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  • CapiTen10
    CapiTen10 2 months ago

    Milo fans are annoying as fuck. Constantly calling the democrats the real racists and antifa the real fascist. It's good that they are aware of globalism and feminism, but their opposition to whites being genocides and white nationalism is just nauseating.

  • spunkitydoda
    spunkitydoda 2 months ago

    Thank you Milo- come to Portland Oregon- we need you!

  • Rob Crusoe
    Rob Crusoe 2 months ago


  • Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Tucker Carlson always looks concerned when he's listening to people.

  • KamikazeYazzie
    KamikazeYazzie 3 months ago


  • Sarsfe
    Sarsfe 3 months ago

    MILO!!!!! When is your book coming out!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • MDB
    MDB 3 months ago

    Milo's neck looked extra long after Wilmore's lack of neck. Just me? Prolly stretched out from slurpin up the cacks....

  • I05151942
    I05151942 3 months ago


  • I05151942
    I05151942 3 months ago


  • Supernova X
    Supernova X 3 months ago

    Fuck Feminazis, libtards and SJW shit-stains.

  • Tomoko
    Tomoko 3 months ago

    can you make the pepe meme come back?

  • Dhr Witcher
    Dhr Witcher 3 months ago

    FUCK I wana watch

  • Gary wood
    Gary wood 3 months ago

    My city was so flooded with Mexican refugees that the City calendar they give out now had Cinco De Mayo printed on it for the Friday date.
    I'm in Canada and now WE will become a violent hell-holes with MS-13 murders and Welfare Housing drug violence that will eclipse the jamaican gangs and violence in Gov Housing.

  • TheRunningPanda
    TheRunningPanda 3 months ago

    Gave me chills

  • Lizzie Bennet Lizzie Bennet

    Very very disappointment

  • Meme Phobia
    Meme Phobia 3 months ago

    ti amo Milo

  • Solitary Wolf
    Solitary Wolf 3 months ago

    Milo returns as a Super Saiyan 2.

  • Marcos M
    Marcos M 3 months ago +1

    MILO IS BACK ~!!!!  It is time for us to stand against the left facism

  • Irish Princess
    Irish Princess 3 months ago

    0:38 lol!

  • sleepspace
    sleepspace 3 months ago

    Why is your butt hurt all the time? Your attitude is exactly the same as that of third wave feminists

  • Andrew Tarr
    Andrew Tarr 3 months ago

    No one cares about Milo's 'antics' anymore. We just need to hold trump to account

    REALITY TALK REVIEWS 3 months ago +1

    Love him or hate least he's speaking out.

  • LAZliftedmindstate
    LAZliftedmindstate 3 months ago

    It was smart of him to lay low for awhile. Can't wait to see more of him soon!

  • Specialist in Failure
    Specialist in Failure 3 months ago

    Milo is trying too hard to make a come back. He's a has been. I hate what he is doing to conversatives. He's making the right, the left's version of extremist.

  • smallfry
    smallfry 3 months ago

    Welcome back Puddin

  • Passion Dale
    Passion Dale 3 months ago

    Fragrant TIP 94. Did Allah create the female clitoris only to be removed by "man?" Who's right, God's perfect work, or a nutter or two with a scalpel? Allah got it wrong?Yea?

  • Random ass stuff
    Random ass stuff 3 months ago

    Stay with milo

  • Joe Nox
    Joe Nox 3 months ago

    He's baaaack!!!..... yesssssss ;-)

  • Dariush Ashkani
    Dariush Ashkani 3 months ago

    fake and gay

  • Three Aces
    Three Aces 3 months ago

    Milo has lot's of money in his Bank account and plenty of work opportunities he can travel , what do you scrounges have?

  • Bill Cosby Touched My Doodle

    Bill Cosby touched my doodle.

  • Christiana Boer
    Christiana Boer 3 months ago

    My best friend died on this day. Thank you for making it a gorgeous day nonetheless

  • Nick Yolo
    Nick Yolo 3 months ago

    The Kekistani Nation supports you Milo!

  • Platinum Schmidt
    Platinum Schmidt 3 months ago

    Milo is a libertarian right. So many people were fooled into hating the left and liberals, but none of it was real. Those definitions are great. They way are used is evil. It's using a good term we can use and changing it so we can't!

  • robbietownfantastic
    robbietownfantastic 3 months ago

    the holocaust is a lie.  communism is evil.

  • The Red Pill Dragon
    The Red Pill Dragon 3 months ago

    When does this dystopia movie come out? Oh shit

  • nick van achthoven
    nick van achthoven 3 months ago

    YEAHHHHSSSSS. im so psyched i want to punch something. this wall will do. because im not a violent psychopath like antifa.

  • 70 CC
    70 CC 3 months ago

    time to purge these fucking liberalist retards communist style, just mass exterminate them

  • Rebel3000
    Rebel3000 3 months ago

    i try clueing my family in on the affairs of morons like the regressive left and feminists.... there mostly disinterested...

    but i keep my toe in the pond, hope one day to put my boxers on and talk about it

  • Luke Frohling
    Luke Frohling 3 months ago


  • Luke Frohling
    Luke Frohling 3 months ago

    Fuck yeah!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby yeah!!!

  • Soil Soil
    Soil Soil 3 months ago


  • Kyle Bethel
    Kyle Bethel 3 months ago

    Milo. Come to Boise. It will definitely get your name spread more and if you want I can personally get fliers all over three or four high schools close to a college campus and other venues.

  • Bushmansmeg
    Bushmansmeg 3 months ago


  • Mariano umaña garcia
    Mariano umaña garcia 3 months ago

    I love this dude.
    But why using such an important mexican celebration to promote youre controvertial shit.

  • Mr. Perfect
    Mr. Perfect 3 months ago

    you know the bleeding heart snowflakes hate Milo more than they hate anyone, simply because he is gay, and that means they can not hate him in the way that they hate anyone else. When the far left hate someone, they want to trash the most obvious characteristics about that person, but they can't possibly trash talk someone who is gay because the far left basically worship gay people. I'm sure it rips their guts out that their glorification of gay people prevents them from truly showing their hatred for Milo. It's just a beautiful set up in every possible way. And even if they did trash talk him for being gay, he would laugh it right off, because he proudly calls himself a faggot. He is untouchable. Sometimes life is good. This is one of those times.

  • User Name13
    User Name13 3 months ago

    DON'T LEAVE US, PAPI!!!!!!!

  • bovnyccc operalover
    bovnyccc operalover 3 months ago

    Glad to see Milo is back.

  • cucko
    cucko 3 months ago


  • K Baney
    K Baney 3 months ago

    rock on Milo

  • Kellie Oxford
    Kellie Oxford 3 months ago

    wb milo

  • Eden Benson
    Eden Benson 3 months ago

    Milo how do I become you

  • Saoirse
    Saoirse 3 months ago

    There was a fag from Great Britain, he mocked a big leftist sit in, the media attacked, but now Milo is back, I bet the SJW's are just shitting.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago

    has something happened with my load today particularly? is this expression brand new?

  • erhaveas
    erhaveas 3 months ago

    Dictators and feminists hate the sound of laughter! - They both hate free speech.

  • Robin Ampiparampil
    Robin Ampiparampil 3 months ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos is amazingly brilliant!

  • Cameron
    Cameron 3 months ago

    Who cares? Milo is boring.

  • Theresa Langentern
    Theresa Langentern 3 months ago

    I love Milo, but he's a troll, who I still love.

  • dropshot517
    dropshot517 3 months ago

    love u daddy u go and get that throne bitch

  • erhaveas
    erhaveas 3 months ago

    Welcome back Milo. You are great!

  • Nothing4YouHere
    Nothing4YouHere 3 months ago

    I Love you Milo!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • LLL 777
    LLL 777 3 months ago

    The West is turning on itself . Welcome to the end of the Epoch.

  • Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo 3 months ago

    Oh shit this is violent Antifa shit. Oh fuckin shit. they need to be put behind bars

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 3 months ago +1

    ʟɪᴋᴇ ɪғ ʏᴏᴜ ᴄᴀᴍᴇ ғʀᴏᴍ ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴠᴇ sᴛʀᴇᴀᴍ

  • The Red Pill Dragon
    The Red Pill Dragon 3 months ago +1

    I can't wait for the dangerous faggot to make a comeback

  • Elmnopen
    Elmnopen 3 months ago

    Milo YouTube is not going to let you live stream. It is not working period have you not heard about YouTubes work against conservatives? welcome to the new age baby

  • HappyApostate
    HappyApostate 3 months ago

    Hit them hard Milo. Don't spare anyone's feelings!

  • Bazzyg
    Bazzyg 3 months ago


  • Leah Meyers
    Leah Meyers 3 months ago

    Happy cinco de milo 👌

  • Pepe is a symbol of peace

    live in bout 20. let's go.

  • dobbins2550
    dobbins2550 3 months ago

    You just know the left is upset that they can't shut him down. Free speech still means today what it meant when they wrote it.

  • Dan Pontello
    Dan Pontello 3 months ago

    20 mins to go

  • veni vidi vici
    veni vidi vici 3 months ago


  • Dayne Reese
    Dayne Reese 3 months ago

    How can I access this when it is live? Will it be streamed on his YouTube channel?

  • mentalprogram
    mentalprogram 3 months ago

    Milo where will you be streaming this? Are you or do I have to go to some wacked channel?

  • LFSPharaoh
    LFSPharaoh 3 months ago

    Milo gives me such a Liberty Boner.

  • commentatation
    commentatation 3 months ago

    How do I watch? Someone help, it's in 30 minutes, I wanna see

  • Edward
    Edward 3 months ago

    my body is ready

  • Savage Pinecone
    Savage Pinecone 3 months ago

    Milo is the man👌👌

  • Juan Subrosa
    Juan Subrosa 3 months ago


  • Sean Paul
    Sean Paul 3 months ago

    What is he going live on

  • roktopus
    roktopus 3 months ago

    Antifa feels like those generic low-level rebels/bandits you fight in the first level of a video game as an intro before the real bad guys start coming in.

    -Fanatical and incredibly stupid so you don't feel bad about fighting them
    -Angry and aggressive but total wimps once you start fighting back

  • SpeakingUP2
    SpeakingUP2 3 months ago

    Puppy? Did I hear milo called puppy :) don't leave us puppy!!

  • alexa rodriguez
    alexa rodriguez 3 months ago +2

    Live tonight WHERE?? ON YOUTUBE?

  • Ferrule Bezel
    Ferrule Bezel 3 months ago

    Probably a no show or severely late.

  • alexa rodriguez
    alexa rodriguez 3 months ago +2

    I need longer shit from you, you faggot

  • ExploringDelores
    ExploringDelores 3 months ago

    Welcome back daddy <3 <3

  • Asserting Word
    Asserting Word 3 months ago

    i cannot fucking wait you magnificent mother non fucker

  • Christian Monti
    Christian Monti 3 months ago


  • Carol Cone
    Carol Cone 3 months ago

    Hurry Back Milo!!! We need you!!! You are so courageous!! And Brilliant!! Do not allow the Diabolical Fascists to quiet your Powerful Conservative Voice!! God Bless and Keep you!!

  • Jacob Lemon
    Jacob Lemon 3 months ago

    Milo is a voice for many

  • Briar
    Briar 3 months ago

    this...was beautiful

  • Edu Ardo
    Edu Ardo 3 months ago

    I just saw your Vice interview, the cancer of the left media again did what they do best, twisting their material to suit their political agenda, they set the interview with Milo in such a way that they literally said that Milo got drunk with champagne during the interview !!, Milo you should do a vid pay back !

  • Palm
    Palm 3 months ago


  • Mikey
    Mikey 3 months ago

    This pun made my day.

  • Kage342
    Kage342 3 months ago


  • G with Many Names
    G with Many Names 3 months ago +1

    Where do I watch this shit?

  • De Hypnotize
    De Hypnotize 3 months ago +1

    Tonight what time live ?

    • De Hypnotize
      De Hypnotize 3 months ago


    • Peter Clouds
      Peter Clouds 3 months ago

      De Hypnotize
      About two more hours

  • yelloworangered
    yelloworangered 3 months ago +1

    9 o'clock what time zone? England? New York?

  • TwentyPercentDash
    TwentyPercentDash 3 months ago +2


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