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  • This very best videos that have been submitted to People are Awesome this week in one compilation of awesome people doing amazing things! Including parkour, freerunning, skateboarding, gymnastics, slacklining, ice skating, trampoline wall tricks, longboarding and juggling!


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    Title: Rich Edwards - We Are (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
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  • Ballistic Mooshrum
    Ballistic Mooshrum 17 hours ago

    my fav was when that man did a flip out of the swing twards( don't think I spelt that right ) the beginning of the video

    CNB JUMPERS 1 day ago

    The last was the hardest

  • Eli Torrey
    Eli Torrey 2 days ago

    I can do all of this.

    Hold my beer.

  • Manu Müller
    Manu Müller 5 days ago


    ZEVS GamINGYT 6 days ago


  • Miguel Rangales
    Miguel Rangales 7 days ago

    que recomiendas para echarme una marometa

    JACKO WACKO 10 days ago


  • Charles Hill
    Charles Hill 12 days ago +1


    DA ELITE EGG 12 days ago


  • Moša_ TV
    Moša_ TV 12 days ago

    ljudi djota je u videu

  • Isaac Hamrin
    Isaac Hamrin 13 days ago

    hey!! can you ( the person scrolling through The comments ) go like my recent ""flip edit"", Thanks and have a great day!

  • Norma Rios
    Norma Rios 15 days ago

    Why? It's 4 minutes and 19 seconds why no 4:20

  • pradip gogoi
    pradip gogoi 15 days ago


  • Kristijan Popic
    Kristijan Popic 15 days ago

    0:27 djotafreestyle svaka cast

  • Trip Short
    Trip Short 16 days ago

    what do you call the type of trampoline at 1:23 please?

  • tabate1000
    tabate1000 28 days ago

    yo there so llegit

  • Ultime Prime
    Ultime Prime 1 month ago +1

    Il on des talent incroyable

  • WaterMelon Bros
    WaterMelon Bros 1 month ago

    hi guys

  • Sheepy swirl :wf:
    Sheepy swirl :wf: 1 month ago

    I want to read Scott pilgrim now

  • Kristen Roseen
    Kristen Roseen 1 month ago

    who comes here knowing they can't do 99.99% of what these people do
    I know I Did!

  • Ice. ShadowUnicorn
    Ice. ShadowUnicorn 1 month ago

    Posted on April Fools Day!?

  • Lance
    Lance 1 month ago

    *Tries to backflip, breaks neck*

  • Pradatoru
    Pradatoru 1 month ago

    You either on people are awesome or at best fails of the week hahaha

  • UwgAllDay
    UwgAllDay 1 month ago

    That dad was doing some apocalypse training

  • Pike Henry
    Pike Henry 1 month ago

    This beer is awesome

  • gamohda 1
    gamohda 1 1 month ago

    I love how supportive the friend of the last guy is!!

  • najma ali
    najma ali 1 month ago


  • MyCheeryCherry
    MyCheeryCherry 1 month ago +1

    3:25 and I can hardly a hold a handstand...😞

  • SofiaRainbowPaws
    SofiaRainbowPaws 1 month ago +1

    Me: 3:28 pf, I can do that.
    Also me: *Falls off the trampoline and breaks back.*
    That is my life in a couple of sentences.

  • mhadle1992
    mhadle1992 1 month ago +1

    So people who do these successfully are honoured as incredible human beings but those who try and make one mistake are ridiculed as epic failures. At least the all took a risk and tried to push themselves to the limit! You're all winners in my eyes n_n

  • Don't be so Serious
    Don't be so Serious 1 month ago


  • bluewood claws
    bluewood claws 1 month ago

    subscribe to me i subscribe to you

  • • -Anne- •
    • -Anne- • 1 month ago

    whats the song called

  • Caits F
    Caits F 1 month ago

    I'm used to watching fail compilations so I keep tensing up, expecting it to go horribly wrong.

  • Bung Tran
    Bung Tran 1 month ago

    what is this song? help me

  • Xamira van Dijk
    Xamira van Dijk 1 month ago

    Wouw I cloud never do that☺️😮

  • Gymnast Anna
    Gymnast Anna 1 month ago

    2:55 and I can't even juggle wash rags.

  • Wayne-O
    Wayne-O 1 month ago

    That guy at 2:00 is the owner of the parkour gym I train at, he's a fucking cunt

  • Moon Light
    Moon Light 1 month ago

    Ahahahaha! Wonderful, a video of all the things I *can't* do

  • Frieda's Tronnor
    Frieda's Tronnor 1 month ago

    3:07 IS THAT YOU YUKIO?!?!

  • Mt- Trailers
    Mt- Trailers 2 months ago

    i love video and i love song can u tell the name of song plz

  • Vi Truka
    Vi Truka 2 months ago

    1:41 what is the trampoline thing called?

  • Roman Blyumin
    Roman Blyumin 2 months ago

    many tricks are old.

  • majestic eagle
    majestic eagle 2 months ago

    can you use my trick shots in your video

  • Viktory Awesome 》
    Viktory Awesome 》 2 months ago

    has the music Copyright? :o

  • john brown
    john brown 2 months ago

    That was boring

  • Chiller 550
    Chiller 550 2 months ago

    now imagine when these people were noobs...

  • George Conradie
    George Conradie 2 months ago

    2:04 jedi training

  • PennyIsMyDog04
    PennyIsMyDog04 2 months ago


  • Kirsta Dishman
    Kirsta Dishman 2 months ago


    AC EDITED 2 months ago


  • Sammy Spaniel
    Sammy Spaniel 2 months ago

    For every "people are awesome" video 9 fail videos are born.

  • Hugh G . Rection
    Hugh G . Rection 2 months ago

    And there is me spinning a fidget spinner

  • Sedia Bielbienne
    Sedia Bielbienne 2 months ago

    bon JOOOOUR, très bien

  • Nikhil Prasad
    Nikhil Prasad 2 months ago +1

    People don't get it but 2:54 is the most difficult one

  • Rebecca Campos
    Rebecca Campos 2 months ago

    Do you know who is better than them well GOD is

  • Adrian Valderrama
    Adrian Valderrama 2 months ago

    3:00 ninja gaiden

  • Grace Murray
    Grace Murray 2 months ago +6

    I'm here watching people to epic things and I'm like 'I can fit two chicken nuggets in my mouth and still talk!'

  • Orcun Kaplan
    Orcun Kaplan 2 months ago

    WTF .')

  • Samuel Ward
    Samuel Ward 2 months ago

    2:48 the bmxer in the backround probs doesn't even know he's on a viral video

  • Mae Brown
    Mae Brown 2 months ago

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  • OVOZ
    OVOZ 2 months ago

    That last clip though dang

  • MrMeso
    MrMeso 2 months ago

    I came for the girl jk

  • Grendy Wi
    Grendy Wi 2 months ago

    why Do You copy that all

  • thatisjake
    thatisjake 2 months ago

    is it bad that i did 0:15 when i was like 8?

  • MythicalStorm16 #Life
    MythicalStorm16 #Life 2 months ago

    The second one.. wow.. I would fail the beginning and fall instead of jump

  • Yamaha Braaappp
    Yamaha Braaappp 2 months ago


  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 2 months ago

    3:15 wow serious talent!

  • B Hobbs
    B Hobbs 2 months ago

    Half of this stuff is totally pointless to be able to do. Like the free runner people are so silly.

  • Clasherix Royale
    Clasherix Royale 2 months ago

    0:22 lol that was the Beach of Los Santos (GTA5 ) XD

  • Manar Manar
    Manar Manar 2 months ago

    What's the name of the song. 🎼🎶

  • Nraz Narnia
    Nraz Narnia 3 months ago

    what is the title of the music?

  • sophia cornia
    sophia cornia 3 months ago

    you should do a Kids Are Awesome featuring only amazing stuff kids can do

  • Francesco Bacci
    Francesco Bacci 3 months ago

    I started following you when you had 1k and now look at you. 1 m

  • Mikael Ravia
    Mikael Ravia 3 months ago

    whats music

  • Dan Kay
    Dan Kay 3 months ago

    1:09 I've played on that court 😄

    TEGINKA 3 months ago

    3:11 my love ♡♥♡♥♡♥

  • Algonac9
    Algonac9 3 months ago

    Great finish!

  • Dean Winchester
    Dean Winchester 3 months ago

    Everybody's doing a this awesome stuff and I'm over here not even able to walk in a straight line

  • Arife MaKIca
    Arife MaKIca 3 months ago +2

    well the best part of the video was....

    The whole video!

    People are so talented and amazing!

    Believe in yourself and you will be amazing!😇

    • Faye 77
      Faye 77 2 months ago

      Arife MaKIca everybody can do something amazing .Whether you can do a backflip or doing a handstand or can dance incredible . Everybody got something special !

  • TP199TP Simon
    TP199TP Simon 3 months ago

    the worst song.

  • Anonymous Man
    Anonymous Man 3 months ago


  • Mick
    Mick 3 months ago +11

    why is no one talking about the kid who literally ran up a wall

    • Matt Dickie
      Matt Dickie 2 months ago

      'Cause I can't get over it. (Geddit?!) In all seriousness, that was pretty hardcore.

  • TheRealKiller013
    TheRealKiller013 3 months ago

    This channel is the channel that makes that every week I come to the computer to watch his videos. It's amazing! I hope you never stop please!!!

  • Dédalo In Sky
    Dédalo In Sky 3 months ago

    someone can tell me what all that Sports are?

  • Vanessa Delgado
    Vanessa Delgado 3 months ago


  • Bas Roessen
    Bas Roessen 3 months ago

    2:10 how is this one awesome?! the other way around would be way more impressive...

  • Ahmat Moudi
    Ahmat Moudi 3 months ago +2

    what's the song in the background

    • Mathilda Mage
      Mathilda Mage 2 months ago

      the song's name's We Are by Richard Edwards (feat. Danyka Nadeau)

  • People are Awesome
    People are Awesome 3 months ago

    Thanks for watching! Check out our latest video here:

  • Futuristic Visionary
    Futuristic Visionary 3 months ago

    The music is annoying as hell.

  • joceline armenta
    joceline armenta 3 months ago

    haters will say is fake

  • White Cupcake
    White Cupcake 3 months ago +2

    I could feel the "burn" in that last guy's arms!

  • Benjamin Huggett
    Benjamin Huggett 3 months ago

    so cool to see freestyle football getting bigger, good vid lads

  • ok go
    ok go 3 months ago +1

    People are exhibitionist

  • Gina Hoser
    Gina Hoser 3 months ago

    where are this trampolins?

  • Josh Stock
    Josh Stock 3 months ago

    hey man how do you get in these videos

  • Never Give Up
    Never Give Up 3 months ago

    0:24 my ankles just DIED, arrghhh why I imagined doing it!

  • Amelia Ry-Ann
    Amelia Ry-Ann 3 months ago

    look at the duration of the video😂

  • David's Favorite Videos
    David's Favorite Videos 3 months ago +170

    What you don't see is the 500 tries.

    • Thee Bman
      Thee Bman 1 month ago

      David's Favorite Videos still 500 times better than what you can do

    • charlyoak
      charlyoak 1 month ago

      David's Favorite Videos that's the real magic; all the persistent tries

    • Chantz Petrie
      Chantz Petrie 1 month ago

      what you dont see is you ever doing any of this in any number of tries bitch

    • Wayne-O
      Wayne-O 1 month ago

      PennyIsMyDog04 that comeback was shite

    • Jake Dickensheets
      Jake Dickensheets 1 month ago

      PennyIsMyDog04 ohhhhhhhh

  • kishore choudhary
    kishore choudhary 3 months ago


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