ALIEN COVENANT NEW TV Spots (2017) Trailer

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  • HellHorseProduccion
    HellHorseProduccion 8 days ago

    LA CANCIÓN ES "Melanie De Biaso - I Feel You (EELS Remix) " y el director de la pelicula es Ridley Scott !!!!

  • #João Lucas
    #João Lucas 2 months ago


  • Nabila Monic
    Nabila Monic 2 months ago

    Like it Nice *Alien: Covenant* 2017?? :

  • 123z3000
    123z3000 2 months ago

    The film is rubbish. So disappointing. Ridley Scot u messed up. U did not raise the bar. I was expecting so much and got so little. Looked like they did an amalgamation of various script meeting. And the big ending. David the ANDROID. SEE HIM SELF AS A CREATOR. and kill everyone on the Misson

  • maria lucya
    maria lucya 2 months ago

    13:28 [HdRip 1080p] Alien: Covenant 2017[film HD QUALITY]

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt 2 months ago

    just watched the movie  the crew were stupid and gullible.. no mmmm what if ???

  • nerea ines
    nerea ines 2 months ago

    20:45 Alien: Covenant 2017[film HD QUALITY]

  • kOng
    kOng 2 months ago

    AMD! Harder, Faster, better!

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 months ago

    Ending suck...

  • витёк ярошевич

    Он всех нае....ал

  • HajliHajlo
    HajliHajlo 2 months ago

    this white skinny alien without eyes from mushrooms was most scary.

  • Philip C. Robinson
    Philip C. Robinson 2 months ago +2

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  • MOVflex
    MOVflex 2 months ago +2


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  • Lisa Ann
    Lisa Ann 3 months ago +4

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  • Melinda Dee
    Melinda Dee 3 months ago +2

    00:00 *Alien: Covenant* avaiIabIe *N0W* !!!
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  • James Baines
    James Baines 3 months ago

    The movie was AWSOME. Love it, so did my wife and kids. GO SEE IT FOR YOURSELF!
    and Bing ( The Covert Samson Option ) and follow the white rabbit

  • Rwbylover34
    Rwbylover34 3 months ago +1

    I watched the movie yesterday, it was fucking amazing!

  • MisakoChan100
    MisakoChan100 3 months ago

    I want a Walter please!!! <3.<3

  • CC Mango
    CC Mango 3 months ago


  • Veresiborn Hun
    Veresiborn Hun 3 months ago

    There is a bog difference between disgusting and scary...

  • Edgar Roman
    Edgar Roman 3 months ago

    They should do a predator one on there planet

    RICK GUERRA 3 months ago

    May 18 2017 ,Bob Bullock IMAX 9:45 PM and I just saw advanced screening of Alien:Covenent NO SPOILERS here but I will give it a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5 Stars...Scott Hit It Out Of The Park! A lot of Questions answered As Far As Walter and David You will See...Bloody ,Gory, Violent as Ridley Promised!

  • superlegitegaming ;D
    superlegitegaming ;D 3 months ago

    continue from prometheus

  • Mathhe Danes
    Mathhe Danes 3 months ago

    me gusto la pelicula, lo q deteste fue el final, muy predecible, david debio morir, es un hijo de puta

  • Mathhe Danes
    Mathhe Danes 3 months ago

    odio a david, maldito androide

  • Chelsea
    Chelsea 3 months ago +1

    Alien: Covenant Movie [ ]

  • Jorge Vazquez Camposeco


  • Baxter Katz
    Baxter Katz 3 months ago

    *evil facehugger jumps out at guy* *flashes this film is not yet rated* 00:52

  • Schneider Joachim
    Schneider Joachim 3 months ago

    he's back from Prometheus

  • Blankis Moreno
    Blankis Moreno 3 months ago


  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 3 months ago

    Random noobs with little screentime lands on unknown planet and gets killed off by aliens.
    Android goes total dr frankenstein and does his own thing.

    We have seen this shit 5 times before...There is absolutely nothing new in this movie, no explanations of why the engineers created us, if they did or why they want to destroy us.

    Its just another Terminator Genisys...a failed rehash.

  • S. Whade
    S. Whade 3 months ago

    1:52 AMD core? really nigga...

  • Athea Wong
    Athea Wong 3 months ago

    every alien film after the first one are crap in my eyes.

  • Krzysztof Twardokęs
    Krzysztof Twardokęs 3 months ago +1

    0:12 I fucking fell off the armchair when I saw this in the cinema.

  • LionsGate Movie US
    LionsGate Movie US 3 months ago +5

    *ALIEN: Covenant FuII~Movie ( )

  • carlina robert
    carlina robert 3 months ago +98

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  • Alah Kosi
    Alah Kosi 3 months ago

    no one is going to talk about that round looking face alien thing.....???

  • Nookular Bomb
    Nookular Bomb 3 months ago


  • Alexander Ocampo
    Alexander Ocampo 3 months ago

    si la idea era hacer que le cogieras pereza a esta serie lo han logrado un hueso de peli

  • Easy Win
    Easy Win 3 months ago

    AMD logo :D

  • Miller 1357
    Miller 1357 3 months ago

    Ahtung !

  • Aashish Joshi
    Aashish Joshi 3 months ago +1

    After "Riddick" this is really the 2nd most worst movie I ever saw in Hollywood... highly disappointing movie. So many scenes were so pathetic, 90% of the movie is with dark scenes and so many scenes were pointless (Like that annoying Fluent scene with both David). I was highly disappointed by Ridley Scott... He is one of my fav directors... and this is his first movie which I really hated so much. I loved Prometheus a lot... but when I saw this I became very upset...

  • Mitch
    Mitch 3 months ago


  • Ghost Front
    Ghost Front 3 months ago


  • richard hourie
    richard hourie 3 months ago

    the movie is out today (12th of may) in europe and other parts of the world

  • Ramiro Adalberto Campos Hernandez

    En 1979 no se necesito mas que unas cuantas habitaciones de set de grabación, un solo xenomorfo y un monton de buenos actores para crear una obra maestra de terror, ahora usan locaciones paradisiacas, increibles efectos y se sacaron de la manga una bandada de aliens, y aun asi no se logra captar lo que Scott hizo en Alien, la cosa no cambia con respecto a prometheus, a excepcion del agregar al xenomorfo, la misma historia de siempre, una nave llegando a un destino, un monton de tripulantes victimas y la clasica heroina, en serio solo esa puede ser la tematica, hacen falta personajes al nivel de Ripley, Hicks, Apone, Vazquez, con carisma, creo que ya la franquicia se cerro con 2 partes insuperables, Alien y Alien el Regreso, lo demas es basofia, aun hecha por Scott, ya a los 80 años dudo que pueda superarse a si mismo

  • Marcelo Licenziato
    Marcelo Licenziato 3 months ago

    David fails because he uses intel celeron

  • not your average Joe
    not your average Joe 3 months ago


  • Shazie Regiment
    Shazie Regiment 3 months ago

    Those most hilarious thing is, almost every space movie with astronauts or colonists coming to a new planet. Is always bringing weapons. It's like they expected aliens lol.

  • Rendalonamovieclip
    Rendalonamovieclip 3 months ago +8

    Alien: Covenant movie

  • Marek Krysciak
    Marek Krysciak 3 months ago


  • Vril
    Vril 3 months ago +1

    I'm so sick of the fuckin xenomorph. Prometheus was supposed to move away from that shit and now here it is again because of whiners who complained it wasn't another retarded rehash of SPESH MUHREENS vs aliens.

  • Dendric Mon
    Dendric Mon 3 months ago +8

    Alien: Covenant FULL Movie

  • Al Barokah
    Al Barokah 3 months ago +1

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  • Nile Cole
    Nile Cole 3 months ago

    Ridley scott better not fuk this up or it'sgonna be Ridley popped. Feel meh

  • Henrique gamer
    Henrique gamer 3 months ago +1


  • Cowfish12
    Cowfish12 3 months ago

    I thought David was an Nvidia product...

  • jack craft
    jack craft 3 months ago +1

    ofc if you put amd in that it would overheat and kill everybody. I've seen it on my pc. you need the best fan or watercooling. fucking console players gid gut.

  • Олег Стародубцев

    так и думал что ему поставили проц амд =)

  • Cindy Laura
    Cindy Laura 3 months ago +5

    9:02 *ALIEN COVENANT 2017*

    🆆🅰🆃🅲🅷 ( )

  • drgil65
    drgil65 3 months ago

    I saw Danny McBride and James Franco in this movie, and totally they ruin it for me. If your going to do a re make at least get the right cast. The only way to save this movie is McBride ass rapes Franco like McBride did to Tatum ONeal in This is the End, I'm surprised Seth Rogen isn't in this cast as well would had been a total disaster

  • Alexey Rodriguez
    Alexey Rodriguez 3 months ago

    I bet you five internet dollars they did not check for dangerous bacteria and viruses in the air before opening up to the atmosphere of the alien planet. Prometheus and this new movie are going to appeal to people who can't think critically.

  • pandemonstrosity
    pandemonstrosity 3 months ago

    What is your name?

  • Adam-Danish Li
    Adam-Danish Li 3 months ago

    great movie. weird song

  • Tleck Aipov
    Tleck Aipov 3 months ago

    It very interesting why biorobot was created with wrinkles?

    • BioClone
      BioClone 3 months ago

      See bicentennial man

  • Meister Sen
    Meister Sen 3 months ago

    Huh AMD Chips in robots well thats far into the future

  • buddyzee
    buddyzee 3 months ago

    lying thumbnail

  • Arjun Subbiah
    Arjun Subbiah 3 months ago

    I laughed at the AMD logo at the end.

  • きむすけ
    きむすけ 3 months ago


  • Colonizer-Chan
    Colonizer-Chan 3 months ago

    I swear movies like this make me wish I could build a giant shower room for the antagonistic creatures...

  • Isabell Ee
    Isabell Ee 3 months ago

    at 2.25 that when u realised that there's Where u came from

  • perth45
    perth45 3 months ago +1

    looks crap....

  • Bryam Untiveros
    Bryam Untiveros 3 months ago

    AMD? Es esto cierto?

  • Spright Mir
    Spright Mir 3 months ago

    Oh neat they're making a movie in the alien isolation universe.

  • 加藤政美
    加藤政美 3 months ago


  • August Von Mackensen
    August Von Mackensen 3 months ago

    What if the planet they arrive on is the Engineers home world that David destroyed?

    Why I say that. Look at all the engineer architecture and that one of the aliens in the trailer looks very similar to the proto Alien we saw emerge from the Engineer at the end of Prometheus. I'm guessing some of the engineers become them and some become the full blown Aliens we are used to.

    Also the ring ship they find will be David's ship except he will be destroyed by the aliens/engineers and Elizabeth will still be in cryosleep. She will be awoken by the team and learn that David betrayed her once again and went full Armageddon on the engineer race.

  • Ethan's Show
    Ethan's Show 3 months ago

    Xenomorph. and protomorphs. cool

  • Pydros Music
    Pydros Music 3 months ago

    *ahem*.....WTF WAS THAT THING?!

  • I don't read replies
    I don't read replies 3 months ago +2

    This looks just as fucking stupid as the first movie. Jesus Christ. If you're spending billions to send ASTRONAUTS to another planet you sure as shit aren't going to risk it going wrong by hiring idiots that don't follow basic procedure! For example, they are just walking around this planet in casual clothes, not wearing space suits. REAL astronauts understand that you firstly don't want to get infected with some alien bacteria, and secondly don't want to contaminate the planet with your own stuff. Everything is supposed to be sterile so that you don't get a false positive for signs of life where it turns out it's not alien life, but life (bacteria, etc.) that you brought with you that's why they have such rigid sterilization procedures for the mars rover and other stuff.

    With movies like Interstellar and Martian proving that you can have scientifically accurate stuff mixed with fiction and have great success, there's no reason we should still be getting shit like this. It's just insulting our intelligence as viewers.

  • jfrsnjhnsn
    jfrsnjhnsn 3 months ago

    I can already tell I hate almost all of the new crew. That's ok, because I always side with the xenomorphs anyway.

  • nsdaasd safafa
    nsdaasd safafa 3 months ago

    robot powered by fucking amd, more like intel rofl

  • King of the Rats
    King of the Rats 3 months ago

    This is much scarier after watching that video of the baby sheep being born from a artificial womb.

  • EcologyLife
    EcologyLife 3 months ago

    Чувствую что ждет нас дерьмище очередное!

  • jean philippe laitram
    jean philippe laitram 3 months ago

    Empowered by AMD

  • luca natale
    luca natale 3 months ago

    ryzen inside

  • hatihatikawan
    hatihatikawan 3 months ago

    eat your heart out intel

  • Froggyboy7
    Froggyboy7 3 months ago

    Fuck yh, I bloody well hope they use Melanie de Biasio in the actual movie.

  • Jérôme D.
    Jérôme D. 3 months ago

    I want a walter!

  • mrhowell2002
    mrhowell2002 3 months ago

    i thought we would see the home of the engineers!!! #pass

  • Misaa360
    Misaa360 3 months ago

    2:40 '..... Magneto :v

  • kitten avenger
    kitten avenger 3 months ago

    my name is walter am i an android ... ahhhhh

  • Helmi Saqyra
    Helmi Saqyra 3 months ago

    song name.??

  • nightsage217
    nightsage217 3 months ago

    i actually want to see engineers a little bit more than aliens. unknown horror is my jam.

    INFO INFO 3 months ago

    looks ok I wait see movie good aktion and good story

  • FR
    FR 3 months ago

    Same shit as usual, what is new with this so called Alien movie?

  • Bunny
    Bunny 3 months ago

    AMD logo ?😂😂😂😂 putting in Walter😂😂😂from 1:53

  • VictorKane115
    VictorKane115 3 months ago

    Alien: Another One

  • shengjhe gong
    shengjhe gong 3 months ago

    Get the alien that feel more ------ in flash form .

  • The Donald
    The Donald 3 months ago

    The android has AMD processor LOL! 1:52

    They are really hopeful they'll last that long...

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