange here in Philippines you are rich because $30000 equals 1,101,205.74 or 1.1Million Pesos you are Millionaire

  • johnnycage435
    johnnycage435 3 months ago

    Lol free internet I stole wifi

  • strawberries217
    strawberries217 3 months ago

    you just keep cutting down the cost with minimal growth. it's not for long term. coz once there's an inflation u just can't get any further...

    KPOPLOVE 4 months ago

    I take home $13,500 a year....looks like i need to change jobs. I am a pharmacy tech and have a child I am raising pretty much on my own.

  • Petes Boats
    Petes Boats 4 months ago

    Or you pay an average of $80 a week on gas alone...

  • Dignity
    Dignity 4 months ago

    I live in Germany and I'm attending a private school to become a translator. I have around €1,100 every month, school is €455 and rent €370. Then there is my gym membership and WIFI etc and in the end I have around €180-€200 left every month and that's for groceries. How am I supposed to save money though? :/

  • 401205ify
    401205ify 4 months ago

    Can you mail that money to me plz my cousins want to buy a big mansion house and me and we're all going to live together

  • marlb0r015
    marlb0r015 4 months ago

    I can save up €1000 euros a month at best. But i am currently getting my motorcycle license so i would keep it at €700 for now. I make €1300 every month. Goal is to reach 10k before the end of the year. And i wanna keep beefing the money up so i can buy a half a house so i only have half a mortgage wich would equal if i am correct only €200 euro a month. So that is most of the problems out of the way. Rest to do is save even more to be able to go into funds and make a steady passive income, just so i can work less. My end goal is freedom of work.

    PULLA 4 months ago

    You spend $100 a week on groceries?? My goodness lol you eat really well haha

  • Shannon Goins
    Shannon Goins 4 months ago

    as soon as I heard how much you made I was immediately turned off I make nowhere near that much. so maybe I need to set more realistic goals ha ha. lol. you are smart though. think its awesome how you saved that much.

  • Vegan With Vic
    Vegan With Vic 4 months ago +1

    What video editing program do you use? I love your video style!

  • Finnmarksjenta
    Finnmarksjenta 5 months ago

    I only got a small loan of a million dollars...

  • Zues god
    Zues god 5 months ago

    toothpaste a new t-shirt ohr something

  • Tulio
    Tulio 5 months ago

    What method do you use for budgeting? pen and paper, envelope, spreadsheet excel or some money management software online?

  • Jenny Johns
    Jenny Johns 5 months ago

    Good on you - well done!

  • retorfocusstudio RFS
    retorfocusstudio RFS 5 months ago

    You can save money if you live with your parents, or you have no family.

  • Domantas Medis
    Domantas Medis 5 months ago

    I bet entertainment is free with a face like that... Take it as a compliment ;)

  • Erwin925
    Erwin925 5 months ago

    Im up to $20k in 10 months! Doesnt include what i already had :)

  • Reginald Tuvilla
    Reginald Tuvilla 5 months ago

    Transportation Cost is a huge part of this. I experience the same thing when I moved and ditched my car and started biking / train. Thank you for the video, very practical.

  • Leah Kissaty
    Leah Kissaty 5 months ago +1

    How am going to save what I don't have ???? No money, no job ...

  • quiso monroe
    quiso monroe 5 months ago

    So you basically have to be white make atleast 3k a month stop smoking weed?

  • Arturo Hernandez
    Arturo Hernandez 5 months ago

    lol she .makes double what i make

  • Bibimbapski
    Bibimbapski 5 months ago

    I need to discipline myself more. I like to make it rain even though I'm drier than the Sahara desert.

  • Frederick Fitt
    Frederick Fitt 5 months ago

    Love the concept of minimalism! Referral Link to Wealth Front:! Please check it out guys, you and I both will get more managed for FREE if you sign up via this link! I appreciate ya'll.

    ADXBRAD 6 months ago

    $40 cell phone $45 for insurance? Where do I sign up?

  • Shemiah Landlord
    Shemiah Landlord 6 months ago

    "So about $2500.00 a month" Yhh I'm out. *peace*

  • It Chanel
    It Chanel 6 months ago

    help like Subsribe

  • GOD
    GOD 6 months ago

    BEST TRICK TO SAVE MONEY: don't have a relation with that "European" oriental guy.

  • GOD
    GOD 6 months ago

    TIPS, & TRICKS, TO SAVE MONEY: If you want to travel, to a country, swim, walk, or hike, to that country, instead of taking the airplane. You'll save thousands of dollars. Especially if, you travel a lot!

  • Bodhisattva
    Bodhisattva 6 months ago

    This is inapplicable for places like eastern Europe, where the average salary converted into dollars is somethink like 400$ a month! Saving 30 000 in 2 years is merely impossible in that case, simply because you don't even get to earn that amount of money at all. And to all of you that think "yeah, but life is cheaper in those countries", guess what? It's not.

    TWDxKILL3R 6 months ago +1

    Blah blah blah I did some porn and got a couple of thousand here and there and now I got 30,000 blah blah blah

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley 6 months ago +2

    I can't imagine I can replicate this.. I work full time on a minimum wage job and don't even get £30,000 total every two years.

    • c Alexis
      c Alexis 5 months ago

      Sam Bradley if you're working full time on min wage you should have some sort of raise. that's kind of dumb or get a better paying job

  • Brad Janes
    Brad Janes 6 months ago

    wot r u trying 2 say😬

  • Rima Kin
    Rima Kin 6 months ago

    Now I pay £550 for rent, we are two. But I would be happy to have own property, just need a lot of money... Thanks for this video!:)
    It is motivating to save money.

  • MzVan21
    MzVan21 6 months ago

    Thanks for this and sharing. Also for getting to the point

  • Willby Craft
    Willby Craft 6 months ago +1

    How to you make 2500 a month?

  • Steven Blackford
    Steven Blackford 6 months ago

    Did u cut down on plastic surgery?

  • aviomaster
    aviomaster 6 months ago

    I saved 85.000 euro in 8 months
    just doing basic stuff and stopped eating bread.
    I quit living in a villa next to Elon Musk house.

  • Francisco Rivera
    Francisco Rivera 6 months ago

    awesome thanks for the video

  • Pau Pau
    Pau Pau 6 months ago

    I've been rewatching this video every time I am tempted to buy something I want but do not need. I'm in the same boat, same income, and same saving strategy. I've reached the goal in 2016 so one more year left! The goal? I want us to buy a house by the end of the year!!! :-O Thanks Melissa for inspiring me!!

  • Jahdalynn Manigat
    Jahdalynn Manigat 6 months ago

    love your makeup

  • Lizzy Garcia
    Lizzy Garcia 7 months ago

    AMAZING! I'm so glad I came across your channel. Thank you for that amazing tip.

  • Chow Fun
    Chow Fun 7 months ago

    Great job! Who taught you this? They did a great job. You are an excellent example of living modestly and doing much better than those who make a big salary. Yes!

  • Tsquare Talk
    Tsquare Talk 7 months ago

    love the video. I started a channel doing a lot of similar types of things. do you think you can check it out any tips would be a big help. I have always wanted to help people and think this will be the perfect way to do it.

  • Davidbard2klive
    Davidbard2klive 7 months ago

    You are gorgeous. Lmao im sorry

  • Alan Brooks
    Alan Brooks 7 months ago +4

    very doable. saving $10-15k a year with a sound budget is fairly easy. I bought a car with my first $30K saved and within 5 yrs of that purchase I managed to save an additional $40K

    • c Alexis
      c Alexis 5 months ago

      Nishka Anna-lee holy shit

    • Alan Brooks
      Alan Brooks 5 months ago

      Nishka Anna-lee I'm there now. $60k aiming to finish the year at $75k. I'm only 29 yrs old as that

    • Nishka Anna-lee
      Nishka Anna-lee 5 months ago

      Alan Brooks yes!! Me I bought a car cash for 20k in 2014 which brought my account down to like 3k now I'm almost at 50k 😊😊🤗 #girlpower

  • LokiTheTrixter
    LokiTheTrixter 7 months ago

    hey im in almost the exact same situation, im curious about how you used the money you saved?, im in the beginning stages of learning to invest and hoping you had some advice of where i can start

  • sebastian rodriguez
    sebastian rodriguez 7 months ago

    how did you get 30.000$ dollars

  • wm Sulaiman
    wm Sulaiman 7 months ago

    I find this inspiring..
    Thank u for sharing ur experience :)

  • Terance Erving
    Terance Erving 7 months ago

    your very beautiful

  • King New Jersey
    King New Jersey 8 months ago

    Did you invest that $32K?

  • Jeff Tang
    Jeff Tang 8 months ago

    I've been saving $500 a week out of my paycheck for the last 10 yrs and I have over $200,000 saved. It helps when I make $2,500 a week, 35 yrs old, single with no kids. I have women open up their wallets on dates. Fellas, have the women pay for you on dates. I live in NYC and to take these women out on these dates over here breaks your wallet.

    • tomas jesus
      tomas jesus 6 months ago

      Jeff Tang fuck off u rich punk lol

  • Irene
    Irene 8 months ago

    awesome video! loved how you gave exact numbers ex., expenses, misc etc.

  • Th!nk3R??
    Th!nk3R?? 8 months ago

    Wow..I earn around 47k a year and I haven't saved anything..btw you're so pretty :)

  • downbntout
    downbntout 8 months ago +5

    This vid has what others in this line DON'T:  Save money on the bigs! When she cut her rent, and lived where she didn't need a car, she saved far more than the small savings of not eating out, doing DIYs, cutting hair swaps and so on.

  • SpringInFall
    SpringInFall 8 months ago

    Good idea!

  • untouchable360x
    untouchable360x 8 months ago +1

    I spend about that much on hookers and blow every 2 years. But it's worth it.

  • Tommy Napper
    Tommy Napper 8 months ago

    pretty barbie doll

  • Harbee Holar
    Harbee Holar 8 months ago

    thank you

  • Joy Leslie
    Joy Leslie 8 months ago +5

    Very inspiring, but where did you live at beach for 1 k?

    • Willby Craft
      Willby Craft 6 months ago

      Joy Leslie well I'm lucky cos I live 10 meters away from the beach :|

    • Fiat500Lover
      Fiat500Lover 7 months ago

      also, damn 5years ago you could get an apartment at Kits Beach for $1000. now you need $1800-$2500.

    • Fiat500Lover
      Fiat500Lover 7 months ago

      damn.I live in Vancouver.

    • Melissa Alexandria
      Melissa Alexandria  8 months ago

      I did, 5 years ago now... Kits beach in Vancouver.

  • Inspired Living
    Inspired Living 8 months ago

    great message

  • FLORIN 7
    FLORIN 7 8 months ago

    Like 🙋 i subscribe

  • Aaron Garcia
    Aaron Garcia 8 months ago

    Yikes $1100 living near the beach? I'm in Los Angeles and to live near the beach it'll cost you $2000 - $4000 for a studio to a 2 bed room apartment.

  • infiniti burton
    infiniti burton 8 months ago

    Are you going to invest

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