Hallelujah- Lindsey Stirling- #aSaviorIsBorn

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  • Merry Christmas Stirlingites!

    Please watch this video that shares the Christmas story:

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  • MauiWowieOwie
    MauiWowieOwie 25 minutes ago

    One of the best violinist on the planet, and quite possibly the best female violinist period.

  • miguel tautiu
    miguel tautiu 1 hour ago

    Gracias Linsey por tus hermosos videos eres lo máximo.

  • Tina L.
    Tina L. 2 hours ago


  • Natalie Vigil
    Natalie Vigil 3 hours ago


  • Alexandre Evaristo
    Alexandre Evaristo 3 hours ago


  • katypillarkm
    katypillarkm 3 hours ago

    I don't worry so much about others seeing something in me. I just want to be able to know there's something to see.

  • Marim Roma
    Marim Roma 4 hours ago

    جميلة اوى حبيتك😍

  • Pam Pillay
    Pam Pillay 4 hours ago

    Amen😊... through Christ we can do all things and his always living in us and showering us daily with his gifts and blessings ...

  • Caroline Frank
    Caroline Frank 5 hours ago

    wow...this is Great 💥

  • Tushendra Bhati
    Tushendra Bhati 7 hours ago

    I really love it.... How I can explain you... It's so nice. I love you too.... This is amazing....

  • Olga Goretoy
    Olga Goretoy 8 hours ago

    THANK YOU for this message, and this music! God bless you.

  • MrDragooner
    MrDragooner 8 hours ago

    This is the one of the most beautiful song written in the world and is written by a man from Montreal

  • Jerry Tomljenovic
    Jerry Tomljenovic 9 hours ago

    Absolutely amazing! Such an amazing and talented woman.

  • Alison Wright
    Alison Wright 9 hours ago

    Lindsey Stirling you will always have the beauty inside and out . thank you for your music and thank you for being and thank you for playing and dancing with all your heart & soul you have a talent . hugs :) your music makes me smile and dance

  • roman siwy
    roman siwy 10 hours ago

    kocham cie Linsdey

  • Jim Burns, Jr.
    Jim Burns, Jr. 10 hours ago

    You and I should talk Lindsey. Thank you very much for your good will, and endeavor to provide a good example.

  • FeRSeeR
    FeRSeeR 13 hours ago

    The Lord himself sowed gift of love

    For woman, man - He gave them both.

    May this love forever and ever stay.

    Let's praise the Lord loudly so

    For His gift, For His love

    Let's sing it together: Hallelujah!

    Ref: Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    Oh Lord today in your home

    Can be heard this hymn of love

    With all my strenght I will praise you

    Dear God bless that love

    Give them strenght every day

    We beg You calling Hallelujah!

    Ref: Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

  • Je t'aime
    Je t'aime 16 hours ago

    I love her songs as always. Did she get recognized by anyone in the subway station when she dressed so differently?

  • SyaNjoo ahtserhs
    SyaNjoo ahtserhs 22 hours ago

    really impressed •••• have a hope to live for Jesus😔

  • ramega31
    ramega31 1 day ago

    please come on to costa rica

  • Daniel Alves 123
    Daniel Alves 123 1 day ago

    Lindo 🌹💫🌟

  • Simon Howarth
    Simon Howarth 1 day ago

    Just the most humble and honest person 😇

  • Stacy Cooper
    Stacy Cooper 1 day ago

    Love this. Lindsey your very creative and talented. One if my favorite songs❤

  • Rebecca Koshy
    Rebecca Koshy 1 day ago

    This song just sounds sadder now ❤

  • djoni sestren
    djoni sestren 2 days ago

    Lido.deus ilumine sempre vc.

  • Roman Koksharoff
    Roman Koksharoff 2 days ago

    Yet again, from Russia with love. Keep it going, cheers!

  • Andrzej Bieronski
    Andrzej Bieronski 2 days ago

    dont stop pls

  • Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans 2 days ago

    Thanks for being an inspiration to this world, Lindsey.

  • Jose Pineda
    Jose Pineda 2 days ago

    You are the most beautiful person I've ever known inside and out. It shines through in everything that you do. In your inspiring music, in the way that you dance, in the way that you treat others. I felt this way since the first moment I saw you in a video playing the violin and dancing, my first thought was she can't be doing that for real. I watched a second a third and I was hooked into the wonder and beauty that is Lindsey Sterling. Thank you for sharing that beauty with all of us. May God always bless you....

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  • Sonia Perez
    Sonia Perez 2 days ago

    I believe in god to

  • Sonia Perez
    Sonia Perez 2 days ago

    You became an inspiration to many

  • Sonia Perez
    Sonia Perez 2 days ago

    I remember your old content I started watching you since 2012 and you kept going you became big I LOVE YOU LINDSEY

  • Ravi Verma
    Ravi Verma 2 days ago

    wow amazing....

  • kai1501 wow
    kai1501 wow 2 days ago

    german : lindsey ich bin ein junge bin 14 jahre alt und muste weinen. english : Lindsey i am a boy am 14 years old and muste

  • apples & bananas
    apples & bananas 2 days ago

    Have you ever ice skated and played violin at the same time?

  • James Rummans
    James Rummans 3 days ago

    A beautiful rendition

  • Aaron Andersen
    Aaron Andersen 3 days ago

    wow no words

  • Fanny Claes
    Fanny Claes 3 days ago

    j adore c est trop bien

  • cristian Kiti
    cristian Kiti 3 days ago

    que belo ,tão lindo ,se todos soubessem apressiar sentir com a alma o toque do som do violino nos tocando a alma , mas infelizmente muitos acham este lindo e maravilhoso som feio , agora pra mim n existe som melhor som que toca a alma

  • Kees Vanwanrooij
    Kees Vanwanrooij 3 days ago

    Background music for a christmas carol.....!!!

  • Kay Murmylo
    Kay Murmylo 3 days ago

    thanks for sharing:) It can be hard to talk about your faith to the public! You're a great example to me:)<3

  • просто бармате

    ахуительно просто пиздец

  • em 1233
    em 1233 3 days ago

    God bless you Lindsey Sterling

  • Maisam Rasuli
    Maisam Rasuli 3 days ago


  • Emma Steiner-Jessen 5b Ans Skole

    I Love dis song ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Andreas Walden
    Andreas Walden 3 days ago

    Das beste der Welt

  • bgdKhan
    bgdKhan 3 days ago


  • Rafael  Lara
    Rafael Lara 3 days ago


  • Danielle Cristiane
    Danielle Cristiane 3 days ago

    Perfect ♡...

  • Michael Mccauley
    Michael Mccauley 4 days ago

    I'd love to hear her play this in my darkest hour

  • wombraider091
    wombraider091 4 days ago

    Amen Hunny xx

  • I tanya gupta
    I tanya gupta 4 days ago

    You're gift. ❤. #lovefromindia. I am emotionally attach to you now. Idk How. I am. If I ever get to meet you I'm gonna cry my heart out.

  • Snowman speaks
    Snowman speaks 4 days ago

    Great talent...but not a christian...sad but true...Mormonism is a cult

  • Dalma F
    Dalma F 4 days ago

    woooaau... me quede sin palabras... admirable... bailar y tocar... mis respetos y admiracion para tan majestuosa artista... saludos de Argentina

  • Calimero rssl
    Calimero rssl 4 days ago

    You doing an best job I love so much 😊😊(sory for my english i'm french 😅)

  • Emilayne Rocha
    Emilayne Rocha 4 days ago

    Hi Lindsey Stirling! I loved this song! 😍
    If you could send me the score, I would appreciate it !! Thank you very much in advance! 😘

  • Emilayne Rocha
    Emilayne Rocha 4 days ago

    Hi Lindsey Stirling! I loved this song! 😍
    If you could send me the score, I would appreciate it !! Thank you very much in advance! 😘

  • Joe Edwards
    Joe Edwards 4 days ago

    Love your skill and music, but I unsubscribing due to the overt pushing of your religion on others.


    es algo hermoso

  • James Brenner
    James Brenner 4 days ago

    Abosultely the beat artist on earth .....

  • Vulturejr1
    Vulturejr1 4 days ago

    I've been going through alot of self confidence issues here lately, and been in a deep depression. Lindsey, the ending touched my heart and gave me hope. Thank you for what you do.

  • Alvaro Canobio
    Alvaro Canobio 4 days ago

    I Love you :)

  • sikupanda
    sikupanda 4 days ago


  • Jonathan Barcus
    Jonathan Barcus 5 days ago

    Excellent video!! Too many Christians in hiding, glad to see she isn't ashamed of her beliefs. Way to go Lindsey!!

  • bella channel
    bella channel 5 days ago

    God bless you lindsey!!.. she is such an inspiration to people all around the world and she believes in the Lord God and I've seen previews of her movie coming out on yt red and she's going through some tough times and I belive we the stirlingites should help her through this Hard time!?

  • Captain J. Dreadful
    Captain J. Dreadful 5 days ago

    Doesn't this just make you cry because the beauty and tranquility? I can't be the only one....

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 5 days ago

    I might be an atheist, but I still loved this video and the message of love and inner beauty.

  • cathy sanchez
    cathy sanchez 5 days ago

    ♡♡♡♡ +

  • Mike Garber
    Mike Garber 5 days ago

    Lindsey, you ARE amazing

  • Littleclientmod
    Littleclientmod 5 days ago


  • Aline Diantami
    Aline Diantami 5 days ago

    it's the first time i cried for violin cover. thanks.

  • MichaelYadi
    MichaelYadi 5 days ago

    藝術之真諦 : 活出 超越時空 與 超越一切表相 存在 ... all is about energy frequency ... the way backing to LOVE energy frequency ... so touched to tears down firstly to listening this.. Bravo !

  • Myleaha Long
    Myleaha Long 5 days ago

    I'm not crying , my allergies are messing with me

  • Kylie's Corner
    Kylie's Corner 5 days ago +1

    The way she made it louder and softer. I got goosebumps. That is difficult on a stringed instrument

  • EvokShok Games/Vlogs

    Lindsey, you are wonderful. Yes, Jesus does see your beauty in your self. leave a thumbs up if you agree or leave a comments. Lindsey, we love you so much! :D

  • Frank Tulumello
    Frank Tulumello 5 days ago

    Lindsey, You you are an amazing artist and person ! I wish you the best young lady.

  • Kitty- Girl
    Kitty- Girl 6 days ago

    Your are an amazing dancer and violinist and it's good to know there someone out there who believes in Jesus Christ like me and my family and they have gone through the same as I. I've been bullied for 4-5 years now and I always think it's because I'm me and I'm just not good enough but I know I'm a child of God and he always sees the good in us, but even though we're all wretched sinners we still sees the beauty.

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming 6 days ago

    Lindsay you are a magnificent girl you are wonderful at violin I hope I could learn the violin just like you and I love the lord and I love the song and a savour is born and that speech you said at the end is true glory to God in the highest Jesus Christ has come down to earth and I hope that others may see this message and I am happy to know that you know the gospels message to and that you're sharing it to the world love you Lindsey

  • Tim DiMiceli
    Tim DiMiceli 6 days ago

    This reminds me times in going to the A train in Manhattan and being able to watch peddlers like this, amazing works, making music that loved for so little...but some people appreciated them, if i had a buck or five I'd pass it their way. I remember an amazing Asian Celloist who was on the platform every Tuesday. The music he pushed forth..some days I just wanted not to go to work and listen to him.

  • Reper1483
    Reper1483 6 days ago

    Amen Sister! Yes, Jesus Does See The Beauty in ALL OF US not our Short Comings!!! This is a simple fact same as Jesus Died for OUR SINS! ALL OF THEM and GOD Keeps His Promises! Thank You for your video, Your god Given Talent and may you long share this Angelic Gift. Your performance touched my very soul on a visceral level not often felt out side when Father God is walking with me and Jesus has me in his arms. God Be With You Sweet Sister. Yours Truly, A Grateful Human Being

  • 11thDoctorsmatt
    11thDoctorsmatt 6 days ago

    but i still like it.

  • 11thDoctorsmatt
    11thDoctorsmatt 6 days ago

    as my orchestra teacher puts it. she plays with as much skill as he did in 5th grade.

  • Rami Bdran
    Rami Bdran 6 days ago

    I love you

  • Genna Harris
    Genna Harris 6 days ago

    awesome i miss somebody

  • Adonis Morales
    Adonis Morales 6 days ago

    wao ella toca muy bien el violín felicidades

  • Laura K.
    Laura K. 6 days ago

    this is sooooo beautyful and wonderful ❤

  • Anastacia Trachsel
    Anastacia Trachsel 6 days ago

    dis is biudefol song!

  • Mélissa Longoria
    Mélissa Longoria 6 days ago

    Wonderful ❤

  • Kasane Teto Fever
    Kasane Teto Fever 6 days ago

    Now this, this is beautiful

  • pancake lover102
    pancake lover102 6 days ago

    i am an atheist

  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz 6 days ago

    PERFECT !!!! ❤❤

  • Karrie Ann
    Karrie Ann 6 days ago


  • Rishabh Manglunia
    Rishabh Manglunia 6 days ago +1

    I am neither Christian nor American. But I feel there is some emotional connection of this beautiful piece of music and Christian/American traditions. May someone please tell me what it is?

  • Dieter Koppka
    Dieter Koppka 6 days ago

    Einfach schön

  • herry westar
    herry westar 6 days ago

    I cried, I liked it, of course I liked your videos.thanks

  • Dayna Rodriguez
    Dayna Rodriguez 6 days ago

    Amazing! I just KNEW that you were filled with the spirit. God drew me toward your music to show my neighbor's daughter and He is after her life wildfire! Its beautiful to show her even more beautiful inspirational musically talented women. <3 thank you!

  • Amul Raj
    Amul Raj 6 days ago


  • Amul Raj
    Amul Raj 6 days ago


  • Rafaela Lourenço Lourenço

    Que lindo

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