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  • Slim G
    Slim G Hour ago

    the only two good things about this are Nirvana and Ripley

  • Doris L
    Doris L 3 hours ago

    An amazing crossover series! the first episodes are a bit of a drag, but prepare to be amazed!

  • Thrae
    Thrae 4 hours ago

    Dobby dies

    • Thrae
      Thrae 4 hours ago

      Jokes daredevil dies

    xXANGUSLOLXx 9 hours ago

    It doesnt sound like the original nirvana what civer is this

  • Logical Oddity
    Logical Oddity 9 hours ago +1

    Tony Stark; "I need a team of superheroes to fight Thanos, who do we have around?"

    We have a ninja, an alcoholic with super human strength, a guy who can punch through anything, and an invincible superman.

    Tony Stark; "We have a superman? That's great!"

    He's black.

    Tony Stark; "Hey, how about that guy with the arrows?

  • Will Donohoo
    Will Donohoo 11 hours ago

    Am I the only one that's happy that Sigourney Weaver is in this

  • Partisan Black
    Partisan Black 11 hours ago

    Tried watching this series. I only lasted one and a half episodes...

  • Asing7 sing
    Asing7 sing 12 hours ago

    Just watched the first 6 episodes, and all I can say is that it would be so much better if they got rid of all the Iron Fist characters... I want to try to fault the actors but the script/story are not up to the same level as DD, JJ and LC characters, even the fight scenes for Iron Fist are weak compared to the others.  I really tried to like Iron Fist after the first season but  this just  made me dislike it even more cause it brought down the overall story of the defenders..

  • Zulaikha Yaseen101
    Zulaikha Yaseen101 13 hours ago

    The episodes are not out yet what is the reason my dad was looking fawned you know it's the 19 and it still hasn't came out

  • Mohammed Waters
    Mohammed Waters 14 hours ago


  • Super Gamer
    Super Gamer 15 hours ago

    that Danny guy is an imbecile. if he was chosen to be the Iron fist, can't only imagine the other prospects!

  • Strothy2
    Strothy2 16 hours ago

    but curt!?

  • kerry Louise
    kerry Louise 16 hours ago

    Would seriously think about turning gay for Jessica Jones.. if she wanted me that is 🤗

  • MormonDude Starfaith
    MormonDude Starfaith 16 hours ago

    *Discovers show today*

    *Realizes show comes out today*

  • Philosophy gaming
    Philosophy gaming 16 hours ago

    Daredevil dies at the last episode

  • Élie Marcuard
    Élie Marcuard 17 hours ago

    Rien que pour la musique je quiff cette série #Ripkurtcobain

  • Roublar550
    Roublar550 18 hours ago


  • Itor Lamop
    Itor Lamop 18 hours ago

    I wached 1:45 of the first episode and i find it stupid already....who the hell produce those things man it really suck!!!

  • Ben Munson
    Ben Munson 18 hours ago

    I hope Elektra isn't dead if Matt can make it out surely she can 😢

  • leonard gomez
    leonard gomez 19 hours ago

    if marvel makes another series of defenders n it shows that electra is killed frm the blast n only daredevil lives,then i must say,that its one hell of a screwed up story,where only heroes live n villians dies,even though they where both there 2gether when the blast took place n the entire building came down on the 2 of them,so if she dies,there is just no way he shoudnt have died also,i mean come on man,there is a limit to some shit that one can take,y is it,that only the super heroes get to live,while the rest die,isnt daredevil human,yet he lives from a blast that brings down an entire building,guess heroes never die in a marvel moive or tv series......

  • S Yeah
    S Yeah 19 hours ago

    I really just hope the Iron Fist doesn't ruin it. Iron Fist is the weakest in the series

  • !onut G
    !onut G 19 hours ago

    So I need to watch the individual series ? They linked with this one?

  • dekic13236
    dekic13236 19 hours ago

    Wow what a show. Finally they made excellent combination of heroes.

  • Svilen Konac
    Svilen Konac 20 hours ago

    Daredevil and sex toy's I meant ✊

  • Daniel Kaluuya
    Daniel Kaluuya 20 hours ago

    GUYS .......... PLUG LOVE FUll MOVIE :
    CLICK watch :

  • Danielle Karuunya
    Danielle Karuunya 20 hours ago

    GUYS .......... PLUG LOVE FUll MOVIE :

  • Danielle Karuunya
    Danielle Karuunya 20 hours ago


  • leon huggins
    leon huggins 22 hours ago

    All these shows are utter utter shite they all look so chaep bad fighting and worse story lines i mean iron fists story is the green arrows all looks shit compared to the likes of gotham, arrow flash all the dc stories  and please stop comparing them to the avengers im not even gunna list the many reasons why

  • Johnatan Givony
    Johnatan Givony 22 hours ago

    Get ur shit together put in a bag and give it to the shit store
    (only rick and morty fans will understand)

  • MeekSerenesilver
    MeekSerenesilver 23 hours ago +1

    I just finished watching the first season and honestly I feel cheated.

  • RushEffect
    RushEffect Day ago

    The avengers of marvel tv shows

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma Day ago

    Come as you are!!!

  • Howard Mclymont
    Howard Mclymont Day ago

    That guitar rift tho

  • sadfran
    sadfran Day ago

    so boring. what a waste.

  • Jennifer Gentile

    grown ass men watching comic book characters and playing video games , the real men were In the 1940s , fuckin Joke today

    • Pick A Shoe
      Pick A Shoe Day ago

      Jennifer Gentile If thats what people enjoy and it makes them happy then leave them alone. You gotta admit this is really awesome

  • Jake Mitchell
    Jake Mitchell Day ago

    The Avengers need to somehow lure Thanos into a hallway and then just let the Defenders and Punisher take care of him. There you go problem solved.

  • Mohamed Murad
    Mohamed Murad Day ago

    what the point of combined super heroes together in one series.
    I liked the daredevil alone

  • Christopher Vergara

    So apparently Jessica doesn't call Matt an "idiot"...

  • Jordan joseph
    Jordan joseph Day ago

    Spiderman or naw?

  • CesTech
    CesTech Day ago

    Yay Matt Murdock!

  • Ariful Karim
    Ariful Karim Day ago

    The only Defender without superpowers is also the only one in a superhero suit.

  • Rhea Krishnan
    Rhea Krishnan Day ago

    Avengers who?

  • Tuatha Dedanann
    Tuatha Dedanann Day ago

    if Cage's skin is "unbreakable", how'd his hair folicles get burnt?

  • Tuatha Dedanann
    Tuatha Dedanann Day ago

    Valkyrie, Ghost Rider, Nighthawk

  • Ashton DeGrange
    Ashton DeGrange 2 days ago

    Tomorrow my niggas!

  • Agustín Garcia
    Agustín Garcia 2 days ago

    Yeah colleen will fall in luke's luxury too... Sorry Danny

  • Peepod Humperdink
    Peepod Humperdink 2 days ago

    23 hours left niggas.

  • Shodik Saputra
    Shodik Saputra 2 days ago

    Tomorrow is August 18th

  • Christina M
    Christina M 2 days ago

    Come on Friday! I can't wait!

  • Michael Harding
    Michael Harding 2 days ago

    Comes out in the UK tomorrow 😱😀

  • HTC pilot
    HTC pilot 2 days ago

    Come ass you are. I miss Kurt Cobain so fucking hard.

  • Splash
    Splash 2 days ago


  • Adam W
    Adam W 2 days ago


  • Adam W
    Adam W 2 days ago

    Wonder if Cobain had he have lived let them use Come As You Are for the trailer!

  • Trevor Clasper
    Trevor Clasper 2 days ago

    You butchered that poor nirvana song... Curt would be outraged that his music was used in such a commercial manner and in such a poor remix.

  • I Am Groot
    I Am Groot 2 days ago

    What version of "come as you are" is this??

  • OGJpeezy93
    OGJpeezy93 3 days ago


  • Ashish Kumar Mohanta

    Any Jessica Jones lovers here

  • IEF4
    IEF4 3 days ago +1


    I already taken care of the hand.

  • Ava MSP
    Ava MSP 3 days ago

    2 days until it happens! Yass

  • Rodri Castillo
    Rodri Castillo 3 days ago +1

    If the trailer is so epic, with Nirvana is awesome!

  • The Fallen
    The Fallen 3 days ago

    It's just a few days away the hype is real. Damn when it drops i'll be at the gym but I will be watching it 8 hours of pure amazing fun.

  • nerd champion
    nerd champion 3 days ago

    This music is brilliant

  • Camz and final point

    I love Luke and Jessica together, but this shit its going to be real

  • Aashirwad Bhattarai
    Aashirwad Bhattarai 3 days ago +1

    I am only watching this because of "Come as you are".

  • Bearable Gaming
    Bearable Gaming 4 days ago

    3 more FREAKING days 😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Kidd'n
    Kidd'n 4 days ago

    -I'm the Immortal Iron Fist.
    -You're WHAT?

  • Luis David Camacho
    Luis David Camacho 4 days ago +1

    Love "Come As You Are"

  • DocTheDexter
    DocTheDexter 4 days ago

    i just realized it was misty knight interrogating jessica in the beginning

  • steven alvarez
    steven alvarez 4 days ago

    I'm glad to have a new 4K TV to watch this.

  • Boba Father
    Boba Father 4 days ago

    Wow that is cool can't wait stick holy shhhhhhhhhh ok I'm shhhhh can't wait

  • hourseface 99
    hourseface 99 4 days ago +2

    yes NiRVANA yess, i am now going to watch this

    MONKEY VIDEOS 4 days ago

    very nice

  • Kermit the Frog
    Kermit the Frog 5 days ago

    Was that Sigourney Weaver or Willem Dafoe ?

  • Ya Boi Breloom
    Ya Boi Breloom 5 days ago


  • Kanal5909
    Kanal5909 5 days ago

    Avengers are stronger but let's be honest they are just The Defenders for kids.

  • op moi
    op moi 5 days ago

    4 days

  • Neo
    Neo 5 days ago

    The music is great for this

  • Usman Khan
    Usman Khan 5 days ago

    What's the name of song playing in it?

  • Brayan Calle
    Brayan Calle 5 days ago

    Please, continue Marco Polo, i cannot sleep because i never stop of thinking about what would be next

  • phelto
    phelto 5 days ago


  • Amina Begum
    Amina Begum 6 days ago +1

    Im dying it comes out on my birthday what a great present oh my god

  • L. Avenarius
    L. Avenarius 6 days ago

    The only one I've seen was daredevil, but I haven't much time to watch the others :(. Dunno which one is better

  • meinchester
    meinchester 6 days ago

    Love me some JJ

  • Hugo Alberto Santos Trejo

    Does anyone knows the name of the song in the trailer?

  • smol bean
    smol bean 6 days ago

    DE-FEN-DERS? hmmm sounds awfully familiar to another marvel super hero group.... fantastic 4!

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos 6 days ago

    How come DD got 2 seasons and the others just got 1?

  • Adam Ghafoor
    Adam Ghafoor 6 days ago

    Hallway scene=Airport Scene

  • Wafflecake
    Wafflecake 6 days ago

    But wait he forgot to mention him he should of said as well and me the kid with a glowing fist.

  • Wafflecake
    Wafflecake 6 days ago

    Iron fist:we make a great team
    Iron fist:what are you talking about a bullet proof,blind ninja,what ever is you are.
    Luke cage:Chuckles

  • Haris Kolar
    Haris Kolar 6 days ago

    Punisher's hallway prison scene was the best of all and you know it so...

  • Wafflecake
    Wafflecake 6 days ago

    5 days left yay

  • Clipershunter
    Clipershunter 6 days ago


  • Nitrexx
    Nitrexx 6 days ago

    MARVEL Netflix's Formula:

    Two villains, the second one only shows up at the end
    A backstory that is spread out across the season like butter on toast
    Unusually sexy scene (looking at your Daredevil...)
    Avengers nod/reference
    1 Season (Looking at you Daredevil...)
    13 Episodes (Looking at you DEFENDERS...)
    H A L L W A Y F I G H T S C E N E
    C L I F F H A N G E R S
    E L E V A T O R S

  • M.K.M.
    M.K.M. 6 days ago

    This'll kick definitely some neighborhood ass.

  • Gaming MMO
    Gaming MMO 6 days ago

    ohmwrecker? is that you? 1:45

  • Nicole Tomlinson
    Nicole Tomlinson 6 days ago

    What is the name of the song in the background? Not Hurd it for years

    • Immortal 68
      Immortal 68 6 days ago

      Nicole Tomlinson Come as you are from nirvana.

  • Danny Perez
    Danny Perez 7 days ago


  • Callum Waters
    Callum Waters 7 days ago

    I want to watch Luke cage season 2 more than this cuz I loved the first season

  • Bird Person
    Bird Person 7 days ago

    1:51 HAHAHAHA look at finn jones dancing around, mentally preparing himself for this choreographed heroic punch! Hahahahaha does a horrible job selling his fight scenes, even in this trailer, my fucking god. The whole point of fight choreography is NOT to be obvious about it and make it look like it's choreographed....

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