Future - I'm So Groovy (FUTURE)

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    "Hndrxx" Available at iTunes: http://smarturl.it/HNDRXX
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  • Runtime: 4:16
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Comments: 509

  • YoDz
    YoDz 19 hours ago

    This beat is too fresh.

  • Teron Hannah
    Teron Hannah 2 days ago


  • Dakiesh Carter
    Dakiesh Carter 2 days ago

    love you futre 🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • Carson Fordham
    Carson Fordham 3 days ago

    Future I'm sorry for u girl

  • Fatimah Glass
    Fatimah Glass 3 days ago

    future i, like .your , songs

  • iiRusharIV
    iiRusharIV 4 days ago

    He was eating booty when he was recoding this

  • Alisha Cunningham
    Alisha Cunningham 4 days ago


  • Lashonda Richardson

    LOVE IT!!

  • Kei'Shawn Perrimon
    Kei'Shawn Perrimon 6 days ago


  • Jose Loera
    Jose Loera 6 days ago

    I'm so groovy oooh das your Bitch mmmmhhmmm she sucked my dick mmmhhmmm I be wearing icy mmhhmm

  • Raygoon Noogyar
    Raygoon Noogyar 7 days ago

    That mmmmmhmmmm got me dead

  • Nucci Bucks
    Nucci Bucks 8 days ago

    Future Was off The lean When he did this song ⛽💯👈

  • BunnyQuakes101 101
    BunnyQuakes101 101 8 days ago

    me at McDonald's lady:would you like a big Mac me:mmhmm lady:would you like an ice cream to me:mmhmm lady:would you like big fries me:MHMMM!!

  • nate dogg
    nate dogg 9 days ago

    *Future is one of the best rappers alive*

  • faith sturrup
    faith sturrup 10 days ago

    This bass just 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jazelle Salazar
    Jazelle Salazar 10 days ago

    Who gets it on the moon part😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Cayda Ali
    Cayda Ali 11 days ago

    issa album came out y'all fuck niggas need to listen that mmmhhmmmm fuck who ever feel offended mmhhmmm pull up on god mmhhmmmmmm

  • Sammie Solomon
    Sammie Solomon 12 days ago

    Got my money mmmhmm...gotta pay my rent mmmhmm...now I'm broke mmmhmm...got damn nigga mmmhmm!! 😂

  • Dee Lake
    Dee Lake 12 days ago

    Slide drexla SliideThruBloodGang

  • PRBLM Beats
    PRBLM Beats 13 days ago


  • Assasinswaqq Gamin
    Assasinswaqq Gamin 13 days ago


  • Sebastien Duclos
    Sebastien Duclos 15 days ago

    hmm hmm hmmm

  • Shyam Vyas
    Shyam Vyas 15 days ago

    This nigga sounds like he is horny.

  • RiciHD
    RiciHD 15 days ago

    This dude eating something deliciouswhile rapping smh... But its lit tho

  • bebe griffin
    bebe griffin 15 days ago

    love it

  • Mikey Williams
    Mikey Williams 15 days ago

    Who where from Virginia?

  • Desmon Clark
    Desmon Clark 16 days ago

    follow be on Soundcloud at flyguy cash

  • neko frisk
    neko frisk 17 days ago

    this is heaven

  • Kerena Davis
    Kerena Davis 17 days ago

    that's not my bitch cause I didn't buy her😂😂

  • Robert Tarah
    Robert Tarah 17 days ago


  • Chrishirah High
    Chrishirah High 18 days ago

    all I sing is the ammo part

  • Rosa Castillo
    Rosa Castillo 18 days ago


  • Dewayne Bates
    Dewayne Bates 18 days ago

    I like that song

  • Tori8213
    Tori8213 18 days ago

    Love this song omg

  • delo White
    delo White 19 days ago


  • Jerrod High
    Jerrod High 19 days ago


  • 2kPhanatic
    2kPhanatic 19 days ago

    niggas like tht mmm mmmm shit ? 😭😭 i dont even care no more jus dont categorize this as rap

  • Suicide Luna
    Suicide Luna 20 days ago

    Minds well name the song Uuhmmmm 😂

  • B Humble
    B Humble 20 days ago

    Bro be soundin like he cryin "mmhmm 😢....mm....mmhmmm 😭"

  • Richard Melnyk
    Richard Melnyk 20 days ago

    sweet big dawg

  • Isaiah Bennett
    Isaiah Bennett 21 day ago


  • Tray Coop
    Tray Coop 21 day ago

    good job

  • lil' boat
    lil' boat 21 day ago


  • Sidi Mohamed
    Sidi Mohamed 21 day ago

    Lenaar mhmm

  • Nick Mois
    Nick Mois 22 days ago

    No I don't have a man who is my man and I am so happy to be happy with you and I love you so much

  • AmbassadorAnt Hatch
    AmbassadorAnt Hatch 23 days ago

    candy yamms in the PARTMENT LIVING LIKE NINO

  • Laysha Smalls
    Laysha Smalls 23 days ago

    its Lit 🤘💯

  • itzjustJd
    itzjustJd 23 days ago

    cheseburger please mhmmmm small fries and lagre coke mmmmh happy meal mmmmhm

  • ItsYeBoi Nico
    ItsYeBoi Nico 24 days ago

    How them fries?

    S E N S A T I O N A L

  • The cat fish hunter
    The cat fish hunter 24 days ago

    future was eating good

  • Coconut Jive
    Coconut Jive 25 days ago

    and so groovy I got power

  • Unicorn Face
    Unicorn Face 25 days ago

    Eat Macdonald mmmmhhhmm
    Netflix and chill mmmhhhhhhhmmm

  • Dj Mr.s.i.g
    Dj Mr.s.i.g 25 days ago

    might as well name this mmhmm

  • xLucky x
    xLucky x 25 days ago

    eat All day mmm gamin all day mmm fuck yo bitch mmm

  • JDT03
    JDT03 26 days ago

    I'm dying laughing

  • Jaelen Vails
    Jaelen Vails 26 days ago

    this burger mmmhmm side of fries mmmhmm and can I get uhhhhhh mmmhmm

  • Negative Infinity
    Negative Infinity 26 days ago

    He was def eating good 😂

  • Tommy Hough
    Tommy Hough 27 days ago

    addys work miracles😂😂😂😂

  • Torian Robinson
    Torian Robinson 27 days ago

    dam big bro (Future) this shit hard asl plus i love this beat lol

  • CyberGuy In CyberSpace


  • D-Town Dude
    D-Town Dude 29 days ago

    Dope shit

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 29 days ago


  • Brittney King
    Brittney King 1 month ago

    Who came from the little girl dabbing?

  • Nectagon
    Nectagon 1 month ago

    I like to go outside mmmhmmmmmm

  • Ido Shir-Hen
    Ido Shir-Hen 1 month ago

    כל הכבוד!

  • EC WTO
    EC WTO 1 month ago


  • swagbtiger g
    swagbtiger g 1 month ago

    I'm so groovy😏😒

  • Slaprmy
    Slaprmy 1 month ago

    England is my city mmmhmmm London is my country mmmhmmm YouTube is my religion mmmhmmm

  • Georgia Boozer
    Georgia Boozer 1 month ago


  • Gucci Airsoft
    Gucci Airsoft 1 month ago

    Fucked the face umhmmm

  • Tndoe Ceo
    Tndoe Ceo 1 month ago

    future falling off smh

  • Zenas ghana
    Zenas ghana 1 month ago

    the fuck has rap come to

  • janae goins
    janae goins 1 month ago

    mmmhmmm all they  I got power

  • Mr_hunter
    Mr_hunter 1 month ago

    i weel get a credit card mmmmmmmmmhhhhhhm

  • Skikeria Muldrew
    Skikeria Muldrew 1 month ago

    This shii go hard asf💯🔴🔥

  • Yvng Sauce
    Yvng Sauce 1 month ago

    I am Pluto
    Never forget, never forget

    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    That’s your bitch?
    I just bought her
    Oh that’s your bitch
    I just bought her

    Percs and molly
    Playing Janet
    I just fucked her face
    I don’t know her name

    Tom Brady, Tony Snow
    I just backdoored your ho
    Going brazy at the jeweller
    I just suicide my doors
    Candy yams in the ‘partment
    Living like Nino
    let me breathe
    VVS’s on my sleeves
    Pure molly, codeine
    Blind your eye with my ring
    You ain’t ever going to see me
    I get Stella McCartney
    High fashion
    John Madden
    No relation
    Bought the jet
    Austin Power
    Steven Seagal
    Hard to kill
    Stuffed the gauze
    Hide your broad
    She photoshop
    I’m photogenic
    I just bent the Bentley
    Did a U-turn
    Ducked the cops
    Serving rocks
    Made it to the top of her
    Fucking going Pop

    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    That’s your bitch?
    I just bought her
    Oh that’s your bitch
    I just bought her

    Percs and molly
    Playing Janet
    I just fucked her face
    I don’t know her name

    On the last done
    On the last con
    Done turned it up to an icon
    Pimpin’ hoes nigga ugh
    Thoughts exposed niggas huh
    Paper tags on the yacht
    I just smashed in the clouds
    Thousand bags in the clouds
    Louis rag, wipe me down
    Cash king on a clown
    So prestigious, so profound
    Cash clout, let me live
    50 cars at the crib
    Private dinners on the leer
    VVS’s when I steer
    Instant glam on my ear
    Outer space when I appear
    Promethazine in my cell
    A yellow bone in the rear
    Dopple god, I’m in here
    Fuck your squad, they some queers
    My conversation bringing mills to ya
    I get my brother bring the bail to ya
    Killas on the right and the left to ya
    Gang gang, whatever’s left of ya

    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    That’s your bitch?
    I just bought her
    Oh that’s your bitch
    I just bought her

    Percs and molly
    Playing Janet
    I just fucked her face
    I don’t know her name
    I don’t know her name
    (I don’t know her name)

    Sitting in the vert
    Got a lotta dirt
    Courtroom flow
    Now I’m sitting courtside with your ho
    Adde’s work miracles
    Benji’s subliminals
    Uptown Lenny's
    All about the Benji’s
    Pour a little Henny
    Throw 'em in the semi
    Making love with my diamonds on
    Diamonds on honeycomb
    Hit 'em with the stick
    I just copped the new
    Set-up like Denny’s
    Bitch brown like a penny
    Total it up in one minute
    Out of the country all hidden
    Playing in with the trenches in a suit
    Armani got me with the juice
    Made a bad bitch my masseuse
    Take a little stress out the crew

    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    I’m so groovy
    I got power
    That’s your bitch?
    I just bought her
    Oh that’s your bitch
    I just bought her

    Percs and molly
    Playing Janet
    I just fucked her face
    I don’t know her name
    I don’t know her name
    (I don’t know her name)

  • Typical Ashton FL
    Typical Ashton FL 1 month ago

    When you in the restaurant and you get an urge to say mmmhmmmmhm repeatedly

  • megan gibson
    megan gibson 1 month ago

    fuck the squad and some queerss

  • Nyla James
    Nyla James 1 month ago

    Perks and Molly mmmhhmm

  • Filippo Severi
    Filippo Severi 1 month ago

    This goes hard af

  • Michael Shotta Moore


  • One Chon
    One Chon 1 month ago

    who you know can make a song like this just saying ummhmm lmao cold

  • One Chon
    One Chon 1 month ago

    golden state ummhmm they the champions ummhmm kevin durant umhmmm mvp ummhmm

  • Flyy guyy
    Flyy guyy 1 month ago

    this niqqa jus said bi sex mmhmm

  • Dadrian Keys
    Dadrian Keys 1 month ago

    this beat is saucey asf 🔥

  • Alexandru Matei
    Alexandru Matei 1 month ago

    I have no shit to say😋

  • Jeramiah
    Jeramiah 1 month ago

    subscribe to me I got lit funny Chit

  • Sam Soxa
    Sam Soxa 1 month ago

    How are them fries?

  • Cristopher De Rosa
    Cristopher De Rosa 1 month ago

    LIT!!!! uh hmmm uh hmmm #freeC5

  • Osamh Al ghamdi
    Osamh Al ghamdi 1 month ago

    الله يشفيك ويشفي مرضى المسلمين يامعوق

    (google it)

  • Ana Arevalo
    Ana Arevalo 1 month ago

    any body from 2017

  • Dillon Austin
    Dillon Austin 1 month ago

    bacon mmmhmmm with cheese mmmhmmm extra mayo mmmhmmm

  • josmar vazquez
    josmar vazquez 1 month ago

    future killi'n it !!!

  • Ana Arevalo
    Ana Arevalo 1 month ago


  • Ana Arevalo
    Ana Arevalo 1 month ago

    I am wendys i got booty

  • Ana Arevalo
    Ana Arevalo 1 month ago

    I am baldy i got butter hmmm

  • Ana Arevalo
    Ana Arevalo 1 month ago

    paper towels in the bath i need it for the mess

  • Ana Arevalo
    Ana Arevalo 1 month ago

    eating chinese food mmmhhh i got diabetes oooohnooo

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