Lara Trump reacts after CNN refuses to air campaign ad

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  • Barney B
    Barney B 3 days ago

    whats up with her mouth?? is it swollen?

  • General Leia Organa
    General Leia Organa 8 days ago

    Lara why the fuck does Trump need to be respected? Please tell me you ignorant retarded cunt.

  • benzalkionium
    benzalkionium 12 days ago

    Why in the world would a news network want to air an add that calls them fake? That is common sense. To rip into them and expect his viewers to agree with him is a slap in the face for any viewer who has an ability to think for themselves.
    How many ads has FoxNews aired that said they were full of shit?

  • tkr
    tkr 14 days ago

    Does this Hannity person has some kind of mental retardation? This is USA not a fucking North Korea.

  • Vote With Bullets
    Vote With Bullets 16 days ago

    Anyone who can fact-check can see how false her reporting is. If you want to keep your hands clean, you do not play in a cesspool. I wouldn't promote her, either. She is the epitome of "fake news"

  • Eric Pratt
    Eric Pratt 16 days ago

    Chump is raising money this early in the campaign to pay for Chump Jr's lawyers and probably pay back his Russian loans. Don't fall for this shit.

  • bakshay
    bakshay 16 days ago

    Hannity is a lying shill. Huge win on healthcare? Where is that win now?

  • Mathew Thomas
    Mathew Thomas Month ago

    Trump is a cowardly evil pervert who is destroying America along with the cowardly perverts on FOX news.

  • Emberwilde Productions

    It's hard to imagine who is gullible enough to fall for such blatant government propaganda. The sitting president is now taking out ads on television telling you how amazing he is doing, even as his approval rating remains in the toilet. Then we have Sean Hannity, a Trump shill from day one, pumping out fake outrage when a private company chooses not to run an ad from the administration that has already declared war on the media (who reports on the administration's many, sometimes daily, false statements).

    No wonder a 2011 study found that viewers of Fox News are less informed than people who watched no news at all.

  • acp acp
    acp acp Month ago

    2:36 - 2:38 you can she his adams apple move lara trumps a man

  • acp acp
    acp acp Month ago

    the facts are that lara is a man

  • Robertico Henderson
    Robertico Henderson 2 months ago

    hanitty is a retard

  • luv muzik
    luv muzik 2 months ago

    why is sean so shocked and seems surprised that people make fun of trump..its to be expected it happens to all presidents..sean is always kissing trumps ass..he is a bitch just like trump.

  • Sally Beatty
    Sally Beatty 2 months ago

    you know they say that the Muslim religion is going to be by 2050 the biggest religion in the world let this be a lesson to all of you gay people gays women Sharia law does annotate swimmin hates gays so just be prepared in fifty years you're all going to have to go back in the closet now mind you I am not a homophobe because my daughter is gay I have relatives on my husband side of the family that are gay I have no problem with them I love them they are great nice people I don't go in their bedrooms I don't care what they do in their bedrooms but just be mindful people that the left is swinging towards whichever way the wind blows and be careful cuz you will get thrown under the bus as fast as you have been brought up

  • carolynn markiewicz
    carolynn markiewicz 2 months ago

    Isn't it admission that they are fake news?

  • Kathy Hussey
    Kathy Hussey 2 months ago

    The reason that everyone loves the things Stephen Colbert says is because we all would like to say all that to him ourselves, given the chance. He caused all the animosity against him by attacking everyone and everything first. (He repeats fake news lunatics statements such as Alex Jones and Judge Politano or whatever his name is) as factual, then when it is proven what they said was untrue , he can not even then just apologize for not researching if something is true before he says or tweets it to millions of Americans and to the entire world.

    He has his surrogates and supporters, admin. members go out to the press and say he fired Comey on the recommendation of his Attorney General, then HE HIMSELF tells Lester Holt and thus us all of us that that whole concocted story was a lie, that he had already made up his mind to fire Comey ( no doubt because Comey would not be corrupted by him and would not shut up when told to) and so he asked the A.G. to drum up something useful, probable that he could fire him for so it would not look like exactly what it was , an attempt to obstruct justice.

    He lies every time I turn around and he constantly attacks those weaker than him or anyone who ever dares disagree with him. He lied about Obama's birth certificate for years, he lied about Clinton - he knew full well she hadn't done anything requiring or even deserving of a jail sentence, legally. He said, the day after he got elected that she was such a good person when he had talked about her as if she was the spawn of Satan 48 hours prior.

    He is so clueless and embarrassing every day he does something stupid. He lied, blustered, incited violence, prejudice, and invited the nation to play the blame game and blame everyone for our economic woes ( China "took errr jobs" and Mexican illegal immigrants and our trade policies) except for the real problems , the biggest of which is all the millionaires and billionaires like himself paying zero income tax through shady , questionable even immoral methods.

    He flip flops on every single issue, example : Nato was obsolete, according to Trump, pre-election. Afterwards he said and I quote : "I said Nato was obsolete, it's not obsolete anymore." wtf ??!! And you at Fox News wonder why other news stations will not run his self promotion commercials - that is not a campaign ad ,btw ,as you called this commercial, because the campaign is over. It is propaganda which hopes to distract from the truth which is he is endangering the entire world with his instability, crazy tweeting, insulting behavior with other allies even , their leaders, pushing away dignitaries as if they were a servant if his in this last trip of his. He is just not fit nor qualified to be running the country. It is a terrible, clandestine , hostile takeover of our government to try to undo all the good that was done in the last 30 years, solely to save the million/ billionaires a ton of money and help them continue to make money . Do a story on Tillerson's Exxon Mobil and Putin's Rosneft (Russia's state run oil and gas company ) , and their dalliance in oil drilling in the Arctic Sea, which Obama's embargoes forced them to stop , costing Tillerson and Rosneft billions and possibly trillions of dollars. Do that reporting Fox , how about it ? Shame on you. You are supposed to be delivering , hunting for , digging for the TRUTH , news about the truth , period , at any cost , not being a platform for propaganda. Wake up. Please wake up, YOU ARE are the fake news, the biggest one there is.

  • wiseoldsnail
    wiseoldsnail 2 months ago

    wow, fox . you missed the part about dt ad using nyt, cnbc, etc ... media outlets he and you claim are 'fake news'

    how incredibly #stoopid

  • vonsuthoff
    vonsuthoff 2 months ago

    Trump's ad was not run due to false and misleading information. Claiming half a million jobs created by Trump alone in 14-16 weeks is pushing it... and people are confusing all these 24 hour news networks (including Fox) when it comes to knowing the difference between "hard news" and their "Op/Ed" (opinion/editorial) programs. Too many people think they are the same thing, but nothing could be further from the truth. As a result, people are holding "opinion" programs to the same "truth and fact scrutiny" as they do to hard news... also waaay wrong! The Don Lemons and Sean Hannitys of this world are both opinion programs. They both tell you what you want to hear if you are a liberal or conservative... they are NOT bound by facts and truth... and that's a FACT! You want Fox News' truth, then you must listen to their hard news anchored by Shep Smith and Chris Wallace, etc.

  • Chrissy Bleu
    Chrissy Bleu 2 months ago

    She looks like the younger version of Kellyann Conway.

  • Jason
    Jason 2 months ago

    He's doing such a horrible job that he has to put out commercials saying that he is actually doing a great job, but no one is reporting it..... wtf
    That's so Trump

  • Simona Continente
    Simona Continente 2 months ago

    why isn't anyone talking about spirit cooking anymore?

  • Darren Na
    Darren Na 2 months ago

    cnn are a joke and so is every one who watches and belives there bullshit.

  • The Inslaved
    The Inslaved 3 months ago

    Your looking at the power of the Rothschild family... This family of scum hates patriots... Trump is in there way of starting there new world order

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee 3 months ago

    every ones watching CNN for the truth and not sly as a fox channel. Obama kids & wife were attacked as was Obama for years by her father in law no less... he started the ball rolling on this. you Reep what you sow & I'm not American just an observer..

  • Area81parts
    Area81parts 3 months ago

    Donald Trump Jr. 2024 "Keep America Prosperous."

  • The Tekksetter
    The Tekksetter 3 months ago

    Hannity is Fake News.

  • LeForte XL
    LeForte XL 3 months ago

    that's a man with a wig right?

  • Sky Tludek
    Sky Tludek 3 months ago

    They've resorted to attacking comedians. Gross.

  • Ricardo Faria Paulino
    Ricardo Faria Paulino 3 months ago

    Obama would never get this amount of criticism because he isn't the retard that Trump is.

  • Kim Kimmet
    Kim Kimmet 3 months ago

    Fake news, propaganda that helped hate in the US

  • An Crombez
    An Crombez 3 months ago

    I believe that NBC, CBS, CNN & PBS have not been honest with their viewers. Many actors/actresses or so called celebrities are liberal or nuts. I do NOT watch the news or any television shows. By doing so, I have more time to learn & enjoy many different hobbies without having to support those I don't agree with.

  • The blunt report
    The blunt report 3 months ago

    fox news=a bunch of racist deplorables

  • Carrie O'Rourke
    Carrie O'Rourke 3 months ago

    lost respect for MSM LONG AGO. Since President Trump was elected I HATE MSM! THEY ARE SO STUPID THAT ITS SCARY. People are getting stupid & scary because of the shit they hear from those crap media sources which speaks volumes for the left retards.

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein 3 months ago

    Shad up Sean you fucking scumbag.

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein 3 months ago +1

    What's this ditz being put in charge of? Let me guess. NASA?

  • Seneca Arnold
    Seneca Arnold 3 months ago

    always bring up president Obama wow Obama didn't steadily be on Twitter saying shit that his press secretary has to explain

  • dseer13
    dseer13 3 months ago

    Why are the woman around that fucker in chief plastic?

  • Ains Owlgown
    Ains Owlgown 3 months ago

    fuck you fox

  • Alwaysamazed
    Alwaysamazed 3 months ago

    Bash your President, Refuse to air ads, but by golly if you refuse to bake a cake for a gay wedding you are gonna lose everything. This Country is so upside down its sad.

  • D Storm
    D Storm 3 months ago

    The Left Wing wants speech codes because they cannot tolerate diversity of opinion.

  • Kevin Cox
    Kevin Cox 3 months ago

    Faux news commenting on fake news now that's fucking hilarious

  • Benny Gonzalez
    Benny Gonzalez 3 months ago

    Jesus 1 u disappoint us Crist followers...

  • Bettie Anton
    Bettie Anton 3 months ago

    CBCABCNBC. who cares what they block. It is not allowed at my house!!! God would not even watch them. They are to be pitied!! Please pray for all of them. We should pray for all of the misguided, mentally ill people. That is what God wants us to do.. So pray for Chuck Shumer, The Clintons, George Soroes, Networks above, for the healing of all the evil, greed , dishonessty, murders, corrupt, and pray for all the EVIL that the Obamas have done to the America and may Trey Gowdy put them all in prison for the rest of their lives. May God have Mercy on their souls!!!

  • Bettie Anton
    Bettie Anton 3 months ago

    Trey Gowdy for FBI Director!!!

  • Carmen N
    Carmen N 3 months ago

    u bitch ABOUT freedom of speech and then say it's needed when u want to post exaggerating ad about trumpee achieve ment.,.ur all split personality disordered

  • Frank Gutowski
    Frank Gutowski 3 months ago

    He's insecure and trying to propagandize his electoral 'victory', which is blemished by a huuuuge loss of the popular vote.

  • John Wood
    John Wood 3 months ago

    The destroy Trump media? What? Trump destroys himself. Daily!!!

  • Jasmine Houston-Burns
    Jasmine Houston-Burns 3 months ago

    Kiss Trump's ass because he sucks so bad he's hilarious? He's not just corrupt but he's a buffoon? So I guess comedians should just thank everything that sucks so bad it's funny instead of just being considered talented.

  • Julie Moncrief
    Julie Moncrief 3 months ago


  • Julie Moncrief
    Julie Moncrief 3 months ago

    Bullshit you asses said Obama wasn't even born here!!!!

  • Julie Moncrief
    Julie Moncrief 3 months ago

    Ahahahahaha, only Trump would put out an ad about himself!!! And now we get the daughter in law putting her finger in the pie too?? 😲

  • Caryn Van Wyk
    Caryn Van Wyk 3 months ago

    that ad is full of lies

  • Joël Bélanger
    Joël Bélanger 3 months ago

    je me crisse de la fraude informatique ! je vais vous détruire tous si vous ne vous sommeter pas. trump mon trône Poutine mon trône ou attaques

  • Levi Jackson
    Levi Jackson 3 months ago

    Hubris ... This is not about CNN ... Fox New is the old Russian surrogate ... Created the same year as RT .. My opinion is also freedom of speech to disagree with your State run media. It is all about Russia isn't it? Please watch for the dismantling of the secret service. PS no one should every kiss any President.

  • Aramai Jonassi
    Aramai Jonassi 3 months ago

    Maybe do an add that isn't filled with lies and maybe they will run it. Stop being a lying sack of shit and no one will have any problems. Piece of garbage.

  • Baskerville1000
    Baskerville1000 3 months ago

    REALLY?? All this mess around Trump and his administration and he airs TV adds about how wonderful everything is? In the infamous German newsreel series 'Die Deutsche Wochenschau' Hitler also presented how wonderful everything was, even at the brink of his defeat in 1945......

  • David Keogh
    David Keogh 3 months ago

    that add was a load of bullshit.

  • Moutton Noir
    Moutton Noir 3 months ago

    Never never land...

  • Seamus mc mahon
    Seamus mc mahon 3 months ago

    president trump should get alex jones to show the ads on info wars

  • DonaldCheezeDoodle
    DonaldCheezeDoodle 3 months ago +1

    Is this person transgender? I know Trump has a microdick.

  • Corey Robert
    Corey Robert 3 months ago

    45 is the worst President in history, period!

  • Michael Brogan
    Michael Brogan 3 months ago

    thats going to be one ugly baby!

  • Michael Brogan
    Michael Brogan 3 months ago

    its paid advertising! its not n official report! nobody has to take advertising they dont agree with! you crying pussies! hannity is so pathetic and thanks for airing trumps daughter in law! like anyone who cares about this whore is going to see an add on cnn! keep it on fox delusional tv for idiots where it belongs!

  • challenger6.1
    challenger6.1 3 months ago

    Pres.Trump does what he wants

  • 2rdcscbos 6
    2rdcscbos 6 3 months ago

    This woman is as ugly as her dumb husband!

  • Dee-dee
    Dee-dee 3 months ago

    Donald trump is not my president.

  • Hillary Lavendar
    Hillary Lavendar 3 months ago

    Since when is there a commercial AFTER THE ELECTION about how much a president has done in the first 100 days? That's ridiculous. I have heard of all of the things that Trump did in the first 100 days and I am neither impressed nor disappointed. Classic case of thou protest too much. I have seen that commercial before, and it definitely wasn't on this show or on the FOX network. Trump is making a fool out of himself.

  • Pink Panther
    Pink Panther 3 months ago

    "President " for all Americans but not for much longer the noose around the neck appears to be tightening. Why should anyone root for this corrupt mafia family. It's BYE BYE around the bend. By the way isn't it Hannity's turn to get the boot. What skeletons are in his cupboard.

  • Artstrology
    Artstrology 3 months ago

    Nepotism and lying has never been so prominent in the office of the POTUS.

  • Yo
    Yo 3 months ago

    In real world, you are evaluated by what you do!

  • Rita Malik
    Rita Malik 3 months ago

    It's bullshit , not supporting his lies , why should the health care bill is a tax break for the rich , and murder for the poor, disgusting , how much do you get paid to kiss his ass

  • killoreo
    killoreo 3 months ago

    Ok Hannity be a little logical and understanding here. This is not about free speech. The ad has Wolf Blitzer one of the guys on CNN being labeled as "fake news" . Why the hell would they allow that on their network. If your pic was on there under the label "fake news" , do you think Fox network would air it???

  • Paulette PAULETTE
    Paulette PAULETTE 3 months ago


  • Paulette PAULETTE
    Paulette PAULETTE 3 months ago

    Trump claimed that the media is "FAKE". why would he want his ad's on their? .Trump spread his bed, so he has to lay in it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jahnny Acosta
    Jahnny Acosta 3 months ago

    wht a fucking joke!

  • altgenesis
    altgenesis 3 months ago

    I'm sorry it's not a free Society. Time to learn the truth. You want 100% Freedom go live in the middle of the Jungle all by yourself. Will have total freedom. If you live with other people in the middle of the Jungle you will have less freedom because now you have other people around you tell you what to do. If you want Total dictatorship go to North Korea. So what we need is somewhere in between it's a balancing act and that's why we have the Constitution which limits the government so that we can maintain a balance. I agree with CNN in this instance they should not have to put in add on their chair know which demeans them specifically with a fake news graphic. Take out the fake news graphic and reference and then it'll be okay. Just tell all the good things you've done and you're not even listing them all. You haven't talked about that mm pedophile arrests. You never even talked about the fact you're not going after guns  and and you're defending the second to me unlike the previous administration.

  • Julia Rivera
    Julia Rivera 3 months ago

    lol this guy is a joke ! This channel is FAKE ASS HELL! I. can't stop laughing"ha ha ha ha ha hhhhh

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell 3 months ago

    Trump has made himself a target for ridicule because he is ridiculous he constantly fuels the fire with his own behaviour , if he honoured the role and did the job he was elected to do there would be little or at least less to characterize

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell 3 months ago

    Hannity is entertainment simply that, it's laughable

  • Jib Nightheart
    Jib Nightheart 3 months ago

    I want to bite her shoulders

  • Jwxo Weeye
    Jwxo Weeye 3 months ago

    Is he still running a campaign? Lmao

  • 4 Fake
    4 Fake 3 months ago

    Lara is sexy.

  • Francisco Gomez
    Francisco Gomez 3 months ago

    Asco y tristeza me das Sean.

  • capatga
    capatga 3 months ago

    I thought trump hated cnn.

  • Mary Jo Foston
    Mary Jo Foston 3 months ago

    Let's remember ABC is owned by Disney, so where are you going to vacation this summer?????

  • M Schoenfuss
    M Schoenfuss 3 months ago

    Omg I hope both CNN AND MSNBC literally DIE! I absolutely hate them!

  • Mary Kali
    Mary Kali 3 months ago

    That's all how we feel!

  • Sébastien Préfontaine

    wait. so... she starts off by saying that there's freedom of speech in america and that's what makes it a free society (totally agree with that part). Then she says that the fact that cbs "allowed this to be aired" is disrespectful. They allowed it to be aired because of freedom of speech, so it doesn't need to be respectful. You don't have to respect your president, this isn't a dictatorship.You're allowed to show disrespect to the president because of free speech! You're even allowed to say not my president (although, that won't make it true). Some people would consider calling CNN fake news disrespectful so who is she to talk anyway? Another thing too, her argument is based on a fallacy because the grounds to which CNN and CBS would refuse to play the add is related to their private right and privilege to control their own content (and being that they are more left... there you are, they refuse of course). Not on the grounds of refusing freedom of speech. If they were obligated and refused, then they would be refusing freedom of speech. As it is now they are just exercising their right to control their own companies...

  • Eduard Vjeko
    Eduard Vjeko 3 months ago

    Love how Trump plays CNN Bolsheviks

  • Gustavo Lira
    Gustavo Lira 3 months ago

    Hannity ignores how Obama was treated by his own Faux news.

  • john park
    john park 3 months ago

    republicans are evil disgusting heartless racist, if you agree hit the like batten

  • Robert S
    Robert S 3 months ago

    i just farted . I think I am the only one but fox news is pure shit

  • Gung - Ho Gamer
    Gung - Ho Gamer 3 months ago

    no really. fuck cnn

  • Gung - Ho Gamer
    Gung - Ho Gamer 3 months ago

    hahaha. so u guys air it for free. epic burn! great job Hannity

  • Mathew Thomas
    Mathew Thomas 3 months ago +1

    Cowardly looser Trump is a traitor working for his lover Putin.

  • Steven Gasparotto
    Steven Gasparotto 3 months ago

    I like the ad, I think its a great ad. We the Trump supporters know he is doing a great job!

  • HUKABUKtx67
    HUKABUKtx67 3 months ago

    Another vapid trump mouthpiece?  Shove your ad.

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