Kid Rock - Po-Dunk [Official Video]

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  • New Single "Po-Dunk" Available Now

    Video directed by: Marc Klasfeld


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    MURKY MUDDLE 5 minutes ago

    what a load of shit

  • Ishmael Salazar
    Ishmael Salazar 1 hour ago

    Don't give a hillbilly fuck lol

  • Mark Zwilsky
    Mark Zwilsky 1 hour ago

    Rock has another hit. Damn hit machine...fills up every stadium he plays and keeps the ticket prices reasonable! Not sure about a Robert Richie the acting ((Senator from Michigan)) candidacy though...

  • Aeriel Mitchell
    Aeriel Mitchell 1 hour ago

    This isn't country/ redneck... this is alot of trailer trash/ white trash.

    • Bub Hatfield
      Bub Hatfield 1 hour ago

      No it ain't but have you been in the dang backwoods especially where I'm from, looks just like it except its missing the yard full of coon dogs and moonshine jugs. Not nice to call folks trash by the way Missy May!

  • Joey Bryant
    Joey Bryant 1 hour ago

    Who gives a fuck where he's from. It's a good song. Half of today's country singer's boots never touched dirt and they make pop songs. Enjoy some good vibes, unless you work for Billboard 100 your opinion on someone's music doesn't mean jack shit. I'm sure he appreciates the extra view his video gained from you though.

  • Lorne Zanidean
    Lorne Zanidean 1 hour ago

    Kid is a brilliant artist. I wish him the best in his bid for a senate seat.

  • D T
    D T 1 hour ago

    white supremacist Adolph hitler likes this video..
    He just commented on my comments here in this thread..

  • otto von ottsville
    otto von ottsville 1 hour ago

    My god thats foul

  • Tyson #1 Fan
    Tyson #1 Fan 1 hour ago

    wow I forgot about kid rock!! he was a fav of mine but damn that was early 00's

  • Kevin Callaghan
    Kevin Callaghan 2 hours ago

    go kid. kick ass of demos in michigan. beauty.

  • Colmund
    Colmund 2 hours ago

    Call the sluts and my fat cousin Billy from texas!! We are going to make a fake redneck video mama

  • Neil Martinez
    Neil Martinez 2 hours ago

    Sad. Why do people glamorize the "white trash" lifestyle? I suppose if that's all you know, but please, there are so many more choices out there that are more responsible.

  • GracefulGrizzly
    GracefulGrizzly 2 hours ago

    What the fuck is this bulshit

  • Mr. Trince
    Mr. Trince 2 hours ago

    Oh! boy! What is happening in this video?????????????? am green...can someone explain?

  • James Horton
    James Horton 3 hours ago

    REALLY. a kid that is pregnant and they video her FUCKING SMOKING and hey instead of fast cars and sluty girls. you could idk fix up that old falling apart church.

  • jeremymalatt317
    jeremymalatt317 3 hours ago

    Love me some Kid Rock. This song is badass! He is all around badass. Keep.Rocking man!!!!

  • Connor York
    Connor York 3 hours ago


  • Connor York
    Connor York 3 hours ago

    Why is that mother smoking with a baby in her stomach

  • johnny dark
    johnny dark 3 hours ago

    so far the worst video and song of 2017, and there is a lot of shit out there now.

  • jupiter moongauge
    jupiter moongauge 3 hours ago

    so this prick is a hillbilly now ? typical lying republican politician

  • Mike Brink
    Mike Brink 3 hours ago

    The pregnant girl's on the phone still trying to figure out which cousin knocked her up while she was passed out.

  • Ango Adams
    Ango Adams 4 hours ago


  • Zentoonz
    Zentoonz 4 hours ago

    this song makes me root for kim jong un.

  • lilwolf2005
    lilwolf2005 4 hours ago

    My tin foil hat theory:

    Michigan's 2018 midterms will be a weathervane for how much people like/dislike Trump's presidency. Think about it. Kid Rock's campaign will have a lot of parallels to Trump. Born into wealth, celebrity name recognition, appealing to rural crowd, major focus on nationalism, Kid Rock will not talk as eloquently as other candidates and be less PC, Media will probably try to crucify him on things he has said or done in the past, and he will say the media is rigged against him trying to milk the populist angle Trump also did. People will write him off as a joke, and insult anyone who votes for him, which will sell the populism image even harder. This election will be a referendum for Trump's policies. Kid Rock wins, Michigan will vote for Trump in 2020. Kid Rock loses, Michigan will vote Dem in 2020.

  • Matthew Hitchens
    Matthew Hitchens 4 hours ago

    Worst song he has ever made .🤢

  • Vince Shinkevich
    Vince Shinkevich 4 hours ago

    8k dislikes. lol looks like TJ gave him some mess

  • Makak the Nerd Monkey

    it´s like Far Cry 5 npc revealing !

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery 5 hours ago

    The Kid is the equal but opposite of every single leftist and white hating racist in this country and I LOVE IT!!

  • Rashid Ali
    Rashid Ali 5 hours ago

    Hi,,,    From...   PAKISTAN

  • DemiLovatoVEVo. vevo


  • Kekistani Militia
    Kekistani Militia 5 hours ago


  • dolphinhead2112
    dolphinhead2112 5 hours ago

    Great vid bro! But no bass boats? 👍😁

  • Brandy Crystal
    Brandy Crystal 6 hours ago

    TJ Kirk brought me here, and I regret everything.
    I don't care Kid Rock buy youtube views from *AUTHENTIC* *Views* *dot* *com*

  • Dave Lund
    Dave Lund 6 hours ago

    motherfukers living the American dream. kid for president

  • justin case
    justin case 6 hours ago

    How many rednecks fly in a jet ? NONE ! Get outta here Rock !

  • Wglass90
    Wglass90 7 hours ago

    As someone who's from the south and was a fan of Kid Rock (which I hate to admit), this is an absolute pathetic embarrassment. Most southerners that live like this don't do it out of the fact because it's "awesome", but because they're intellectually inferior compared to the average American, dimwitted, and generally an illiterate uneducated person. Kid Rock of course is well aware of these facts which is why he's handpicked this audience to exploit and make money off of, because they likely won't question his credibility as a "Country Redneck" from the high priced two story mansi.. I mean low tier trailer, and he'll continue to make billions living wealthy while these people continue to live in poverty in shitty trailers in which many situations will get crowded to the point where kids will have to sleep outside while cousin Ed gets to sleep in the bed. Kid Rock is a fake piece of trash, his music is insulting to anyone with a relatively high IQ, he's a fraud, a greedy money hungry potential tyrant, and the biggest scum you could ever imagine coming across. If you people in Michigan actually vote for him in 2018 as Senator, then you seriously will deserve every possible bad thing that will happen to you in the future. Think long and hard before making the decision.

  • VCRRepair76
    VCRRepair76 7 hours ago

    Go home to your father mammon. We don't need more satanists in politics.

  • RepugnantAtheist
    RepugnantAtheist 8 hours ago

    Cancer. Absolute cancer.....

  • Nude Miley
    Nude Miley 8 hours ago

    i bet you are listening this beautiful while reading comments slowly
    no lie to say many artist use *_authentic views d o t c 0 m_* and reaching 3B views
    Thumbs up if agree , thumbs u if you have thumbs

  • rakada30
    rakada30 8 hours ago

    This is like Jake Paul....but like hillbilly edition

  • aaronsdavis
    aaronsdavis 8 hours ago

    Bibles, guns and Meth. Fuck it why not?

  • Dandaru !
    Dandaru ! 9 hours ago

    Garbage people, garbage music. Not to metion, kid rock spent his whole life in luxury.

  • Jon D'Baptist
    Jon D'Baptist 9 hours ago

    I know he says shutup if you ain't, but can I at least say "I'm glad I ain't?"

  • Howeyroll
    Howeyroll 9 hours ago

    This is disgusting. Even more disgusting that he now apparently wants to run for senate. So many facepalms.

  • pigert 93
    pigert 93 9 hours ago

    TJ KIRK (thank me later)

    THUMPER26 9 hours ago

    Everyone saying he's fake but no one calls all black idiots with their pants around their ankles fake for trying to be gangsters. And btw I'm not racist if your black white yellow or purple and you have common sense I will respect you

  • hellraiserSIN
    hellraiserSIN 9 hours ago

    it's completely possible that I'm the only one that likes this song. Or a bunch of libs are commenting now that he's running for Senate.

  • Mountain MawMaw
    Mountain MawMaw 9 hours ago

    I hope that man took that possum home to cook up. Made a roasted one last week with taters and onions. Good eats!

  • Cyndee Martin
    Cyndee Martin 9 hours ago

    Just because you have guns and play in the mud. Doesn't mean your country or a redneck. But I understand your taste now with that Alabama jersey. So all of this makes sense now which means you have none sir. Stoppp.

  • Albanian lol I'm
    Albanian lol I'm 9 hours ago

    Redneck at its finest

  • Angie Lentz
    Angie Lentz 9 hours ago

    Hey Love It!!!!,...I am Just Crazy about you,.....write a song about "HELL NO!!!",....That would be a Hit I Imajin,...JOSSSAYIN

    BADASS BITCH 10 hours ago

    that skunk butthole doorbell 🤣

  • Seller Skeptic
    Seller Skeptic 10 hours ago

    best video ever saw by the KID!.. great stuff! he pulls it out every time!

  • Pat Patrix
    Pat Patrix 10 hours ago

    This guys gonna be a senator haha...

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 10 hours ago

    This is the audio equivalent of stubbing your toe and getting a cardboard papercut on your thumb at the same time.

  • David Santiago
    David Santiago 10 hours ago

    You clicked on this for the thumbnail but it isnt it the video fam.

  • Carlos Munoz
    Carlos Munoz 10 hours ago

    wtf is this shit

  • Rick Kernell
    Rick Kernell 11 hours ago

    This dipshit has the same amount of intellect and insight as his buddies, Trump and Nugent.

  • Little Ozzy
    Little Ozzy 11 hours ago

    Far cry5

  • Gay Retard
    Gay Retard 11 hours ago

    Gotta love rich white country singers singing to an audience of poor white bible thumping rednecks about how poor and country they are amirite?

  • REVOisMYname
    REVOisMYname 11 hours ago

    This is like Bill Gates rapping about how badass it is being a Syrian refugee

  • Michael Emswiller
    Michael Emswiller 11 hours ago

    Can someone kill Kid Rock already?

  • Isaac Schultz
    Isaac Schultz 11 hours ago

    Amazing Atheist sent me

  • luis torres
    luis torres 11 hours ago

    fine lokking bitches

  • Scrappy Doo
    Scrappy Doo 11 hours ago

    Just another rich man pretending to be proud to be poor able to afford a trailer without having to rent it and show it to dan rather as his only house when he owns 5 more multi million dollar mansions.When also was born in one of said mansions with a tennis court bigger than one those trailers pandering to the impoverished masses that would give anything to not be in the situation of all of the people in this video so they could actually afford to support their family of 5-6 in the video and actually be able to afford to eat food that isn't potted meat and cheese. You want to run for senate how about you start off by giving a real interview featuring a house that isn't just your hunting camp double wide and show the country the other 4 or 5 mansions you own including the one you grew up in. You may not be straight out of Compton, but straight out the trailer is as much of a lie as Romney's religion.

  • James Woolley
    James Woolley 11 hours ago

    10/10 there are rednecks in the middle of fucksville, arkansas jerking off to this shit

  • willam mcyoung
    willam mcyoung 11 hours ago

    young little lady at the end with flag makes be very proud. good job yankee.

  • A posthuma
    A posthuma 11 hours ago

    Aids i now have cancer he is a lying jackass

  • joeymichaels
    joeymichaels 12 hours ago

    Worst excuse for a Rock Star since Freddie and the Dreamers.

  • Forever Umbrella
    Forever Umbrella 12 hours ago

    This song makes me want to do meth

  • William Stuart
    William Stuart 12 hours ago

    Ready to tear up DC
    You politi-rat mother fuckers~!

  • Blinkered Mist
    Blinkered Mist 12 hours ago

    Anyone else wondering wtf po dunk is ?

  • Whoopity Doo
    Whoopity Doo 12 hours ago

    I'm ready to go back to the days when white trash wasn't so celebrated, especially by wealthy wigger rappers from Detroit who are just pandering for CD and merchandise sales.

  • Click Bait
    Click Bait 12 hours ago

    have ya heard, do the hick 'stroke'

  • pokeperson zach
    pokeperson zach 13 hours ago

    I live in the back woods or Hegesville WV. Now, that being said I've lived like this before but it wasn't by choice and I'm lucky enough to now live in a nice neighborhood.

  • venuspluto67
    venuspluto67 13 hours ago

    Well, as much as I might sympathize with the hardships faced by rural working people and the rage and frustration that motivated them to support Donald Trump, I'm just as dubious about lionizing the lifestyle as this great way to live as I am about the merits of White House's current occupant.

  • Gary Larcher
    Gary Larcher 13 hours ago

    no country i guess, kinda.

  • jimmiev
    jimmiev 13 hours ago

    Love momma bear with her kids

  • Henry Allen
    Henry Allen 13 hours ago

    My favorite part of the whole vid... the deer butthole door bell

  • Carlynn Kratzer
    Carlynn Kratzer 13 hours ago


  • Adam Cluff
    Adam Cluff 13 hours ago

    WOW!!! What kind of trash did I just watch? IMHO he was very good until maybe 05. I even saw him in concert with Aerosmith, and also over seas when he came out for a USO show back in the earlier 2000s. I dare say that he was a very good performer during those shows. But this is "his fall from grace" in my eyes!!! Plus the audio recording quality is total crap.. But that may be the audio compression algorithm that YouTube uses.

  • boob tube
    boob tube 13 hours ago

    best doorbell ever

  • Will Traywick
    Will Traywick 13 hours ago

    Please help

  • Cardio 123
    Cardio 123 13 hours ago

    TJ Kirk brought me here

  • Colin Estes
    Colin Estes 13 hours ago

    maybe the worst video ever

  • Howling Titan
    Howling Titan 13 hours ago


  • TT Okamie
    TT Okamie 14 hours ago

    Are u fucking retarded she pregnant and she smoke wtf are u red neck doing with ur life

  • Jumbo James
    Jumbo James 14 hours ago


  • Greg Arena
    Greg Arena 14 hours ago

    All you haters are stupid, just because hes from Detroit he cant make a video with the people he hangs out with doing the stuff that he likes to do. Hes not trying to be country hes just having fun with his friends

  • Wayne Juricic
    Wayne Juricic 14 hours ago

    kid Rock Is A Bad Ass ...with Another Bad Ass Song!

  • Marley Cusick
    Marley Cusick 14 hours ago

  • First Last
    First Last 14 hours ago

    put on a shirt you nasty fuck. what a piece of shit.

  • foresaken to none
    foresaken to none 14 hours ago

    I gotta laugh....

  • Matthew Foster
    Matthew Foster 14 hours ago

    I smell haters

  • Charlie Nguyen
    Charlie Nguyen 14 hours ago

    I didn't know who this is. I don't even like this genre of music. But the Holy Bible sucked me. Praise Jesus y'all 😤😤😤😤😤👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✝️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼

  • Entheo Zine
    Entheo Zine 14 hours ago

    I miss "Devil Without a Cause" :( wtf happened.

  • theturkishzoo
    theturkishzoo 14 hours ago

    Well, time to go kill myself brb

  • GeinBundy
    GeinBundy 14 hours ago

    Kid Rock = shit

  • cbra66
    cbra66 15 hours ago

    lol @ all these angry Liberals trashing him just because he supports Trump.

  • MrSmokedies
    MrSmokedies 15 hours ago

    Fucking god-awful.

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