Jimmy Kimmel's FULL INTERVIEW with President George W. Bush

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • Jimmy talks to President Bush about his parents, Donald Trump's inauguration, presidential impersonations, dating Nixon's daughter, UFO's and more. Plus Jimmy and the former president sketch each other.

    Alec Baldwin on Playing Donald Trump tvclip.org/video/TYjoSD8bXoQ/

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Comments: 2 621

  • Michael Newell
    Michael Newell Hour ago

    Wow its amazing....trump not only make me miss bush...but he also makes bush look intellectual

  • Bryan Chambers
    Bryan Chambers 2 hours ago

    War Criminal, son of another war criminal, and grandson of a banker who collaborated with Nazis.

  • Jessie Soul
    Jessie Soul 2 hours ago

    So, basically Bridges was Bush's white version of Obama Luther? XD lmfao

  • F M
    F M 3 hours ago

    the tragedy of the world..hurray

  • Netflix & Chills ASMR
    Netflix & Chills ASMR 4 hours ago

    This man has the most evil laugh...

  • Adi
    Adi 5 hours ago

    i wanna see spaghetti western with bush in lead role.

  • SceptilePetile
    SceptilePetile 5 hours ago

    He is a true inspiration. I look at him and go, "I could've done that." George W. Bush is just like any other retarded boy.

  • Bear Arms
    Bear Arms 5 hours ago

    Wow, this war criminal responsible for hundreds of thousands dead civilians sure lives a happy life!
    I guess there's no justice after all..

  • FabioPanucci
    FabioPanucci 6 hours ago

    I don't believe I'm saying this but I miss George W.

  • leon
    leon 6 hours ago

    Mass murderer writes a book and everything's fine! Primitive country

  • Jeran Hemphill
    Jeran Hemphill 8 hours ago

    Not the best president, but a fantastic person.

  • Andrew Delarosa
    Andrew Delarosa 10 hours ago

    Bush should've become a comedian

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 11 hours ago

    Pause at 9:11

  • RamessesIX
    RamessesIX 11 hours ago

    A purple Gremlin. One more reason to like the guy...

  • glenn laner
    glenn laner 13 hours ago +1

    Is this the bush that did 9/11 ?

  • Asaf Farfar
    Asaf Farfar 15 hours ago


  • Melanated Nerd
    Melanated Nerd 16 hours ago

    Millions of people have lost their lives because of their chuckling clown. He's destabilized the Middle East to a war playground back when 9-11 didn't even have to happen if he took his damn job seriously and he goes about his life like it wasn't that serious. This is disgusting.

  • TankStrapa
    TankStrapa 16 hours ago

    my dude bush,,,, man...

  • abdullah falah
    abdullah falah 17 hours ago

    Do you feel that he inforce himself to laughe ?

  • Ozzie Cobang
    Ozzie Cobang 17 hours ago

    this is damn good television. say what you want about bush but hes a damn class act compared to führer trump.

  • liberal cuck
    liberal cuck 18 hours ago

    I am so proud I served for this man.

  • Jim Wasco
    Jim Wasco 18 hours ago

    Charlotte north carolina

  • Salathia Graham
    Salathia Graham 19 hours ago

    "I'm not tellin you nothin!!!" LMMFAO!!!

  • Odin De los Reyes
    Odin De los Reyes 19 hours ago

    I laughed throughout the interview! Jimmy your interaction with the President was wonderful. You gave him the opportunity to show his humor and kindness while at the same time being very funny yourself! Bravo, sir!

  • Shafik Jamal
    Shafik Jamal 20 hours ago

    Harold and kumar had it right! He is a cool dude to hang with!

  • Abdulrahman Alaql
    Abdulrahman Alaql 20 hours ago

    Oh what a nice guy, it's like he never started the Iraq war!

  • Bestun Khidhir
    Bestun Khidhir 20 hours ago

    As stupid as Trump.

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 21 hour ago

    I admire Kimmel for having the bravery to ask about the “foopahs”.

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 21 hour ago

    George W. Bush; Straight out of Compton.

  • TheNeilBernardShow
    TheNeilBernardShow 22 hours ago

    Remember when he was the worst president of all time and screwed everybody and now we all wish he was president right now instead of that orange guy

  • Dion Knox
    Dion Knox 22 hours ago

    Got dammit Bush, you killed a lot of people but ya personality is on point smdh

  • Le reddit silver member

    You can't really hate on him. He just represents republicans. He could be the last decent republican. I don't think he has a hateful bone in his body

  • Le reddit silver member

    Bush has really started to grow on me

  • xoMiSsBxo
    xoMiSsBxo 23 hours ago

    He's a fuckin war monger and I think most of us would still prefer him to trump. That's how sad the state of this country is.

  • Nicole Napier
    Nicole Napier Day ago

    I never thought I would say this, but even though I completely disagreed with his politics the entire time he was in office, he's so ridiculously likable compared to Trump. ...And I REALLY, REALLY DID NOT LIKE HIM. Little did I know.

  • fryguyshvifty5
    fryguyshvifty5 Day ago

    Enjoyed the video. Thanks for the upload! :)

  • Statick Shock
    Statick Shock Day ago

    Never thought I would actually miss GW Bush.

  • carlosb1
    carlosb1 Day ago

    His astrological sign is Cancer. Goofy, funny, slow, and weird without any effort or knowing it LOL.....Best sign.

  • vi pp
    vi pp Day ago

    Will bush is half mexican from hes father

  • The Jackal
    The Jackal Day ago

    Sickening warmonger.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Day ago

    war criminal

  • Skyn Musstash
    Skyn Musstash Day ago

    I never thought I'd see Dubya as a humble, charismatic, and honest person. #thankstrump

  • Andrew Madden
    Andrew Madden Day ago

    A little self plugging at the end of the video jk it's a very good program

  • edgar delgado
    edgar delgado Day ago

    Why cant we have him back

  • [禅]seidre
    [禅]seidre 4 days ago

    eye salute him for saying whats up to Guillermo before anything

  • Sean Jamadar
    Sean Jamadar 4 days ago

    The profits from his book are going to help veterans? Nobody even likes his art. They just say it is good because he is a former president. Secondly, the dickhead should take the money from his oil companies and Halliburton and use that to help the veterans.

  • anonneemouse mighty
    anonneemouse mighty 5 days ago

    George Bush Jr., CONVICTED, HAGUE, Jan 17th, 2017, WAR-CRIMES.

  • RationalLllama
    RationalLllama 5 days ago

    War criminal!

  • Shawn Cleaver
    Shawn Cleaver 5 days ago

    I didn't think I was going to watch the whole thing. He is an entertaining guy.

  • Wonderwall
    Wonderwall 6 days ago

    I love how everyone fuckin loves bush now that they have trump

  • grail68
    grail68 7 days ago

    I didn't expect him to cross his legs at the knee

  • sasosaso3000
    sasosaso3000 7 days ago +1

    I actually feel bad for Bush. I think he was a good guy surrounded by scumbags. He got the most awful advice by the scumbags around him.

  • Heyy Now
    Heyy Now 8 days ago

    Liberals in 2006: Bush is a facist imperialist Racist homophobe.
    Liberals in 2017: Bush is kinda likeable... Libs are such hypocrites.

  • 28power68
    28power68 8 days ago

    The main responsable behind 9/11

  • Ericochico
    Ericochico 8 days ago +1

    lol fuckin bush laughing at "mission accomplished". I always liked him if he were on my street id hang out with him all the time

  • Phil Buckhouse
    Phil Buckhouse 8 days ago

    Bush does seem like someone you'd want to party with. He probably just came into office a the wrong time

  • Nicolas Santome
    Nicolas Santome 9 days ago

    kimmel is trying to show bush as a decent guy? well i guess considering trump as president the US has made an improvment?

  • Binoy Vudi
    Binoy Vudi 9 days ago +1

    As a person, GW Bush is an immensely LIKABLE GUY .. but as president.. you all know how that went.. being president is not an easy job.. it is the trickiest, toughest job..

  • Dillon Cardiel
    Dillon Cardiel 9 days ago

    werent most of you bashing george bush before obama was in office? hypocrites

  • LemonadepieX
    LemonadepieX 10 days ago +1

    I...I miss... I miss W.
    (You know things are bad when someone says that)

  • Sapient
    Sapient 10 days ago

    Jimmy: Do you paint nudes?
    Bush: Non of yo business.


  • Jimmy Hyun
    Jimmy Hyun 10 days ago +1

    George Bush is a likeable guy that was basically a pawn. He was a figurehead.

  • The Wail of a Dying Coyote

    I still think he was an awful president, but sure he's a funny guy now that he's out of office.

  • Squidward
    Squidward 11 days ago

    Theory: George W. Bush is a elf

  • vostro vostro
    vostro vostro 11 days ago

    Look at this Dumb Fuckin War Criminal . He needs to go to jail for killing Iraqii citizens and young American soldiers.

  • The Curious
    The Curious 12 days ago

    Thanks for what you've done to the Middle East!!

  • Denise Lyman
    Denise Lyman 12 days ago

    love that gun joke jimmy

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind
    TheGodEmperorofMankind 12 days ago +2

    I actually like him after this, he's got a really self-deprecating sense of humour.

  • 82Goors
    82Goors 12 days ago +2

    I'm a democrat but he's proved to be a man of class.

  • manny mo
    manny mo 13 days ago

    Why is this guy still free after all that he don and petty thief are lock up for thing they did out of disparity? this guy orders the destruction of a society and still, peoples are been hurt right now because of it. why are these people applauding him?do they think it was alright what he don or just don't care if he did that to animals reasonable people will care but those where people human being like all of us this guy should be interviewed in the Hague by Judges not treated as a celebrity.

  • Camping Jason
    Camping Jason 13 days ago

    i havent liked Bush this much before. Down with Tronald Dump

  • C W
    C W 13 days ago +1

    Never been a fan of him as a president, but I'm down to have a beer with him.

  • R R
    R R 14 days ago

    Funniest war criminal ever.

  • chadi captan
    chadi captan 14 days ago +1

    He is a good person with a big Heart . I think the people around him made him take bad decisions. But he is a fun guy .

  • comac11
    comac11 14 days ago

    I would sit down and have a pint with him any day!

  • Colegula Davis
    Colegula Davis 15 days ago +3

    W looks younger than he did while he was in office. Stressful job.

  • only me
    only me 15 days ago

    Bush did 9/11

  • Tuyet MaiTran
    Tuyet MaiTran 15 days ago +2


  • C james
    C james 17 days ago

    Evil+Stupid=dangerous,..He's great at hiding the truth though.

    SUB MKV 17 days ago

    hey bush
    Did you like Iraqi shoe

  • Steven Jalkson
    Steven Jalkson 18 days ago +3


  • Walter Förster
    Walter Förster 18 days ago

    Why "unfortunately Matt Damon" did I miss something here?

  • Abdidallas
    Abdidallas 18 days ago +2

    GWB Not bad at all, I would hang out with him even though he don't know who's Beyoncé husband is.

  • Kabilan Rajah
    Kabilan Rajah 19 days ago +1

    the laugh that comes after NWA's gotta be fake. he has no clue! haha

    • Denise Lyman
      Denise Lyman 5 days ago

      Kabilan Rajah no he understood. that joke was so hilarious to me

  • corega111
    corega111 19 days ago +1

    As much as i hated his policies. He s really a humble good patriot.

  • tbone0785
    tbone0785 20 days ago +1

    Now I didn't agree with Bush's decisions or policies. Neither did I agree with all of Obama's. But I still like and respect them. I think they both deserve respect no matter what political party you're affiliated with. But Trump? So far he's shown nothing that commands or deserves respect. Absolutely nothing.

  • Sheryar Abdullah
    Sheryar Abdullah 20 days ago +2

    I miss this guy. Good to see the former President :)

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 20 days ago

    Wonder how much that audience was payed to clap and cheer.

  • Morvin Kamran
    Morvin Kamran 20 days ago +2

    I love Dubya!!!!

  • Alec Rushford
    Alec Rushford 20 days ago +4

    "As you can imagine the art community was not my base of support" LMAO He's so funny and I'm glad he can make fun of himself.

  • Fred Matt
    Fred Matt 20 days ago

    Trump haters now have a loving memory of W. A person who was vilified tremendously by the left from 2001 until he left office. Shows the hypocrisy of the left. I would say if Cruz or Rubio were president right now they would be deriding him as heavily as Trump.

  • Jackal Strategy
    Jackal Strategy 20 days ago

    Doesn't seem so bad now does he.

  • ChuckTheSmith
    ChuckTheSmith 20 days ago

    A lot of people wondered how this man could have been elected president...now you see why? In 2000, a lot of voters made their choice on the basis that they would rather sit down and have a beer with Bush than Gore.

  • Blue Dale
    Blue Dale 20 days ago

    your responsible for over one million innocent people dying in IragMr George W  Bush

  • Blue Dale
    Blue Dale 20 days ago

    George W Bush who along with his poodle Tont Blair caused the Deaths of over one million innocent people in iragYeah great guy

  • Tahseen Ahmed
    Tahseen Ahmed 21 day ago +2

    Loved it in every way possible!

  • Robert Quinn
    Robert Quinn 21 day ago

    Bush aged like crazy

  • beast east
    beast east 21 day ago

    Do u guys think that he is the responsible for 9/11 attack??

  • aircrash69
    aircrash69 22 days ago +2

    I miss Bush...

  • Beatyofeet32
    Beatyofeet32 22 days ago

    I can't get over 9:38 where he asks him if there really are great secrets. Bush's demeanor changes and he averts his eyes almost as if he starts thinking about one of more of them at that moment. Looks kinda weighty to be honest.

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