Another Top 10 Best Secret Bosses in Video Games!

  • Added:  5 months ago
  • Another Top 10 Best Secret Bosses in Video Games! // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    We would have included these on the first list, but you know...they were a secret. These are the bosses that are hard to find, totally optional and probably really damn hard too! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Another Top 10 Secret Bosses in Video Games!

    00:23 #10. Ethereal Queen
    01:05 #9. Giga Bowser
    01:52 #8. Driviks, The Chosen
    02:40 #7. Engineer Omegaplugg
    03:27 #6. Izanami
    04:18 #5. Night Terror
    05:05 #4. The Moon Presence
    05:54 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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Comments: 836

  •  5 months ago +9

    Play some of the games featured on this list for yourself!
    Destiny The Collection - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition Driviks, the Chosen
    World of Warcraft - PC/Mac Engineer Omegaplugg
    Bloodborne The Moon Presence

    • OogieBoogie
      OogieBoogie Month ago

      Thin Crust- Game Secrets, Scott isn't secret. He's the final boss of hard mode. CHIPPER'S REVENGE is the secret boss.

    • How It SHOULDN'T Have Ended
      How It SHOULDN'T Have Ended Month ago


    • nightlemon 73
      nightlemon 73 4 months ago

      I'm just saying but in your other top ten secret bosses the slot machine was there but if you couldn't find another secret boss I understand

  • Adam Palmer
    Adam Palmer Day ago

    Screw you Knight terror

  • vvaati
    vvaati 10 days ago

    Where's Hush????????

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 11 days ago

    nameless king is better than moon presence ask anypne

  • llicaldo
    llicaldo 11 days ago

    Gouki in ssf2t??????????

  • Felype Rennan
    Felype Rennan 12 days ago

    I really like the Golden Rabbit on NieR Automata

  • Asshat818
    Asshat818 24 days ago

    Big Boo from Super Mario World is a good one for an honorable mention.

  • Mama Junko
    Mama Junko Month ago

    no ball from disgaea

    you guys fucking suck

  • Bryan9000Blast
    Bryan9000Blast Month ago

    I think your missing shadow Jago from killer instinct.

  • A Ginger Named Pud'n

    Darkeater Midir will always be my favorite secret boss fight. Damn was it a challenge.

  • Ernesto Macia Fumero

    FF7 secret boss fight reminded me of Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate.

  • Elaine Eagan
    Elaine Eagan Month ago

    i think that you should do the ultraKnight in Destiny

    • Zdude0127
      Zdude0127 26 days ago

      The one they picked is definitely worthy of the list. The Ultra Knight isn't. Bungie does need to add in another secret boss like Driviks though.

  • Veiko Prosso
    Veiko Prosso Month ago

    wheres kingdom hearts 2 lingering will?

  • XFrozenAshX
    XFrozenAshX Month ago

    That moment you've beaten a few of these bosses before and not even realised they were secret bosses. Night Terror being the main one myself.

  • GNOME Gnome
    GNOME Gnome Month ago

    cave story ballos

  • The Memer
    The Memer Month ago

    OFF: Sugar

  • Firepit
    Firepit Month ago

    Bruh the king of the storm is probably the hardest boss and most memorable and you put it behind the moon presence

  • Trilogy Eaglestar
    Trilogy Eaglestar Month ago

    darktooth from twisted metal 2 anyone?

  • FireFly101010
    FireFly101010 2 months ago +1

    So Sorry. ummm... you put that but not the Chara boss fight from undertale. To get it you need to hack the game's code files i mean wow.

  • TrepidTable2
    TrepidTable2 2 months ago

    Were is galacta knight

  • Pug Wizard
    Pug Wizard 2 months ago +1

    Where's the hush from binding of Isaac rebirth?

  • WAIT3R's Gaming Insanity

    6:43 oh, there he is.

  • Leoxes Yude
    Leoxes Yude 2 months ago

    So Sorry isn't a Boss monster, I'm pretty sure he's a mini-boss monster. Also, while his apologetic personality is a bit funny, I don't think he should have been mentioned instead of The Master from Paper Mario or Arceus from Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

  • TalXes
    TalXes 2 months ago

    You guys rly have to learn the diffrence between "optional" and "secret" bosses. Emerald Weapon is just there, i guess every new FF7 player found him in a instant because the submarine part is needed for story progress.

  • Isacman058 Bertilson
    Isacman058 Bertilson 2 months ago

    Frank horigan in fallout new vegas

  • Drake Cloans
    Drake Cloans 2 months ago

    Izanami? Really? Not Margaret or Elizabeth? Those who rule over power??

  • destiny king423
    destiny king423 2 months ago

    how about the ultra captain or ultra knight from destiny?

  • imacookie12
    imacookie12 2 months ago

    Koviks is way harder than Drediks

  • Francisco Soto Villegas

    I hate you, Dullahan! I HATE YOU!! You, living Hell!

  • Wave Tune
    Wave Tune 2 months ago

    i thougth Devil may Cry 4 was gonna be here when you defeat mundus after the the cuscene of nero getting out of the titan you can figth the titan

  • Christian Mark Gerard Tuvera

    Is it just me or did the slot machine appear in the top 10 secret boss

  • Stephen Renze
    Stephen Renze 2 months ago

    I still think the Avalanche Abassy from Xenoblade should be in list

  • Brendan Miller
    Brendan Miller 2 months ago

    What about the secret boss in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for the PS3

  • TheDarkalkymist
    TheDarkalkymist 3 months ago

    you can break the timer on emerald, morph materia a st elmo's fire in the underwater reactor, take the guide book to calm to trade for the underwater materia, and he is still a weak boss

  • Alex Price
    Alex Price 3 months ago

    Stretch transfer play whole abstract return impose employ.

  • DarkFrozenDepths
    DarkFrozenDepths 3 months ago

    you said you better hope aliens don't invade the planet for killing emerald weapon...

    i''m sorry, but aren't you STRONGER than emerald weapon for killing it? YOU protect the planet then

  • Mick Willemse
    Mick Willemse 3 months ago

    you should have chosen laurence instead of moon presence

  • carnictus23
    carnictus23 3 months ago

    No Dickeater midir?

    • LaserShark19
      LaserShark19 2 months ago

      carnictus23 the video came out before the DLC did

  • 00JEDF
    00JEDF 3 months ago

    How is gay ass destiny on this list

  • FlusH Bb
    FlusH Bb 3 months ago

    I think 9tails from the Megaman X Command Mission should be on this list

  • TheNobleShade
    TheNobleShade 3 months ago

    Again, no Amon from the Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku series?

  • Krabby
    Krabby 3 months ago

    Where the hell is the Dark Demon from Demon's Crest?

  • Acel Jean
    Acel Jean 3 months ago +1

    *Sees Izanami here but no Elizabeth* *TRIGGERED!*

  • Jason Rivera
    Jason Rivera 3 months ago

    I was expecting Faust from Legend of Dragoon. This is the only secret and most difficult boss in whole game, even more difficult than the final boss Melbu Frahma. To battle him you need to collect the 50 Stardust scattered throughout the maps on all 4 discs, once you have them you need to return to disc 3 and only then you can inflict damage on him.

  • D.J Deathbox
    D.J Deathbox 3 months ago

    I two maned the chosen guy in destiny we were both under the light level I was ten under we died about twice

  • Sun and moon adventurer Logan

    #6 was a honorable mention in the first one

  • LaserShark19
    LaserShark19 3 months ago +1

    What the hell!! No Nameless King??!!!!

  • RuizantD
    RuizantD 3 months ago

    Where is Jo Amon from Yakuza?

  • MrAnonymous
    MrAnonymous 3 months ago

    And i thought the largest panda ever from warcraft 3 was going to be in this....

    • Theuone
      Theuone 2 months ago

      Huh, never thought of WC3's hidden boss(ess?) being listed, but yeah, it was tough. With WoW though, I had no idea of Omegaplug, and would've said Kosumoth the Hungering, for the requirement.

  • Thunder Wool
    Thunder Wool 3 months ago

    I was expecting Omega Zero from MMZX.

  • Tadi Chan
    Tadi Chan 3 months ago +1

    Where is Dark Dream and Estack

  • Zac Irvin
    Zac Irvin 3 months ago

    Bloodborne is one of the greatest games of all time.

  • Kevin pissoff
    Kevin pissoff 3 months ago

    I gotta be honest... The weapons in FFVII shouldn't be in this list... They aren't even really hidden. If you go under water, you will almost gaurenteed to see Emerald swimming around... And everyone sees the little red spike in the desert and checks it out, only to blasted into oblivion. Penance from 10, or even Ultima/Omega Weapon from 8 would've been a better pick, because you really have to go out of your way to unlock those.

  • Danny Luck
    Danny Luck 3 months ago

    i thought it would be ruby weapon, then again with him you take your time, with emerald weapon you have to beat him in under 20 minutes which will make you go crazy and you ave to attack like constantly.

  • Makai Xavier
    Makai Xavier 3 months ago

    0:04 Ooh! Undertale! (btw thats So Sorry

  • ZC5ive
    ZC5ive 4 months ago

    ratchet and clank 2 should be here.

    Mother ship and the swamp monster 2

    • ZC5ive
      ZC5ive 2 months ago

      He is brutal, He gives you the box breaker, a hyper strike causes a earthquake which breaks nearby boxes, which is great, but you can access the boss when you get the gravity boots, and you are sorely unprepared for this boss fight with weapons and heath when you are able to fight him. Usually I just throw decoy gloves. Of course, you could just save up from the start of the game and purchase the Ryno ii.

    • Theuone
      Theuone 2 months ago

      Ooooh, I forgot about them, and yeah, the second swamp monster is brutal, and limited, I think.

  • koopadude1
    koopadude1 4 months ago

    I miss when WatchMojo had more than 2 or 3 Honorable Mentions

  • Aaron Carr
    Aaron Carr 4 months ago


  • Vergil Mobius
    Vergil Mobius 4 months ago

    Emerald Weapon, but not ozma? Really though

  • jorge floria
    jorge floria 4 months ago

    the legendary ships from Assassins Creed Black Flag should have been here!!

  • Justin Conrad
    Justin Conrad 4 months ago

    Avatar Nix makes Izanami look like a pushover, but if you're underleveled her skills and her insta kill attack, ironically called Summon to Yomi, will kick your ass every time

  • sam lay
    sam lay 4 months ago

    I was expecting crawmerax from borderlands general noxx armory

  • Kazuki Katsuhito
    Kazuki Katsuhito 4 months ago

    all emeralds kicked my ass

  • Dark Pulsar
    Dark Pulsar 4 months ago

    Ethreal queen was a joke compared to Freya in Star Ocean Till the End of Time

  • Justin Craden
    Justin Craden 4 months ago

    The Fallen - Last Remnant

  • IlikePG3D
    IlikePG3D 4 months ago

    How to the f*ck can you think that the Moon Precense is more intimidating than The Nameless king?! The Nameless king is probably the hardest boss in Dark Souls 3 and the moon precense is push-over.

    • Mr. Boom
      Mr. Boom 3 months ago

      IlikePG3D Intimidating as in more looking intimidating

  • Everett Jacobsen
    Everett Jacobsen 4 months ago

    Driviks the Chosen was not a secret boss

  • Dragoon Kale
    Dragoon Kale 4 months ago

    >Emerald Weapon makes number 1

    I...I'm kinda sad. Really, if you were going to pick a FF7 Superboss, Ruby would have been the better choice since it's stupid high defense stats keep it from being One Shotted using the Missing Score+KOTR trick.

  • Michael Strebe
    Michael Strebe 4 months ago

    not a single boss in this was hard they were not easy

  • Gorky Duque
    Gorky Duque 4 months ago

    Yiazmat is 10000000 times more epic than emerald weapon just saying....

  • Frostman411
    Frostman411 4 months ago

    Honestly? If I didn't have the guide I would never have thought of the way to get to the Nameless King's level. Lore wise he's got just as much weight as the Moon Presence. Oh and he's WAY harder.

  • Hecci666
    Hecci666 4 months ago

    Exodus in Final Fantasy XII.

  • sonic dew
    sonic dew 4 months ago

    i wasn't aware that driviks mission in destiny was a hidden boss fight. ive done it 3 time and its not really that hard.

  • Lemuel Bacli
    Lemuel Bacli 4 months ago

    that's not emerald weapon its quin mansa/mantha

  • Narutotar
    Narutotar 4 months ago

    2:09 blight level?

  • Dovahkiin Dragonborn
    Dovahkiin Dragonborn 4 months ago

    I think terramorphous from borderlands 2 should've been on the list because handsome jack and the warrior are the main bosses and to get the terramorphous quest you need to beat them

  • William D'Cruze
    William D'Cruze 4 months ago

    What about Elizabeth from Persona 3?

  • Fabio Spiller
    Fabio Spiller 4 months ago

    But... the Ethereal Queen was also a secret boss from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria :O
    Game from which you should check out this boss: DETERMINED DIRNA!

  • Xenobytes
    Xenobytes 4 months ago

    I was surprised that the Star Ocean series were here...

  • UntoDawn VII
    UntoDawn VII 4 months ago

    kh1/2 sephiroth

  • Gregory Foresi
    Gregory Foresi 4 months ago

    Emerald Weapon is way easier and less hidden than Ozma. Shoulda been Ozma.

  • Drakador Chaos
    Drakador Chaos 4 months ago

    Dullahan was a pain to fight n ya had to transfer saves from the first game to even get him, good to see he´s at least in honorable mentions :D

  • ReviewTechAfrica
    ReviewTechAfrica 4 months ago +1

    BORDERLANDS 2 !!! u fucking cunts!!! omg borderlands 2 is known for the best secret bosses!!

  • Zlatant
    Zlatant 4 months ago +1

    I love the secret boss of Fate/Extra. When you finish the game once and have completed all Taiga's Request, you encounter in the final dungeon the protagonist of Kara no Kyokai (The Garden of Sinners), Ryougi Shiki. Which is by far the hardest enemy of the game

  • Federico Maggi
    Federico Maggi 4 months ago

    What about Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy 8 one of the hardest and craziest boss ever!

  • Gabriel C
    Gabriel C 4 months ago

    Reptile from MK1 should be on this list

  • Killagan Rebel
    Killagan Rebel 4 months ago

    the Faust from legends of drogoons. he is really hard!

  • Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    Ethereal Queen my Tri-Ace waifu.

  • Joshua Martin
    Joshua Martin 4 months ago

    for me on Destiny he's easy

  • narwhal y u care
    narwhal y u care 4 months ago

    Obviously final fantasy *AGAIN*

  • SoulHaruno
    SoulHaruno 4 months ago

    ok I have to say this I have beaten the emerald weapon with HELLACIOUS ease all you need to do is get to level 99 (isn't hard just tedious) get ALOT of master counter materia for 2 characters WITH master 2X cut and their ultimate weapons and one character dedicated as a healer if your characters with counter are doing 9999 damage each time you will utterly shit on that thing like it's nobodies business hell I managed to kill it under 7 minutes without the underwater materia so in many ways the ruby weapon is a lot harder than the emerald weapon (I know it says top 10 best not top 10 hardest I'm just putting this up here for if anybody out there has the game and still hasn't beaten it yet)

  • SHK Potter
    SHK Potter 4 months ago

    We need to see a "top ten hardest shooting games released after 2000"

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 4 months ago

    Emerald WEAPON is a secret boss?

  • micasaespobre
    micasaespobre 4 months ago

    I can't believe Dullahan was only an honorable mention :C

  • Kyle Decker
    Kyle Decker 4 months ago

    Ruby is so much worse than Emerald. Tossing people out of battle. Not just killing. Where they can be revived. Full on exiles two party members.

  • Kevin Ramos
    Kevin Ramos 4 months ago +4

    Sephiroth from Kingdom Hearts 1 is still #1

    WatchMojo Sucks.

    • TheGrandRevo
      TheGrandRevo 3 months ago

      Pussy...perhaps not he's hard but not Lingering Will/ BBS Xehanort hard, those two will test your sanity

    • Richard Don
      Richard Don 4 months ago

      Love that mofo, but he's so hard to beat..

    • Kevin Ramos
      Kevin Ramos 4 months ago

      It is a secret boss idiot -_-

      It even haves the "???" in the lists in Herc's World in KH1.

    • Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình
      Thiên Phúc Nguyễn Đình 4 months ago

      SECRET Bosses. Learn how to read carefully

  • Tijs Peeters
    Tijs Peeters 4 months ago

    Nameless king fo focks sake

  • Darius Nolan
    Darius Nolan 4 months ago

    Julian in Saints Row 2 you have to find the recordings of him selling you out in the first game in the police station to unlock the special mission where you kill him

  • Пися Камушкин


  • Seth Yuikora
    Seth Yuikora 4 months ago

    The only thing that made Emerald difficult was the fact the game didn't tell you that having 9+ materia equipped on a character would guarantee his special attack would kill them in one shot.

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