WWE Promo Shoot 2 - SNL

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  • Metin Coker
    Metin Coker 3 days ago

    these are so funny!🤣🤣😂😂

  • Nacho Killa
    Nacho Killa 5 days ago

    omg funniest shit ever😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Flaherty
    Michael Flaherty 5 days ago

    Roll the tape! 😂😂😂😂

  • andola jackson
    andola jackson 11 days ago

    the second the rock yells hes shootin blanks and he gives out the crazy rock eyes i knew this was going to be a good one lmfao, i mean omfg 4:57 who writes this shit and the rock to deliver the sketch was just a home run

  • Eddie Ambrose
    Eddie Ambrose 11 days ago +1


  • Jonathan Padilla
    Jonathan Padilla 13 days ago

    Uncle CoCo!!!

  • Don Fanto
    Don Fanto 17 days ago

    The moment when Dwayne almost cracked got me good :D

  • Fahim adel Akib
    Fahim adel Akib 24 days ago

    Overacting interviewer. The one in the previous promo was damn good and he made the whole promo felt real.

  • Karl Stephan
    Karl Stephan 24 days ago

    Coco's first line: "right back at you brother"

  • Sushan pun
    Sushan pun 26 days ago +1

    Thank you SNL gor treating us with this second one. 😂.

  • isitab 11
    isitab 11 1 month ago

    Way better than any Bellator promo.

  • The Ultimate Reductionist

    To be honest, this is the way *I* would trash talk.

  • Dylan Mandell
    Dylan Mandell 1 month ago

    I wanna see the match between Koko watchout vs Trashyard mutt

  • Kimomaru
    Kimomaru 1 month ago

    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Whoever wrote it should get a raise.

  • Jim P
    Jim P 1 month ago

    The first WWE promo was WAYYYYY better than this

  • Austin Luster
    Austin Luster 1 month ago

    All time fav

  • puser254
    puser254 1 month ago +1


  • Tanner Lynn
    Tanner Lynn 1 month ago +1

    The Rock is so funny!!! LMAO

  • Stain Herby
    Stain Herby 1 month ago

    "He's shooting blanks"
    But I thought he had a daughter that he never knew about kept secret by an ex whose picture Coco used to catfish him. Get hit in the balls too hard during their previous night?

  • Willie Ramos
    Willie Ramos 1 month ago +2

    that Katey Perry part got me dying

  • Ju080st Her540don
    Ju080st Her540don 1 month ago

    Koko:Let me tell you about this man
    Me:Oh Shit

  • Tre Tucker
    Tre Tucker 1 month ago

    "I know everything about you mack because I hacked into your laptop!"

    "Ive been watching you!"

  • Kremosha Bruele
    Kremosha Bruele 1 month ago

    Rock presents: the ending of Leper reproduction...

  • Derrick Nichols
    Derrick Nichols 1 month ago

    I love these sketches.

  • Paulina Bringas
    Paulina Bringas 1 month ago


  • BlueTrainer12
    BlueTrainer12 1 month ago

    I laughed so hard when I saw this

  • Sunny Mallaya
    Sunny Mallaya 1 month ago

    I laughed so hard  my stoma is still hurting........

  • leonardotakhien
    leonardotakhien 1 month ago

    bruh xD Koko B Ware and JYD

  • Matthew Hudson
    Matthew Hudson 1 month ago +2

    This is probably my favorite Rock sketch of all time. :D

  • shit piece of
    shit piece of 1 month ago +1

    Bobby is so cute

  • okkcomputer
    okkcomputer 1 month ago

    why do you need a keyboard for a laptop bobby?

  • Warzombie3701 #
    Warzombie3701 # 1 month ago

    Bobby couldnt handle what the cocoa was cooking

  • Soldierman04 Gaming
    Soldierman04 Gaming 1 month ago

    I died when I watched this

  • Henesi Crane
    Henesi Crane 1 month ago

    "they have no tails"... I literally ROFL 😀😂😂😂

  • Henesi Crane
    Henesi Crane 1 month ago

    The Rock losing it made it even funnier 😁

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 1 month ago

    One of the few SNL Sequels equal to original. Hysterical!

  • nick z
    nick z 1 month ago

    Sad bobby and Vanessa are leaving and the rock could be host ever week and score big ratings

  • dime275
    dime275 1 month ago

    Finally a really funny one. Good job guys

  • sanoban
    sanoban 1 month ago

    Bad continuity: in the first one, he has a hidden daughter :D!

  • Ballslayer Q11
    Ballslayer Q11 1 month ago

    Holy crap this is hilarious

  • S H
    S H 1 month ago

    Nah , I'm good ! lol. , hahahahaha!

  • Glennjamin
    Glennjamin 1 month ago +1

    "He's not FERTILE!!!"

  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit 1 month ago

    I ask mama if she wanted to meet u she said.... naw I'm good

  • Andy Dasouza
    Andy Dasouza 1 month ago

    need more of those

  • crayolatunasandwich
    crayolatunasandwich 1 month ago

    He'll be crying to his mama, or at least the person who he thinks is his mama

    LR TRUCK WORLD 1 month ago

    This one is just hilarious 😂

  • TripleRp
    TripleRp 1 month ago +2

    This skit really is funny. Rock works so well with like all of them each time he is on the show. Bobby and Pete are my favorites because they clearly don't care. That's the key to great comedy. Just do it.

  • jorgeyio donald
    jorgeyio donald 1 month ago

    not as good as the original shoot

  • Tony Carcamo
    Tony Carcamo 1 month ago


  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson 1 month ago

    This is actually still more real than WWE

  • Brandon Doyle
    Brandon Doyle 2 months ago

    This sketch will never get old!

    THISTRACK ISABOP 2 months ago

    But why is Bobby leaving?! It makes me so sad man...

  • Jordan Hyde
    Jordan Hyde 2 months ago

    It sucks that Bobby Moynihan is leaving, he's one of the best OG actors on the set

  • Vince Torres
    Vince Torres 2 months ago

    The crowd should have gone ballistic. The original skit is fucking classic.

  • K. Nakanishi
    K. Nakanishi 2 months ago

    This skit is amazing.

  • Epic Jokes
    Epic Jokes 2 months ago

    best ever

  • Llokky
    Llokky 2 months ago

    Dwayne is such an awesome actor....i love all his sketches....keep on inviting him cos he is the best!

  • Memo Grajedas Amazing Channel

    At least a piece of toast has a chance now.

  • melodie121680
    melodie121680 2 months ago

    co co hell yeah

  • JonDawali
    JonDawali 2 months ago

    shit so bad they had to turn the plane around!!!😂😂😂🤣😱

  • ভেতো বাঙালি

    we'll serve anybody? even a child molester? the guy who creates a child molester 🤖 will be considered as a child molester as well

  • Keshav Pillai
    Keshav Pillai 2 months ago

    Love it when the Rock breaks character!!

  • donttreadonme
    donttreadonme 2 months ago

    the rock cant act for shit. should stick to wrestling.

  • TJandFriends
    TJandFriends 2 months ago

    As a wrestling fan and Vlogger of Indy wrestling who shoots interviews, I'm literally crying with laughter sat this skit! That Katy Perry seen though bwhahaha hahahaha!!

  • george hamilton
    george hamilton 2 months ago

    is this supposed to be comedy? jesus

  • Justin McCreary
    Justin McCreary 2 months ago

    All the referents... Too bad they left out the bird on the birdman...

  • ThePanamanianMike
    ThePanamanianMike 2 months ago

    By far one of the funniest episodes ever. I'm crying

  • Renee Satchel
    Renee Satchel 2 months ago


  • Claymore Kevin
    Claymore Kevin 2 months ago +3

    Dwayne parodied Koko B. Ware
    Bobby parodied Junkyard Dog

  • 730_BlackDon
    730_BlackDon 2 months ago

    Fucking gold 😂😂😂

  • Marlene Veveris
    Marlene Veveris 2 months ago


  • Jake Peterson
    Jake Peterson 2 months ago

    Best sketch of the night.

  • joe6576
    joe6576 2 months ago

    this is damn good!!!

  • Bi- Han
    Bi- Han 2 months ago


  • ehinton4006
    ehinton4006 2 months ago

    So the only person saving the show is leaving? RIP SNL

  • James Estrada
    James Estrada 2 months ago


  • Alex Gold
    Alex Gold 2 months ago

    Coco is a straight out savage!

  • Natynet D
    Natynet D 2 months ago

    hilarious!!! I'm dead :':-D:-D:-D:-D

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago

    "They're just little heads." Haha, hilarious skit, well done, SNL!

  • Steven Lopez
    Steven Lopez 2 months ago

    OMG I cried laughing!

  • Zser
    Zser 2 months ago

    Haha that's hilarious! I think Dwayne would make a great wrestler!

  • Tim Miller II
    Tim Miller II 2 months ago

    Rip Bobby.

  • yootoobnewbie
    yootoobnewbie 2 months ago

    Twins remake with these two.

  • laviler
    laviler 2 months ago


  • Andres Tierradentro
    Andres Tierradentro 2 months ago

    Funny as hell !!!

  • zeroclockgaming
    zeroclockgaming 2 months ago

    I was saving it for THIS PROMO!!

  • Devonte Peters
    Devonte Peters 2 months ago

    Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  • Allen Boguslavsky
    Allen Boguslavsky 2 months ago

    Rock's movement and facial expressions had me spitting on my screen! So funny

  • gahman
    gahman 2 months ago

    Hahaha I love this Coco skit!

  • Leonard Rahming
    Leonard Rahming 2 months ago

    rock for president

  • Leonard Rahming
    Leonard Rahming 2 months ago

    sorry to see bobby leave. the first one was funnier. i still find this one funny too.

  • Dustin McFarland
    Dustin McFarland 2 months ago

    Great Note!

  • RedAnd Red
    RedAnd Red 2 months ago +3

    Who else died laughing

  • Tracey Whitney
    Tracey Whitney 2 months ago


  • Michele Salvemini
    Michele Salvemini 2 months ago

    DJ is hilarious ahahahahahahah

  • Aodh?n
    Aodh?n 2 months ago


  • Yellow Flash004
    Yellow Flash004 2 months ago

    The rock is TOTALLY making fun of Hogan lol

  • Jezabel Pagan
    Jezabel Pagan 2 months ago

    This was so so so funny!!! Ever better than the first one years ago.

  • Lee S
    Lee S 2 months ago

    Love the Promo

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