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  • Dave and Milo were live on Google Hangouts, talking guns, gays, Trump, immigration, and answering your questions! Our new set is currently being built and you can expect the first episode of season 2 of The Rubin Report in July. DONATE MONTHLY (Patreon):

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  • AussieCentristGirl28

    Muslims don't just dislike gays, they think that they're fundamentally flawed and sick. I was told that from a Muslim. I was also told that I was not really gay and I just needed to have sex with a man and I would realise that I was straight. For the record, I have had sex with men before and I'm just as gay as I ever was. I've known since I was a child. Gay people in Iran are forced to change their sex, even though they are not trans. They are told they are in the wrong body. It's not just the ISIS extremists that throw gays off buildings. It is perfectly acceptable to kill gays in the Middle East. All Muslims think being gay is unacceptable, and vast majority think that death is a suitable punishment for homosexual sex. My friend who came from Syria told her Muslim dad that she was gay and he chased her out of her home at the age of 15 with a kitchen knife. She was never allowed to return.

  • malmapunkrock
    malmapunkrock 3 months ago

    Ummm love ya Milo but your hand is also webbed! :O :O freak! hahaha jk i got them webbed toes, it's all good, fellow reptilian !

  • capitalist4life
    capitalist4life 4 months ago

    pederast or not, i still like the guy.

  • MistyBlueOcean
    MistyBlueOcean 7 months ago

    Rubin's shirt is too heterosexual. Someone get the man a v-neck!

  • Rational Man
    Rational Man 11 months ago +3

    I respect Milo so much for understanding the importance of the nuclear family, not many homosexuals understand how integral it is to the survival of the human race. You can't argue with human nature folks

  • J F
    J F 11 months ago

    If words are violent, then are all pro free speech people dragonborn?

  • Blind Dogfeets McTell
    Blind Dogfeets McTell 11 months ago

    I couldn't get through this with all this begging Milo to say he loves people who paid Rubin a couple of bucks. I didn't know Rubin was gay either but am a recent subscriber but I'd have guessed it from the way he was hitting on Milo. I always considered myself liberal on the vast majority of issues but people like Milo and Ben shapiro have opened my eyes to some other viewpoints like BLM and SJW lunacy but Sam harris' books and podcasts have really been informative on the Islam situation. I thought Rubin would be a good guy to check out but he steps on people when they're trying to make their point and I'm hoping his shows improve from what I've seen so far. He's not a regressive left douche' and he bolted Cenk Fuckface's show so he can't be all bad.

    • Swaggon
      Swaggon 10 months ago

      well this is not his usuall show it's a special livestream vod from when he went independent with patreon being his new source of income, and this was his fund raising stream

  • Cotictimmy
    Cotictimmy 11 months ago

    "I don't want to embarrass you by beating you in another agrument." LOL

    I can't help but smile at Milo's wit and can't help but be impressed by his committment to free and open speech. Another great Show Dave! :-)

  • nickthelight
    nickthelight 11 months ago

    Milo. How are you going to disassociate yourself from the 'alt-right' crew? They have been usurped and now think that to combat PC they should make rape jokes and shout Nigger. I saw you on Newsnight a couple of years ago, arguing that Primary Schools shouldn't be teaching children about homosexuality - You were accused of being a closet/internalizing homophobe; you were calm and reasoned, sadly i can't say that you posses equal decorum today. I agree with much of what you say but sadly you've made yourself difficult to support. Please use your intellect and profile and become more Hitchens and less Hopkins!

  • Kathy Borthwick
    Kathy Borthwick Year ago

    Milo this Christian group and their minions are one of the reasons I no longer support the left... Action here was stronger words! ❤️

  • Kathy Borthwick
    Kathy Borthwick Year ago

    Milo and Dave fantastic! ❤️ Mayor Stubbs is my favourite politician!

  • Kathy Borthwick
    Kathy Borthwick Year ago

    Bars safer without bouncers! ❤️

  • Alyx W
    Alyx W Year ago

    where do I get one of those pride flags rubin?

  • boer de boer
    boer de boer Year ago

    as a dutch person, Belgium does have some problems with the lack of government.

    the roads a notoriously shite

  • slashandbones13
    slashandbones13 Year ago

    why was Milo talking like a anarcho cap for a minute

  • Carla B.
    Carla B. Year ago

    Milo makes sense to me and I am all for love peace, harmony

  • Makoeyes Onme
    Makoeyes Onme Year ago +1

    This is brilliant!!!

  • Loelle Forrester
    Loelle Forrester Year ago

    Okay, I'm convinced. Milo is sooo worth supporting. And any guy who gives him an hour of one-on-one time is also worth supporting. So I sent him some one time only money because I want to encourage him. I'm an older Christian Australian woman (divorced, one child, 2 grandchildren). I couldn't be further from Milo's lifestyle and American politics. But Milo is fighting the good fight for freedom. He talks about a hierarchy of victimhood, and how gays have been thrown under the bus by the left. Welcome to my world Milo, and more power to your arm! PS. I'm so pathetically grateful (because we're so used to people hating us) for Milo's good words about the Christian church and its time-honoured reception of homosexuals: we think you're wrong, but we love you anyway, because that's what Christians do, right?

  • Robb Cobb
    Robb Cobb Year ago

    is Milo mexican?

  • Robb Cobb
    Robb Cobb Year ago

    joker mouth. bad makeup.

  • Eternal Sleep
    Eternal Sleep Year ago

    To bad the parade is canceled because of intolerant MuSlimes.

  • The viKid Truth
    The viKid Truth Year ago

    The both of you are great. Thank you for speaking your minds. Thank you Dave for actually making an effort to see the other side. Like you I was a progressive not so long ago. You've made an effort to be open and thats why your doing well. Get Anne on your show, I am sure you know who I mean :-)

    and the the rest of you. follow me. I am The viKid Truth, @TheviKidTruth and vidyuthkini dot com

    See ya and god bless!

  • Kevin Daskal
    Kevin Daskal Year ago

    just signed up on Patreon and for the record, I'm a devout Christian who doesn't support Gay marriage, but even more I despise the Republicans or conservatives who fight gay marriage while they shit on the institute with divorce after divorce! Regardless of my beliefs on the institute of marriage, I'll fight tooth and nail for ALL Gays especially ones like Milo and Rubin's right to life, liberty, freedom of speech and expression...God Bless and protect Milo and Rubins!

  • Isabelle Pinkamena

    It's so cool that Milo was here, in Alaska :D

  • DG
    DG Year ago

    I'm addicted to Milo.. funny as H*LL and off the cuff, smart

  • Phil Robertson
    Phil Robertson Year ago

    great intelligent discussion, thank you guys..

  • emma leigh
    emma leigh Year ago

    nice cenk impression at 35:30, dave.

  • Richard S.
    Richard S. Year ago +1

    This is the best ever omg omg omg i think im turning homo omg fangiiiiiiiiiiiiirling here MILO MILO MILO

  • WickederThanThou
    WickederThanThou Year ago

    The reason why the left throw gays under the bus in the same way they throw Jews under the bus is to appease a much larger Muslim demographic. That simple.

    A1WAY5WATCH1NG Year ago

    i just think that islam is in a younger state in its life compared to all the other religions because back 500 years ago Christians would have killed gay people or anyone who didnt agree with them but the only religions that i think have very little hate is Buddhism and Hinduism are very peaceful religions but the thing with the original religions as they used to be where very un accepting of others that dont agree with them and Christianity has come a long way from oppressing all of Europe for a hundreds of years but at the moment Islam isnt past that yet and they are not accepting because at one point Muslims where more advanced due to Christians choke hold of the western part of the world but now Muslims are in the bad spot and a lot of that is due to their religion that dosnt think there is room for more then one religion and i think that is bull shit and i think Islam needs a huge change like the changes of Christianity from its original state

  • nicolasap86
    nicolasap86 Year ago


  • Antonio Brandao
    Antonio Brandao Year ago

    How about a kiss in the end?

  • Spacebaby21
    Spacebaby21 Year ago

    Yikes! LOL. Alaska in a tank top.

  • mjm2000
    mjm2000 Year ago

    Christians payed to kill gays in africa

  • Steven Martinelli

    Thanks Dave! Thanks Milo! ;)

  • Wade Fisher
    Wade Fisher Year ago

    Trump 2016.

  • Damen Korkoras
    Damen Korkoras Year ago +2

    This guy spews so much bs and dave just sits there and nods his head while smiling.

  • mikeyb1335
    mikeyb1335 Year ago

    U should be so much bigger than you are

  • Shadforth W
    Shadforth W Year ago

    love dave rubin, but it's hard for me to believe he was a comedian…

  • Outer Heaven Paintball

    dude, love your work. I'm happy to see in the sea of ignorance, someone is addressing the bullshit :)

  • ronnie rodriguez
    ronnie rodriguez Year ago

    Any gay person who votes for Trump is a complete asshole.  Thank God this bleach blond bonehead cannot vote here is the U.S.  And anyone who thinks Trump tells the truth and is less corrupt is totally uninformed and ignorant.

  • Josh Courrier
    Josh Courrier Year ago

    Milo's flag is awesome

  • eren luin
    eren luin Year ago +1

    Since when was Dave Rubin right wing.i wondered what happened to him

  • Meta tron
    Meta tron Year ago

    Milo is so lovable!

  • Zoink
    Zoink Year ago

    Im straight and I would fuck both these guys.

  • TopShotta
    TopShotta Year ago

    I live in Tampa I shoulda gone to see Milo in Orlando! I didn't know he was coming until later. Dammit Guess I have to follow him on Twitter now

  • TopShotta
    TopShotta Year ago

    Listen at 1.5 speed.

  • Mark Hebel
    Mark Hebel Year ago

    Oh my he just realized the danger of protected classes, is the wisdom of the founding documents finally sinking in?

  • Mark Hebel
    Mark Hebel Year ago

    All faith aside the" gay marriage" argument is a red herring and it's true purpose is a stepping stone to the utopian bath house of pedophilia. The left is using the queer community as a pawn in their game.

  • Yahtzee008
    Yahtzee008 Year ago

    Ill be in stockholm for the pride week

  • Antheaxe U
    Antheaxe U Year ago

    Dear Dave You should check out Angry Foreigner a immigrant form balkan wars in 90´s how has
    lived in sweden since he was a small child how speaks about sweden fuck up immigrants policy

  • JackofSpades
    JackofSpades Year ago +1

    I left at "We are both gay."

  • Random Thoughts
    Random Thoughts Year ago

    18:26 always been a fan too!

  • FrankDaTank1218
    FrankDaTank1218 Year ago

    We need to address gay black AIDS rates or else every time our beloved Milo indulged his sexual preference he'll be playing Russian Roulette with a half loaded gun.

  • Vancha March
    Vancha March Year ago

    I'm straight but I would happily give Milo a BJ, unfortunately I'm white though :(

  • watchulla
    watchulla Year ago

    He wants a wall, the foreigner wants a wall. Now that is rich.
    Ship his ass back overseas. I think i am unsubing this channel.
    I'm not too liberal but i am a minority and this guy rubs me the wrong way.
    He is the first on your show that i am really uncomfortable with. Rubin
    I have watched you since TYT. I get what your trying to do, but this dude just
    makes me uneasy maybe the accent. IDK

    • Fuck You
      Fuck You 8 months ago

      watchulla a wall would help the economy, crime rates, wages, and employment

    • Nick Cardona
      Nick Cardona Year ago

      If people disagreeing with your POV makes you uncomfortable, you are a giant flabby vagina. Welcome to America bub.

    • tired
      tired Year ago

      You should be confronted with points of view that you loath and criticize them to contribute to the conversation instead of leaving because of one personaltiy (out of 100's others). If you can't listen to Milo why not listen to other people that can enrich your intellectual discourse? Call people out on their bullshit instead with other points of view to get the conversation going.
      I think hypocrisy is a very commen part of the human condition and I can't think of no one that has not being guilty of it. If you are not so liberal or not should not exclude you for conversation. Left, right conservative or liberal is without meaning if you don't explain what kinds of political issues or social beliefs and talk more indepth about the topics you find important.
      I apologize for the horrid English (Norwegain is my first language)
      It is much more important to talk with other people with other opinion to challange your own

      Remeber as well that British culture is often much more blunt direct and personal remarks that stings more for those who are not used to it. Took me a while to get used to before I went to England. Hope you have a great day and that you can talk about topics like Trump and xenophobia/ (wall building) and the difficulties surronding it. Cheers!

  • Juhaliza
    Juhaliza Year ago

    So this channel took a turn for shit really quick. This is the new? Are we really supposed to listen to anything Milo has to say? I thought he was the Jester, but now we listen for real? Not sure I'm down with that. I hope things return to normal around here soon.

  • Calake
    Calake Year ago

    Milo's heterosexual outfit is really fucking gay.

  • Truth4peace4freedom

    Two gay jews that work for Breitbart. What are the odds? Throw in Ben Shapiro & you have 3 jews working for Brietbart, but Ben is married to a woman.

  • stopscammingman
    stopscammingman Year ago +1

    Milo's image change from that of a Lucius Malfoy to a Lady Gaga.

  • sleeplessinkentucky

    Milo rocks!!

  • Mohamed Redha
    Mohamed Redha Year ago


  • Richard Quinones
    Richard Quinones Year ago

    the police cannot protect us this is why every American citizen should open carry challenge the law we can protect ourselves by open carry we do not need the police they think they're Above the Law and they could do what they want because they have a badge and a gun Challenge the law fuc the police

  • Richard Quinones
    Richard Quinones Year ago

    Milo speaks the truth apparently people cannot accept the truth

  • bro-man jensen
    bro-man jensen Year ago

    Is this interview available as a podcast? Can't find it.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok Year ago

    You yelled "CRUSADES" but the Crusades were a back lash of Islam which was pushing into Christian Europe for 600 years before Christians united to push them back. If you want ore info or have a question let me know.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok
    Ragnar Lothbrok Year ago

    I think gay people should have the same benefits as marriage when entered in a civil union but marriage is a religious thing and if a pastor wanted to give a gay marriage id say go for but it shouldnt be a state thing.

  • Platypus Paws
    Platypus Paws Year ago

    "Oppression Olympics" is a good description of some political games. Truth, Loving Solutions & how to treat each other as equals is not compatible with an "Oppression Olympics" game where the response to disagreement is emotionally manipulative techniques (shaming, labelling, Stereotyping, attempting to ostracize) ... .. rather than honest engagement & equal standards. I don't agree with Milo sometimes, but he is necessary, IMO.

  • Jason Barsamian
    Jason Barsamian Year ago +1

    Oh look, Milo avoiding a religious debate/argument that he knows he'll use by acting smug and saying "oh we're not gonna do the religious debate, because i dont wanna embarrass you."

    I've never heard Milo say WHY he's religious. I'm pretty sure he's just trying to be contrary, like usual.

    That said, I'm glad he exists and says and does what he wants.

    • Jason Barsamian
      Jason Barsamian Year ago

      He's so eloquent and outspoken on feminism and islam and has fantastic arguments and points, but everything else, ranging from political ideas and religious ideas, he doesn't have the same kind of vigor. It's disappointing, lol. He needs to be more honest with himself.


    • Jason Barsamian
      Jason Barsamian Year ago

      But ya i agree, dude, he's spot on about feminism and islam, but everything else it's like "ehh.... shut up dude, quit while you're ahead" lololol

    • Jason Barsamian
      Jason Barsamian Year ago

      yeah i think he just likes standing out and being unique

    • Royal
      Royal Year ago

      As much as I agree with Milo on feminism and Islamism, he can be sorta nutty on other things, esp his own religion. On the Joe Rogan podcast he spit out some philosophical sounding stuff about the Big Bang and blah blah but I think it's more likely he's 'religious' so as to better align with his republican buddies on the right. The cognitive dissonance of being a gay catholic republican would be pretty fucking high

  • Fabian Moreno
    Fabian Moreno Year ago

    I dig in everything Dave and Milo say about how awful the left could be when it comes to free speech and how that might drive you to vote for Trump, but when people mention they want to vote for him because he's going to build a wall they lose me. Is it like something simbolic? Are they going to build a wall on top of the other one? are they going to do like an offset of the current wall? make it higher? it's just borderline stupid to assume that's going to stop latino immigrants from entering.

  • bjjsalzberry13
    bjjsalzberry13 Year ago

    Gay pride march in Sweden through a muslim ghetto???? Good luck man!

    your guys interactions made me LOL a couple times! Good stuff Dave and Milo!! Love the Rubin report

  • Deathwing the Destroyer

    Dat thumbnail

  • Jeremy Reagan
    Jeremy Reagan Year ago

    I've tried for years, to give the Far Right a fair hearinng however, my generation (Milo for
    example) is so lacking in basic US history I cannot take their
    non-argumentation seriously. It is empty Rhetoric with
    no substantive reasoning.

  • Dmaest Grim
    Dmaest Grim Year ago

    I really hope you were using the crusade as a joke and not serious, Rubin. Seriously... The crusade thing is one of the stupidest arguments from the regressive lefters when trying to play down Islam.

  • ianrulzall
    ianrulzall Year ago

    Milo looks like he had a little booger sugar before the interview. Ha ha!

  • Ray B
    Ray B Year ago

    Milo is so fuckin America.

  • ramz7887
    ramz7887 Year ago

    If a group of people hate you because you are different, you need to arm and protect yourself. I wish it common practice that before you left your house you grabbed your keys, wallet, cellphone, and holstered your pistol.  If you are at a place that doesn't want guns they should have a locker for you to store your firearm and have armed security to protect you.

  • Jimi Hendrix
    Jimi Hendrix Year ago

    my favorite fags

  • Sitizen Kane
    Sitizen Kane Year ago +2

    Doesn't Milo have a slight resemblance to Sacha Baron Cohen's Brüno?

  • Patricia Canon
    Patricia Canon Year ago

    Dave, Perhaps you should pay more attention to Trump's policy suggestions. They are actually very good. Bloomberg just came out with a poll of investor confidence and Trump carried it 50% to 33% for Clinton. Larry Kudlow has said Trump's policies are very solid.
    Trump has genius. It will take such a man to reverse 30 or more years of harm and destruction to the country.

    This is why people are voting for him: to stop globalism; sovereignty; trade; jobs; education (ending Common Core); ending Obamacare and replacing; illegal immigration/open borders; the globalist threat to national security - and then, beyond that, what Milo said: he is HONEST and not corrupt.

  • saro ban
    saro ban Year ago +1

    Milo looks strung out here. He's usually so well kempt

    • ianrulzall
      ianrulzall Year ago

      He does I thought so too. Maybe been on a burger sugar binge.

  • TheXV22
    TheXV22 Year ago

    God, he looks fucking ugly in this video.. and that hat with the weird funky pattern is extremely cheesy/horrible wtf

  • Astrid Dom
    Astrid Dom Year ago

    Belgium did not have a government for 589 days so about 20 months, and indeed, we did not notice a difference.

  • 38Gaucho
    38Gaucho Year ago

    Who are these fags? They seem smart.

  • JamesWagner67
    JamesWagner67 Year ago

    Oh Milo, you silly sod. Dump will Trump you (or is it the other way around?) the moment he gets something out of it.

  • SamIamurai
    SamIamurai Year ago

    Milo is blind to his own impulsive ignorance. Give me 10 minutes with this guy, please.

    • SamIamurai
      SamIamurai Year ago

      Now, we can have a conversation as equals. Or, you can continue that self defeating, condescending, unnecessary behavior and I'll keep showing you your own ignorance with that same colour.

      Your choice kid.

    • SamIamurai
      SamIamurai Year ago

      Did that serve anything of worth Rusty? Or were you just wanting to show off your lack of emotional competence?

  • CV
    CV Year ago

    The people who hate trump the most, are those who control media, gov't, foreign policy, and the educational system: Zionist Jews.

  • Angel J
    Angel J Year ago

    I love you Milo... Keep up the good work

  • Angel J
    Angel J Year ago

    so a bedazzled animal print baseball hat is Milo's idea of strait male choice of fashion... cute I would totally wear that hat.

  • Draconian Symbiote
    Draconian Symbiote Year ago +1

    Milo said our country is the greatest in the world. I would fangirl scream if I didn't feel like there's a huge chance our countries' death clock is ticking down to when killery becomes president

  • Rhett Heidler
    Rhett Heidler Year ago

    TIL Rubin is gay.

  • Robert Stever
    Robert Stever Year ago

    Totally not gay, but I'd touch dicks with Milo if given the chance.

  • cockboy12
    cockboy12 Year ago

    There is no way Milo is gay. He's too cool

  • feeatlastfeeatlast

    You need a clip-on mic. Sounds like you're in a tiled bathroom. Not good.

  • Dominic Christian Meyer


  • Sean Bouffard
    Sean Bouffard Year ago

    Fuck Milo!

  • Scotty Law
    Scotty Law Year ago


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