Ramsay Is Served STEAK IN A ROOF TILE & Cannot Get Over It | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • ashlyn
    ashlyn 9 hours ago

    The wardrobe change in the kitchen had me dying 😂

  • The Emerald Dragon
    The Emerald Dragon 10 hours ago

    These are freaking AMAZING

  • Abhay Kulkarni
    Abhay Kulkarni 13 hours ago

    Fuck. Me.

  • Le Ronan
    Le Ronan 15 hours ago

    "Something simple, something classic."

    *Wheels out steak on a fucking roof tile*

  • Matt Wernecke
    Matt Wernecke 16 hours ago

    A great Chef is creative, and cooks with love. A great Chef, has to understand the science,.
    Also, the Great chefs, understand the business side.
    I am learning on my own.
    Your videos are very entertaining, sad, and informative.
    Thanks so much G!

  • LordRaclettus
    LordRaclettus 19 hours ago

    1:37 YOU DON'T SAY!

  • Karen Lau
    Karen Lau 20 hours ago

    I scroll down to the comment section and already I see the top three comments as puns.

  • Evan Aviles
    Evan Aviles Day ago

    The old man was too adorable

  • Osn's Hat
    Osn's Hat Day ago +1

    Why the fuck is a librarian watch Gordon eat!?! 😂😂😂

  • Jack Mcg
    Jack Mcg Day ago

    Is their a singe one where he likes the food

  • Miss Moxie
    Miss Moxie Day ago

    I could spend all night making jokes about serving the steak on the roof tile but does that chef have any concept of what a food safe surface is?!?!?!

  • Mr.BookPro
    Mr.BookPro Day ago

    Can't find the original comment so here.

    Gordon: "Chef. It's time for you to take your Portobello steak to the next level."

    Chef: Serves it on a roof tile.....


  • Filip Vintila
    Filip Vintila Day ago

    It is chuy but I finished 😀

  • R. V.
    R. V. Day ago

    What does he mean by the food being "chewy"? Too soft, to easy to grit? I often hear that from him. Now he says the fillet mignon is tough *and* chewy. You can correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds to me like a contradiction. Thanks in advance!

  • Leon Springs Boys TV

    "The shingles virus is inside of all of us"


    the chick that walks in after the very loud squeek at 0:32 looked like she was trying to get Ramsey's attention. She got mine 😍😘😏😋😉

  • Aruxion
    Aruxion Day ago

    lol that old guy thought Gordon's mind was going to be blown by the roof tile :(

  • april james
    april james Day ago

    Talk about budget cuts geezus

  • JunHee Kim
    JunHee Kim 2 days ago

    I fucking love how speechless Gordon was with that steak :D

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 2 days ago

    I feel so bad for these guys since they were so excited and confident when serving it to him only for him to hate it.

  • Emil
    Emil 2 days ago +1

    Gordon Ramsay's tombstone when he dies is simply going to read "Fuck Me"

  • - CuberKingYT -
    - CuberKingYT - 2 days ago

    feed him his own food and I guarantee you he will say he doesn't like it... he talks shit about any food other than his(when he knows it's his)

  • Ecotelope
    Ecotelope 2 days ago

    funny thing is that I got a Montanas ad before this video

  • Adam Thomson
    Adam Thomson 2 days ago +1

    That girl with the black dress is hot

  • Stinger Johnny
    Stinger Johnny 2 days ago

    I think Ramsey went into shock for a moment

  • thefoundbird
    thefoundbird 3 days ago

    "Whatever. Just send it. Send it out." - Always a good chef philosophy, especially when sending food to another chef who's literally there to judge what you're doing.

  • Nostalgia 2
    Nostalgia 2 3 days ago +1

    i remember a steak i tasted in Genting, Malaysia. The sauce was orangey, i didnt think that was bad idk wut was good or not. Then, i chewed on the meat. Experienced the most extreme jaw exercise ever. Gordon should go there

  • Chris Goodie
    Chris Goodie 3 days ago

    was it tough or was it chewy make up your damn mind lol

  • rtefdf
    rtefdf 3 days ago

    0:51 could we please appreciate the fact that the chef actually acknowledges that the staff's opinion doesn't matter

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 3 days ago

    Gordon: Do you use the top to like cook it?
    Waitress: No its for looks
    Gordon proceeds to put the pieces of food on it

  • ryan awx
    ryan awx 3 days ago

    The old hag owner said she doesn't like the color blue when the restaurant ger refurbished. when she is wearing a sweater that is blue now

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 3 days ago

    The ribs are shit...we made them a week ago...oh well send them out..fire this chef on site!

  • Ethan Welch
    Ethan Welch 3 days ago

    TBH it was very creative, not quite original but it's still a cool idea. Defiantly should be used somewhere.

  • spyderspic666
    spyderspic666 4 days ago

    Lmffffao "that is fuckin disgusting"

  • Leyla Leyla
    Leyla Leyla 4 days ago

    < ̄`ヽ、       / ̄>
     ゝ、  \ /⌒ヽ,ノ  /´
       ゝ、 `( ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) /
         >     ,ノ

  • Cherry Dairy
    Cherry Dairy 4 days ago

    Is no one gonna question why the title says " and cannot get over it even though he's completely chill about it

  • Sergio K
    Sergio K 4 days ago

    "I think Ramsay's mouth is gonna drop after he says the beauty that we have on the menu." hold uuuuup big boy 😂😂😂😂

  • Big Bubba
    Big Bubba 4 days ago

    "Tiki platter more like shitty platter."

  • Junes and Elevens
    Junes and Elevens 4 days ago

    Who thought serving on a roof tile to the world known chef was a good idea

  • Sultan InterGalactique
    Sultan InterGalactique 5 days ago +1

    Well... its a good "steak house"

  • Gianpierre Sanchez
    Gianpierre Sanchez 5 days ago

    2:22 When your partner don't know what to use for a project so he decided to bring random shit.

  • WalkerKombat
    WalkerKombat 5 days ago

    That "oh fuk" went well after the music queued

  • portia skargard
    portia skargard 5 days ago

    I don't how some people consider this English man a chef he's English , should I need to say anything else? He cooks like my dog

  • Doomfist Main
    Doomfist Main 5 days ago +1

    Holy Jesus, what the fuck is that?!? WHAT IS THAT?!?!

  • Joshua Plotkin
    Joshua Plotkin 6 days ago

    It isn't served in the tile it is cooked in.the.tile

  • Frank Cabello
    Frank Cabello 6 days ago

    he never like nothing, watafoook

  • Tye Kenner
    Tye Kenner 6 days ago +1

    "Tikki platter?"
    "More like Sh*tty platter."
    😂 😂 he's definitely not scared to say what he thinks

  • EthanDoes25 23
    EthanDoes25 23 6 days ago

    " tiki platter more like shitty platter "

  • Raven Cløud
    Raven Cløud 6 days ago

    Poeple always think the gordon will love there menu but instead the only thing they get is the greatest roast of all

    JOSHEEOP 6 days ago

    little did they know that chef Ramsey doesn't take shit

  • Jahangir Amin
    Jahangir Amin 6 days ago


  • sudhanshu kumar
    sudhanshu kumar 6 days ago +1

    They tried so hard and got so far but in the end it doesn't even matter...Hahaha

  • chayma bh
    chayma bh 6 days ago +2

    ....'shitty platter'

  • Hood Standards
    Hood Standards 6 days ago

    female waitress talk shit about where they work all the time i wouldnt hire a old blond bitch to work for me

  • chayma bh
    chayma bh 6 days ago +1

    Every fucking time i click on one of these videos all the chefs say in the beginning the same bullshit : MY FOOD IS GOOD

  • Maxence Gonzalez
    Maxence Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Disappointed assure severe plant AIDS review emerge gay terrorist.

  • Ben Stockdale
    Ben Stockdale 7 days ago

    "Tiki Platter? Shitty Platter."

    What a wordsmith.

  • Anthony Grapa
    Anthony Grapa 7 days ago

    Does anyone else agree with me in how the roof tile thing is awesome just as long as the steak is made correctly

  • Quilly Quilava
    Quilly Quilava 7 days ago +1

    Guess you could call it shit on a shingle

  • Caitlin Shea
    Caitlin Shea 7 days ago

    I felt sick just watching this. lol

  • Georgia & Bella
    Georgia & Bella 7 days ago

    shitty platter

  • Rowan Kaplan
    Rowan Kaplan 8 days ago

    "This is garlic and butter"

    "So garlic butter?"



  • Abu Yusuf At-Thabit
    Abu Yusuf At-Thabit 8 days ago

    Love Gordon Ramsey

  • NOT Stealth Playz
    NOT Stealth Playz 8 days ago

    Every anime has normal chefs be like secretly 5 best fukin chef and knows the main protagonists dads friend but not in real lyfe.

    • Timothy Jahn
      Timothy Jahn 6 days ago

      NOT Stealth Playz I hope the Fuck you were drunk when you typed this. If not, may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Daniel Suo-Anttila
    Daniel Suo-Anttila 8 days ago +1

    Who the hell calls it butter and garlic how hard is it to say garlic butter

  • ShadyPebblez
    ShadyPebblez 8 days ago

    "tiki platter? *shitty platter.* "

  • wafflesaurus
    wafflesaurus 8 days ago

    Was the tile raw?

  • pagrant
    pagrant 9 days ago

    Just eat it Gordon and stop wasting food.

    • OG
      OG 4 days ago

      this is disgusting

  • Hebrew Seven
    Hebrew Seven 9 days ago

    Something simple, something classic, something a normal server..........what the fuck 😂

  • Jaricko
    Jaricko 9 days ago

    Is it bad if i like the roof tile idea?

  • Noa Baggs
    Noa Baggs 9 days ago

    how is everything he eats the worst he's ever tasted

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 9 days ago

    Bill is awesome

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 9 days ago

    Lmao that old lady should retire and let someone else run it.

  • Accursed Arm
    Accursed Arm 9 days ago

    I don't know if anyone had said this but.....

    1:37 having a world known chef spitting out my food is no good.

    Me: No shit sherlock

  • Crushgear9
    Crushgear9 9 days ago +1

    Gordon at a Lady Gaga concert, singing bad romance


    Gordon: FUCK ME

  • Ice Shred
    Ice Shred 9 days ago

    "We made that on Sunday....you know what? Just send it, send it."

    Oh, you Poor. Damn. Fool.

  • DUDEfounder
    DUDEfounder 9 days ago

    Lol the old man owner is so adorable!

  • Sophie May
    Sophie May 9 days ago

    well at least it was fresh from the roof

  • M J
    M J 9 days ago

    That old man still had so much passion and love for his steak & still being creative with his way of serving food, bless him

  • Rhys Gibson
    Rhys Gibson 10 days ago

    Primary ah question xqwpw budget concept.

  • kamikaze
    kamikaze 10 days ago

    What's the guy at 1:46 doing? 😂

  • Rebecca Rocks
    Rebecca Rocks 10 days ago

    "....I hear Hawaiian music"
    *Plays Hawaiian music*

  • volikoto
    volikoto 10 days ago

    Why is this restaurants have so much nonsense gimmicks on their food? Why can't they just focus their ideas of making their food better?

  • Theultimatekirby SnapBack

    good or bad? Cant tell

  • Tmusterd
    Tmusterd 10 days ago

    Ramsay is such a picky eater

  • The Creator
    The Creator 10 days ago

    I watched this when it was on Netflix and now I want to watch it again what episode is it?

  • Tuana Yuksel
    Tuana Yuksel 11 days ago

    Something simple,something classic....and someone thing not..served on a tray....

  • Jack Richardson
    Jack Richardson 11 days ago

    Fucking hell he hit the roof

  • Rex Lucem
    Rex Lucem 11 days ago

    Well that's literally shit on a shingle

  • BearBoness
    BearBoness 11 days ago

    1:46 Was a chef drinking out a pitcher?

  • Max Skel
    Max Skel 11 days ago

    French version plz :'( ?

  • Sarah Stewart
    Sarah Stewart 11 days ago

    "Chef Ramsey hated it and I can't understand why." I don't know lady. Could it be the fele'mignon served on tiles or bc the meat was tough?😀😀😀😀😀

  • Blu Pyxi
    Blu Pyxi 11 days ago

    Gordon is crazy. There's no such thing as 'too spicy'!

  • BMW Dude
    BMW Dude 12 days ago +2

    Servers: it's way to spicey

    Head chef: are you silly? I'm still gonna send it

  • Grant Harrison
    Grant Harrison 12 days ago

    Hate to imagine what would happen if he went to a hipster place.

  • Spent Parch
    Spent Parch 12 days ago +1

    I wish these videos would put up what restaurant or episode the clip was from

  • Ab DuzIt
    Ab DuzIt 13 days ago

    I guess you can say the quality of the meat was through the roof

  • The_Real_Deal Łike that

    Oh you can't put the chopsticks like that!It means you are letting the ghost eat your food!

  • Victor Sosa
    Victor Sosa 13 days ago

    3:40 and I can't understand why?!. Oh my dear, nobody does.

  • Sophia Perez
    Sophia Perez 13 days ago

    I love at the end how she says he hates the food the decor and I don't know why, and then it cuts to the very end where it says "it's f*cking disgusting

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