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    In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew buy ice cream for their new friend in Florida… and this new friend just happens to be a baby goat or “Little G” as he is appropriately named. Seriously, this tiny goat is quite possibly the cutest baby goat to ever exist!

    However snack time takes a dramatic turn when “Big Pig” decides that he should be the one to chow down on the delicious treat. Does he “oink” his way to the feast?

    Spoiler alert - if you want to keep your ice-cream for yourself… Beware of Big Pig!

    Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT encountering wildlife…or at least not by choice!

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  • Runtime: 7:13
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  • Tiger Minecraft
    Tiger Minecraft 7 hours ago +1

    AS they say: Friendly is allways a little dangerus

  • Mubeen Amir
    Mubeen Amir 12 hours ago

    at 4:37 cayety had a little goat

  • Marty284
    Marty284 2 days ago

    that music is from bear grylls born survivor i know it is for sure!! 2:30

  • Melody Pereira
    Melody Pereira 2 days ago

    Florida. is were i live and my Town name is Sweetwater

  • Dr squish is amazing!

    i bet they would-big pig

  • anupreet panesar
    anupreet panesar 3 days ago

    The goat was very cute

  • slimy jimmy
    slimy jimmy 5 days ago

    in Jamaica goats are a common animals

  • Omar Meister
    Omar Meister 5 days ago

    I haven't a guinea pig named big pig because he's long and slim

  • Kailyn Bennett
    Kailyn Bennett 6 days ago

    It's feels like it's in the 80's usily

  • Ghosthorse4949
    Ghosthorse4949 6 days ago

    There is a pig at the farm camp I go to that weighs over 400 pounds.

  • grace bradshaw
    grace bradshaw 7 days ago

    There's bird poop on the turtles shell 5:14

  • Ryan Moulder
    Ryan Moulder 7 days ago

    "63 is pretty hot"

  • Liam Hazan
    Liam Hazan 8 days ago +1

    That is the cutest pig i have ever seen😍

  • Sophia Viteri
    Sophia Viteri 8 days ago

    63°? That's nothing, and trust me I live in Florida

  • Vodo Frodo
    Vodo Frodo 8 days ago


  • TheGamingWolf1000
    TheGamingWolf1000 9 days ago


  • sandie slayer
    sandie slayer 9 days ago

    Boiling 63 degress

  • hitman22
    hitman22 9 days ago

    Big pig if you said it with an a, it'll be a backpack

  • MixSquad
    MixSquad 9 days ago

    can you please explore in denmark

    i really want to see it

  • Minh Ngoc Do
    Minh Ngoc Do 9 days ago

    Big pig is so cute! I love pigs 🐷

  • Its Ok
    Its Ok 10 days ago

    Coyote: •Shows me a big pig•

    Me: Awee How cute.!

    •Realizes I ate a pig yesterday•

    Me: I'm so sorry..

  • Cory
    Cory 10 days ago

    That's actually a really small pig

  • MyMedsDontWork
    MyMedsDontWork 11 days ago

    Did these kids say 63 degrees is hot. I live in Florida and 63 is my freezing point

  • Zach memays The lord of turtles

    *hears the word mario* ITS A ME MARIO!

  • Sonny Godhands
    Sonny Godhands 11 days ago

    The big pig scene is totally crack me up😂😂😂

  • Joshopty
    Joshopty 12 days ago

    " i'm coyote Peterson and today I enter the bite zone with big pig "

  • Nghi Dang
    Nghi Dang 13 days ago

    Lil'G is so cute, he looks like he's wearing pants.

  • Derpy Wolf
    Derpy Wolf 13 days ago

    Awwwww I love farm animals and horses

  • XEzzaGamingx
    XEzzaGamingx 13 days ago


    who knows the refrence ._.

  • Emoji Yurei
    Emoji Yurei 14 days ago

    "Lil G"
    A baby goat

    "Big Pig"

    A small but large pig.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 14 days ago

    63 degrees is kinda high I would pay for it to be that low here

  • Jordan Martin
    Jordan Martin 15 days ago

    Can someone send a super Mario to coyote and then he gives it to Mario lollollollollollol

  • Chara Envoy of chaos
    Chara Envoy of chaos 15 days ago

    Awwww I want a pig like that! I'm getting a pet pig one day

  • Kiana Lynn
    Kiana Lynn 15 days ago

    it's okay you don't have to show us I already have a lot of fun with a lot of animals

  • Dominic RedBorrelli
    Dominic RedBorrelli 15 days ago

    This is like reliving my childhood with Steve Irwin. Thank you so much!

  • Rave about Ravenclaw
    Rave about Ravenclaw 16 days ago

    Coyote: it's pretty hot 63 degrees
    Me:pfft it was raining today and it was 98 degrees outside

  • Michael Huenergardt
    Michael Huenergardt 16 days ago

    Why would a baby goat want to sit in a coyote his lap?😂

  • Luku _45
    Luku _45 16 days ago

    Haha... 63 degrees? Go to Texas. *stares into 100 degree outside world and shudders*

  • Flame God Roblox, and More

    Subcribe to me and i sub to you :D

  • Flame God Roblox, and More


  • joe jared
    joe jared 16 days ago

    its wildcat

  • TheAsianMustache 777
    TheAsianMustache 777 16 days ago

    1:51 Long Johns?

  • gwen evans
    gwen evans 16 days ago

    Im a pig and u kiss go pro

  • Kobe Sibley
    Kobe Sibley 17 days ago

    63° is hot??

  • RyPie
    RyPie 17 days ago

    We should all be more like Lil'G and less like Big Pig.

  • Mr. Noose
    Mr. Noose 18 days ago

    He looks and acts literally the same like my pet pig

  • Zadawn
    Zadawn 18 days ago

    3:31 to 3:34 has to be my favourite little skit on youtube .

  • Noushin Choudhury
    Noushin Choudhury 18 days ago

    don do this

  • Madison Carothers
    Madison Carothers 19 days ago

    Big Pig = ME ! *In my Shane Dawson voice*

  • DumbVids Hawaii
    DumbVids Hawaii 19 days ago

    U guys think that pig is huge I would show my uncle's pig but don't know how

  • Jose Cripps
    Jose Cripps 19 days ago

    You see it's butt

  • Jose Cripps
    Jose Cripps 19 days ago


  • Jose Cripps
    Jose Cripps 19 days ago

    Gee thanks for 5:53

  • Random Craydum
    Random Craydum 19 days ago


    (lol I'm saying I'm big pig

  • Zadawn
    Zadawn 19 days ago

    Big Pig is boss.

  • Mason Watson
    Mason Watson 19 days ago +1

    You sounded JUSTTTTT like the guy off of Cast Away!!!!! OMGGGG LOLOLOLOL LMAO!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Captain Hilarious
    Captain Hilarious 19 days ago

    I have a pet pig that looks like that :/
    their actually friendly

  • unknown 1234
    unknown 1234 20 days ago

    that goat and tortoise just like dating each other....the big pig like his life because of the ice cream.

  • TahoeGirl 22
    TahoeGirl 22 20 days ago

    IcE cREam MahEIne BrokE

  • Bob The Bob
    Bob The Bob 20 days ago

    *Here Comes Grumpy*

    I laughed a lot! 😂😂😂😂

  • arien maia
    arien maia 20 days ago

    First LoL

  • arien maia
    arien maia 20 days ago

    Woah Big Pig is so cute

  • bubble bomb
    bubble bomb 20 days ago

    I like big pig the most . Then tortoise

  • Spider Shark146
    Spider Shark146 20 days ago

    I'm coyote Peterson and I'm about to enter the strike zone with a ice cream: AHHH the ice cream pinched me!!

  • The Bunny Squad
    The Bunny Squad 20 days ago

    Bruh 60 paradise for me it's 109 and I wish I was joking but I'm not so if you wear black or a dark color you die of heat stroke so you should be happy it's 60 because if you buy ice cream it freaking melts in 1 second so you are living the life when I'm dying here in this place made of lava if it was 60 I would be so happy and here you can cook on the floor and crayons melt instantly AND put rope out for 1 minute and it catches on fire and again I wish I was joking because you wake up all sweaty and your bed is all wet because of your sweat and it doesn't matter if you have the best air conditioner in the world because it's so freaking hot the sun burns your skin and your windows so AGAIN I would love to live there the coldest it gets here is 97 so this weather is basically killing me and you sweat of 5 pound each day so I would die to live there

  • Marc Hurtubise
    Marc Hurtubise 20 days ago

    *"fuq off coyote"*- Lil G

  • Andrew Mcdonald
    Andrew Mcdonald 20 days ago

    I love McDonald's in for ice cream for french fries🍟

  • FoxySquash73
    FoxySquash73 21 day ago

    Im so jelous, when im older im going to do this, animal documentary

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts 21 day ago

    63 degrees pretty high, you truly are from Ohio

  • Alex Espinal
    Alex Espinal 21 day ago

    He's not vegan??

  • WA CZZ
    WA CZZ 21 day ago

    these animal is so cute

  • Overcon
    Overcon 21 day ago

    Big pig, more like Big rig

  • michelle lee
    michelle lee 21 day ago

    *plot twist*
    Can we have 3 vanilla cones?

    McDonalds: the ice creame machine is down today!

    The END

  • Codie Jarosz
    Codie Jarosz 21 day ago

    Coyote: I was almost certain that this little goat would want an ice cream cone.

    Mark: I know who would...

    Coyote: who?

    *Vanoss runs in*
    Vanoss: BIG GUY!!!

  • Grandpa Space Oreo
    Grandpa Space Oreo 21 day ago

    The pigs in the Philippines are like 8ft tall when they stand up

  • Swaggy Pig
    Swaggy Pig 21 day ago +1

    IM A PIG

  • Elizabeth Cuevas
    Elizabeth Cuevas 22 days ago

    U make the best vids lil g and big pig luv u coyote

  • Thoyde Wright
    Thoyde Wright 22 days ago

    63 is cold I'm at 80-94

  • Mela The Demon Fox
    Mela The Demon Fox 22 days ago

    I have a pig and his name is Wilbur from that show Sharlets Web

  • Kaden Doucette
    Kaden Doucette 22 days ago

    Oops big pig

  • Kaden Doucette
    Kaden Doucette 22 days ago

    #Pig Pig for days

  • Jeremiah Youngbull
    Jeremiah Youngbull 22 days ago

    I did it

  • Acrimonious Oxide
    Acrimonious Oxide 22 days ago

    Big Pig is my spirit animal

  • Guy Buddy
    Guy Buddy 22 days ago

    I wanted to see more pig.

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine 22 days ago +2

    The goat is wearing pants lel

  • zach marshall
    zach marshall 23 days ago

    U shud totally buy a place where u bring the animals that u caught

  • Ryan Baker
    Ryan Baker 23 days ago

    You know who would like the ice cream? BIG PIG
    Me:*burst out with laughter*

  • Pixelpunguin
    Pixelpunguin 23 days ago

    Why is this video called beware of big pig and it is mostly about the goat

  • Velociraptor Champion
    Velociraptor Champion 23 days ago

    You can walk up to a wild boar and scratch its side and it will roll right over for you (if you make it to the side before getting rammed)

  • Council of Normistan
    Council of Normistan 23 days ago

    (Insert immature mom joke)

  • IsureGotHopz
    IsureGotHopz 23 days ago

    He clearly didn't go to McDonald's, as the ice cream machine worked.

  • Neil Rigsbee
    Neil Rigsbee 23 days ago

    Oh no it's the walking bacon apocalypse

  • Olivia Klena
    Olivia Klena 24 days ago

    buck shot the turtle join two huh

  • Eudiel Guerrero
    Eudiel Guerrero 24 days ago

    HAHHA! 😂😂😂😂😃

  • MegaCharizard173821
    MegaCharizard173821 24 days ago

    63 degrees isn't even hot

  • Brawo Donut
    Brawo Donut 24 days ago

    omg thats technoblade

  • Zachary Erwin
    Zachary Erwin 25 days ago


  • Lena Maria
    Lena Maria 25 days ago

    did he just say.....63 degrees...was hot.......????????

  • t dub
    t dub 25 days ago

    Anyone know what kind of camera was that on the stick tripod? And What kind tripod was that? Is that a gopro

  • Brad Flores
    Brad Flores 25 days ago

    I'm surprised the ice cream machine wasn't broken

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