Sleepovers When You're Gay

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  • Dream Phone was SO heteronormative.

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    Ally Beardsley
    Heather - Katie Marovitch
    Chelsea - Rekha Shankar
    Natalie - Ash Webb
    Mike - Mike Trapp
    Grant - Grant O'Brien
    Kyle - Zac Oyama
    Matt - Curtis Kinglsey
    Mom - Katy Dore
    Chris - Christopher Schuchert

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    Writer - Ally Beardsley
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  • JJC
    JJC 24 minutes ago

    I don't mind gay people. I have awesome gay friends who I love like sisters and brothers. But it is my biggest pet peeve when gay gals try to pull me into their sexuality. That's like me trying to make them straight. I was in a fitness jogging class, 3 of us weren't gay and the rest were. That may seem far-fetched, but they purposely made their schedules like this.
    It was TERRIFYING.
    The girls would sexually assault us, we had to sprint to the stalls to change clothing. Our coach was a dude, but the girls would threaten us when we tried to talk to him about it. We never could find the coach after the period, so we'd talk to the pe teacher, who was a girl, and she didn't believe us. Go be gay, that's great, be you. But please, don't force us to do things we don't want to do. People don't think straight people get it handed to them, but we do.

  • Video Gamer
    Video Gamer 1 hour ago

    That's kind of a stereotype of gay people. I'm not gay, but just saying.

  • Golden Gibus
    Golden Gibus 9 hours ago

    I really hate gay people

  • Kartoshka Chronicles
    Kartoshka Chronicles 11 hours ago

    True tho

  • Alex White
    Alex White 13 hours ago

    if you're bisexual like me, it's literally all of them at once

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 16 hours ago

    No girls I'm a boy and I'm gay

  • Sans Ships Frans
    Sans Ships Frans 16 hours ago

    My Lesbian heart has broken

  • Krystal Misery
    Krystal Misery 18 hours ago +1

    It's fun when mostly everyone is bi or pan because you can talk about anyone 😂.

  • Anthony Reno
    Anthony Reno 18 hours ago +1

    The realest shit ever. My younger, closeted self is crying

  • Gezquester
    Gezquester 18 hours ago

    Yeah this doesn't just happen to people who are gay...

  • Gaymer69
    Gaymer69 18 hours ago

    ironically my name is allie

  • WolfgangLMclain
    WolfgangLMclain 23 hours ago +2

    I don't mind if someone is straight, but why do they always have to be all up in your face about it?

    Come on, how am I the first person to comment this?

  • MemeyLoaf
    MemeyLoaf 23 hours ago

    i cringed so hard

  • Liza Ramirez-Garcia


  • Ruby and sapphire Lps

    "How about we go back and watch some porn" ok yeah that's a great idea (sarcasm)

  • Ruby and sapphire Lps

    When this happens but everyone's gay make a porno

  • Dab Howlter
    Dab Howlter 1 day ago


  • Mochailatte
    Mochailatte 1 day ago +1

    A pet peeve of mine is when people say im coming out.. please dont hate me... no hatred love is love.... and reveal their just bi, asexual , narcisistic(aromantic) pan, etcetera. I can still understand gays, even though gays have not even as much the struggle as they ised to. but like seriously we live in the 21 century you come out and nobody gobnan hate on you irs just attention seeking. Also 99 percent of people online who say theyre trans gay etcetera are lying and want to puy a label on themeselves to make them feel more secure and special because being female / male and straight is not good enough.

    but seriously i go on anyone deviantart page and i see big pictures on there page saying 'IM GAY, IM QUEER, IM BI etcetera. yknow they are faking when they proufly show it off because if it really was there secuality like straight is mine (well no im bi) they wouldnt spurt it out it wouldnt even enter normal conversations

    LSO PEople NEED to realise transgender ISNT A GENDER, its a verb. you transitioned. saying transgender created another label for kids t abuse or think they are. if youre male and believe your female and you transition into a female you are now a FEMALE...

    ANOTHER THING -gasp-
    Gender is the same as sex. thats why all those years ago in 1990s 1980s etcetera it didnt have seperate ones for sex and gender. people say gender is mentality... but mentalitys can change at anytime. like a documentory i watched on a man who believed he was a female got sex change everything and 20 years later he is a man and regrets ever changing. mentalitys ALWAYS change! also if gender is different to sex and its onyl a mind thing how come trans genders get their looks, genitalia and hormones changed? thats rioght because gender is sex

  • Fujoshi27
    Fujoshi27 1 day ago +1

    This is why I don't go to sleepovers.

  • Neondoodle
    Neondoodle 1 day ago

    Remember when Buzzfeed, was funny? Yea me neither

  • Audrey Watson
    Audrey Watson 2 days ago +1

    Is it weird that I'm straight and find talking about boys incredibly boring

  • Lorenzo. t.
    Lorenzo. t. 2 days ago


  • Chelsea Murray
    Chelsea Murray 2 days ago

    I really am hotter

  • Tony
    Tony 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who gets really horny?

  • Ally Anderson
    Ally Anderson 2 days ago

    i don't have to to deal with this because all my friends and i are something besides straight so like yeah...

  • alexis d
    alexis d 2 days ago

    Who else tried to click on the piggy picture..... only me.... ok :|

  • Cielois Trancyhive
    Cielois Trancyhive 2 days ago

    Ugh me

  • No
    No 2 days ago

    That's uhhh.... not accurate at all

  • Kennedy H.
    Kennedy H. 2 days ago


  • Jemima Craig
    Jemima Craig 2 days ago

    Me and my girlfriend are still on school so when we go to sleepovers it's weird cause they talk about boys but they don't know we're dating and we're like "um yeah boys I love josh!"

  • India lovespugs
    India lovespugs 3 days ago

    I feel lucky bcuz basically all my friends are gay or bi 😹

  • LeeDayEreyday
    LeeDayEreyday 3 days ago +1

    "hey, whats up **belch**" me all day

  • jazzy the wierdo
    jazzy the wierdo 3 days ago

    lowkey relatable

  • Maryssa
    Maryssa 3 days ago +1

    She reminds me of Sue from The Middle

  • Polaris the Wolf
    Polaris the Wolf 3 days ago

    I'm lesbian and only one person knows o.o

  • Moo Rooster
    Moo Rooster 3 days ago

    I mean I'm bi so I'm basically fine with whatever happens. I'm very glad to be bi actually.

  • Emma Dickinson
    Emma Dickinson 3 days ago

    I played spin the bottle with all my girl friends but we're also all gay

  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat 3 days ago

    Why is this so relatable......

  • Rebecca Millington
    Rebecca Millington 3 days ago

    I just hang out with boys and they are like "we fell more comfortable around you because you're not trying to get with us." Because I'm a Lesbian.

  • Victoria Nadal's Song Account

    I feel like the lesbian girl but instead of a sleepover, it's my class. I'm the one gay kid in my class and I'm harassed for it

  • SadCat Official
    SadCat Official 3 days ago

    haha same

  • electric
    electric 3 days ago

    Wait if gay people where braces then that means.............. o my god
    I live in a reverse universe then this video

  • Valdonkis
    Valdonkis 3 days ago

    What happens at 22?

  • NepetaLee Pines
    NepetaLee Pines 3 days ago


  • iNezumi
    iNezumi 3 days ago

    What is this new girls persona aside for being a lesbian?

  • BaileyR X
    BaileyR X 4 days ago

    I remember my friends made me *fucking pin down my BRA-LESS FRIEND* and they kept asking why I was acting "shy".. Please just let me have sleepovers with guys? Okay thanks..

  • -nefarious grimes
    -nefarious grimes 4 days ago

    You know, in swimming lesson in school all the girls take bath and change together (duh). Last year was the year I found out that I was Bi, so my bi ass was q u i v e r i n g. And then in the swimming pools? Looking at the guys? Wow my bi ass is shook.

  • Jello_
    Jello_ 4 days ago

    I'm bi, and this just makes me extremely sympathetic for the gay ppl there. I would totally just leave if this happened to me.

  • Jennifer Dantes
    Jennifer Dantes 4 days ago


  • Jason Stover
    Jason Stover 4 days ago +1

    I love the assumption that the gay guy is a weirdo. News flash the jock one at the front is probably a lot more gay. Just saying.

  • Ray Paramo
    Ray Paramo 4 days ago

    Or 29... haha

  • Lit Afff
    Lit Afff 4 days ago +2

    Wait, what am I doing here

  • J&Vgaming Rocket League

    Anyone Else who expected that the two gay persons had to kiss each other at the end?

  • Sammy Irwin
    Sammy Irwin 4 days ago

    I have this lesbian friend and we're like only 3 best friends
    Me and my other friend act as we're gay just to make her comfortable. :)

  • RubbleTea
    RubbleTea 5 days ago

    this is so accurate gosh

  • MaryLeGuertena
    MaryLeGuertena 5 days ago

    my girl friends and I are gay and we usually have an annual sleepover for the past 5 years, none of us hit on each other or some crap like that 😂 we mostly just marathon movies until we eventually fall asleep and usual sleepover stuff

  • Sapphire Swirl
    Sapphire Swirl 5 days ago

    The first one is so me😂 At sleepovers everyone talks about boys and I'm like girls?

  • Sarah Darkhand
    Sarah Darkhand 5 days ago

    I am the gay one

  • EnderWeegee 26
    EnderWeegee 26 5 days ago

    i would date the gay dude... im a girl...

  • FatmanRico2011
    FatmanRico2011 5 days ago +1

    *deep felt sigh* fucking high school....

  • piperlovegood13
    piperlovegood13 5 days ago

    I didn't accept I was gay till 22.

  • sam44572
    sam44572 5 days ago +1

    Bruh this is unrealistic afffff when ur gay you have a full gay squad straight sleepovers are a nono

  • Lauren Sigda
    Lauren Sigda 5 days ago +1

    Oh my god 30 feet long

  • Gay weeabo Quartz, '_'

    "Stop suggesting weird games" me: but... but... but ima weird person😢

  • BlueBerryNightcore 117
    BlueBerryNightcore 117 5 days ago +1

    who sleeps with their bra?

  • Siobhan R
    Siobhan R 5 days ago

    This is honestly the most inaccurate representation tbh

  • Ume 梅
    Ume 梅 5 days ago


  • riski gost
    riski gost 5 days ago

    why would she be friends with them in the first place? They're fucking crazy.

  • Yaoi Trashphan
    Yaoi Trashphan 5 days ago

    Me too. Just me.

  • melqui rivera
    melqui rivera 6 days ago

    This shit not even this is gay from the 90's not now now gays don't care they are more open

  • Caitlin Woodward
    Caitlin Woodward 6 days ago

    lol my friends know I'm gay and we still have sleepovers... It's never been this awkward tho, cause we prank call guys instead.

  • The Plant
    The Plant 6 days ago

    Watch them make these following videos in the future:
    "When your Christian family forces you to go to church"
    "When you're an Athiest on Christmas"
    "When you're gay and ____________"

  • Jo Lee
    Jo Lee 6 days ago

    me yesterday night except I was too nervous to be that forward.

  • The Potato
    The Potato 6 days ago +1

    "shitake mushroom"
    pretty weird curse words coming out of a lesbian.

  • Audrey Vasquez
    Audrey Vasquez 6 days ago

    Haha this was not my personal experience but still pretty funny. I came out to my friends when I was 14 at a sleepover. Now we are all in our mid 20s and still friends because they were beyond supportive of me through high school.

  • Approved Dust
    Approved Dust 6 days ago

    This is why we play video games

  • That guy Y
    That guy Y 6 days ago +1

    How can a women be gay

  • tylers laugh
    tylers laugh 6 days ago

    The great thing about being gay is I'm allowed to have girls AND boys over because even though I'm gay, most of my friends are guys contrary to gay boi beliefs

  • Nihilist Meme
    Nihilist Meme 6 days ago

    no sleepover is like this

  • KittyKitty224 Lps
    KittyKitty224 Lps 6 days ago

    I'm not gay but I can totally relate to ally

  • jetseekers
    jetseekers 6 days ago

    is it odd that I find the lesbian more attractive than the obvious cheerleaders?

  • The Icycheernastics 3

    I can relate

  • Jaylin Jennin
    Jaylin Jennin 6 days ago

    😂😂😂 this is so so so true

  • Awesome Possum LPS
    Awesome Possum LPS 6 days ago

    I can relate to this so much!!!

  • Not Alexander Hamilton


  • jordantheghost
    jordantheghost 6 days ago

    all my childhood friends were queer so i didn't really experience this

    RAZKA 6 days ago

    Is Ally gay?

  • Globetrottr
    Globetrottr 6 days ago

    So accurate it's depressing...

    JK, I never got invited to sleep overs.

  • Tyler is my Queen!
    Tyler is my Queen! 6 days ago

    I relate

  • Kathryn Booth
    Kathryn Booth 6 days ago

    Why are the gay people, people with braces and is the nerdy one ?

  • Allie Derubeis
    Allie Derubeis 6 days ago


  • Jacob Eriksson
    Jacob Eriksson 6 days ago

    THis vid was pretty lame UNTIL the last guy who made me acctually laugh out loud

  • Lauren Zmanovskia
    Lauren Zmanovskia 6 days ago

    Is Ally gay? I just wanted to know if I stand a chance

  • Comrade 269
    Comrade 269 7 days ago

    All my friends turned out to be gay/bi so our sleepovers were never weird. We mostly talked about nerd stuff anyway.

  • Flo Flo
    Flo Flo 7 days ago

    Crushing on ally

  • ben the hyena
    ben the hyena 7 days ago


  • Cheyenne Gnik
    Cheyenne Gnik 7 days ago

    But.. It's never like that? Probably because most of my friends are gay as well and everyone just includes them lol

  • Darth Adnama
    Darth Adnama 7 days ago

    Uhhh this is not how sleepovers actually are. They aren't centered around boys. They're about the time that girls have together. Movies lie about slumber parties

  • Aingeal Jackson
    Aingeal Jackson 7 days ago

    This isn't how my friends and I role. My first kiss was at a sleepover during a truth or dare game and with another girl.

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