Monologue: The Day the Presidency Died | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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  • Lucia Delia
    Lucia Delia 7 hours ago

    Bill Maher is smarter than "all the presidents men" put together. So is Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Big Swing Face
    Big Swing Face Month ago

    I have to tell you guys, you libs/Democrats here bitching about Trump - - - if you had elected ANYONE other than Clinton to run against Trump, Trump would have been beaten handily. You elected the absolute worst possible candidate to to run against Trump. You guys bought into all of Clinton's bullshit, ignored her crimes and lies, elected her as your candidate, and it cost you the election. So, don't blame people who voted for Trump. It's those of you who made Clinton your choice to go against Trump who are to blame for Trump sitting in the White House right now. You might not want to hear that, but it's the cold, hard truth. YOU made Trump #45, not the Republicans.
    One more point - - - I'll bet at least half of you on here bitching about Trump didn't even bother to vote . . . . .

  • Mary Lou Johnson
    Mary Lou Johnson 2 months ago

    ...first, it must pass the Senate? Ya, according to the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all the laws we know of that govern MY COUNTRY...with Trump in power, He thinks he can do anything he wants. At any time. Anywhere. He feels he can bypass the Senate and do what ever he wishes. Right now, they are in the process of passing a health care bill under secret cover. No one knows what the HEALTHCARE BILL CONTAINS! (June 13, 2017)

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 2 months ago

    "You know, I dabble in killing people!"

  • Albert ricks
    Albert ricks 2 months ago

    Mary Jane will be the only decent treatment option left after they gut health care in this country. When they gutted & transformed the last social welfare to the People(for the People) there was a gradual untick in drug abuse. For which the predominant Gov't solution/reaction was an uptick in imprisonment. Go figure that one out.

  • Arthur Jackson
    Arthur Jackson 2 months ago

    Half of Maher's audience, "Who is Andrew Jackson?".

  • Alan G
    Alan G 2 months ago

    Just to be clear, this was the week before Trump fired Comey, praised himself for not being investigated over the Russia scandal, admitted that he interfered with the investigation, invited the Russian spy ambassador with electronic equipment into the oval office and told them codeword secrets that endangered Israeli spies.

  • sanjuansteve
    sanjuansteve 2 months ago

    Bill Mahar, you covfefe me.

  • Andrea Roll
    Andrea Roll 2 months ago

    land of the frees: the only thing you can do for free in america is to die.

  • pretty bullet
    pretty bullet 2 months ago

    Trump surprised me with that Andrew Jackson comment. I just assumed that it was common knowledge that Abraham Lincoln was President during the Civil War. We learned that in grade school.

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago

    trump is the worst potus ever. thanks to the white shits in us

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood 2 months ago

    still getting off of 420

  • ramesh anand
    ramesh anand 2 months ago

    Even real times liberal studio audience is too politically correct. Listen to their reactions when he uses jimmy kimmels baby.

  • Leanne Blake
    Leanne Blake 2 months ago

    To my American Friends, on Australia News Last night , they have been taking down Youtube websites , and anything about planned parenthood has been removed.. So much for rights and choices.

  • Greg Jarmoszko
    Greg Jarmoszko 2 months ago

    The biggest idiot in America, Bill Mayer... Here You go,,,

    I like an idiot, he makes me feel safe...

  • Left Right
    Left Right 3 months ago

    Conservatives are selfish ignorant and cold hearted.

  • Leap
    Leap 3 months ago +1

    "Trump got carried away and grabbed a pussy......Paul Ryan" 😂

  • Harlot Bug
    Harlot Bug 3 months ago

    At least he had the guts to mention the electoral college...though he would go on to groundlessly blame hippies, not clueless 'swing voters' for costing Hillary an ellection her forgettable vp could have won blindfolded.

  • karina andersen
    karina andersen 3 months ago

    & today the rats are leaving the sinking ship including Ann Coulter

  • Edward Maxwell
    Edward Maxwell 3 months ago

    Paul Ryan is such a pathetic little bottom bitch. All in the name of money. Sad.

  • Deeson Jame
    Deeson Jame 3 months ago +1

    Pussy.. Paul Ryan

  • Jashan Gill
    Jashan Gill 3 months ago

    We may not have perfect healthcare but atleast by electing Trump we prevented Hillary Clinton from starting WW3.

  • Mark Stinson
    Mark Stinson 3 months ago

    The Presidency died the day Carter left office

  • WedgeOfSpite
    WedgeOfSpite 3 months ago

    Australia doesn't have single payer health care, they have universal health care, but those two things are not the same. I know Bill is mostly a Libertarian who is only mostly okay with facts, but he's wrong here.

  • Brian Tisdall
    Brian Tisdall 3 months ago

    Republicans of all stripes will come to rally around VP Pence because only he can save them from annihilation at the polls next year.

  • Pedro The Mexican
    Pedro The Mexican 3 months ago

    Viva La California!

  • bentsteel53
    bentsteel53 3 months ago +1

    Love you Bill. Hillary and the hell bent corrupted DNC lost the election. To Donald FUCKING TRUMP! Corporate democrats ARE the problem. Con man Don only had to bullshit angry middle class workers to torpedo HRC's campaign. You would like to think Justice Democrats ruined her run. SHE FUCKED IT UP! Bernie would have cleaned house on the despicable orange monster.
    Sorry Bill. She was a corporate shill. Highly disliked because, like republicans, she WAS the problem!

  • George Jungle
    George Jungle 3 months ago

    Bills dad used to come into his room at night....

  • Tom Brady
    Tom Brady 3 months ago +1

    Hit "Like" and "Subscribe" let me know :)

  • Albert ricks
    Albert ricks 3 months ago

    And why are we still fighting the Civil War by way of re-enactments? So that the South will possibly win some day? If those southerners ever get too drunk on moonshine & get angry enough to topple the Government they aren't very far from Washington, D.C. And Trump will be there to welcome them with open arms!

  • chinfinger
    chinfinger 3 months ago

    OMG! LOL!!!! I love him.......

  • Phoenix Chastaine
    Phoenix Chastaine 3 months ago +2

    The South: so in love with losing they keep playing the Civil war game over and over.

  • j lewis
    j lewis 3 months ago +1

    I cannot believe that this sick FUCK has not been gang raped yet!

  • TheSyndicate010
    TheSyndicate010 3 months ago

    Bill Maher is such a fucking DICK BAG!!! He, like the rest of Hollywood and MIND CONTROL MEDIA is pushing their "HATE TRUMP" "We need Socialism" agenda on people. Go suck a fucking Rusty Nail you fucking faggot!!!

  • ann craig
    ann craig 3 months ago +1


  • AforWander
    AforWander 3 months ago

    I really think Bill should move his show to Wednesday. All the real drama happens way before Friday; so inevitably his monologues seems up to date but a day too late.. Or maybe better add a separate monologue on Wednesday through YouTube so we can laugh through the shit show.. Greetings from the Netherlands.. (please come back soon Bill!)

  • Mis Troll
    Mis Troll 3 months ago +1

    HAY AM A BRAIN DEAD LIBERAL ASS FUCK ME..oh i forgot i was ass fucked i lost, ha ha eat me, hillery CLIT ON

  • Mis Troll
    Mis Troll 3 months ago +1


  • Mis Troll
    Mis Troll 3 months ago


  • ann craig
    ann craig 3 months ago


  • RC Armor
    RC Armor 3 months ago

    BIGLY :)

  • Oskar Kristoffersen
    Oskar Kristoffersen 3 months ago

    Pals persuade I guess truly nice video $body

  • Squirrel Master
    Squirrel Master 3 months ago

    As per your Ivanka joke..

    Dude, you have the right to say what ever the hell you want. But damn, you're a talentless hack not fit to pick up dog shit.

  • Freeride Forever
    Freeride Forever 3 months ago

    Well we wouldn't wanna see the working poor like Jim Kimmel have to pay for his son's health care would we?

  • Carol Bradshaw
    Carol Bradshaw 3 months ago +1

    Bravo! great monologue!

  • Tim Scott
    Tim Scott 3 months ago

    Bill Maher is just a comedian! And not that funny either! There is a story going around that he has no penis either!

  • IgnisPhoenix
    IgnisPhoenix 3 months ago

    Yeah fuck the electoral college.

  • Bruce Crossan
    Bruce Crossan 3 months ago

  • Jackie T-M
    Jackie T-M 3 months ago

    💜 your 👔 Bill!

  • Rudy H
    Rudy H 3 months ago


  • Jon Dunmore
    Jon Dunmore 3 months ago

    2:10 -- classic joke!
    "Trump got carried away and grabbed a pussy."


    "Paul Ryan."

  • Ken Odabo
    Ken Odabo 3 months ago

    BILL seems like a wannabe queer who couldn't make it on REAL networks so he had to take HBO.

  • PleaseClap
    PleaseClap 3 months ago

    He has turned into a winy bitch

  • Alex S.
    Alex S. 3 months ago

    Memo to Bill Maher: When you berate your audience for not laughing at your every word, you're the one who looks like a whiny little bitch. Just a thought.

  • Otravez 39
    Otravez 39 3 months ago

    Michelle Malkin calls this asshole Pig Mahr. Perfect name for this two-cent scum. To put things in perspective, far more people have never watched these scurrilous assholes than have. All that to say, you sleep with your ma, your sis, your daughter, you get fragrant turds like Pig Mahr and the rest of his diseased tribe.

    • Otravez 39
      Otravez 39 3 months ago

      I see I didn't spell Pig's last name right. TS. That comes from never having watched him. Ordinarily, I'd go back and fix it. In Pig's case, I'll just leave it.

  • Melody Chest
    Melody Chest 3 months ago

    Trump will inflict maximum damage and then throw in the towel and relocate to some other country to carry on his corporate dreams with his allies in China and Russia. The sooner this happens the better for America. Amen!

  • Melody Chest
    Melody Chest 3 months ago

    The fact is America has to accept that a large population (of their own fellow citizens) supported a raving dictator who promised to change everything and they believed him. He had no experience in government .. he was a realty developer and a pussy grabber! I totally blame the Trump supporters for all this mess which is affecting the entire world.
    Actually, Trump wasn't expecting to win in his wildest dreams! He just loved bitching about America.

    I think Maher should go after Trump supporters as well and make them realise what they have done.
    Let's not forget the millions for people who disgracefully voted for this idiot.

  • Fay Ryuujin
    Fay Ryuujin 3 months ago

    well the GOP assholes did say that there would be death panels ...

  • BludBubbles
    BludBubbles 3 months ago

    Any chance you'll have Secretary Hillary Clinton on your show? Obama finally did it. I hope you get Hillary, too!

  • Make Sense
    Make Sense 3 months ago

    Hilarious. lol.

  • ? ?
    ? ? 3 months ago

    Since Bill has pledged his life to Academia with all of his degrees I would certainly listen to him and the other brilliant minds of Hollywood.. uhm

  • Ken wilkinson
    Ken wilkinson 3 months ago +1

    Impeach the TRUMPTARDS & Make America Great Again !!Orange Douche !!

  • Philp Yung
    Philp Yung 3 months ago

    How dare this piece of filth talk about what Republicans are doing to healthcare.

    EVERYBODY KNOWS "Obamacare" make premiums skyrocket. Everybody knows.

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago

    I think your all animals dirtier then a pig living in its own shit.

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago +1

    we still use electoral college so immoral city folk won't choose the presidents love the electoral college helps to stop baby killing abortion clinics, fudge packing homos from changing definition of marriage and murdering goat humping Muslims out of the country fuck all you liberals if you had your way you would turn this country into a filthy cess pool with your disgusting life styles.

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago

    The greatest presidents ever are DONALD TRUMP and ANDREW JACKSON.

    • Joseph Sanchez
      Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago

      The Sith Library & Archives I probably wouldn't understand I don't speak mongoloid you shit stain.

    • Joseph Sanchez
      Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago

      The Sith Library & Archives hook line and sinker just cause someone thinks you people are filthy and knows who real leaders are doesn't mean they are uneducated the opposite is true actually.

    • The Sith Library & Archives
      The Sith Library & Archives 3 months ago

      Wow... You are just stupid. Sad, uneducated and stupid.

      I'd have more insults for you, though I am afraid you would not understand any of them, which would just piss you off and then you'll shout back something else of great stupidity such as "libtard" or some such nonsense.

      You should be embarrassed and ashamed spouting the hate-filled rants that you are doing. Praising a man who literally bought the election and had foreign influences tamper with the election so he could win, and then never shuts up about it. Has done nothing more than talk big about himself and honestly wouldn't give a shit if you lived forever or died this second. That man you are praising does not care about you or anyone. He is in this for money. And you are so dumb to not see that.

      It's people like you that is going to destroy this country, I really hope you understand and let that bounce around inside your head. Because I'm not just saying that to be mean or insulting. I'm stating it because it is the honest truth.

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago

    keep talking you loud mouth sack of shit.

  • Joseph Sanchez
    Joseph Sanchez 3 months ago

    The day television died when stupid atheist fat nose kike like this prick came on tv. this dumb fuck don't know shit.

  • Chester Micek
    Chester Micek 3 months ago +1

    Right at 5.0/5.27 Bill Maher finally knocks one out of the park. Finally. The electoral college was put into place to prevent demagogues (bull-shitters) from taking the presidential oath of office. They should have stopped Trump dead in his tracks because the man is totally full of shit. "I'm gonna bring back da jobs from China!", "I'm gonna build a wall & Mexico is gonna pay for it!" "I'm gonna ban Muslims from entering the country until we find out what the fu*k is going on!", "Lock her up!", "I got more electoral college votes than anyone since Reagan!", "Obama wiretapped my apartment in Trump Tower!", "Sally Yates was vague!" Romney called Trump a "fake & a fraud". Nader said that Trump is an "empty suit". Fareed Zachari called Trump a "bull-shit artist", and Cruz called Trump a "rat-fu@ker". Nevertheless, the Electoral College ignored the ample evidence, failed to do its job, and certified a man who is certifiable (in the minds of many). That's three headed snake monstrous!  
    Remember this sack of shit, still hasn't brought his tie factory jobs back from China, and he hasn't slapped a 35% tax on his daughters shoes and accessories which are made in Mexico & on the Indian Subcontinent. Dogs have better memories than Trump supporters and the old ones are more likely to learn new tricks too.

  • ap am
    ap am 3 months ago

    fake jewish news

  • ap am
    ap am 3 months ago

    fake jewish news

  • Robert Gaudet
    Robert Gaudet 3 months ago

    Oh now you've ended this terrible Presidency. Thanks Bill. Go fuck yourself.

  • Jay  Washington
    Jay Washington 3 months ago

    And Mike pence supposedly is a Christian strange he's in for peeling away health care

  • newbpwner27
    newbpwner27 3 months ago

    I have beer stinging my nostrils after that Paul Ryan joke

  • alllives matter
    alllives matter 3 months ago

    With cocks like this on the left its time for  civil war, the Fascist left verse The Patriotic right, this will end the hate these cocks spew. Cheers from New Zealand.

  • The Panthian
    The Panthian 3 months ago

    we're not investigating shit, the media might be, but the government is not.

  • Bryan Dov Bergman
    Bryan Dov Bergman 3 months ago And we got to listen to this fucking shit an women and blacks being mistreated by entitled white men with too much privilege! Every fucking time I hear thsese self righteous accusatory canards I wanna vote for Trump all over again! I have 2 college degrees and ended up in various states of homelessness in the rust belt in o8 fled to Israel and couldnt go back home if my life depended on it! No we have to hear how self righteous Columbia. edu is taking illegal immigrants in defiance of the law and so proud of their defiance of us Trumpanzees! That's why you can't threaten us Rust Belters with the end of the world because it already fucking happened, and you ppl were too busy with your SJW crusades to even fucking notice!

  • Matlockization
    Matlockization 3 months ago

    Bill you've got 4 yrs of these deplorables so take it up the arse. BTW loving those automated laughs.

  • Charlie Warden
    Charlie Warden 3 months ago

    Seem to remember the Founding Fathers minimizing the Presidency in how they drafted our Constitution. Oh you Communists. Always fun with you fucks. You'll lose again. You love to pretend you have facts and you use your media to inflame the public only it's not working because they learned with 8 years of Obama you're just as full of shit as Republicans

  • kimmy Snyder
    kimmy Snyder 3 months ago

    Your a pathetic idiot-HBO cancelled!

  • jay g
    jay g 3 months ago

    put some more make up on you jerkoff a little more foundation and you wont be able to tell  the differance between bozo the clown and bozo bill maher .bill maher is a total fucking phony .him and Colbert must play hide the salchica together while comng up with ways to ruin there sad careers .the two biggest pussies in the business

  • Gabriel Brito Vieira
    Gabriel Brito Vieira 3 months ago

    fag and a kike..

  • Gabriel Brito Vieira
    Gabriel Brito Vieira 3 months ago


  • larry scott
    larry scott 3 months ago

    Who paid for the beer?

  • freshseeker
    freshseeker 3 months ago

    Bill is such a whiny bitch when fans say "oooo".

  • Alexander Blanton
    Alexander Blanton 3 months ago

    Just watched Alex Jones crying about Maher's Ivanka joke. Ironically hypocritical based on the fact that Jones made baseless claims about President Obama's children not being his own and claimed Michelle Obama was a tranny. Given the braless photo of Ivanka with "daddy" and Trump's statement that "if she weren't my daughter, we'd be dating," I'd say there's more evidence for Maher's joke than Jones's claims, which were meant to be taken seriously.

    This has nothing to do with the video, I know, but fuck that guy.

  • QWERTY 123
    QWERTY 123 3 months ago

    Here's what the decrepit US, and, hopefully, the whole of the Western world, needs:

    It needs a neo-religious movement that will:

    1) Storm all the brothels, weed stores, porn studios, casinos, strip clubs, storm all stores that sell sexual clothes to children, and shut them down. Be aggressive, assertive, but not violent.
    2) Purge the internet, and block/ban/hack/shut down all porn sites, all white supremacy sites, all liberal sites like Buzzfeed, HuffPo, etc, all feminist sites, all pro-LGBT sites, all BLM-related sites, and any site that talks about social justice.
    3) Block/sabotage any sort of protest/march pertaining to feminism, social justice, racism, or gay rights. Block any sort of pro-Trump or anti-Trump rally.
    4) Storm colleges. Demand that they ban students from protesting against anything, or forming any sort of union or group. They are here for one reason only: to study.
    5) In high schools, students who have sex while on school grounds are usually suspended/ expelled. Bring back the same rule for colleges. Ban alcohol from colleges as well. Ban all forms of sexual clothing too. This will reduce the rate of sexual assault, and FINALLY shut these inbred, filthy, deranged feminists up. BAN all forms of "consent classes". Masculinity will be sh*t upon no more. Ban all courses pertaining to social justice or gender studies.
    6) Wage an all out, vigilante war against drug dealers, drug gangs, and pedophiles. Burst into their meth labs and crack labs, smash their equipment to pieces, and if they try to shoot you, blow their skulls apart. Kill any armed gang member on sight. Purge the companies that make/sell opioids as well. Burst into their labs, their buildings, their offices, etc, and smash everything to bits. If their security tries to attack you, crack their skulls open. Don't rely on the lazy, corrupt, and racist police anymore.
    7) Look up the sex offender list, and make a list of those who had sexually abused children who were 12 or below, when they themselves were above the age of 20. Hunt them down and kill them. Let their blood flow through the streets. Go to Todd Nickerson's house and slaughter him, as well as each and every member of NAMBLA.
    8) On any given day, organize thousands of members to march into the white house, unarmed. They will NOT shoot unarmed men. Take over the government. Impeach Donald Trump.

    Share your thoughts.

  • Fast Lane
    Fast Lane 3 months ago does the clinton dick taste?it dhows you sre payed off by the clintons...what a fuckibg pawn if the clintins!

  • sherpa cool
    sherpa cool 3 months ago

    we wont be any good until no one is living in a if you can....

  • vidyut440
    vidyut440 3 months ago

    just to clarify, we dont have single-payer system in Australia. we have a two-tiered system where govt provides basic coverage (which includes most medical procedures) and then you can top it off with a private insurance IF YOU WANT TO.
    so basically, no one has to worry about $ when they go to an ER and rich people can go to private hospitals to skip the queue IF THEY WANT TO
    in the end, EVERYONE WINS :) :)
    bill is 50% right
    trump & co. are 100% wrong, as usual
    good luck 'murica!!!

  • burnindownthehouse
    burnindownthehouse 3 months ago

    Donald Trump really is a complete dipshit. The guy is an idiot. He says the dumbest shit and of course he keeps getting mocked for it. His lack of knowledge of the world around him is amazing. The stupid shit that comes out of his mouth never seems to end. He speaks about subjects he knows nothing about. You would think one of his staffers would say, "Just don't speak about history or science or just about anything else. Keep your speech very very short and get the hell off the podium."

  • Caswell39A
    Caswell39A 3 months ago

    Maher is worth 33 million dollars and making more off weekly Trump bashing, McCarthyism and cheap incest jokes all provided by a team of well paid writers. I wonder what their personal political agenda is? Certainly not sharing their millions with war vets and/or the homeless. And all his guests are selling books and TV specials promising enlightenment,.. but only if you buy their product/lies. Is this the new "comedy' - preying on the paranoid to fill your pockets?

    • Jeff Hooker
      Jeff Hooker 3 months ago

      Caswell39A - Don't be envious or self loathing.  Just stop watching and your Bill Maher problems would go away.

  • Milanda none
    Milanda none 3 months ago

    Dump Trump

  • Enry Landtrom
    Enry Landtrom 3 months ago

    old white bold racists with arthritis, wearing diapers too.And death around the corner.hehehe....

  • DreamingTata VeganMama
    DreamingTata VeganMama 3 months ago

    Bill Maher is one of the best!! Love his show!!

  • R Vanzo
    R Vanzo 3 months ago

    You make jokes, we govern. Now get in line.

  • cytherians
    cytherians 3 months ago

    It's frightening. Whoever thought that a sitting US president could be so stupid, ignorant, and outright obnoxious... all at once. Trump won that award. Next, let's hope he wins the "Impeached and Kicked Out" award.

  • Catherine Caswell
    Catherine Caswell 3 months ago

    EXACTLY!  A bunch of old gray haired white men.  that's what I noticed too

  • recabus
    recabus 3 months ago

    hello, i have a question hope anybody can help me, im mexican, in mexico, ive been watching the Colberts channel for sometime and now Mahers one, why the attacks on Colbert after his insults to Trump but nothing about Bill, i mean, they are pretty savage too, is it because is HBO? just that question, i like both of them, just to understand it

  • Michael Clements
    Michael Clements 3 months ago +1

    impeachment Mike Paul trump

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