Um, We Have A Few Questions About the Purge (CH Does the Purge)

  • Added:  9 months ago
  • Don't just stand there, go purge! Doesn't that look like fun?

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    Pam Murphy
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Comments: 6 330

  • Ethan Zweifel
    Ethan Zweifel 3 hours ago

    Canada is part of America. Its just not a part of the U.S.

  • Patrick Ross
    Patrick Ross 5 hours ago

    To answer the question "are the unforgivable curses from Harry Potter legal?" I would like to think they are not. I would like to think that the wizarding world would not take part in this purge, thus the laws they have set would still be in effect.

  • DumbyPlays
    DumbyPlays 18 hours ago

    grants very gay its kinda funny

  • Mica Varela
    Mica Varela 23 hours ago

    Actually Canada IS part of America.

  • Mikaela Stradling
    Mikaela Stradling 1 day ago

    If you can't kill a government official then how come they were all trying to kill that senator in the second film?

  • teetheluchador
    teetheluchador 1 day ago

    this is still easily one of college humors funniest videos to me

  • jerryiscooll
    jerryiscooll 1 day ago

    If I publish someone elses report as mine during the purge, will it be plagiarism the next day?

  • Derby Mods
    Derby Mods 1 day ago

    I love how she says mickey mouse is illegal because of it's trade mark but she won't answer the legality of the other perfectly reasonable questions.

  • Sunshine4695
    Sunshine4695 1 day ago

    So then, is it hard to become a high ranking government official?

  • lfieldsjr13
    lfieldsjr13 2 days ago

    So what if you walk into NORAD without killing anyone, fire a nuclear missile at your neighbors house to kill him, but you only live a block away from the white house. Technically anyone else who dies is unforseen collateral damage, how did you know where they were gonna be?

  • candycookiekitty minniekitty

    What if you kidnap someone do you have to give them back the next day

  • Elephants Are Cool
    Elephants Are Cool 2 days ago +1

    The Purge would create the weirdest court cases. Where it would be all about (when) they committed the crime. Instead of (whether or not) they committed the crime.

    "Judge, I swear I through that baby into the wood chipper after the purge started. Not 7 seconds before like those clearly blind witnesses claim."

  • Elephants Are Cool
    Elephants Are Cool 2 days ago +1

    If a rapist gets a woman pregnant during the Purge. Does he then have to pay child support after the child is born?

  • lol face 101
    lol face 101 2 days ago


  • RiftWolfen
    RiftWolfen 2 days ago +1

    Ummm yes canada is part of the America idiot

  • Stingray
    Stingray 2 days ago +1

    Harry Potter Reference!!!😊😊😊🤓🤓🤓

  • Devyn Roseborsky
    Devyn Roseborsky 2 days ago

    Before gay marriage was legal I wonder how many people just got married on Purge day

  • qwerty842
    qwerty842 3 days ago

    This was actually satisfying to watch considering how god fucking awful the "Purg" franchise is
    Thanks CH

  • ShadowStorm 2.0
    ShadowStorm 2.0 3 days ago

    Is it illegal to murder a high ranking government official even though they technically have immunity

  • Ciara Ahern
    Ciara Ahern 4 days ago

    What if you illegally entered the us but during the purge, are you allowed stay? Does that make you a legal immigrant

  • KingRabid
    KingRabid 4 days ago

    if someone was hospitalized before the purge but their convalescence would lapse over into the start and duration of the purge, is it illegal to attack that person and/or stop caring for them if its a private hospital? or a normal hospital for that matter, they arent government employees?

  • Maxine McQuarters
    Maxine McQuarters 5 days ago

    Why do people always murder? What about all the other crimes?

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 5 days ago

    They asked some very good questions!!

  • Mal Septiceye
    Mal Septiceye 5 days ago

    im laughing at 1202 am

  • Cartoonaroonies *
    Cartoonaroonies * 6 days ago

    breaking news: America just annexed Canada

  • RevolutionInsignia
    RevolutionInsignia 6 days ago

    *P L A G I A R I Z E A L L T H E E S S A Y S*

  • joey rosenbaum
    joey rosenbaum 7 days ago

    That dead pixel in the footage made me question my phone

  • Audrey Muentes
    Audrey Muentes 7 days ago

    If I kid napped a child during the purge, would they still try and look for them after the purge ends

  • Netheryk
    Netheryk 7 days ago

    Can we print money during the purge and then still use them as real money the next time during a purge somebody kidnaps somebody loved?

  • RandomScrub
    RandomScrub 7 days ago +1


    DNTME 7 days ago

    I have a question: Why are 95% (or more) of those shown killed in The Purge movies males when over half the population is female?

  • Golden Heart
    Golden Heart 8 days ago

    Canada is in America... north america... Canada is in North America

  • Kemal Sunal
    Kemal Sunal 8 days ago

    Can I smoke a Cuban cigar and eat a Kinderüberraschung during the purge?

  • WafflesauresRex
    WafflesauresRex 8 days ago

    "What about Canada? That's basically America."

  • ペリドx Kanna chan
    ペリドx Kanna chan 8 days ago +1

    The purge does exist

    It's called Black Friday

  • Just DeadPool
    Just DeadPool 8 days ago

    "oh shit that's a good question "

  • Blow Me
    Blow Me 9 days ago +1

    That guy saying purg

  • jrjp01
    jrjp01 9 days ago

    does that mean copyright law still applies during The Purge?

  • Untitled
    Untitled 9 days ago

    its pronounced purgging

  • Harriet Earle
    Harriet Earle 9 days ago

    I would go to Barnes and Noble and READ ALL THE BOOKS. I might also restock my underpants and socks at Macy's instead of buying the cheap stuff in *unmentionable store*

  • Sheart 88
    Sheart 88 9 days ago

    Is it illegal to push a bully down stairs and pause time to fame someone else oh wait that's what I wish I could do

  • goe5
    goe5 9 days ago

    It's so weird that the purge only focuses on murder. Where's the streakers? Kids seeing rated r movies? Since you can't harm anything government related, will you be safe in a national park or the post office? If you have a payment due on the day of the purge, does that mean you don't have to pay for it?

  • the truth
    the truth 10 days ago

    2nd video asking if cocaine is legal what's up CH?

  • Mega Evan
    Mega Evan 10 days ago

    "oh shit thats a good question" lmao 😂

  • Assasins Creed Unity
    Assasins Creed Unity 10 days ago


  • Bree Holthus
    Bree Holthus 10 days ago

    the guy about to cleave that girl and then "Oh shit that's a good question"
    that was hilarious

  • Isaac Mobley
    Isaac Mobley 10 days ago

    "Go purge, doesn't it look like fun"

  • Gabe Meyer
    Gabe Meyer 11 days ago

    wait, if all crime is legal, then trademark doesnt matter?

  • Pivot Prodigy
    Pivot Prodigy 11 days ago


  • Holden Strickland
    Holden Strickland 11 days ago

    Anyone else notice the yellow spot in the middle of the screen? No? Just me, okay

  • Tony Flamingo
    Tony Flamingo 11 days ago

    if you could kill why would you what would you gain

  • Di Dxpeo
    Di Dxpeo 12 days ago

    Micky Mouse isn't trademark anymore, it is in public domin, at least it should have been, leant from truTV.

  • Sawyer speaks
    Sawyer speaks 12 days ago

    What if I kill my family will my parents get mad

  • Daniel rogers
    Daniel rogers 13 days ago

    Wouldn't everyone just leave the country before purge night where crime is still illegal and come back after woods if not permanently

  • Karsten W
    Karsten W 13 days ago

    So if everything is legal, doesn't that mean I can use copyrighted things without permission? Does the copyrighted stuff have to be owned is America? Is it okay if I pirate a foreign movie? What if the leave America while the purge is going on? Will I still be able to do anything I want, or do I have to follow the laws of the place I went to? Where's the nearest convince store that I can raid?

    • Karsten W
      Karsten W 13 days ago

      Also is racism allowed?

  • Giggity King
    Giggity King 13 days ago

    Wasn't The Purge Craig McCracken's idea in his show "The PowerPuff Girls" when Princess Morbucks bought Townsville and legalized crime.

  • DarkFoxV
    DarkFoxV 14 days ago

    Canada is not part of the USA; Canada is part of America!
    America =/= USA

  • Jose Enrique Sequeira Montoya

    Canada is not part of America? I thought America is a continent

  • Phoebe Langwell
    Phoebe Langwell 14 days ago

    Is illegal immigration okay during the purge? Do they have to leave after?

  • Charlotte Hemingway
    Charlotte Hemingway 14 days ago

    I also have a question: Suppose I created an account for a library under another person's name and used all of their information without them knowing, then borrowed a bunch of books and then didn't return them so that the person gets fined, would that be okay if I created that account during the purge? That's something I was thinking about while returning a book.

  • Hector Godinez
    Hector Godinez 14 days ago

    If I plagiarize my essay on purge night can I still turn it in after?

  • Marco Cazares
    Marco Cazares 14 days ago

    I would purge on the purge instructs

  • The adventures of Phoebe the dog

    If I stole from a bank could I still use the money and not be tracked down by the police

  • flyingduck64 n
    flyingduck64 n 15 days ago

    What if I didn't want to purge could people still kill me

  • A Desk
    A Desk 15 days ago +1


  • summer roses
    summer roses 16 days ago +1

    Canada IS part of America...

  • Lucas Layton
    Lucas Layton 16 days ago

    the forbidden spells from harry potter, i am deceased XD

  • MortisedLeech
    MortisedLeech 17 days ago

    neyaz zi puurj

  • Sweet Pinnock
    Sweet Pinnock 17 days ago

    I never even thought of that lol.. I guess a lot of gay couples would get married during the purge

  • Gary Heinstrom
    Gary Heinstrom 17 days ago

    That was awesome

  • Memphis Johnston
    Memphis Johnston 17 days ago

    How do they handle rape or all the PTSD backlash made from the trauma or if you kill a child of the government employee and if the law is basically not counted for after the purge then it's that running the legal system by m

  • Interitus
    Interitus 18 days ago

    If everything is legal, why bother wearing a mask?

  • Meme FACTORY 不同
    Meme FACTORY 不同 18 days ago

    I like Katie's character in the purge

  • Pickleballs
    Pickleballs 18 days ago

    If I download something like a movie illegally am I allowed to watch it after the purge?

  • zo9ner
    zo9ner 18 days ago

    actully canada is part of America so if the purge is happening in America then there are 2 whole continents doing the purge

  • Dinkeroo
    Dinkeroo 19 days ago


  • The Cringe Is Real
    The Cringe Is Real 19 days ago

    if i were that lady i would just kill all of them so i dont have to hear there annoying questions

  • General Jims
    General Jims 19 days ago

    The purg XD

  • JPEARN667
    JPEARN667 19 days ago

    Cmon why the ACWA-R 42 Cmon

  • WizBiz Master
    WizBiz Master 19 days ago

    Wait if something is trademarked it shouldn't matter during the purge because it isn't illegal at that time

  • Plant Dolan lover 236 H

    And what do they purge on American empathize's

  • Seymour Bale
    Seymour Bale 20 days ago

    Canada has amazing education

  • Guevara Joseph
    Guevara Joseph 20 days ago

    so did any one seen that dot of missing pixie when the camera facing the woman or is it just me???

  • George Deane
    George Deane 20 days ago

    Canadian purge: I'm going to steal all the maple syrup

  • George Deane
    George Deane 20 days ago +1


  • Samuel Alexandre Plamondon

    Canada isnt part of America. Let me just remind everyone America isnt a country, its a continent. North America, and south america. so yes. Canada is part of America, North America. There.

  • Michael Hough
    Michael Hough 21 day ago

    what about kidnapping, if you abduct someone durring the purge is it illegal to continue to hold them captive after the purge is over

  • 57 Cadillac
    57 Cadillac 21 day ago

    wait so the police department is closed? cant i ride a tank and raid the white house, isnt it a good idea? to kill the retard that made all crime legal as long as hes not black or obama?

  • tricycle_cat person.

    I've always wanted to take control of EVERY pound and set ALL OF THE ANIMALS FREE.

  • Janna Gabrielle Myers


  • Luke Ryba
    Luke Ryba 21 day ago

    Canada is part of America

  • Rowdee Munkee
    Rowdee Munkee 22 days ago

    Anyone else see the yellow dot?

  • Roman Corey
    Roman Corey 22 days ago

    If you set a house on fire and it's still burning when it ends will u still be arrested

    • TiffanyCat Oregano
      TiffanyCat Oregano 18 days ago

      Roman Corey
      no because you started the burning during the purge; now it's just burning

  • Subr Subrr
    Subr Subrr 22 days ago

    But . . . Canada IS a part of America . . . it's just not part of the United States.

  • Christopher Chan
    Christopher Chan 23 days ago

    If I rob a store and Im just about finished, but dont step out of the store in time before it ends, what happens?

  • Radicalboy14
    Radicalboy14 23 days ago

    Why do they have the word cod on the mask instead of god

  • Themonsters546
    Themonsters546 23 days ago

    can i steal a tank to only destroy a couple of streets and buildings..

    i don't need the cannon though unless you dont care if i use it.

  • The Interstellar Collector

    What if you were standing on the border of USA and Mexico (or Canada ) like you were standing on the fence then would they be able to kill you seeing as you would be in the USA and Mexico (or Canada )

  • UnderGrowth
    UnderGrowth 23 days ago

    mexico is in america and a part of it

  • ChaoticLaw
    ChaoticLaw 23 days ago

    You just triggered all of Disney

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