Congressman Tom Reed hosts town halls after healthcare vote

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  • Harvey Burrows
    Harvey Burrows 1 month ago

    Reed hopefully your health care plan covers opiate abuse you fucking flake get treatment ASAP and start putting out your resume out I am sure you would qualify for dog catcher but you bald fuck no sniffing the dogs you are trying to catch get out of government you faker hopefully people have smartened up and vote you out I heard from a guy who knows a guy that Trump didn't even know who you were good impression your boss didn't even know you mister popular just like you were in high school lmfao

  • david gregory
    david gregory 2 months ago

    Reed you lie like a rug. Why not just tell the truth.....that you are bought by big pharma, insurance & the healthcare industry. You sir have been outed and the people are coming for your office. Git ready baby-Huey.

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