CNN talks with Americans held in North Korea

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  • AwesomeAlex! Adam
    AwesomeAlex! Adam 11 hours ago

    Dont go there intent on preaching your religious SHIT and for that matter
    Dont go there Period

  • 1223333nbahal
    1223333nbahal Month ago

    Why the holy hell would you even go to NK in the first place?!

  • Maria Yout
    Maria Yout Month ago

    Y'all in the comments talking shit and no one actually talk about how good looking the guy is!!!!!!😍 I would detain him forever as well if I had him can't blame NK

  • Brivn Yvngdeck
    Brivn Yvngdeck 2 months ago

    Send the expandandles

  • Bunny
    Bunny 2 months ago

    What the fuck, why would someone go to North Korea and try to leave a bible there? Or tear up their visa and ask for asylum from a socialist dictatorship? People are fucking idiots. If you willingly go to North Korea and pull some stupid bullshit, you get what you deserve. Then they're crying and begging for mommy and daddy to come save them. It's like someone punching a lion in the face and then complaining that the lion attacked you. Yep, that's what happens you dumb shits.

  • jerryjamify
    jerryjamify 2 months ago

    Kim Un's probably saying; the fuk!! We don't have them held here! Lol what if this is more fake news.

  • Kathy Jackson
    Kathy Jackson 2 months ago

    If you beak the laws of other countries then you take the punishment that is given you

  • anjinsan
    anjinsan 3 months ago

    i have no simpathy for these asshole idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!
    were are they going next? if released? maybe go to afganistan and try to convert isis to accept jesus as there personal lord and savior? BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! natures way of getting rid of asshole/stupid people-i live in nyny area and im white and i know not to go to harlem or south bronx-because niggers and spicks will jump me 4 being just white!they got what they desreve

  • Dario Zuñiga Marro
    Dario Zuñiga Marro 3 months ago

    FUCK CNN!!!!!!

    FTL ETHIK 3 months ago

    not gonna risk WW3 for this one little kid

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +1

    They are all US spies . After this interview proud Korean people should detain the US reporter as well.

  • Vlone Father
    Vlone Father 4 months ago +1

    I hope they stay there for the rest of their life, long live North Korea 🇰🇵

  • symmetry08
    symmetry08 4 months ago

    Such person as Miller should learn life lesson and fix his thinking first of all. His action was not normal human being. Manual labor can teach a lot as well and use it when you come back, because you would have missed other life lessons by then.

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 4 months ago

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Brandon Brabaw
    Brandon Brabaw 4 months ago

    Moral of the story: don't go to North Korea

  • iPrologue
    iPrologue 4 months ago

    fuck CNN

  • Fozzy Bear
    Fozzy Bear 4 months ago

    I want to hear the interviews, ffs.

  • Sefton Cookie
    Sefton Cookie 4 months ago

    If you're dumb enough to go to North Korea, you deserve forced labor.

  • lucky poginho
    lucky poginho 4 months ago

    this is fucking country in the world there is no happines in NORTH KOREA

  • Nathan
    Nathan 4 months ago

    why the f@#k anyone would go to that shit hole of a country is beyond me. Do these people think they're above their laws? It's like walking through a razor wire fence and expecting nothing to happen.

  • Heinz Arsch
    Heinz Arsch 5 months ago

    that'll teach em to even go there.. i wish we could send the Antifas there too so they can witness the greatness of communism first hand...

  • laila ready
    laila ready 5 months ago

    I have no sympathy for these people u have to be the biggest fucking dumbass to step foot in that Country !

  • questtofreedom
    questtofreedom 8 months ago +1

    you guys didnt watch how orchestrated and crafted everything is done with reporters who go into north korea and do documentaries. Theres no doubt these interviews were cut along with the guy who got 15 years for the poster he ripped down which was proabably not true they probably just detained him, and theres no footage on him saying what actually happened only what the officials of korea said and their footage doesnt prove he took down the poster and they never said a poster was on his person. The stories are fishy

  • UK_87
    UK_87 8 months ago

    All we would have to do is send Chuck Norris, he could rescue them all on his own.

    • dave lastman
      dave lastman 6 months ago

      or maybe sly or jean claude van dame

    .ENGLISH PROFICIENCY 8 months ago +1

    Why would you even go anywhere near that fucking hellhole?

  • sasha brinks
    sasha brinks 8 months ago +17

    The White Man Thinks He Can Steal On Anyone's Land. Not NK Lmao!!

    • No Content
      No Content 2 months ago

      sasha brinks lmao you just said you a retard I am FUCKING DEAD you believe the earth is flat

    • No Content
      No Content 2 months ago

      sasha brinks says the chimp who didn't watch the video. he didn't try to steal North Korea! You don't steal a country you take it over! (Also I like how you had to say white man as if that somehow meant something)

    • sasha brinks
      sasha brinks 7 months ago

      lorezo789456123 ikr 😂

    • Lorenzo
      Lorenzo 7 months ago

      sasha brinks Says the girl who believes conspiracy theories and bullshit like "earth is flat" . Damn american are retarded. .

  • sasha brinks
    sasha brinks 8 months ago +1

    Seriously over here laughing 😂

  • Brian Commins
    Brian Commins 9 months ago +42

    I'm 26 and by the end of my life i will watch north korea burn mark my words

    • Highly Hazardous
      Highly Hazardous 9 days ago

      It's gonna happen anytime now

    • James _h
      James _h 3 months ago

      Brian Commins most Americans think that but if America nukes north Korea don't think that they are going to let it slide. it's not like north Korea is the most forgiving.
      if they burn we burn with them -jennifer Lawrence, The hunger games. lol

    • Zul Abror
      Zul Abror 4 months ago

      hope u die tmr

    • Astro Park
      Astro Park 6 months ago

      Another misguided idiot.

  • Brian Commins
    Brian Commins 9 months ago

    and I'm Australian hahaha

  • Brian Commins
    Brian Commins 9 months ago +3

    i would trade one American for every single north Korean life

    • Brian Commins
      Brian Commins 6 months ago

      If we attack we have to wipe them out excluding a small proportion of the population that can be intergrated into south korea

    • Brian Commins
      Brian Commins 6 months ago

      North korea is a whole different ball park. A entire population that has been brainwashed for generations imagine the refugee crisis and the terrorists cells that would pop up considering they belive kim to be god.

    • Brian Commins
      Brian Commins 6 months ago

      Nah there fine

    • Andrew Earthrise
      Andrew Earthrise 6 months ago

      +Brian Commins Would you also kill everyone in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union?

    • Brian Commins
      Brian Commins 6 months ago

      No i ment we keep the american and kill all the north koreans

  • 1Howdy1
    1Howdy1 9 months ago

    Only working 8 hours a day? Sign me up. I can't remember the last job like that. Salary and 70 hour weeks are the new normal.

    • 1Howdy1
      1Howdy1 8 months ago

      I worked for a large cap corporation that patterned their culture after just about every other large cap over $10B. The CEO was on the board of the fed reserve. What did I do? What everyone in a corporation does - I made money for the company. I was a key person and was on call 24/7, including vaca and holidays. Although thinking about it, I never got calls between 10:30pm and 2am - those were golden hours - did that for 8 years. Last time I had an 8 hour a day job was 96'.

    • Taiki Matsuo
      Taiki Matsuo 8 months ago

      1Howdy1 Jesus! What do you do for a living!?

  • stone wall
    stone wall 9 months ago +1

    a dangerous place to be suspected as an agitator , the north Koreans are suspicious of everyone because they fear America will be behind a coup,given their history of over throwing governments in so many countries throughout the world, and that is a knee jerk reaction because of such activities

  • Sam Naps
    Sam Naps 9 months ago +1

    Good luck getting out now with Trump in office...

    Given that he is narrowing his foreign policy with other countries.

  • Mad Samuraii
    Mad Samuraii 9 months ago +32

    Why the fuck would u even go to North Korea in the first place

    • Jack Williams
      Jack Williams 2 days ago

      You really believe the silly stories they say in their confessions? They are not really criminals.

    • sasha brinks
      sasha brinks 8 months ago

      Aaron G to do stupid & senseless crimes. No sympathy for these premeditated criminals

  • psricc
    psricc 9 months ago

    Will Ripley is 1/2 full of shit. Fact check his reports- inaccuracies and omissions on well known information on known figures; kowtows to precarious governments he reports on, when other international media outlets do not.

  • jon wayne
    jon wayne 9 months ago +6

    They hate us, cuz they anus.

  • Herbal High
    Herbal High 10 months ago +5


  • kurt cocaine
    kurt cocaine 11 months ago +2

    this is really off subject but the young dude with the turtle neck looks like the guy violet from the incredibles was crushing on if you've ever see that ...ok

    • kurt cocaine
      kurt cocaine 11 months ago
      thats the character that he looks like though bangs and everything yo

  • thischannel
    thischannel Year ago +6

    fuck these idiots. if youre American and you voluntarily go to north korea and they detain you YOU DO NOT DESERVE A RESCUE MISSION

  • Alien Machine
    Alien Machine Year ago

    God bless Kim Jong Un! Hail North Korea! Free forever!

    • Aleksy Sogliani
      Aleksy Sogliani 11 months ago

      +Blas Molinari that's just reinforcing me previous comment, you know :)

    • Blas Molinari
      Blas Molinari 11 months ago

      +Aleksy Sogliani That's just reinforcing my previous comment, you know. :)

    • Aleksy Sogliani
      Aleksy Sogliani 11 months ago

      +Blas Molinari my goodness, you truly are! Acting like a spoiled child by repeating the same thing over and over. I'll let your parents know.

    • Blas Molinari
      Blas Molinari 11 months ago

      +Aleksy Sogliani My goodness, you truly are! Acting like a spoiled child by repeating the same thing over and over. I'll let your parents know.

    • Aleksy Sogliani
      Aleksy Sogliani 11 months ago

      +Blas Molinari shut the fuck up

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime Year ago +7

    Declare War are get our guys back!

    • clglover77
      clglover77 7 months ago

      Yeah! Declare war on whoever told this idiot that it was a good idea to hang out in North Korea.

    • Liberty Prime
      Liberty Prime 8 months ago

      +sasha brinks *Piss off, Feminist.*

    • sasha brinks
      sasha brinks 8 months ago

      King Grievous get our thieves back!

    • Alien Machine
      Alien Machine 11 months ago


  • Miguel
    Miguel Year ago +84

    Send seal team 6 to save them. Or maybe james franco and seth rogen i guess?

    • 411adrianne
      411adrianne 2 months ago

      Great comment! REAL sick of middle easterners taking over, AND demanding sharia that doesn't belong ANYWHERE BUT the middle east, sharia culture. Sickening.
      I'd like to see Europe toughen up and END that crap.

    • Clive Cookie
      Clive Cookie 2 months ago

      Snoopy Pingas No, you're wrong. The whole world needs to accept American rules.

    • Snoopy Pingas
      Snoopy Pingas 5 months ago

      Miguel You're about as stupid as the middle easterners who go to Europe and expect sharia law. When you go to another country you have to accept their rules whatever they are.

    • Lindy McDonald
      Lindy McDonald 7 months ago

      Lol ..send in Dave skylark 👍

    • Sami Johnson
      Sami Johnson 7 months ago

      HAHAH send your mom to get fucked too faggot. Americunt wetback haha fuck you fat fucks.

  • Karina` Smith
    Karina` Smith Year ago +7

    The American boy ripped off his Korean visa in front of the clerK. JAIL ... That is how much they get offended . Basically, he was saying... I don't care about this visa...., imagine so, if this boy had asked Kim to change his Laws for our American law. He would have died in a concentration camp...Freedom of expression doesn't allow a foreigner to insult the country that is receiving him. Going into another country is a privilege, not a right

  • ed tyler
    ed tyler Year ago +2

    what if a north korean commits such a crime in the US, what would happen to him/her?

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 6 months ago

      Justin Belfiore don't matter. He in North Korea not the US

    • ed tyler
      ed tyler 7 months ago

      +Justin Belfiore only idiots steal crappy things, right?

    • Justin Belfiore
      Justin Belfiore 7 months ago

      sasha brinks he stole a crappy poster you idiot

    • sasha brinks
      sasha brinks 8 months ago

      ed tyler every country has different laws. No sympathy here. A thief is a thief. Depends where you are is how the punishment will be. WELP lol

    JGJASON Year ago +16

    Don't we have, say, Navy Seals, to rescue them?

    • nikolas adm
      nikolas adm 3 months ago

      hahaha what a brain dead americunt you are, these bs only happens in Hollywood,try to sent the navy seals in any country that has a true military and they will get slaughter

      FTL ETHIK 3 months ago

      not gonna risk WW3 for that kid ....

    • Snoopy Pingas
      Snoopy Pingas 5 months ago

      Mirage_Games Or how about a fucking tactical nuke? Fucking why? They're in prison. You wouldn't send the military to "rescue" Americans from say, a French prison? Would you?

    • Whitney Pyant
      Whitney Pyant 6 months ago

      Mirage_Games why? They stupid enough to go to North Korea and break the law there. We don't need to send in the seals for stupid people

  • Bes Mir
    Bes Mir Year ago +6

    North Korea is the only pure country in my view!!!!!
    Look at US UK and others
    currupt soooooo deep people don't wanna believe

    • Ulansananelan
      Ulansananelan 5 days ago

      But when america saved your albanian ugly asshole from serbia it was good he

    • Invasion FTW
      Invasion FTW 3 months ago

      Bes Mir USA did 911 and killed thousands of its people

    • Bes Mir
      Bes Mir 8 months ago

      +joker Darker
      are you that stupid?
      911 / Iraq invasion

    • Aleksy Sogliani
      Aleksy Sogliani 8 months ago

      +Karl McAydey instead, you get dictatorshit and poverty. worth it! 

    • joker Darker
      joker Darker Year ago

      are you actually that stupid ? what about mind control,starvation,concentration camps,told how to dress,what fucking haircut's your ALLOWED to have,what you are ALLOWED to buy inso called stores etc,etc,etc ,etc,etc ?? really ????

  • CALife
    CALife Year ago +1

    Maybe they went for the beautiful scenery and great beaches.

  • Freptboy
    Freptboy Year ago +27

    Americans that are going to North Korea indeed are idiots. To those idiots; North Korea is an enemy of the United States

    • AwesomeAlex! Adam
      AwesomeAlex! Adam 11 hours ago

      The USA is the Enenmy of Noth Korea
      Its why we support South Korea
      North and South
      Its what America does best
      It meddles and disrupts countries just as they did in

    • Freptboy
      Freptboy 6 months ago got that right!

    • DuesseldorfMarkus
      DuesseldorfMarkus 6 months ago

      *The whole world is enemy of the United States now thanks to Donald.*

    • Freptboy
      Freptboy 10 months ago

      Let then go then...and take the risk that they probably will not be able to leave the country.

  • Raidenway
    Raidenway 2 years ago +3

    Do you guys see how the government block the conversation with the guy because they don't want you to hear what he has to say about the north korean! Real US propaganda in action in front of your eyes!

  •  2 years ago +1

    Just a general thought on Americans thinking of going to N. Korea: "Don't"....
    It costs a lot of taxpayer $$$ to get your asses out from there because they (N.K's) will attempt to use your American ass as a piece in a chess move and unless you're a player of some value politically or otherwise, you've only got pawn status and that equates to time, but not so much $$$ since there are heavy weights far more valuable the U.S. expending the $$$ on and it's not you darling. Ain't worth the grey hairs....

  • Saud Siddiqui
    Saud Siddiqui 2 years ago

    Way to go West!
    Your policy of beating up, and hating citizens of countries with contrasting ideologies (e.g. Iran, Iraq, DPRK, and Muslims) never stops amusing me!

  • Hail King Devin
    Hail King Devin 2 years ago

    free 3 Americans man  and kill north korea devil

  • ndog37
    ndog37 2 years ago +2

    Koreans have to be the least accommodating people in the world. Rude and impolite and walk around with their heads up their butts. Can't understand for the life of me who would want to go see their pretentious country. They think they are so important with their dear leader, and samsung exports. Please, your dear leader is an overweight daddys boy, and your samsung exports are ripped off from everyone else.

    • awakeningspirit20
      awakeningspirit20 Year ago

      Continent?... You mean peninsula... It's their government that needs to be crushed, if you are "one people" it's about time we made that happen and save your other half from being tortured by its own government.

    • SpitnGames
      SpitnGames 2 years ago

      +ndog37 this is true.

    • MyLostTemple
      MyLostTemple 2 years ago


    • ndog37
      ndog37 2 years ago

      I live in Pusan and been to DPRK. When I say "Koreans" I mean the entire continent. North Koreans and South Koreans are one people and think the same way. They are very nasty people and think nothing on trampling on people they don't know. If you have ever lived in Korea you will know what I mean, otherwise you are the ignorant ones.

  • Duderica
    Duderica 2 years ago

    Can't we just send Hulk Hogan over there to fuck shit up and free everyone? I mean all it would take is one good suplex to topple Kim Jung Un's reign.

  • DoReLeigh44
    DoReLeigh44 3 years ago +1

    I feel so bad for the North Koreans and the captured Americans as well. It all because of the those dictators that this is going on. Children shouldn't have to stave or be sent to prison camps because they are related to someone who broke the law. I truly wish that one day the wall that separates north and south will come down much like the Berlin Wall.

  • Raymond Ojinaga
    Raymond Ojinaga 3 years ago +2

    These individuals went to North Korea on their own free will. Anyone that deliberately puts themselves in harms way is an idiot. Obviously they have an over-inflated sense of self-worth. Let them suffer the consequences of their stupid actions. I, for one, am tired of all these silly bozos going to places where they don't belong and then expecting the country to save their sorry asses.

  • James R
    James R 3 years ago

    I cant wait to go to North Korea !! Is that what was going threw their heads ? Wtf are they stupid or what . The only good story to come from there was Dennis rodman and he is a wack job himself !!

  • Tehaxis
    Tehaxis 3 years ago +2

    Look, I'll be honest here.. If you willingly travel to North Korea then you better be aware of the risks. North Korea is a certified shit hole and if you just happen to be stupid enough to set foot in it then I feel absolutely no sorrow for you.

    I have no obligation to care. I really wonder what was going through these individuals minds when then thought "yeah this is a good idea."

  • DontFuckWitDreDay
    DontFuckWitDreDay 3 years ago +2

    North Korea is the only Korea, South Korea is a fraud! Great Leader deserves more credit for saving us from the forces of darkness

    • sgcl10658
      sgcl10658 2 years ago

      The Great Leader is so great that too many of his citizens have defected to China to survive because of the food shortage while the Great Leader is obese due to his over eating. 

    • lillDreamer861
      lillDreamer861 2 years ago

      The Great Leader is a bigger compulsive eater than most obese americans. That fat a** can't even attend his party meetings right now

  • Yoshi more
    Yoshi more 3 years ago

    They seem to calm!!! Its like NK payed them....If it was me i would have tears running down my cheek and red eyes pissing myself 

  • Hail King Devin
    Hail King Devin 3 years ago +1

    kill all people and soldier  north korea devil  >:(

  • shaz Dsouza
    shaz Dsouza 3 years ago


  • Hail King Devin
    Hail King Devin 3 years ago +2

    FUCK north korea  devil  FUCK north korea devil   >:(

  • Wilt Williams
    Wilt Williams 3 years ago

    If u go to NK you now that can happen, don't cry now, communists

  • Game head
    Game head 3 years ago

    Why would you go to North Korea? Genius.

    • fr hy
      fr hy 2 years ago

      +Morgan Freeman jhene aiko behind the scenes my friend dennis says to check this out as once so called asian americans are negro-ised. there will be no more asian american attacks on Kim's regime since blacks dont care about events in DPRK 

    ARMORED KONG 3 years ago +20

    This guy is an idiotic by ripping his passport so he could live in North Korea. Dumb Fucker!

  • estylz1967
    estylz1967 3 years ago +2

    so much for my vacation plans to go to North Korea, fuck that!!!! 

  • F S
    F S 3 years ago

    Why do we have to rescue Mathew Miller? He wants to defect to North Korea. North Korea says Mathew Miller, 24, entered the country on April 10 with a tourist visa, but tore it up at the airport and shouted that he wanted to seek asylum. Miller refused to comment on whether he was seeking asylum.

  • Eurybia Smith
    Eurybia Smith 3 years ago

    Is America stupid? First Isis then Russia and now North Korea? Lol bye bye America

    • AsiaLook
      AsiaLook 3 years ago

      isis controls an area about the size of the state of Indiana so your statement is a bit ridiculous. Do you think Putin or even north korea would ally themselves with psychotic islamists...Putin hates islamists, and the dprk doesn't exactly embrace religion or religious extremism, its officially an atheist nation (china is no friend to islamism either, check out xinjiang). You're probably watching too much cnn and losing perspective. My advice, turn off the TV, go out for a walk, and when you return, make a nice hot cup of tea and relax:) 

    • jimmy jon
      jimmy jon 3 years ago

      it means USA will send nukes and dominate the world

    • Game head
      Game head 3 years ago


  • commonman80
    commonman80 3 years ago +1

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG With going to The Great Nation of North Korea. JUST DON'T BREAK THEIR LAWS... It's Not Brain Surgery... The Wonderful People of North Korea don't come to America and Break America's Laws... ASSHOLES SHOULD BE TREATED LIKE ASSHOLES...

    • Zena Girl ☆
      Zena Girl ☆ Year ago

      +commonman80 i travel a lot in the usa and majority beliefs in evolution even religious people too. So that's odd.

    • Dan Han
      Dan Han 2 years ago

      "The Wonderful People of North Korea don't come to America and break America's Laws."

      Yeah, I heard DPRK tourism was up in the U.S.

    • Masculine Buddha
      Masculine Buddha 2 years ago

      I'm so sick and tired of all these feminist, liberal, burka wearing shitheads from schools like Berkley and NYU running off and joining terrorist groups or enemy nations just to make a political statement.
      I'm glad Miller's little stunt blew up in his face.
      I'll Betcha' he won't have such a high opinion of communism after he does about 10-15 years in a "re-education camp".

    • Phillip Galinsky
      Phillip Galinsky 2 years ago


  • viktor star
    viktor star 3 years ago

    fuck all of them. they are stupid for going there.

  • Amit Mark
    Amit Mark 3 years ago

    And it may be time to end it? When your enemy is doing this kind of heinous act, you taking care of him without hesitation.

  • Gooner 10
    Gooner 10 3 years ago +12


  • SabuPtolemy
    SabuPtolemy 3 years ago +79

    WTF are people going to North Korea for?!

    • Alice Hoskins
      Alice Hoskins 4 months ago

      Silenthashassin' it's legal in California as well

    • Silenthashassin'
      Silenthashassin' 5 months ago

      SabuPtolemy You can smoke weed legally and it grows in the street.

    • undeadpresident
      undeadpresident Year ago

      +explosivefreak666 You want to talk about dignity, consider that North Korean workers in the Kaesong industrial complex were getting paid no more than equivalent $75 per month by their South Korean employers.  So they demanded $300 per month, but were granted only $160, which is only 1/4 that of typical Chinese wages and only 1/5 that of the South's minimum wage.  So are you going to blame this exploitation by the South on the North?  The idea behind the Kaesong industrial project was to promote peace and unity, so who is the one sabotaging this when the south had to have their arm twisted to pay northern workers 6 dollars per day?

    • explosivefreak666
      explosivefreak666 Year ago

      +undeadpresident.. Mate, YOU are the one taking sides with the psycho.!... WHY.?? You mean it's OK, to fuck someone's life up cause you SAID SO.?? (a.k.a the warning when entering). This kinda nutbaggery has no more place in this day & age... I bet you would bitch at Hitler, was Hé still alive afther winning the war... But Hé wasn't "Left" was he.?..
      And trust me.. I'm NOT a fan of the U.S, but in This case, THEY Steal the cake.!  The NK Lies are Soooo over the top, that it could be a hillarious sit-com, yet for the poor sod's livin' there... Not much laughter...
      btw : "Smear campaign's".?? There IS Nothing to "Smear"... Their pollicy towards éveryone-including their own people- IS a smear unto Humanity.!
      I'm guessing you're young, and tryin' to have a balanced view-point, but sometimes you just gotta give up.! There's absolutely NOTHING one can say that's not a total disgrace towards human dignity... Let alone : RIGHTS.!
      I do see the West's mistakes aswell, and I do complain a Lot about it, but when N.K enters the picture...It's ALL Forgiven and it's ALL just fine & dandy... Cause compared to This "Concentration-LAND".. There IS no Comparing.!!.. It's plain evil, nothing more, Def nothing less.!

    MAXIMUS DISLIKEIS [DSQUD] 3 years ago +12

    Leave the north Koreans alone

    • J Wilson
      J Wilson Year ago

      +Mike Swan barely though. Even China is getting tired of their shit.

    • SWANNY
      SWANNY 3 years ago

      Or bomb them, only china will miss them

  • Sheogorath
    Sheogorath 3 years ago +138

    Stop going to North Korea, idiots.

    • Jack Williams
      Jack Williams 2 days ago

      "They welcome tourism, just don't be stupid and break the law there."

      Why does that silly comment have so many thumbs up? They will accuse you of something you didn't do, they will pretend you broke the law. It's not safe for a citizen of a country they are at odds with to go there.

    • Radioactive Skull
      Radioactive Skull 3 months ago

      Sheogorath look who is talking! Your the Daedric Prince of Madness

    • GucciArzola
      GucciArzola 3 months ago

      Sheogorath there is no problem going to NK, just don't do something stupid. Every person arrested has been arrested for reasons nobody would ever do

    • Sefton Cookie
      Sefton Cookie 4 months ago

      Yameuh17 why bother going? What are you going to gain by going there? Idiots.

    • Duderica
      Duderica 2 years ago


      Yep Washington did all wars cause hes immortal.

  • TheRedCapitalist
    TheRedCapitalist 3 years ago

    All 3 of them need to be summarily executed

  • Micha EL
    Micha EL 3 years ago +1

    Walk into a enemy country and then expect others to rescue you ?

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