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  • Anthony Kloth
    Anthony Kloth 6 days ago

    r.i.p. joe louis arena 😔❤️

  • Ziggmanster
    Ziggmanster 27 days ago

    As a Leafs fan, I also have to show some respect to this legendary stadium. Little Caesar's arena won't be the same.

    • Hockey King
      Hockey King 25 days ago

      Ziggmanster Little Caesars arena will never replace the Joe but it looks like one hell of an arena. It's exciting times ahead for Detroit

  • DimitriLovesSports
    DimitriLovesSports 2 months ago

    With an addition with the Little Caesar's arena, the Golden Knights and the T-Mobile stadium will join the Red Wings.

  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas 3 months ago

    Howard was solid that night i was there and the crowd went wild.

  • Riley Demeester
    Riley Demeester 3 months ago

    Include 1000 game excitement

  • Faith Gluskin
    Faith Gluskin 3 months ago

    Red wings what your new arena called

  • 64Gapples
    64Gapples 3 months ago

    pretty cool the DJ played retro goal horns.

  • AnkJD1129
    AnkJD1129 4 months ago

    God my dad is not happy with the New Jersey devils season this year maybe the coyotes or devils should be the 1st draft team to win good rookies

    • DimitriLovesSports
      DimitriLovesSports 2 months ago

      You're in luck the Devils get the first pick of the NHL draft and the Yotes get 7th.

  • Chaz2244campbell
    Chaz2244campbell 4 months ago

    That's to bad

  • truthseeker89 for life
    truthseeker89 for life 4 months ago

    wish the wings could stay at the Joe that's a legendary arena kind of like Wrigley Field or Boston redsox stadium this is sad

  • I PureSKillz
    I PureSKillz 4 months ago

    It's mr litch voice

  • superfan 36
    superfan 36 4 months ago

    are they demoliting the arena

  • may zo
    may zo 4 months ago

    loved it watching it again. :)

  • ThrawnTheater
    ThrawnTheater 4 months ago +3

    The PA announcer should've said, "last minute of play remaining in Joe Louis Arena..."

    • FuzzyGummyBear
      FuzzyGummyBear 2 months ago

      It was a recording of someone who had passed away.

  • Brendan Armstrong
    Brendan Armstrong 4 months ago

    Little Caesers Arena should be called Mike Ilitch Arena or Gordie Howe Arena.

    • The Kang
      The Kang Month ago

      Brendan Armstrong They didn't name it that since it's not just a hockey arena, it's a multipurpose such as the pistons not playing in the same arena with the wings.

  • Genesis
    Genesis 4 months ago +4

    Goodbye to Joe Lewis Arena. I hope the Red Wings keep the same goal horn when they move to Little Caesars Arena next season!

  • The G Money
    The G Money 4 months ago

    thanks joe

  • Peyton Mohr
    Peyton Mohr 4 months ago

    I love all the actipi

  • Tyler English
    Tyler English 4 months ago +4

    rest easy Joe. you'll be missed by a lot of people. #LGRW

  • Munish K
    Munish K 4 months ago +12

    As sad as it is to leave Joe Louis, the new Arena just looks amazing!

  • Wob Nobbenstein
    Wob Nobbenstein 4 months ago +8

    Sheahan's goal made me unreasonably happy.

  • Detroit Fan95
    Detroit Fan95 4 months ago +14

    Glad to see the Wings close out the season with a win. I'll miss the Joe but I'm looking forward to the Little Caesars arena. It's gonna be a nice stadium

  • Burakovskyeet
    Burakovskyeet 4 months ago +5

    why is the joe louis shutting down?

    • Marco Souza
      Marco Souza 4 months ago

      Also, the new arena is part of Detroit's rebuilding project.

    • Peyton Mohr
      Peyton Mohr 4 months ago

      Burakovskyeet I no because the bilding was bilt in 1979 and it is 2017 and it is old plus its sad

    • Mike Ciuffoletti
      Mike Ciuffoletti 4 months ago

      It is an old/out dated arena and the Red Wings have been long over due for a new arena. The Lions and Tigers both got new arenas, so the Red Wings have been just waiting their turn for theirs, and the time has finally come.

  • Derek Riley
    Derek Riley 4 months ago +55

    It was meant to be, it's shaping a great future... 2016 recap for the wings:

    1) Zetterberg plays his 1,000th game as the last game ever at the joe
    2) Riley Sheahan scores his first and second of the season and gets the game winner in the last game of the season exactly 365 days since his last goal
    2) Red Wings Owner Mike Illitch sadly passes away
    3) Red Wings legend 'Mr. Hockey' Gordie Howe passes away
    4) The Red Wings amazing playoff streak run of 25 years comes to an end
    5) Joe Louis Arena closes its doors for the final time

    The next page in the Red Wings book is going to be something big, I'll keep my word on that

    • Poity
      Poity 4 months ago

      Andrew J AA hasnt not played center much since last year, difficult adjustment in the nhl. speedy players belong on the wings, not centers. centers control the speed of the game

    • Andrew J
      Andrew J 4 months ago

      Poity He is listed as the top defenseman in this draft so unless any team above us wants to pick a forward than I don't see us getting Liljegren.

  • Marco Souza
    Marco Souza 4 months ago +23

    Thank you for the memories, Joe!

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