Fidget Spinners Daughter Surprise

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  • Today we not only review some fidget spinners but i teach my daughter what they really are meant for.



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  • Daz Games
    Daz Games  3 months ago +2347

    Outlast 2 is on the way guys! Also I made this video with my daughter as i wanted to teach her what these are actually meant for. Also to hear from someone her age why these are so popular. I don't understand a lot of the negative comments on this video so far?

    • Claire Wilkie
      Claire Wilkie 18 hours ago

      Daz Games in my opinion you are the best you tuber

    • Andrew Edmondson
      Andrew Edmondson 3 days ago

      can u PLEASE react to Missy Elliot WTF?

    • Andrew Edmondson
      Andrew Edmondson 3 days ago


    • blueeyedpml
      blueeyedpml 12 days ago

      Daz Games people are twats daz

    • Cj
      Cj 16 days ago


  • Iman Khan
    Iman Khan Hour ago

    Ur daughter is my sisters age

  • Beth McCallum
    Beth McCallum Day ago

    I first found out about these when my younger sister (who has autism) brought one home because her teacher had given them to the class (she's In a special needs school). And I myself have anxiety disorder, depression and ADD. So I bought one online and ever since it has helped me a ton. when I had panic attacks I would fidget by snapping my fingers, cracking my knuckles, twiddling a pencil, etc.But now that I have gotten one of these it gives me a way to fidget that's less annoying to others. And I'm glad you acknowledged why these were actually made. Some people I've come across make fun of you for having one of these, call you names and all that. It doesn't really phase me, but it's sad that someone can make fun of you for using something to subside your anxiety.

  • Miqohs
    Miqohs 2 days ago

    I actually do

  • Miqohs
    Miqohs 2 days ago

    I have ADHD HAHAH

  • Mehs
    Mehs 7 days ago +1

    Daz reminds me of my dad where like best friends

  • Poppy Rylance: tours, games and funny vids

    The title of this video makes me think of some kind of desert

  • Rainbow Fox
    Rainbow Fox 8 days ago

    Guys When This Video Loads I See A Fidget Spinner For Some Reason

  • Kiwi Kpopper
    Kiwi Kpopper 8 days ago

    Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

    P.S as someone who has siblings that suffer from Asperges, ADHD and anxiety disorders, as well as suffering from them myself, I really appreciate you bringing attention to what things like fidget spinners and fidget cubes are actually designed for. They aren't just some flashy new trendy toy like everybody treats them as, they are actually meant to help people. A lot of people only see them as a joke, and don't realize the importance of them. I've heard in a lot of places they are banned because people misuse them and that makes it difficult for people who actually NEED them to have access to them, and that really pisses me off.

  • Call Me Wosnie
    Call Me Wosnie 9 days ago

    Such an adorable kid, I bet she's gonna be an entertainer when she's older! Love your videos, Daz 😄

  • S Up
    S Up 10 days ago +1

    Most people in the comment section saying they have ADHD most of you don't have it school just makes you think you do because they make you sit in a class for an hour and listen to them talk

  • noah Harding
    noah Harding 11 days ago +1

    I've got disslesic

  • Lily Green
    Lily Green 11 days ago

    How old is she now? X

  • XxCHAD 1738xX
    XxCHAD 1738xX 11 days ago +1

    The batman one is plastic i think because u can buy fake fidget spinners

  • Princess2
    Princess2 12 days ago

    Dose Sara have a YouTube channel

  • Maisey :3
    Maisey :3 12 days ago

    You should do hauls more often 😂😂

  • Hye-Rin Park
    Hye-Rin Park 12 days ago +1

    "Custom made? Oh get in" lmao I haven't heard anything more British.

  • Hye-Rin Park
    Hye-Rin Park 12 days ago


  • Feather The Wolf
    Feather The Wolf 13 days ago

    I have an anxiety disorder and I have a fidget spinner what has lights and it does distract me from anxiety so yeah

  • Ella Glanville
    Ella Glanville 14 days ago

    Not one swear when the kid is around 😂😂😂😂

  • Jayda Slaney
    Jayda Slaney 14 days ago

    did you know that the red green and blue bits can come off BTW you are the best YouTuber ever

  • Brenda Dittman
    Brenda Dittman 16 days ago


  • Elijah Collingwood
    Elijah Collingwood 16 days ago

    There are alternatives for people with problems i have anxiety and a doctor who tardis worked the same

  • Ecuador awa
    Ecuador awa 16 days ago

    Ayy daz the fidget spinner that looks like a captains wheel can actually float when you let it go...just letting you know

  • Ethan Marsolais
    Ethan Marsolais 18 days ago

    i have ADHD

  • Ben Beckett
    Ben Beckett 19 days ago

    You should review fidget sticks

  • MarcoPolo Solo
    MarcoPolo Solo 19 days ago +1

    How old is Sarah now?!? Remember her in some vines like the "Boyfriend killing one"

  • Mustafarab YT
    Mustafarab YT 19 days ago

    who noticed the loading screen was a fidget spinner? thats sick!

  • Lolo Quan
    Lolo Quan 19 days ago

    U know it's America when kids are slinging spinners like drugs in school

  • Stephen O'Brien
    Stephen O'Brien 20 days ago +1

    6:55 who's the woman ?

  • Trystan Sheppard
    Trystan Sheppard 20 days ago

    Why is she always wearing pajamas, in every video you have her in, I noticed it in your vines too

  • enzo szymczyk
    enzo szymczyk 20 days ago

    i have a rare form of aspergers syndrom and i would not call it an illness because i am better than you people at some things and worse than you at other things, so i just call it a cursed gift. soo i get some and i lose some

  • williamgames
    williamgames 20 days ago

    I don't know if its just me, but whenever the video loads, there is a fidget spinner spinning

  • Evilwizzie S
    Evilwizzie S 20 days ago

    Your such a good father (not being sarcastic) but you a great father I wish I was your son my dad dosnt really talk to me😢 I love your daughter she's funny 😂

    VΞ NOM GΛMING 21 day ago

    at 0:26 litterally what is sarah doing? lol

  • Kiliel ship
    Kiliel ship 22 days ago

    Why is it that whenever my video loads a fidget spinner appears as the loading icon?

  • Connie Lee
    Connie Lee 22 days ago

    I HAVE THAT ONE 2:41

  • AnnaSun27
    AnnaSun27 22 days ago

    Sarah is so cute! She's already so pretty, too. Great video, Daz!

  • dallis Adams
    dallis Adams 23 days ago

    The second fidget spinner Daz opened is the one i really want.

  • The Pappi
    The Pappi 23 days ago

    Erg she's adorable XD

  • vernon and mattias stupid pointless channel

    I wish daz was my dad

  • Fishyking 05
    Fishyking 05 24 days ago

    Hey daz you are amazing

  • Rose Farley
    Rose Farley 24 days ago

    Wooooooooop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx 4the heads up daz

  • Rose Farley
    Rose Farley 24 days ago

    Wooooooooop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx 4the heads up daz

  • Latoya White
    Latoya White 24 days ago

    Can. I. Get. A. Spinner. And. Send. It. In. Jamaica. In. The. Morning. Please

  • Phobia
    Phobia 25 days ago

    I still don't see the point in these things. For kids who need help to concentrate and have their hands doing something yes but now all kids are playing with them because they are popular, all you do is spin it ..ok

  • EyezOnMe
    EyezOnMe 25 days ago

    Your a great father ❤️❤️

  • Peter Welsford
    Peter Welsford 26 days ago

    Fidgit your spinners and my name is jessica and your videos are very very very very funny.😃😂😂😂😃

  • nigger faget
    nigger faget 27 days ago


    RIP KSI JK 27 days ago

    Daz regrets having her I see it in his eyes

  • Analinda toh
    Analinda toh 28 days ago

    his Daughter is trying so hard to be funny

  • Hollie Hathawayay
    Hollie Hathawayay 29 days ago

    Daz : why do u think that kids have taken to these.
    His daughter: well furst of all ................
    ( and u just see Kate sneaking past behind them. )
    This is not a bad comment don't get me wrong I love ur family ❤️❤️❤️❤️. But I just thought that it was funny that's all. X did enione els notices this as well.

  • Sketchingclouds
    Sketchingclouds 29 days ago

    get the fidget stick

  • Ben Grainger
    Ben Grainger Month ago

    I feel like that would make my ADHD worse.

  • Emma Barry
    Emma Barry Month ago

    this is dead

  • Wonderzzz
    Wonderzzz Month ago

    i would be so happy if daz was my dad like honestly btw its my bday to day can i get some happy bday wishes? :) im becoming 12

  • Emma Belcourt
    Emma Belcourt Month ago

    I think we can all agree Sarah is the best YouTube out there thanks 😶

  • 21GhostDestiwolfchester Howell/SB/Dun

    Daz an his daughter are soo Adorable , cute together !! :D you guys should do more videos together ~Daz Games~

  • Puppycool66 AJ
    Puppycool66 AJ Month ago

    Father and daughter moment 😀

  • Evelyn Alexander
    Evelyn Alexander Month ago

    i wish you were my dad 😭😭😭

  • Jr Smith
    Jr Smith Month ago


  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble Month ago

    the weel fidget spiner roles on the ground

  • Electronicc0reMusic

    The daughters accent is hawt

  • Ava Knowles
    Ava Knowles Month ago

    Aw your daughter is so cute I'll subscribe to her channel.Omg she the "ha" thing with you in the end.😂😂😂

  • pringle pony
    pringle pony Month ago

    hi Sarah!!

  • Mayed Muhairi
    Mayed Muhairi Month ago

    I thought he was gonna say u use these like dildos that's what I thought they are

  • Mayed Muhairi
    Mayed Muhairi Month ago

    There is a lot of that's what she said in this vid example that black one is heavy that's what she said ohh this ones very big that's what she said

    CHEESEBUGGA 9587 Month ago

    daz the one with the 3 colours can have the the things with the actual colours screwed off

  • 3 1 / 0 3
    3 1 / 0 3 Month ago

    She's so funny! Daz you're such a great dad!!

  • Zac Johnson
    Zac Johnson Month ago

    he really makes it clear that he doesn't like the batman one lol

  • PinkSprinklesBaby MSP

    When Daz explained to his daughter what fidget spinners where acually for... if u ever read the packaging on fidget spinners it says "Relaxation"

  • It's free real estate

    0:02 back right ghost dog

  • The Anime Fidget Spinner

    Daz needs to stop spending money for our enjoyment

  • The Anime Fidget Spinner

    Daz... would um you mind.. uh BUYING ME ONE e.e

  • allykat f
    allykat f Month ago

    no seriously is she on cocaine🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😰😰😰😜

  • allykat f
    allykat f Month ago

    it looks like your daughters had a little bit too much sugar

  • DemriDreams
    DemriDreams Month ago

    Everyone who has a fidget spinner doesn't have "problems" And people who do don't have it... Lmao, What has this world turned into

    CALLUZ Month ago

    You probably won't even see this but I have suffered from adhd for about 5 years and I have a few fidget toys to help me through some tuff times and btw I've subbed to u since the first vine nere enough

  • Ms. Awesomeness
    Ms. Awesomeness Month ago

    Her name is Sarah well my name is Sarah lol

  • Overlord Gaming
    Overlord Gaming Month ago

    Her arms can bend unusually like mine

  • LPS QueenTM
    LPS QueenTM Month ago

    Lol this got so popular my mall has a fidget spinner stand😂

  • Joel Rigley
    Joel Rigley Month ago

    I'm meant to have one cuz I have autism and I've been told to get them and I've got 29

  • Thomas Pacheco
    Thomas Pacheco Month ago

    Photobombed 1:58

  • MCR Productions
    MCR Productions Month ago

    The second one daz held I was considering getting

  • Yuver YT
    Yuver YT Month ago

    she grew up much more than ive seen her last time <3 keep up the good care of her

  • Yafav Shorty
    Yafav Shorty Month ago

    Aww she's adorable

  • Hz03
    Hz03 Month ago

    Skip half thru the video and just listen with no volume

  • moxie girl
    moxie girl Month ago

    I didn't know Daz was a dad?

    D'awww that's so adorable ♡

  • Dex Predator
    Dex Predator Month ago

    Cancer spinners

  • XxBatmanPlayzGamezxX Beast

    I have ADHD

  • Skate box808
    Skate box808 Month ago

    Just look at a ceiling fan 😂🤣

  • Lps Rainbowlover
    Lps Rainbowlover Month ago

    I love this video it's a really good video sprinters are for adhd and autism and depression and dyslexia and anxiety i looked it up the unther day it's for dyslexia as well and I have dyslexia and I have some and I'm like 15years old and I have anxiety because when I was little I got bullied so that's why I got it because I got a speper and didn't know what they were for I found TV eye were just toys but they won't I look it up and it's for dyslexia as well

  • Chesney Beautiful
    Chesney Beautiful Month ago

    You can tell how excited she was to finally make a video with her daddy!❤️ Melts my heart.

  • Bootay Crack
    Bootay Crack Month ago

    0:26 her arms are bendy af

  • Joseph Gonzales
    Joseph Gonzales Month ago

    The favorite of yours is the one I have

  • Mnxe
    Mnxe Month ago

    I love that you're both so chill with eachother, you literally are best friends. Spitting image!
    I love that Kate just sneaks past looking for something, haha! Love this little family!

  • lol lol
    lol lol Month ago +2

    You have got the same as me

  • Harry Todhunter
    Harry Todhunter Month ago

    I have no mental disabilities

  • XxJAxGamingxX
    XxJAxGamingxX Month ago

    They really remind of those "focus piece" thingies from the movie Inception, like the guy with the spinner top and chess pieces and stuff

  • Dy1an i5 awe50me
    Dy1an i5 awe50me Month ago

    I have some fidget spinners at my house. They help me with my autism and help me focus

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