The Handmaid's Tale - SNL

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  • novascot60
    novascot60 47 minutes ago

    Clueless bros .... Perfect!

  • MsDenouement
    MsDenouement 23 hours ago

    This is how sooooo many people I talk to react to real-life civil rights abuses. Just willful ignorance.

  • larisa lari
    larisa lari 1 day ago


  • HeltahSkeltah
    HeltahSkeltah 6 days ago

    Smash Cultural Marxism, fuck (((SNL)))

  • Alexandra Smith
    Alexandra Smith 11 days ago

    SNL just isn't funny anymore.

  • i am bacon 123
    i am bacon 123 12 days ago

    there is actually a book about this

  • HanMyo Naing
    HanMyo Naing 13 days ago

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  • airwriq
    airwriq 14 days ago

    This could have been way better, and even make one think... but no, totally half assed.

  • Elodie Wilson
    Elodie Wilson 19 days ago

    Not relevant, but aidy looks so nice fresh faced!

  • Grace Alleman
    Grace Alleman 21 day ago

    i would watch this

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 22 days ago

    That moment when the handmaids tale could never have happened because the constitution.

  • Joe Maldonado
    Joe Maldonado 22 days ago

    I'm into parodies...!

  • FancyDandin
    FancyDandin 23 days ago

    Mikey Day is a dreamboat.

  • Muhammad Nadeem
    Muhammad Nadeem 24 days ago

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  • Al Commesso
    Al Commesso 26 days ago

    Hey! does anyone remember when SNL was funny?

    KEVIN CHANDRA 26 days ago

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  • Kevin E
    Kevin E 28 days ago

    The Republican Party, for sure. Here in Missouri alone, our new pretty boy Governor, Eric Greitens, called a special session of the legislature and spent $20,000 per day just to rule further on women's reproductive rights. Seriously. Fascism and sexism, both, at their finest. "Small government", our collective asses.

  • Lingala Vikas
    Lingala Vikas 28 days ago

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  • Caroline Lynch
    Caroline Lynch 1 month ago

    Abolish The Gilead Regime once and for all!!!!!

  • mahe keerthi
    mahe keerthi 1 month ago

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  • viclis11
    viclis11 1 month ago

    Not funny..

  • Yula Nzioki
    Yula Nzioki 1 month ago

    lol how some Caucasian people act when faced with the blatant racism going on in this country

  • Unknown Username
    Unknown Username 1 month ago

    when the hell will season 2 come out

  • Kyle Barrier
    Kyle Barrier 1 month ago

    Leftist Atheist anti-christian propaganda fueled by your blind hatred of Christians and Christianity. Atheistic communism killed and repressed more people in the 20th century than any other belief system.

  • Bradley Arkesteyn
    Bradley Arkesteyn 1 month ago

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  • yoroshiku
    yoroshiku 1 month ago

    Wonderful that throughout the skit there's only ONE person laughing, and that's because s/he like the rest of the audience didn't know if they should at the time, but s/he went for it anyway, though holding back.

  • Thanh Long Nguyen
    Thanh Long Nguyen 1 month ago

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  • A D
    A D 1 month ago

    I've never watched something so dry in my life...

    • A D
      A D 1 month ago

      Actually, I just finished the show xD

    • Vanessa Vieites
      Vanessa Vieites 1 month ago

      A D you'd have to watch the show to get it...

  • Carl Tuckerson
    Carl Tuckerson 1 month ago

    What is this paradise being presented?

  • jessaspen1
    jessaspen1 1 month ago

    Was that supposed to be funny? Reminds me how millennial men act when I tell them women don't have equal rights to them. 🙄

  • Djomla ツ
    Djomla ツ 1 month ago

    I wаtchеd Тhе Hаааndmаid's Таlее full mooviееее hеrееeе

  • Gruxxan
    Gruxxan 1 month ago

    you know, this is an analogy of sharia right? its saudia arabia, right now, not a prediction of america..

  • SuperJ1109
    SuperJ1109 1 month ago

    i didn't laugh once🤔

  • Deadly Rainbows
    Deadly Rainbows 1 month ago

    Ugh, I'm sick of all the "This is what happens because we elected Trump." Shut up, and go study are government. What you'll find is a little something called "separation of powers" crazy right? Well, if the Trump administration were to do something unconstitutional like this, the Judicial Branch would come down on them. (They literally did this to him with his travel ban, so don't say the court would do nothing.) Then you seem to forget that, to pass a law, pass a constitutional amendment, do any of that it'd have to go through the legislative branch, which happens to have many women that would stop such a law, and so would (I hope) all the men with morals. If it were to become a federal law, the states would ignore it, because the states can do that. If they wanted to make a constitutional amendment, it would have to go through congress and get a 2/3 vote to even have it approved, then it would have to have to be ratified by 3/4 of the states. (In the state's legislature there are even MORE female legislators, and a few states even have female governors.) So no, the Trump administration could not do this. And if more people actually took the time out of their lives to even learn about our government, maybe we wouldn't be where we are now.

  • Amen Soudani
    Amen Soudani 1 month ago

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  • Abi Loka
    Abi Loka 1 month ago

    what do you mean "Netflix WE have one too" OMG if Netflix has a show like this I'd be hooked

  • Laurie Eno
    Laurie Eno 1 month ago

    Aspiring douchebros. Charming.

  • Владимир Кричунов

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  • D. Matz.
    D. Matz. 1 month ago

    Why does everyone accuse the right of being anti democratic? This attitude is coming form the left in these times. They are the ones taking overt the universities and shutting down speakers they don't like. The want "safe spaces" which is another way of saying, I don't tolerate nor do I want to be around people who think differently than I do. The left are the ones who scream discriminate and play the victirm when they don't get their way, usually at the expense of someone else.

  • John Hintergardt
    John Hintergardt 1 month ago

    Are all of SNL's sketches awkward and slow paced? I haven't watched a full episode of SNL since 1996.

  • Emma Marks
    Emma Marks 1 month ago

    Its sad that this happens in middle eastern countries tho

  • Cutie Kitty Paws
    Cutie Kitty Paws 1 month ago

    I don't know what to think about this

  • abracadaverous
    abracadaverous 1 month ago

    Ouch. Too real.

  • Jesse Davis
    Jesse Davis 1 month ago

    See Netflix we have one too! 😂😂🤣

  • Uni Versal
    Uni Versal 1 month ago

    remember how over 50% of white women voted for trump?? Ya.

  • Dorothy Potter Snyder

    "The protest? Yeah, that was a few years ago." This is about 1 millimeter from reality.

  • audrey mcneal
    audrey mcneal 1 month ago

    I just read the book, "The Handmaid's Tale", and I'd like to say I know it's satire, but the black girl wouldn't have been a handmaiden. The society makes black women servants to commanders. Also, those women wouldn't have even been able to talk without rehearsed exchanges. And there are no actual men in the society who are free like that, either.

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 1 month ago

    The amount of stupid, ignorant leftists in the SNL comments sections always astounds me. The victim complex is real.

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 1 month ago

    Meanwhile, in reality, women have more freedoms, rights and privileges than men.

    Doesn't stop women from whining constantly, though.

  • gjaddajg
    gjaddajg 1 month ago

    muh oppression

  • aakash spaa
    aakash spaa 1 month ago

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  • clairesalittleoff
    clairesalittleoff 1 month ago

    "Oh yeah I read something about that but I'm not much into politics."

    DIEGO CARDENAS 1 month ago

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  • Doug Beaton
    Doug Beaton 2 months ago

    Women having babies under state control? Communism, yeah. Nazi Germany, yeah. Islam, yeah. Trump, no way. In Trump's world, Offred would be making big bucks dropping babies for profit and would be a multi-millionaire by 30.

  • Richard Rabinowitz
    Richard Rabinowitz 2 months ago


  • carlos lucero
    carlos lucero 2 months ago

    This is actually better than the actual stupid show . Hulu picks up the crap Netflix turned down

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill 2 months ago

    I just had a thought... that one eyed bitch is very creepy

  • Mike Gill
    Mike Gill 2 months ago

    what a perfect world this would be... for a Nazi

  • Van Cozzin
    Van Cozzin 2 months ago

    That was supposed to be funny?

    INTERNATIONALvids 2 months ago

    Most in denial, but mostly dogma based on religion equals this shit

  • Scott Brenner
    Scott Brenner 2 months ago

    I think I was supposed to laugh at this but as a man don't know if I should or simply feel ashamed. I definitely won't know how to respond when SNL does the parody of "Dear White People."

  • Randi Hamer
    Randi Hamer 2 months ago

    SNL is on fire this year.

  • Mon Lemon
    Mon Lemon 2 months ago

    Time to rise up ladies!!! Stand up and go to the kitchen! It's time to cook up some freedom with a side of snickerdoodles!!! (exclamation marks are exciting!!!)

  • Phil Strahl
    Phil Strahl 2 months ago

    Great job on the color grading!

  • hafadude69
    hafadude69 2 months ago

    This series really show you what a liberal world would look like.

  • El Charron
    El Charron 2 months ago

    The show is very good though.

  • Rattle Hog
    Rattle Hog 2 months ago

    Fuck SNL...They are just liberal snowflakes and have lost thousands of viewers... The old SNL was best anyway!

  • Steppawolf
    Steppawolf 2 months ago

    Who does Kyle Mooney remind you of when he says "park" at 2:38? That expression. Some other actor always makes that expression and moves in the same way but I'm blanking on the name.

  • lebaAtac
    lebaAtac 2 months ago

    1 Question... will Muhammad be getting royalties?

  • Vanessa Gordon
    Vanessa Gordon 2 months ago

    I know a guy just like the one Chris Pine played.

  • Belanca Rosier
    Belanca Rosier 2 months ago

    I'd watch the hell out of this show

  • Nijah Oliver
    Nijah Oliver 2 months ago

    White women would NEVER be enslaved lol

  • turboboy1983
    turboboy1983 2 months ago

    Hulu could've saved a ton on actors and writers and just done a documentary on Saudi Arabia.

  • George Jones
    George Jones 2 months ago

    SNL, i won't watch your new sketches until you return to your movie version tradition, I would like the unproduced Sprockets movie back from cancellation seeing a new cast and new director and production. I like a sequel to Night At The Roxbury and a remake of It's Pat and movies based on Californians and Debbie Downer and Goat Boy.

  • Frederick Obando
    Frederick Obando 2 months ago

    ... is it just me, or are those hats pretty hot?!

  • dan taylor
    dan taylor 2 months ago

    Jes yanks ripping off Chaucer ..................... again. Who'd have guessed it?

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 2 months ago

    Take that feminism!

    FİLM DİYARI 2 months ago


  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis 2 months ago

    I liked JUST for the balls of that Netflix diss! :D

  • Linda Ney
    Linda Ney 2 months ago

    Not funny!

  • PropellerBusted
    PropellerBusted 2 months ago

    I don't get it...

    • PropellerBusted
      PropellerBusted 2 months ago

      I looked it up and I see it's based on something else. One of those times where it's only funny if you know the reference but doesn't stand up on its own.

      BTW, Hulu's been doing original programming FOREVER. That tag at the end doesn't make sense.

  • Selen Lumiere
    Selen Lumiere 2 months ago

    freakin' promo and not even sarcastic...

  • D Clarkin
    D Clarkin 2 months ago

    Not funny.

  • zhbrzgx
    zhbrzgx 2 months ago

    When she said "in the not too distant future," I half expected her to start singing the MST3K theme.

  • Mary Azzarto Ciampa
    Mary Azzarto Ciampa 2 months ago

    when is Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon going to play the Commander and Offred? Come on SNL!!!

  • AFair
    AFair 2 months ago

    Considering the men in power right now, this isn't too far off from what they want for women. Pence drools at the thought of this becoming reality. It didn't make me laugh, kind of scary, not my cup of tea as far as humor goes.

  • Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel

    I really expected them to say next sunday a.d. after she said in the not too distant future.

  • AngryNotSoOldHippy
    AngryNotSoOldHippy 2 months ago

    Ha ha! Christian Republicanism is sooooo funny.

  • hummingbirdgirl07
    hummingbirdgirl07 2 months ago

    of all the dystopias...I rather be in Hunger Games or the TERMINATORS, or walking dead...

  • Michel Houellebecq
    Michel Houellebecq 2 months ago

    this is life in saudi arabia, iran, afghanistan, etc. *right now*. but all of you "woke," progressives will say it represents trump's america.

    • Gregory Eatroff
      Gregory Eatroff 2 months ago

      Oh, look, another point-missing douchefrigate.

  • Mike Anderson
    Mike Anderson 2 months ago

    The best lines in the skit are"I was really busy with work" and "Isn't there a march or something?"

  • Miiko Red
    Miiko Red 2 months ago

    WELL WELL woman that voted for trump YOUR NEW ALTRIGHT FUTURE

  • DarkAtHearts
    DarkAtHearts 2 months ago

    This was a good book. Very good skit.

  • Estadocida
    Estadocida 2 months ago

    i thought it was a sketch about saudi arabia

  • sld1776
    sld1776 2 months ago

    Hey Hulu, now do Islam.

  • Ethan Legrand
    Ethan Legrand 2 months ago

    it's funny because this is actually just saudi arabia right now plus rain

  • Андрей Чепурнов

    While you are busy with your dumb fantasy-movies, the Illuminati are turning transnational corporations, exploiting the third world, into totalitarian societies with no freedoms whatsoever.
    But the use of lie-detectors in corporate interests is of course completely legitimate and democratic.(because due to fascist liberal economy everyone has a "democratic" choice - either be a slave to corporate interests or die of hunger)

  • Hoboken Joe-ker
    Hoboken Joe-ker 2 months ago

    Wait, women can't work in this show? That means... there's no such thing as female strippers. MY GOD, WHAT HORRIBLE FUTURE HAVE WE BROUGHT UPON OURSELVES?!?

  • em
    em 2 months ago

    Do half the people watching this not know it's a pArody of the actual show...

  • Orange Ziggy
    Orange Ziggy 2 months ago

    Men can be ignorant as f*(*(.

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