Vin Diesel interview: Why he took the role of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy

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  • Mo
    Mo 1 month ago +1

    i just realized that 2 of the most emotional lines in the movies are "i am groot"

  • Just wanna be in Youtube all day long

    is this in normal velocity?! wHY DOES HE TALKS SO SLOW

  • snarkleton26
    snarkleton26 4 months ago

    Only the Diesel could make Groot so real & heartfelt

  • timothy790110
    timothy790110 7 months ago

    Lovley man

  • Da_Great_One 101
    Da_Great_One 101 11 months ago

    iron giant

  • 8t8
    8t8 1 year ago


  • jaynegs76
    jaynegs76 2 years ago

    I loved groot in the movie however I am pretty sure they could have used any one's voice for that character and then manipulated the voice anyway they pleased I do not think it needed vin diesel to bring the character to life

  • SSJ Nappa
    SSJ Nappa 2 years ago

    best character eeevvvaaaarrrrr :P think vins voice suits him too!!

  • wildevil
    wildevil 2 years ago +12

    When Vin played the Iron Giant, he too had a limited vocabulary same as Groot. Two alien characters that shared a powerful selfless personality and both making extreme sacrifices at the end of each film with matching famous last words as "Superman" and "We are Groot". Vin has this deep gentle growl that is even more endearing when his speech is slowed that he makes simple phrases resonate through each scene. Marvel did the right thing acquiring his voice talent and they should keep throwing money at him.

  • thebatmanover9000
    thebatmanover9000 2 years ago

    Thumbs up if you think Vin Diesel deserves an Oscar for this role.

  • Artstrada Magazine
    Artstrada Magazine 2 years ago

    We Are Groot!

  • Mlow44
    Mlow44 2 years ago

    Close your eyes and imagine the interviewer is speaking with the character and not the actor. It's so much fun.

  • Damien Hebert
    Damien Hebert 2 years ago +12

    Dude looks like he's still going through a lot ever since Paul Walker... Stay strong Vin

  • ebmosier1
    ebmosier1 2 years ago

    Well, that makes sense; the Iron Giant and Groot are practically the same character.

  • mensoif gerard
    mensoif gerard 2 years ago


  • BigFatCock
    BigFatCock 2 years ago +1

    Wtf was that laugh at the end??!

  • nfg volgz
    nfg volgz 2 years ago

    I am groot

  • andrew pimentel
    andrew pimentel 2 years ago +3

    i think vin deasel was a bad choice cast to be groot not that he was bad or anything but seriosly they spent god knows how much money to get a big named actor like vin to say maybe like 20 words in total big waste of money if you ask me

    • sheshiechan
      sheshiechan 2 years ago

      That was the whole point though. It wasn't only the fact Groot says I am Groot but that the actor had to inflect different emotions with such limited dialogue. He did well enough.

    • Jenna & Julien Fan
      Jenna & Julien Fan 2 years ago

      Seriously, it's a challenge and Vin brought Groot to life by just using those three words!! Not every actor can be good by having a full dialogue! It's all about exploring your boundaries and I must say it shows a very different side of Vin!! A great actor can even show up just a little in a movie and say a few words because it makes you want to know more of what they can do!! You can take a little of the character and turn it into something alive and amazing!!

    • Kenzie Skye
      Kenzie Skye 2 years ago

      I thought he did amazing :)
      But that's just me.

  • LOLO
    LOLO 2 years ago

    did he used to speak like that? like... how can i say maybe litttle bit girly? 

  • Filip
    Filip 2 years ago

    haha the laugh at the end XD

  • Hard Boiled Entertainment

    Y'know who ELSE Vin Diesel would be perfect for?

    Martian Manhunter, in the Justice League movie!

    • Pilox Planet
      Pilox Planet 2 months ago

      ya he would do good, but DC said they didnt wanna do martian manhunter in movie form for some reason

  • Jan Davies
    Jan Davies 2 years ago

    It's actualy better then I thought it was going to be like

  • kyle b
    kyle b 2 years ago +6

    I wasn't expecting to love this movie, but I did. I haven't been to a movie in theaters where the audience was laughing out loud so much, and Groot was such a great character and really pulled on our heartstrings. The duo of Rocky and Groot is just awesome on so many levels. This movie was so much fun, I can't wait to see it again.

  • sidorovich
    sidorovich 2 years ago

    He was able to convey emotion and that was important

  • Tombocartoons
    Tombocartoons 3 years ago +14

    I'm going to say right now, This is easily the most adorable role Vin Diesel has ever taken

    • filipinowhiteboy
      filipinowhiteboy 1 year ago

      +TomboTime eeyyeahhh....but not by much. The Iron Giant was so good too.

    • The909Virus
      The909Virus 2 years ago

      +TomboTime arguably, vin diesel himself is adorable. such a good guy with a good heart.

  • PrivateAckbar
    PrivateAckbar 3 years ago +1

    Why did Vin get so serious?

    • ODE
      ODE 2 years ago

      +PrivateAckbar He's much more crazy in this bit:

  • ODE
    ODE 3 years ago +2

    Wow! Vin Diesel got a bit crazy in this bit of the interview. We love it.

  • Taranjeet Kaur
    Taranjeet Kaur 3 years ago

    Ya Groot is THE best

    ROMDOGG12 GAMING 3 years ago +1

    Groot was my favorite character

  • Rameeno
    Rameeno 3 years ago

    Strangest character!? What about Howard the Duck that was at the end of the movie and was actually its own movie in the 80's or 90's or whatever idk but look him up he is WIERD

  • StarWars Fan66
    StarWars Fan66 3 years ago +10

    I am groot

    • Bob Thesexyfish
      Bob Thesexyfish 2 years ago

      But it says your name is Oscar, why?

    • ODE
      ODE 2 years ago

      Hi Groot.

    • MrMyster1ous
      MrMyster1ous 3 years ago

      You should get that looked at if its acting up...remember if it lasts longer then 4 hours then consult a physician.

    • rockonpurification
      rockonpurification 3 years ago

      +Oscar Meade Hodor

    • StarWars Fan66
      StarWars Fan66 3 years ago


  • voicetube
    voicetube 3 years ago +20

    Just saw the film.. LOVED the tree!!!  Groot most definitely GRooules!!!

    • Bob Thesexyfish
      Bob Thesexyfish 2 years ago

      +ODE Can I ask why is there a team Groot, I loved the character but what is the reason for a team to be named after him? Also what do you do on team Groot?

    • ODE
      ODE 2 years ago

      Team Groot!

  • The Godless-Nerd
    The Godless-Nerd 3 years ago +31

    I am Groot

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