Lorde Reveals Her Secret Instagram Dedicated to Reviewing Onion Rings

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  • 007coleyfoley
    007coleyfoley Hour ago


  • TØP's Crybaby Korn/Zall

    I love her so much

  • Nope Hi
    Nope Hi 3 days ago

    almost like south park

  • Ramir Royale
    Ramir Royale 3 days ago

    Yeah we all know that Lorde with an 'E' stand for extra 🤔😂

  • Pato Mv
    Pato Mv 4 days ago +1

    She's sooooo prettyyy

  • Jin's Banana
    Jin's Banana 5 days ago +1

    She's so bubbly and cute i swear

  • Sahil Kale
    Sahil Kale 5 days ago +1

    Humble, Talented, Pretty, and Sexy

  • stacey wright
    stacey wright 6 days ago

    She's my idol ❤️

  • itslunabey
    itslunabey 6 days ago

    I just watched Lorde of the Rings

  • Krisdomin
    Krisdomin 7 days ago

    Marrying her

  • Happy Panda
    Happy Panda 8 days ago

    Our lorde and savior

  • Andrea Rose
    Andrea Rose 8 days ago

    OMG I love her😂😂

  • Prizzo Hann
    Prizzo Hann 11 days ago +1

    I am not used to watch her just talk and it's wonderful. She is so lively.

  • Alexandria Jagsarran
    Alexandria Jagsarran 11 days ago

    Lorde of the Onion Rings

  • Jacob Klemmer
    Jacob Klemmer 13 days ago

    lorde of the rings

  • spacedreams
    spacedreams 13 days ago +1

    Lorde of the Rings

  • Hannah Perdue
    Hannah Perdue 14 days ago

    The melodrama cover is my background on my phone

  • Cairo Murphy
    Cairo Murphy 16 days ago +3

    She's so adorable

  • PriceRonnie17
    PriceRonnie17 18 days ago

    Drinking game, take a shot every time she says "Like"

  • S Rose
    S Rose 21 day ago

    This is the quality content I subscribe for

  • WildRenji
    WildRenji 21 day ago +1

    where did the perfect places performance video go??

  • Skye Rad
    Skye Rad 23 days ago

    She sounds like emma stone.

  • ciaran fay
    ciaran fay 23 days ago

    Jimmy reached new levels of fakeness when he found out it was her

  • real saudi man
    real saudi man 24 days ago


  • SSB Gogeta
    SSB Gogeta 25 days ago

    Jimmy Coked out 😂😂

  • solrac
    solrac 26 days ago +1

    Idk why she really cute

  • novia chelsiena
    novia chelsiena 26 days ago

    i just thought her voice when she's talking like Emma's Stone voice 😁😁😁

  • T Tsoncheva
    T Tsoncheva 26 days ago +1

    What the heck happened to the video of Perfect Places?! Make it come back!

  • raras889
    raras889 29 days ago

    Lorde is the only "popular" artist that I really admire - she's just brutally honest in her music while still keeping it artistic, and seeing her in interviews I think she keeps it fresh and honest and real.

  • emma King
    emma King Month ago

    she`s always so happy and enthusiastic when she talks, its amazing

  • Justin Dustin
    Justin Dustin Month ago

    Randy marsh

  • Optimistic Panda
    Optimistic Panda Month ago

    she's become so much more bubbly since royals. she's so cute 😭❤️

  • Lina Norman
    Lina Norman Month ago

    I'm gonna peace out and move back 1000 miles 😂

  • SammyJJW95
    SammyJJW95 Month ago

    She has Emma Stone's mouth

  • Richie Lew
    Richie Lew Month ago

    she sounds more australian then kiwi like some words are crazy kiwi but everything else sounds aussie

  • Neil Murala
    Neil Murala Month ago +3

    Lorde of the Rings!

  • vela
    vela Month ago

    è un'angelo sto piangendo

  • Ditto Ernando
    Ditto Ernando Month ago

    i feel like watching untouched-british-version of Kylie Jenner with a real talent here

    SCHY MARK Month ago

    She tries too hard

  • Sammy Leo
    Sammy Leo Month ago

    But what will we do when we run out of onion rings?

  • Sammy Leo
    Sammy Leo Month ago

    She thinks you love onion rings, you're such a damn liar.

  • Sammy Leo
    Sammy Leo Month ago

    We order different onion rings at the same bars.

  • Oddly Drawn Erica
    Oddly Drawn Erica Month ago +1

    She is too adorable

  • Mobley Hernandez
    Mobley Hernandez Month ago

    cant believe shes only 20.

  • Thelma DeLaMont
    Thelma DeLaMont Month ago

    better than the Hanna Montana reveal

  • Charlene Nocos
    Charlene Nocos Month ago

    Oh my gosh! I love her accent! Is that the accent of the people in New Zealand? Sounds like a lil british for me.

  • Aria Antoinette ritcherson

    I still cant believe she was 15/16 yo when she blew up because of royals

  • Kevin Knight
    Kevin Knight Month ago

    I freaked out a lil when they mention onion rings even in the talk show then I realise that before I was watching a lot of videos on how to make onion rings. So that's why youtube recommended this to me...coz its related..

  • Cecile Wu
    Cecile Wu Month ago

    She reminds me of amy poehler? Like her facial expressions and her movements?? Lol

  • Rgggt Trev
    Rgggt Trev Month ago

    But why take it down!!!!

  • Raphael Ferreira
    Raphael Ferreira Month ago

    i love her

  • Tadi m
    Tadi m Month ago

    Lorde of the rings

  • Charlie Mackenzie
    Charlie Mackenzie Month ago

    I thought she was French from the way she sang in her songs lmao!

  • Aundrea Smith
    Aundrea Smith Month ago

    And We'll never be Broiled.., (Broiled) pickled​ battered and fried. You Know We got The Perfect Crust, And we got that sweetly sauce, I cut my teeth on onion rings, in the moovies

  • Isabel Golightly
    Isabel Golightly Month ago +1

    I love her I love her I love her omg

  • Nathan Goedeke
    Nathan Goedeke Month ago

    The New Zealand Accent is so confusing

  • Bucket Bucket
    Bucket Bucket Month ago

    I am lorde yayaya

  • hunter weekes
    hunter weekes Month ago

    Kiwis and Australians are so bubbly it's adorable

  • D L
    D L Month ago

    Fallon tries too hard and comes off fake and forced...watch Jimmy!!

  • Sam N. Hueston
    Sam N. Hueston Month ago

    She sounds like Cate Blanchett :)

  • Fer
    Fer Month ago

    Her voice!!!! She's another person!!!

  • i dont knwo what im doing please dont hurt me

    i love the little thing she does when she gets asked questions 80% of the time the first thing she says is aHM its honestly so cute

  • michelle rushton
    michelle rushton Month ago

    thags randy marsh

  • moonlily1
    moonlily1 Month ago

    I wish they hadn't taken her secret onion ring thing away from her.

  • Necreon021
    Necreon021 Month ago

    Just the right amount of crazy in her eyes. I like her.

  • BLINKVIP ReVeluv
    BLINKVIP ReVeluv Month ago

    Gosh I love Lorde. She's so calm and just free spirited.

  • Jessika Bean
    Jessika Bean Month ago

    She reminds me of Elle Fanning

  • Dawson Thomas
    Dawson Thomas Month ago


  • OhBoysPaintball
    OhBoysPaintball Month ago

    Lorde of the rings!

  • dinoman
    dinoman Month ago

    I didn't know Randy Marsh likes onion rings...

  • miri4776
    miri4776 Month ago

    She reminds me of a New Zealand Emma Stone

  • Haley Martin
    Haley Martin Month ago +1

    She reminds me of Bjork for some reason.

  • Ana Hana
    Ana Hana Month ago

    she's lovable

  • Sepehr Mn
    Sepehr Mn Month ago +1

    She's so mature. I'm 5 years older than her and I still can't talk like that on the spot.

  • Zara Lee
    Zara Lee Month ago

    What a living legend

  • Mags M
    Mags M Month ago +2

    Wait I've been listening to her sing for yrs and this is the first time I hear her talk wtf

  • kalli jones
    kalli jones Month ago

    she's like a new zealand emma stone

  • jjfishey
    jjfishey Month ago

    shes so lovely

  • Maria Cervantes
    Maria Cervantes Month ago

    he's hot with the beard also fucking love lorde

  • Aidas D
    Aidas D Month ago

    LORDE <3

  • pewdie pie
    pewdie pie Month ago

    I thought that was a british accent until...

  • Łukasz Ciepłuch
    Łukasz Ciepłuch Month ago

    She is 20 years old but acts like she is 40

  • abelsmile
    abelsmile Month ago

    she is amazing

  • Zach Aaronson
    Zach Aaronson Month ago

    I love The Flame, I've been there twice this week!

  • Troy V
    Troy V Month ago

    Omfg what a cute girl

  • Sullivan Scandi
    Sullivan Scandi Month ago

    Lorde's fucking nuts.

  • yooji16
    yooji16 Month ago

    WHY WASNT HER USERNAME............ ... ..... ..LORDE OF THE RINGS?!??!?!??!?!

  • tybo09
    tybo09 Month ago

    I've eaten at the Flame Diner near Columbus circle and the onion rings there aren't bad. :)

  • Adewale
    Adewale Month ago

    Ya ya ya I am Lorde

  • Dipesh Basnet
    Dipesh Basnet Month ago

    when did jack dawson painted her???

  • Ashley Taccone
    Ashley Taccone Month ago

    omg I love her lol

  • Ashley Taccone
    Ashley Taccone Month ago


  • Roi The Ilokano Skrublord

    Randy... I mean Lorde looks good here.

  • sleepyhead
    sleepyhead Month ago

    she sort of reminds me of emma stone. kinda similar eyes and voice.

  • sleepyhead
    sleepyhead Month ago

    i just realized i've never heard or seen lorde speak before. she makes interesting facial expressions while speaking.

  • Wuke Zhang
    Wuke Zhang Month ago

    Randy looks like he's in his 30s! Good for him!

  • Oh Daddy
    Oh Daddy Month ago

    lorde of the rings

  • Miriam Rosales
    Miriam Rosales Month ago


  • Thomas Joseph
    Thomas Joseph Month ago

    i like lorde. she is a cool person. i liek her music.

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