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    On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote get’s SKUNKED!

    Well not exactly sprayed by a skunk but he has an epic encounter with one none the less! “Jungle” the skunk is as playful as they come and although she still has her musk glands fully intact there is no way she would actually “spray” the crew. She simply has way too much fun playing around!

    Get ready to meet one of the friendliest Skunks in the world!

    Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website -

    *Kids Saving the Rainforest never lets the public touch or see the baby wildlife. We only do so when the filming is to educate, which is our mission. All wildlife caretakers were present during filming to guarantee the animal's well-being and assure to that they weren't under stress. Remember,  it is never acceptable to have a wild animal as a pet.

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  • Nathana56 Holiday
    Nathana56 Holiday 45 minutes ago

    Sorry. he said the his dog messed with the skunk and he got sprayed.

  • Nathana56 Holiday
    Nathana56 Holiday 48 minutes ago


  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson 6 hours ago

    The skunk isn't the stinkest animal in the world. YOUR MOM IS.

  • Fun & Family
    Fun & Family 7 hours ago

    i thought you were going to get sprayed :D can you? like if you agree

  • Ball is fire Gaming
    Ball is fire Gaming 8 hours ago +1

    U should get bit by every non venomous snake

  • iam_RAMBY
    iam_RAMBY 15 hours ago


  • iamjsmith
    iamjsmith 20 hours ago

    Why didn't anyone comment the time he gets sprayed

  • supersparrow 987

    My mom's best friend had or still has idk a skunk

  • monkgames2234 5
    monkgames2234 5 Day ago

    I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the friend zone

  • Prankster Bangster

    Pee u

  • AAbatteriesswag 2

    i think that skunk is cute

  • Power of Die
    Power of Die 2 days ago

    aww its cute :3

  • Lagrimas Badillo
    Lagrimas Badillo 2 days ago


  • Jessica Simon
    Jessica Simon 2 days ago

    I have a pet Skunk and HE LOVES ME HE HAS NEVER YA KNOW. His name is sninny

  • Saitama and Boros poop

    For all of you saying that he didn't get skunked what do you think skunked means?

  • Befekadu Asale
    Befekadu Asale 3 days ago +1

    So cute😇

  • Allison Price
    Allison Price 3 days ago

    Surprise they actually spray painted a puppy!

  • FloodedKnight54
    FloodedKnight54 3 days ago

    I think this skunk is cute but if it spayed me uhhh

  • HPSauceist
    HPSauceist 3 days ago

    haha, this makes Skunks look soo cute.

  • Sean Granberg
    Sean Granberg 3 days ago

    Also, dont forget!. We just clickbated you!

  • Sean Granberg
    Sean Granberg 3 days ago

    My grandma had cancer and she stopped smoking 20 years before she got cancer. I dont under stand why you havent gotten cancer yet.

  • Shane King
    Shane King 3 days ago

    This dude is the definition of brave

  • Rogue Phantom
    Rogue Phantom 3 days ago

    I want to get the glands removed and keep one as a pet, can you remove the glands?

  • STuRY // Animezeugsl & Co.

    I'm melting

  • Jackie Zhang
    Jackie Zhang 4 days ago

    Reminds me of God Must be Crazy.

  • Kevin Reynart
    Kevin Reynart 4 days ago

    Jungle is such a cute and adorable little skunk! She is really kind and playful. Great video.

  • Kinda Aldairieh
    Kinda Aldairieh 4 days ago

    Why not try a lion

  • Reagan R
    Reagan R 4 days ago

    This is so cute

  • Aditya Kshirsagar
    Aditya Kshirsagar 4 days ago


  • Mubeen Amir
    Mubeen Amir 4 days ago

    at 4:40 i am wacthing at a skunks butt vomit

  • froilan manlapaz
    froilan manlapaz 4 days ago

    Pls do this let a panda to bite you like if you want to see

  • Cynthia Lee
    Cynthia Lee 4 days ago +1


  • Edward Shaken Bacon Aiken

    Seems like a dog

  • Israel Talks
    Israel Talks 5 days ago

    Eat the skunk of your brave

  • Der Radet
    Der Radet 5 days ago


  • Jordan Sneed
    Jordan Sneed 5 days ago

    Awe she's so friendly

  • Andre Gamer
    Andre Gamer 5 days ago

    A skunk spray for me smells not bad it smells like burnt peanuts

  • Imani Robinson
    Imani Robinson 5 days ago

    so cute

  • Tristan Narsingh
    Tristan Narsingh 6 days ago

    The skunk is so cute

  • Renike Ewen
    Renike Ewen 6 days ago

    Never thought I would say this but

    That skunk is cutee

  • Feelix
    Feelix 6 days ago


  • Donay
    Donay 6 days ago

    I just watched a guy filming skunkshit, time well spend.

  • MrLoomis42
    MrLoomis42 7 days ago

    Apparently, skunks are no longer considered mustelids, and have been moved to their own family.

  • Mountain Champagne
    Mountain Champagne 7 days ago

    "Oh she's making a pee. Oh and a poo."
    Mark: "ooh"

  • Logan Paul Vlogs
    Logan Paul Vlogs 7 days ago +1

    WAIT!! skunks FART or PISS?

  • Ziivra Tv
    Ziivra Tv 7 days ago

    My neighbor had a skunk and named it flower from bambi

  • Siri_ously
    Siri_ously 7 days ago

    HEY GUYS IM COYOTE PETERSON AND TODAY im gonna be stung by three of the deadliest creatures, it might kill me but its for everyone else to be safe.

  • Zack Lewis
    Zack Lewis 7 days ago

    coyote looks like he's having so much fun playing with that skunk

  • suzanne nickell
    suzanne nickell 7 days ago

    I have a skunk

  • Antuanette's World
    Antuanette's World 8 days ago

    me:*eats food* 8:49... me:*throws up*

  • David Zeisel
    David Zeisel 8 days ago

    A wild skunk approached my girlfriend and I last week. She walked right up to us in the backyard. My first instinct was to play with it like a dog, I never realized how cute they are. Not sure it's worth getting sprayed, though.. I imagine that would suck

  • Jason
    Jason 8 days ago

    Look at this creature then tell me there is no God.

  • Jack Crossan
    Jack Crossan 8 days ago

    Polo na

  • Tori Official
    Tori Official 8 days ago

    She's so cute!😍

  • Coldryte
    Coldryte 8 days ago

    I'm Coyate Peterson

    And I'm about to enter the Anal Zone

  • Funtime foxy 101
    Funtime foxy 101 8 days ago


  • Velvetette LPS
    Velvetette LPS 9 days ago

    I think that skunk is really cute🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐗🐗

  • anupreet panesar
    anupreet panesar 9 days ago

    Dude u do the crazy thing ever and some nice things

  • Christopher Sorenson

    i love skunks

  • SickGaming
    SickGaming 9 days ago

    why are you doing this??????

  • Cooper Town
    Cooper Town 9 days ago

    don't they have rabies

  • Caden Culbertson
    Caden Culbertson 9 days ago

    so cute

  • Anna Chambers
    Anna Chambers 9 days ago

    For some reason I like the smell of skunk. Everybody thinks I'm crazy for liking it.🙁

  • Paul Fluno
    Paul Fluno 9 days ago


  • Johnny Madi
    Johnny Madi 9 days ago

    raccoon ..

  • Johnny Madi
    Johnny Madi 9 days ago

    my grandma raised a skunk squirrel and a skunk

  • Dee Ca.
    Dee Ca. 9 days ago

    I never imagined that it would run after you like that.
    That was so cute almost like a puppy.

  • CorruptedShadow 4892
    CorruptedShadow 4892 10 days ago

    Get a tomato sauce bath

  • Luna Yarbrough
    Luna Yarbrough 10 days ago +1

    Wen i was three i went out to the back yard and saw a cute fluffy kitten! I decided to pick it up and it turned out it wasn't a kitten after all. I smelled terrible for like a week

  • Kenneth Gibson
    Kenneth Gibson 10 days ago

    that skunk hates humans.

  • Hiliana Acatitlan
    Hiliana Acatitlan 10 days ago

    I hate seeing cute animals in the wild but that is there home😫 I wish she was my pet but she would stink up the house

  • KermitELdankfrwog
    KermitELdankfrwog 10 days ago

    He didn't get skunked

  • Kaydee Arquisola
    Kaydee Arquisola 10 days ago

    She is like a dog

  • Rich Pin
    Rich Pin 10 days ago

    Back into the wild! to get ran over by a truck in the middle of the highway XD

  • Kaylee
    Kaylee 10 days ago

    My aunt has a pet skunk

  • Littlecrazy70 Aj
    Littlecrazy70 Aj 10 days ago

    I lovee some skunks. this one is flat out cute :)

  • Kaarmaar
    Kaarmaar 11 days ago

    A matter of fact you all could get sprayed.

  • LPS MusicVideos LPS MV
    LPS MusicVideos LPS MV 11 days ago +1

    Im not being rude but it would be funny if he got sprayed by Jungle, not that i want to be sprayed!

  • Leesie Jo
    Leesie Jo 11 days ago

    Coyote: *Theres a chance that all of you are gonna get sprayed*

    Me: *welp* *falls off of bed

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed 11 days ago

    That skunk looks like a honey badger from far cry 4

  • SleightTrain
    SleightTrain 11 days ago

    He didn't even get sprayed but I still loved this video

  • Love & Success Follows Me

    Don't see nobody trying to keep a skunk as a pet lol

  • nana chhun
    nana chhun 11 days ago

    So Skunks are not related to Raccoons even tho they have same fur it actually related to and other animal

  • Jarden Porter
    Jarden Porter 12 days ago +1

    I wish that was my skunk

  • Ryan Beadle
    Ryan Beadle 12 days ago

    Ha ha that is the most cutest thing ever

  • Aubrie Hamm
    Aubrie Hamm 12 days ago

    So cute

  • Valerio Belenchia
    Valerio Belenchia 12 days ago

    Is this the only first clickbait?

  • Evita_ Evita
    Evita_ Evita 12 days ago


    Dog dad say to his son: This is the butt you shouldnt smell

  • Tony Dupre
    Tony Dupre 12 days ago

    Skunks are usually very docile towards humans

  • Sadok Barbouch
    Sadok Barbouch 12 days ago

    I thought you were going to get sprayed

  • LadyS
    LadyS 13 days ago


  • LadyS
    LadyS 13 days ago


  • Jaevion Duncan
    Jaevion Duncan 13 days ago

    So cute aww man

  • Nyima Douglas
    Nyima Douglas 13 days ago

    ተራነሰላት ተሂሰ/ translate this

  • Greta Gizi
    Greta Gizi 13 days ago

    She is so adorable 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • ricky danstret
    ricky danstret 13 days ago

    Who knew skunks were so goddam adorable

  • Nathan Klenka
    Nathan Klenka 13 days ago

    You won't after she sprays you!

  • Mackdonals Bear
    Mackdonals Bear 14 days ago

    Since you live in Arizona, I'm surprised you haven't had an adventure with collared peccaries.

  • Warrior gamer 321
    Warrior gamer 321 14 days ago +1

    So cute!!!

  • Jorge Mei
    Jorge Mei 14 days ago

    0:48 mm mr bean that sounds yumy

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