This man worked undercover in a Chinese iPhone factory

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  • Cold German Beer
    Cold German Beer 2 minutes ago

    Westerners have no idea how harsh working conditions are in Asia. No way to know unless you experience it first hand (and you shouldn't).

  • Ron H
    Ron H 15 hours ago

    I spent four months carrying 60 pound metal buckets full of ice and stocking bar so very very large entertainment center destroyed my back and my elbow and I was happy for the work man up

  • Petra44YT
    Petra44YT Day ago

    What's with the stupid background music? I can't watch this.

  • Edward Holmes
    Edward Holmes Day ago

    America has it's problems, but at least we don't treat our citizens like cattle.

  • 64 bit
    64 bit 2 days ago

    They have windows

  • Dan Jendo
    Dan Jendo 2 days ago

    If he's a grad student I own the fucking school

  • Eyes Coffee
    Eyes Coffee 2 days ago

    Wow. You can't even commit suicide.

  • Jovan Bercey
    Jovan Bercey 2 days ago

    Y'all pay these people nothing and charge us everything! Fuck y'all!

  • Midnight Spark
    Midnight Spark 3 days ago

    Would be like school, lol.

  • Sujan Rai
    Sujan Rai 4 days ago

    stupid..Best part of this video at the end.

  • isthis aname
    isthis aname 4 days ago

    Foxconn realizes this type of factory does not exist in Wisconsin right? Good luck getting ppl to work for $450/month...

  • ShadoeFax
    ShadoeFax 4 days ago

    Next time you bitch bout your job sucking, imagine these people working on one break a week.

  • Rodolfo Sandoval
    Rodolfo Sandoval 4 days ago

    And this is why I don't buy iPhones, the amounts of suicides is like having blood on your hands for a product that is not worth that amount of money

  • De CapitanFluffy
    De CapitanFluffy 4 days ago

    They are underpaid damn, apple needs to get their shit straight

  • Cyber boat
    Cyber boat 4 days ago +1

    This dude got paid for working 400 hours and Americans complain about workin 40 or 50 hours at McDonald's makin fries smh

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 days ago +2

    Ching Chong Ching Chong that's all I hear

  • jacob eloe
    jacob eloe 4 days ago

    now this days is almost pay you same salary around world 500 dollars per month

  • Brook Rivers
    Brook Rivers 4 days ago

    just imagine, doing one small thing repeating it for 12 hrs

  • Mark Beristain
    Mark Beristain 4 days ago +1

    This is your lovely liberal apple SJW, supporting cheap workforce (aka Slavery) in other countries.

  • Excuse My English
    Excuse My English 5 days ago


  • microspect
    microspect 5 days ago


  • Joaquin Toro
    Joaquin Toro 5 days ago

    So a worker gets paid less than one iPhone per month

  • Kastmaster 2000
    Kastmaster 2000 5 days ago

    China can never win a war with America.. Their soldier are worked just as hard and would die just from the stress.

  • Omar Smith
    Omar Smith 5 days ago +1

    Modern slavery

  • Jasmine Torres
    Jasmine Torres 5 days ago

    Reminds me of black mirror 😕hmm..sad..

  • oscar
    oscar 7 days ago

    The modern concentration camp

  • trailer Foo
    trailer Foo 9 days ago

    We need to stop buying iPhone that's slavery and they selling the shit for 1000 in other countries

  • Nikki Del Rosario
    Nikki Del Rosario 10 days ago

    Not that bad, apparently. Likely depending on the factory too.

  • Krimzon _
    Krimzon _ 10 days ago

    The directors
    *Mai little Guinea pigs*

  • patrick Katalenas
    patrick Katalenas 11 days ago

    communist china sucks :/

  • ハーカービル
    ハーカービル 13 days ago

    I love slavery

  • Rafael Lucena
    Rafael Lucena 13 days ago

    whatever. most people in the 1st world would never mind about conditions in 3rd world factories. they only want an iphone. that's how we educate our children. capitalism. americanism. rubbish

  • Muslim and not Hatefull

    This video was brought to you by Samsung

  • Side Effects
    Side Effects 14 days ago

    Why do people complain that 450 isn't enough for their job, they are all doing extremely simple tasks with no effort needed. Some people get paid less for jobs much harder

  • Top Ramen
    Top Ramen 15 days ago

    China allows this, this is accepted by all of china, at least they are paid

  • Penn Cale
    Penn Cale 16 days ago

    1 word.


  • Matteo Lacroix
    Matteo Lacroix 17 days ago

    Darnass ensure Work truly looks likewsnderiulbelong =‑D

    GRAWSLAVE 17 days ago

    Modern Slavery

  • RiotHouse
    RiotHouse 17 days ago

    So the communists oppress their people, and the US builds their factories and gets access to those highly dependent, low skilled workers. Very corrupt relationship. Wasn't it Bill Clinton that allowed this trade relationship to start?

  • TK Wong
    TK Wong 18 days ago

    400 dollars a month, free meals and free accommodation. Beer is like 50 cents a large bottle. DVD is one fifty a piece. Cigarette a dollar a pack. Eating out on Sunday with buddies is like two dollars per head. No sales tax in China. No tax to the government for what they make. Full medical insurance and welfare provided by the factory. Departmental sports tournaments. New year and festival meals and celebrations. Free education courses provided by most large factories. I would think these young men and women are much better off than most US people. Definitely less harsh and make more money than doing farm work at their home village.

  • panda motion
    panda motion 19 days ago

    slavery for fortunes of few 😑

  • NerdTechGames Inc
    NerdTechGames Inc 19 days ago

    All the dislikes are just stupid apple haters who hate apple for a stupid reason lol 🤣

  • kuterv
    kuterv 19 days ago

    dat sucks. almost like a slave.

  • Monster From Within
    Monster From Within 20 days ago

    3:25 "And everybody has a very interesting life."
    I call bullshit.
    10 to 12 hours of work per day, 6 days per week and approximately $450 USD per month.
    They can't even have a mildly interesting life with so little money and time.

  • Derek Liu
    Derek Liu 21 day ago

    Not exactly a seat shop... But not the best conditions either...meh

  • Vitor Hugo
    Vitor Hugo 21 day ago


  • Leighton Julye
    Leighton Julye 21 day ago

    you not designed to be a robot you have feelings and emotions

  • Drone LV
    Drone LV 21 day ago

    all you hypocrites typing on ypur new iphone 7. fucking virtue signallers. muh capitalism!!!! reeeee!!

  • Gengo
    Gengo 22 days ago

    Time to switch to Android

  • Jen Line
    Jen Line 22 days ago

    i think he real problem is not the low pay but the repetitive mindless activity every day, i couldn't do it it would drive me crazy

  • Allan Bond
    Allan Bond 23 days ago

    slavery never died, it just evolved

  • Rachelthelizard Callamari

    Ok so it's no horrible

  • Elliott Smith
    Elliott Smith 24 days ago

    novel travel order processing transaction responsible truck.

  • Mendi Sterenfeld
    Mendi Sterenfeld 25 days ago

    Never buy Apple!

  • jeff Craven
    jeff Craven 26 days ago

    Zeng, my heart goes out to you and Chinese workers like you; you're prisoners, maybe even slaves. What you and your fellow workers go through is mainly why I by American made products when it's still available, plus too many unemployed in the U.S., U.K. and in  Europe. Jobs have been stripped throughout the world with the permission of our politicians and sent to Taiwan and mainland China out of greed by the people that REALLY RUN things.

  • james ohara
    james ohara 27 days ago

    Think about it son, if you put in two screws, then you only need 35,000 workers, 4 screws, 17,500, and so on and so forth, do you want to sack all these people?.

  • Pietro Viviani
    Pietro Viviani 27 days ago

    I would like to see the apple managers and top engineers doing those jobs but with also whips

  • para mediccine
    para mediccine 29 days ago

    this feels like he was paid to say good things and oh its not that bad

  • Zuomo Liao
    Zuomo Liao 29 days ago +1

    Who is crazy about china
    I am Chinese

  • Rajesh Patnaik
    Rajesh Patnaik 29 days ago

    So many people from U.S down there are complaining how they don't want to work and live like this and yet these are the same people complaining about manufacturing jobs going to China and other countries.
    So you don't want to do it yourself but you don't want it done anywhere else either?

  • Zynthetic Dreamm
    Zynthetic Dreamm 29 days ago

    A lot of people think 1.78 dollars by hour is almost nothing rightt? Let me compare the salary with mexico, here the salary is by 4 dollars by 8 hours = 28 dollars by week :( xD

  • pokopi83ko
    pokopi83ko 29 days ago

    go and buy an iphone now.....shitty company

  • joanna pidor
    joanna pidor Month ago

    This is why I freakin' hate huge companies. they only care about the money they brought in the company and doesn't even give a damn about the people whose behind all the hard work for producing their products. Imagine how much Apple company gets all year round but they couldn't even spend a little on how to treat their factory workers and the sad part is Apple is not the only company that do this. #Applesucks

  • Jory Von Dangerkill

    Human Livestock.

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan Month ago

    That's not good.

  • everything songs nd jokes

    so chinese iphone factory is a torture room

  • Kevin Lau
    Kevin Lau Month ago

    modern slaves

  • Toby Henderson
    Toby Henderson Month ago

    Why do things suck so bad from China if you spend so much time making them sir?

  • biotechemboy
    biotechemboy Month ago

    A fair assessment of his experience - did not see it being biased in any way.

  • It's Alya
    It's Alya Month ago

    wow I will never complain about my life again

  • Nam Khanhh
    Nam Khanhh Month ago

    450$ a month? Damn that is 3 times higher than average salary here in Vietnam lol

  • Abe Coulter
    Abe Coulter Month ago

    that's why I don't buy Chinese cheep crap

  • Ana Ana
    Ana Ana Month ago

    Let's stop buying iPhones !! Boycott !!! It's Slavery for these poor Chinese workers!

  • Yousef Palms
    Yousef Palms Month ago

    Nets on your windows and stairs? LOL ..They know they put so much stress on their workers that can cause suicide. They enslave the workers kind of like a prison camp while Apple gets filthy rich. Do they really care about their workers? NO!!! They Don't!!! This type of enslavement should be prohibited!!!

  • SealBing Johnson
    SealBing Johnson Month ago +1

    This guy still makes more a month than homer simpson.

  • Lestart_D._Grave
    Lestart_D._Grave Month ago

    for me it sounds more like a prison as a factory D:

  • Hung Victor
    Hung Victor Month ago

    The pay and living quality of those workers aren't that bad in compared to others in China. That's why a million of worker decide to take that job.

  • Alisa Roman
    Alisa Roman Month ago

    All this for one phone😡

  • Good ole Jess
    Good ole Jess Month ago

    Yeah fuck that

  • MidnightReact
    MidnightReact Month ago

    This makes me want to work there

  • paulofthebailey
    paulofthebailey Month ago

    Why is this subtitled? He's speaking perfectly.

  • Sheilaura _2004
    Sheilaura _2004 Month ago

    *C H I N A*

  • r2c123
    r2c123 Month ago

    Not to be that guy but I'm gonna be that guy; is there anybody that *can't* understand him? There shouldn't be subtitles.

  • Hemali Shroff
    Hemali Shroff Month ago

    Damn The Bed In Dorms Are Only Steel How Do They Sleep There

  • Hemali Shroff
    Hemali Shroff Month ago

    The Iphones Are Cheaper In China

  • Jack R
    Jack R Month ago

    it really doesn't look that bad lol, especially by Chinese standards. China is a hard place to live.

  • Bazump
    Bazump Month ago

    cant robots do these jobs? they will go from 450 to 0 real quick

  • Richard F.
    Richard F. Month ago

    Avidity of western civilization will break its neck ...

  • thatcuriousguy
    thatcuriousguy Month ago

    dont buy from walmart

  • KerbalTube HD
    KerbalTube HD Month ago

    The factories should use robots and the workers should be shifted to robot maintenance

  • paul broderick
    paul broderick Month ago

    Thank God I have no iPhone or iPad. All BS that you can not live without these devices.

  • Clorox Bleach Meadow Scent

    It is sad. They create IPhones but most of em don't even own one.

  • Clorox Bleach Meadow Scent

    He looks rather mentally healthy for what he has went through for years.

  • Matamata Dairy
    Matamata Dairy Month ago

    you said face recognition to get in, how is that possible in china?

  • Michael Weaver
    Michael Weaver Month ago

    What's he complaining about? I did 8 tps reports today. Talk about hard work, worst 30 mins of my life I had to take a 7 1/2 hour break.

  • A Name
    A Name Month ago

    Everyone be criticising Apple and shit, but the truth is, most American companies rely on these chinese factories to stay financially afloat. Most of the things you take for granted in America wouldn't even exist without chinese manufacturing industries. So don't go around saying "your phones are causing suffering in people's lives"- when the food you eat, the clothes you buy, the components in pretty much all your devices- are all produced through the same process, in equal, or even worse conditions.

    Saying shit like they don't get paid enough or that their jobs are slavery is also kinda misinformed. To people who work in more impoverished nations, like Africa for example, these chinese employees are living the life. It seems like a tough job because first world countries like America have infrastructure in place so workers get more privileges than other places. Don't get mad at Apple, just realize how lucky you are to be at the top, and understand that you're the minority, not the majority. It's the hard work of others in more unfortunate positions which allows for you to experience such a comfortable lifestyle.

  • dirtTdude
    dirtTdude 2 months ago

    what an incredibly shitty existence

  • OG 17
    OG 17 2 months ago

    $1.78 an hour fucken assholes

    • TestedModz
      TestedModz Month ago

      Cost of living is much lower in china. So $1.78 is worth much more there.

  • blehh853
    blehh853 2 months ago

    all this info just make me feel like utter shit! like why do i own an iPhone when the person who made it got paid 2 dollars an hour 😭 like wtf!! modern day slaves! this makes me feel no hope for humanity

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