Conor McGregor | Top 5 Knockouts

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  • Richard Segovia
    Richard Segovia 1 hour ago

    ¡He is a beast!

  • tone clear
    tone clear 2 hours ago

    mayweather is gonna knock tha fuk out this lil cunt yeehaaaa

  • Hawkgamerz
    Hawkgamerz 4 hours ago

    I personally don't like Conor. But the F.M vs C.M is going to be interesting.

  • khaled r
    khaled r 4 hours ago


  • Tamasi Antonio
    Tamasi Antonio 5 hours ago

    am i the only one who think's this is too brutal for some people?

  • No this is Patrick
    No this is Patrick 5 hours ago

    Where is Connor knocking out Mayweather?

  • Vitor Silva
    Vitor Silva 7 hours ago

    Fitch MC gregor

  • Sindex
    Sindex 8 hours ago

    Conor McGregor is like Randy orden you don't know wtf is going to happen

  • Kaustubh Dandekar
    Kaustubh Dandekar 9 hours ago

    1:53 conor get jacked by bulldozer

  • Zbyszek Zbyszek
    Zbyszek Zbyszek 10 hours ago

    2:43 referee :)

  • 15 hours ago

    Es un gran video. Muy bien editado

  • swerve boy
    swerve boy 15 hours ago

    damn did you see number 2

  • Cesar Buron
    Cesar Buron 17 hours ago

    Lo hace parece tan fácil...💪

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson 20 hours ago

    FOOK mayweather

  • ClashMafia
    ClashMafia 20 hours ago


  • asiya smith
    asiya smith 1 day ago

    if you think floyd is going to lose your dumb because hes 49 and 0 and he has way better blocks than conor and this is conor first boxing match and he boxes with mma gloves and he never box with bigger gloves and floyd beats way better boxers than conor like manny and conors never box 12 rounds so if u think conors going to win your a dummy that never watches boxing

  • Elmo273
    Elmo273 1 day ago

    What music is this ??

  • Moe Price
    Moe Price 1 day ago

    In mma 90% is punches that are used while standing, 90% of the time its a punch that finishes the fight also, Connor is focusing on boxing only for this fight so am sure he will peel the little peanut head off Floyd fairly quickly.

  • roya shadravan
    roya shadravan 1 day ago

    Love this guy, Love Ireland. Respect from Turkey.

  • 209mutherFOOKERS
    209mutherFOOKERS 1 day ago

    than #1 was so fucking epic. the ability with just few seconds long video and right music you can make just becoming a star guy look like the greatest fighter of all time

  • Stivi Tota
    Stivi Tota 1 day ago

    Wooow Gregor is crazy -->

  • Jay Miller
    Jay Miller 1 day ago

    Conor mcgregor throws very accurate punches with great timing and knock out power. Floyd mayweather is 40 and much smaller this fight could get interesting in the early rounds

  • Kacy's Kastle
    Kacy's Kastle 1 day ago

    If anyone thinks McGregor has a chance in he'll of even touching mayweather after watching this your delusional. McGregor isn't use to punching people who move like boxers let's alone mayweather. And McGregor punches so slow. And McGregor has never fought anyone with hand speed as Floyd even if Floyd actually lost a step which we haven't seen he has. This match up is impossible for McGregor. Bigger than Buster Douglas Beating Tyson if he pulls off this miracle.

  • Kacy's Kastle
    Kacy's Kastle 1 day ago

    After seeing these "Highlights"...I'm 99% Mayweather beats McGregor. God McGregor punches slow. Mayweather is the King of not getting punched and punching fast! It will be NO contest.

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith 1 day ago

    Who's McGregor fighting in number 3?

  • surya narayan dixit

    Entire wwe universe disliked this video.

  • Joshua Quiroz
    Joshua Quiroz 1 day ago


  • Zion Mainframe
    Zion Mainframe 1 day ago

    love his stance

  • 9thchild
    9thchild 1 day ago

    "He slept' him." I don't know why but I have always loved that.

  • diego Peru
    diego Peru 1 day ago

    El mejor

  • Esteban Murillo
    Esteban Murillo 1 day ago

    You Can Tell How Much McGregor Masturbated with his left hand as a kid...ignore this comment

  • Ferenc Csordás
    Ferenc Csordás 1 day ago

    Conor chance 0%. aaand i dont like Floyd.Its all about the money,nothing else. 2. fight under 200 pounds is a joke.

  • Christopher Giannone


  • hbrt335
    hbrt335 2 days ago

    the one on Mendes is crazy, he survived the ground attacks by a very good wrestler in Mendes and then finished him a few him a few seconds later. unbelivable chin and stamina

  • Darren Green
    Darren Green 2 days ago

    i dont really follow MMA so can someone tell me how good conor is compared to the gracie family who used to dominate ?

  • Elmer Arroyo
    Elmer Arroyo 2 days ago

    but nice punches

  • Elmer Arroyo
    Elmer Arroyo 2 days ago

    his ko are weak asfk

  • Sri Lestari
    Sri Lestari 2 days ago

    can you imagine what floyd face looks like after fight with him? more ugly ass nigga!

  • J'onn J'onzz
    J'onn J'onzz 2 days ago

    Conor Mcgregory.

  • Joël Heinzelmann
    Joël Heinzelmann 2 days ago

    Fook Floyd Mayweather

  • Fer Garnica
    Fer Garnica 2 days ago

    a donde te puedo mandar un mail, eres una puta mamada yo te reviento puto irlandes de mierda sin que metas nada perra

    • Fer Garnica
      Fer Garnica 2 days ago

      culos londos solo por $

    • Fer Garnica
      Fer Garnica 2 days ago

      no nesecito ser la niñera de my flores

  • dmanofalltime23
    dmanofalltime23 2 days ago

    Floyd Mayweather been wearing high heels in his fights. Gives him height and reach advantage. 😂👠

  • thebionicledude
    thebionicledude 2 days ago

    He connected with that fist when he was sleeping 😂😂😂😂

  • mmafan3
    mmafan3 2 days ago

    Floyd all due respect my brother but don't take this fight lightly.

    • OnionsCryToo
      OnionsCryToo 2 days ago

      Its like picking the fastest soccer player in the world and then put him in a race against Usain Bolt, whos gonna win? Exactly. Mcgregor has no chance.

  • Truth Network
    Truth Network 2 days ago

    I like how ppl dog conor, i dont care for him but im not going to dog him. Anyone that gets in a locked cage and fights another human is a badazz, but NO ONE is mentioning the angles conor can throw from. Floyd has NEVER seen these kind of angles. NO ONE in the MMA has the ballz to step in a boxing ring against an undefeated freakin champ. W O W he might not have much brainz but he has nutz the size of china.

  • Mighty King Connors Glorious Left Hammer

    Ayye, Nobody can take dem left hammers!

  • Tawhiri Morunga-Brown

    it's all over

  • Dimitri Ost
    Dimitri Ost 2 days ago

    €€€€$$$$$$ thont wont it !!!

  • OZORA Channel
    OZORA Channel 2 days ago

    iron mike is better

  • Roberto Artigas Vlogs

    puto amo

  • Emre Temel
    Emre Temel 3 days ago

    Wtf 2:29 ;)

  • pim dekker
    pim dekker 3 days ago

    i was a may weather fan but after being stoned as fuck watching these video, i have realised that conor mcgregor is a true fighter

  • frank mish
    frank mish 3 days ago

    If he tries to box mayweather like this, leaving himself so wide open, it's gonna be embarrassing

  • eraldorh
    eraldorh 3 days ago

    That last one was fucking brutal!

  • RayD 076
    RayD 076 3 days ago

    I love conor, i just hate his fans, they are Cringe AF( most of em )

  • Cristian Silviu
    Cristian Silviu 3 days ago

    i swear, if mayweather resists in mcgregor's world more than 30 seconds, i will chop off my toes.
    If he beats up McGregor in his world, i will cut my fucking leg off.

  • Jose Guzman
    Jose Guzman 3 days ago

    i think if he would've been a boxer this whole time instead of an "mma" fighter, he would've still been undefeated as a boxer. His greatest victories have been standing up. Still dont think he'll beat Floyd, but he won't be no push-over.

  • Captain Harlockz
    Captain Harlockz 3 days ago

    mcgregor you the best

  • RiCk SanChez
    RiCk SanChez 3 days ago

    Dance for me boy

  • Umbrace Titan
    Umbrace Titan 3 days ago

    Number 2 was so clean

  • Bello DDG_
    Bello DDG_ 4 days ago

    Who else hate McGregor because of his arrogant

  • saul suarez cajamarca

    en todos gana en.los.primeros round en el boxeo estara frito

  • Trance 4life
    Trance 4life 4 days ago

    wtf??? this is a nervous mosquito.... what you guys see to him ? he don't have enought speed and no force at all... even my wife is stronger then this small piece of shit...m

  • JJM 210
    JJM 210 4 days ago

    Aldo still connected that punch when he got knocked out 😂

  • ELF MAN 24
    ELF MAN 24 4 days ago

    Everyone lol at the niggers saying floyd ! acting like floyd is a hero ! niggers are cowards (fact) boxing is not fighting (fact) in mma (actual fighting ) mcgregor would destroy floyd in 2 seconds ! (fact) just like brock lesnar would destroy mike tyson in 2 seconds ! (fact) you niggers need to learn that white boys run real fighting (fact) we let the niggers have boxing (pillow fighting )

    • heatboii o
      heatboii o 4 days ago

      Jon Jones one of the greatest ever? Anderson Silva? the greatest ever... Please stop

  • jajye29
    jajye29 4 days ago

    when this guy retires, his story will be a myth

  • Eagle Eye
    Eagle Eye 4 days ago


  • Tim McNamara
    Tim McNamara 4 days ago

    He's such an amazing counter-striker. It's a beautiful thing to watch

  • Abdur Rahman
    Abdur Rahman 4 days ago

    Conor will fuck floyds asshole 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

  • Gregorio Lazzkingberg

    1:56 I imagine that, if conor could do that knockout to Mayweather.☆★☆

    OMG GOD 4 days ago

    The actualy strong person here is the referee at 1:52

  • Gian Maquiling
    Gian Maquiling 4 days ago

    Notice how all Floyd supporters can't speak proper English. Bunch of patriotic ghetto shit heads.

  • Fabul Oguz
    Fabul Oguz 4 days ago

    I'd love to see Mayweather getting his black ass kicked, but McGregor can't fuck with a boxer. He's not a proper boxer. His punches are not systematic, nor powerful enough to compete with Mayweather.

  • *Dean* *Ambrose*
    *Dean* *Ambrose* 4 days ago

    1:24 one of the best matches of McGregor for me....

  • Almxghty zF
    Almxghty zF 4 days ago

    mcgregor cant take more and bigger hits than floyd floyds use to fighters with boxing gloves and less power than conor takes bigger hits every fight then floyd ever did

  • bärow5ki
    bärow5ki 4 days ago

    the dodge at 1:56 tho

  • hipperdino
    hipperdino 4 days ago

    Whats the music name?

    • Seismic MMA
      Seismic MMA 4 days ago

      "Protectors of the Earth" by Two Steps From Hell

  • chris d
    chris d 4 days ago

    why can none of you fucking dickheads resist putting some fucking shit annoying music to your videos were here to watch the knockouts not your fucking deaf retard self add music and ruin it fuck you.

  • Torima P.F65
    Torima P.F65 4 days ago

    1:57 :)

  • Earl Ozborne
    Earl Ozborne 4 days ago

    That upper by Conor will stunt Floyd. Mark my words.

  • chow b6
    chow b6 4 days ago

    mcgregor is attacking fighter mayweather is defensive mcgregor don't out his guard up which gives mayweather an advantage

  • t p
    t p 4 days ago

    Fook Mayweather!

  • erickgayon
    erickgayon 4 days ago

    este pendejo será humillado el 26 de agosto jaja

  • Valentin Ji
    Valentin Ji 4 days ago


  • MrTrollbaby
    MrTrollbaby 4 days ago

    so basically that was like 2 legit knockouts

  • Shamyrl
    Shamyrl 4 days ago

    I did a Mayweather highlight video on my channel. Please feel free to check it out and like or comment on it.
    I plan on doing a McGregor highlight next.

  • shan c
    shan c 4 days ago

    what a beast. damn

  • Pierre Collet
    Pierre Collet 4 days ago

    music plz?

  • Bmx Johannes
    Bmx Johannes 4 days ago

    Poor Floyd... aaand im out

  • arakal412
    arakal412 4 days ago

    mcgregor makes this shit look effortless.

  • Jon
    Jon 4 days ago

    Funny the ref was trying to protect Aldo from more head shots but ended up kneeing him in the face in the process

  • Alex Teo
    Alex Teo 5 days ago

    :))) he won't touch Mayweather

  • Marco Gomes
    Marco Gomes 5 days ago

    hard work
    hard work
    hard work

  • Ed Cab
    Ed Cab 5 days ago

    Most opponents look like little kids, closing their eyes when swinging. They were defeated before entering the octogon. I wish i could loose 30 pounds to Put McGregor in his spot. I will let him know what real Marines are about. I put that on the bible.

  • Gissel Flores Monegro

    Why are his punches so slow tho? :/

  • Zipstone
    Zipstone 5 days ago

    1:52 i think that guy should get props

  • alexdriftersupraman

    name of song?

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost 5 days ago

    1:53 ... that push by the ref though 😂😂😂

  • Engdahl Fulix
    Engdahl Fulix 5 days ago

    The last guy seams to get hit by the referes knee at 2:42 and then he closes his eyes HAHAH

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