Stars Align - Lindsey Stirling (Original Song)

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    Stars Align Credits List
    DIRECTED BY: Nathan D. Lee
    CONCEPT BY: Lindsey Stirling & Nathan D. Lee
    PRODUCED BY: Jared Cardon
    MUSIC PRODUCER: DJ Poet Name Life

    FILMED AT: YouTube Space LA

    PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Benjamin Ralston
    EDITED BY: Lindsey Stirling & Nathan D. Lee
    COSTUME DESIGNERS: Lindsey Stirling and Shannon Cheek
    COSTUME CREATOR: Shannon Cheek
    CHOREOGRAPHER: Anze Skrube

    * DANCERS *
    Joesar Alva
    Raymond Basa
    Marvin Millora
    Devon Perri
    Anze Skrube
    Mykell Wilson
    Whyley Yoshimura
    Matic Zadravec

    * CREW *
    ART DIRECTOR: Erika Walters
    ART CREW: Marlena Feehery, Derek Hockenbrough
    GAFFER: Brandon Moss
    BEST BOY ELECTRIC/KEY GRIP: David Liddell Thorpe
    GRIP/ELECTRIC: Matthew Dartnell, Willem Kampenhout, Alex Stein
    JIB OPERATOR: Andy Jagerson
    HAIR & MAKE-UP ARTIST: Alison Christian, Leibi Carias

    * VFX *
    VFX SUPERVISOR: William Chang
    COMPOSITOR : Justin Perreault
    COMPOSITOR: Sophia Jooyeon Lee
    COMPOSITOR: Melissa Costa
    ROTO ARTIST: George Macharashvili

    PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Matthew Dartnell, Julia Glausi
    SET PHOTOGRAPHER: Julia Glausi

    SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jeremy Lamb, Nicholas Adams, Erin Anderson, Eileen Rivera, Andrew Fillmore, Adina Friedman, Casey McAdams, Freddie Wong
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  • Runtime: 4:39
  • Lindsey Stirling  Dubstep Violin  Dubstep Violinist  Violinist  Dancing Violinist  Stars Align  LindseyStomp  

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  • Areli Neftali Mendoza

    me gusta mucho esta cancion

  • XiaoDong 东
    XiaoDong 东 3 days ago +1

    your music is out of this world


    21 Aug 2017 and Sept 23 2017. YEA! What do I win?

  • Vlad inemir
    Vlad inemir 4 days ago

    Love classical vibe in the beginning.

  • Gabirela Do
    Gabirela Do 5 days ago

    I love you

    ABDELKADER MOULAï 5 days ago


    ABDELKADER MOULAï 5 days ago

    (.DZ)..1..2...3....WE ARE THE CHILDREN..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....VIVA ALGERIE..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....MARWAN BARGHOUTHII..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....SAHARA OCCIDENTAL..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....NELSON MANDELA..!!
    (.DZ)..1..2...3....We are the World..!!

  • David Clary
    David Clary 5 days ago

    Day begrudgingly gives in to night
    and the stars sneak into the sky.
    Courtiers and Courtesans from distant lands
    they announce themselves with a twinkle
    that says “I am here! I have arrived!”
    their voices too small to be heard
    in a ballroom so immense.

    With sudden stillness they move in
    sync with their neighbors and friends
    and march silently in step with each other
    through a chamber as big as forever,
    dancing the waltz eternal.

    Each in turn will bow to the queen
    as she makes her way across the hall.
    Sister Moon, daughter of the sun,
    heir to the throne he has vacated until the morn.
    She smiles at each one and in her smile
    is reflected the light of everyone she has ever met.

    I saw you across the stars when you twinkled your hello
    and through time I maneuvered my way,
    slipping past the unmeasurable distances until
    our paths intersected and for as long as you and I
    shared that one spot in the sky,
    that swath of the ballroom,
    for as long as we were together,
    we danced.

  • Shahed R Islam
    Shahed R Islam 5 days ago

    Cristina grimmi? Is that you? 😢😢😢

  • robert hanna
    robert hanna 6 days ago

    So good

  • manon Ehrhard
    manon Ehrhard 6 days ago


  • Kelly Rorick
    Kelly Rorick 6 days ago

    I love her

  • benoit gamache
    benoit gamache 7 days ago

    lindsey you look so good in that one plus i love the song
    and video

  • lelandgaunt
    lelandgaunt 7 days ago

    So talented.

  • Hasan Bravo Bec.
    Hasan Bravo Bec. 8 days ago

    some parts are resemble of Take flight

  • Obed Mandanga
    Obed Mandanga 8 days ago


  • Reed Richards
    Reed Richards 8 days ago

    More than one culture's mythology features a benevolent God/Goddess that sang the universe into existence. personally, i adhere to a more rational & science-derived explanation, but I LOVE this far more beautiful version. Lindsey did awesome here. I hope she keeps performing for we lesser-blessed souls for decades more!

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 8 days ago

    This vid is so well done! I love Lindsey!

  • Bekka LovesDogs
    Bekka LovesDogs 8 days ago

    she is amazing and I cannot get enough of this song!!! <3

  • damaris kola-asa
    damaris kola-asa 8 days ago

    i think stars align brings a beeyoutiful twist on science and magic (which everyone believes is boring0 i hope watching this video changes your mind

  • Odoraldo Suárez Q.
    Odoraldo Suárez Q. 12 days ago

    Just great

  • Digvijay Singh
    Digvijay Singh 14 days ago

    All those who are jealous of her be assured .... You will be healed of your suffering ,

  • D. L. Harvey
    D. L. Harvey 17 days ago

    My daughter plays the violin and loves it

  • Jhoin Mark
    Jhoin Mark 18 days ago

    مجنونه هذه المرأة لاكن هي سعيده بذلك الجنون

  • Camilla Mello
    Camilla Mello 18 days ago

    foda e incrível

  • 002
    002 21 day ago +1


    Lindsey is like a dream come true. Oh, no. I take that back...

    She IS a dream come true.

    I've always imagined a violinist dancing while playing the violin and singing too, but, I never imagined it would come true tho.

    Her dance is not just any dance too. Her music and dancing skills are so SICK, but I'll never get sick of her talent.

    Her artistry is life. Just like one of my fav YouTubers; Mike Tompkins, KHS, etc., and any music/related YTrs are mindblowing when it comes to their artistry.

    Can she also play the violin while iceskating? I mean, I'm not questioning, just curious and if there's any vid of it, much appreciated in advance. That would be epic too.

  • TheTreeman
    TheTreeman 22 days ago

    1:42 Is it just me or is that a carbon fiber violin?

  • Aashna Shah
    Aashna Shah 22 days ago +1

    And so, Lindsey created the universe

  • Ariana Vanchure
    Ariana Vanchure 24 days ago


  • Dejan Markovic
    Dejan Markovic 24 days ago

    She is not real. Maybe some alien or android... Too perfect for a human

  • Dаша Савенко

    мне очень нравится ваша музыка , она очень красивая и будто живая

  • Jennifer Romera
    Jennifer Romera 25 days ago

    ADOREI 😄😮

  • Anime Lover101
    Anime Lover101 25 days ago

    How could anyone dislike this it's so good she's amazing duh

  • WerymeX Chanel
    WerymeX Chanel 27 days ago

    Nice girl and artist :*

  • Lucy Gaid
    Lucy Gaid 27 days ago

    Love it

  • Redkittycats
    Redkittycats 28 days ago

    Reverse harem.

  • kai1501 wow
    kai1501 wow 28 days ago +1

    I find the hair color full good

  • Sebastian Riva
    Sebastian Riva 29 days ago


  • Terra Carge
    Terra Carge Month ago

    if you unlike this like and this video you are a man or woman of no taste and a person with no talent this video is cool and amazing.

  • Michael T. Murray
    Michael T. Murray Month ago

    Unknowing to me. They got you guys running all over the Zodiac looking for you love. Now, if you see the Zodiac is a Wheel. To align the stars, the Zodiac wheel. Then if you are a girl, then you want to find a man from the Zodiac sign before your sign. Not jumping all over the zodiac looking for love knocking the wheel/star out of alignment. Just like a 72 hour full moon phase. You each have 72hours from your birthday, one day forward on day back, to find the women behind her man in the alignment.

  • Morningdew
    Morningdew Month ago +1

    Still listening in 2017. And probably forever

  • Krzysztof H
    Krzysztof H Month ago

    The creation of the world, Ainulindale, the song of Ainurs

  • Mid-Tier Weeb
    Mid-Tier Weeb Month ago +1

    the perfect woman doesnt exist-

  • Quinton Vv
    Quinton Vv Month ago +1

    I love the why you dance I LOVE YOUR MUSIC !!!!!!!!

  • BittyBoozle
    BittyBoozle Month ago +1

    u look gorgeous in this video

  • Gothic Rose53x
    Gothic Rose53x Month ago

    This stuff is so awesome!!!! I mean really amazing! I mean the way she plays is just awesome! Then she sings and dances and looks amazing!! That is definitely talent!!!



  • Andrey Baranichenko

    yo like me baby Цем цем цем)

  • Hageshiku Lady
    Hageshiku Lady Month ago

    You're lovely <3 I love the way you arrange your hair everytime and the thingies hanging from it <3

  • wurea araton
    wurea araton Month ago +1

    cem comentario fora de série muito bom nota 1000

  • Kennedy Sharforostov

    Incredible Lindsey #vc and read I love you

  • Erin Rogoff
    Erin Rogoff Month ago

    This song takes me back to my childhood. The stars aligned when my dad introduced me to Star Trek.

  • Joel Muskwe
    Joel Muskwe Month ago

    Massive Song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wioletta G
    Wioletta G Month ago

    She is amazing! :)

  • Mohammad Mhmoud
    Mohammad Mhmoud Month ago

    Provide the world with your creativity

  • 3liteDarkness
    3liteDarkness Month ago

    Such a great talent. I would love to hear you do a cover for the minecraft theme and actually hear you sing in more of your music videos cause you have such a great voice and if you do the minecraft cover do it with the guys you did the cover of Radioactive.

  • Susana Rodríguez
    Susana Rodríguez Month ago

    I love you Lindsey Stirling
    You are the best

    No doubt, many people criticize you but that does not matter, you're the best, keep it up

  • Marisa Saez
    Marisa Saez Month ago +1

    Cada Vídeo Que Veo Tullo Que Veo Que do Como Wtw eres Increíble Tu Talento Es WoW Me Dejas Sin Palabras Eres Importante •

  • Star Light The Animantronic Fox

    you are soooooo cool... i loved the dances and the music

  • Jade Saliba
    Jade Saliba Month ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG,, LINDSEY IS LIKE THE GOD OF VIOLINS , i just have to ask, What was the story of the song?

  • Константин Родзевич

    Lindsey - Богиня скрипки!

  • someone awesome
    someone awesome Month ago

    and then Q showed up and it was fantastic

  • time4kolene
    time4kolene Month ago

    This has to be my favorite with The Arena coming in close second ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Fox Meed
    Fox Meed Month ago

    I love you linsey

  • Zayne Keslar
    Zayne Keslar Month ago

    Lindsey Stirling is like the best violinist I have ever heard

  • Ruri Kurousaki
    Ruri Kurousaki Month ago

    Lindsey is the one who inspired me to play violin,I played the Roundtable! It's so cool!

  • luiz araujo
    luiz araujo Month ago

    Sua bruxa,feiticeira,não canso de te escutar e ver

  • Kamienny_PL
    Kamienny_PL Month ago


  • - inTegrity -
    - inTegrity - Month ago

    Go back to the beginning. You will find a big hole there. Forgive my idiocracy.

    • - inTegrity -
      - inTegrity - Month ago

      Perhaps we'd find that Earth would be Vulcan if we had 2 moons. The recipe for pointed ears. I know, just what everyone thinks about.

      I'm sooo boring.
      For example, I know it will make no difference if I trip over that rock, so long as I am not near the ledge of that cliff.

  • Remesh Kesy Kesy
    Remesh Kesy Kesy Month ago

    she is the best example of a successful person who loves to prove everyone wrong.SHE DID IT.!!! a new era !!

  • Elizabeth Carbone
    Elizabeth Carbone Month ago


  • Licsii15
    Licsii15 Month ago

    nagyon jó lett ez a zene. mind a koreográfia, háttér, zene, öltözék. egyszerűen tökéletes lett.
    Csak így tovább Lindsey :D

  • Sharkminer 503
    Sharkminer 503 Month ago

    This is played almost everyday in my dojang in karate

  • eduardo tavares
    eduardo tavares Month ago +1

    lindsey you a perfect violinist i love

  • Craig Weinkauf
    Craig Weinkauf Month ago

    You are as Beautiful on the outside as I know you are on the inside I pray every day of your life is blessed you have given me so much happiness from watching you videos I can't help but smile  Thank you

  • Ose Odia
    Ose Odia Month ago

    1:09 I'm like star wars from 1:12 I'm like it's raining men

  • Jan Czuba
    Jan Czuba Month ago

    She is amazing!!

  • red/eyed/devil
    red/eyed/devil Month ago

    I can't tell what's better the singing or the dancing

  • red/eyed/devil
    red/eyed/devil Month ago


  • Azure Smile78
    Azure Smile78 Month ago

    She has to remember the notes the dance moves.
    That that just blows my mind

  • Miryam Paola Alvarez Flores

    Lindsey!!! I am going to your show in São Paulo 2017!!!!!!!!!!!! see you there!!!

  • westcoast weka
    westcoast weka 2 months ago

    When you said "Yeaah!" you sounded like cyb3rnov3r XD

  • Susana Rodríguez
    Susana Rodríguez 2 months ago

    You are amazing

  • Anna Bagdasaryan
    Anna Bagdasaryan 2 months ago


  • папа и Зайнаб


  • папа и Зайнаб


  • папа и Зайнаб

    отличный клип!

  • папа и Зайнаб

    с удовольствием слушаю мелодию !

  • time4kolene
    time4kolene 2 months ago +1

    This has to be one of my favorites 💕💞💕💞💕💞💕

  • Станислав Галив

    Я обнимал колонку когда слушал)))

  • FacingDeath1
    FacingDeath1 2 months ago

    Absolutely stunning.

  • Luis Duarte
    Luis Duarte 2 months ago +1

    there are 3k of haters and one word for them: jealousy

    ; )

  • Ирина Устимова


  • iva
    iva 2 months ago

    класная музыка и танцы молодец

  • Rob Devereux
    Rob Devereux 2 months ago

    i dont know if Lindsey ever reads these comments but if she does id like to thank her for making this style of music. really helps me out at work to stay relaxed and have a good day

  • XDJChristian
    XDJChristian 2 months ago

    2:21 My favorite part! Just perfect! Good dancers.Well done, guys.

  • Kevin Mark Barnes
    Kevin Mark Barnes 2 months ago


  • Dena Simard
    Dena Simard 2 months ago

    Lindsey, you are so amazingly talented.

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