Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway

  • Added:  4 months ago
  • Anne Hathaway and Jimmy take turns singing songs, like P!nk and Nate Ruess' "Just Give Me a Reason," after running the lyrics through Google Translate.

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    Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 4:02
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Comments: 3 670

  • TeaBeary
    TeaBeary 23 hours ago

    Anne Hathaway trying not to break down of laughter face is so funny xD

  • Duns Før Hands
    Duns Før Hands Day ago

    "Im ready to hunt, yes" As long as Dean Castiel and Sam Are their ready to hunt with me riding in their 67 chevy Impala.

  • ispectechular
    ispectechular Day ago

    Oops oops 😂😂😂

  • Fay 199
    Fay 199 2 days ago

    I saw Greek!! I am greek

  • DARTH XiLE x
    DARTH XiLE x 2 days ago

    i wanna feel Anne's front yes

  • DT BoBo
    DT BoBo 2 days ago


  • DARTH XiLE x
    DARTH XiLE x 3 days ago +1

    Anne looking good yes

  • Too Many
    Too Many 4 days ago

    wait, Anne Hathaway William Shakespeare's wife or the actor?

  • Kayden Luke
    Kayden Luke 4 days ago

    It sounds like the knock off versions of songs like in unbreakable Jimmy Schmidt

  • Javed Mohammed
    Javed Mohammed 4 days ago

    Hmm seems like the Queen of Genovia is taking a break

  • Gia Barrone
    Gia Barrone 5 days ago

    I once watched a movie in France that had english subtitles (I don't speak french), and the best part was was the terrible translation. The Britney song "Oops I Did It Again" became "Oh No, The Action Has Been Completed Once More."

  • Autumn Knox
    Autumn Knox 5 days ago

    I never punctual

  • Warren Angulo
    Warren Angulo 5 days ago

    I love anne hathaway

  • Illes Vekassy
    Illes Vekassy 6 days ago

    I am from Hungary r u?

  • MissLaurie
    MissLaurie 6 days ago

    I will be puntual

  • Locks Does
    Locks Does 6 days ago


  • Matt Dargis
    Matt Dargis 7 days ago


  • Sophie D.
    Sophie D. 7 days ago

    Oops oops

  • just me
    just me 7 days ago

    I like anne Hathaway but what is she wearing . looks like black trash bags

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez 7 days ago

    Anne hatjway

  • Amanda alonzo
    Amanda alonzo 8 days ago

    She's so beautiful!!

  • Ελκα Γιουνικορν

    00:01 Χτυπα με μωρο μου αλλη μια φορα!!😂😂 Ποιος ειναι ελληνας εδω;;;

  • Squiffles_ The_scientist

    I LOVE Anne Hathaway

  • miapinkLPS Rossi
    miapinkLPS Rossi 9 days ago

    Omg so lol

  • Никита Алексеев

    Hello every1! Pls help me, what's Pink's sond is it?

  • Crucible
    Crucible 10 days ago

    People are saying this is stolen from Melinda Katherine Reese, can Melinda get famous people to do it on national television though? It's a whole idea on its own.

    Like, let's take a good idea, but add celebrities and make it better.

  • Mohit Chauhan
    Mohit Chauhan 10 days ago

    Anne could have easily become a great professional vocalist. She has a great voice.

  • peebis
    peebis 11 days ago


  • peebis
    peebis 11 days ago


  • Ducky Mo mo
    Ducky Mo mo 11 days ago

    "Oops oops" yeah I'm triggered

  • Josr Peña
    Josr Peña 11 days ago

    WOW way to ruin an timeless classics.

  • Zestybeef
    Zestybeef 12 days ago

    Anne Hathaway is a toilet.

  • Kathrine Ahsidally
    Kathrine Ahsidally 12 days ago

    Omg!!! They crushed the duet!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • King Sora
    King Sora 12 days ago

    Just once I wish someone would have an unmoving robot like face and stuff arm movements

  • Dan Ngo
    Dan Ngo 13 days ago

    Anne Hathaway seems to make everything funny in everything she has started in.

  • Linz031487
    Linz031487 13 days ago

    Anyone else hearing these versions instead when hearing the songs on the radio after watching this video? :)

  • Good ol' Question Chan

    *I A M A W A R E T H A T I A M A W A R E*

  • Geneva Campa
    Geneva Campa 13 days ago +1

    So good 😂

  • Yuki Haruki
    Yuki Haruki 14 days ago

    "Oops Oops" 😂

  • French WithGlasses
    French WithGlasses 14 days ago

    Oops Oops

  • Ninja Cupcakes
    Ninja Cupcakes 15 days ago

    People shut up about Melinda Katherine Reese person starting this

    Rhett and link started this !!!

    I looked up her channel

    1st google translate video was three years ago

    Rhett and Link:


  • Lanna Sunshine
    Lanna Sunshine 15 days ago

    now whenever I hear these songs, I sing these words and the looks that I get!!! 😂😂😂

  • nur k
    nur k 16 days ago

    i want a full cover of i will survive by jimmy fallon

  • Angela Miller
    Angela Miller 16 days ago

    "Oops, oops!" Lmfao

  • Grace Pergerson
    Grace Pergerson 16 days ago +1

    oops oops

  • Victor Pauwels
    Victor Pauwels 16 days ago

    Hi people !! Omgwtfbbq similarly i really like this one$deepl{ survivor :‑c

  • A.Z
    A.Z 16 days ago

    His musical talent is about as good as hers 😂

  • Tris Diaz
    Tris Diaz 16 days ago

    "You are a felon who took my center" always kills me. 😂

  • Bella the animal lover

    "I live all my life was yes"😂😂

  • Bellamoriarty
    Bellamoriarty 17 days ago

    the reason google translate messes up is because when they change it to a language that language changes the order they can only do with some languages like Chinese Croatian etyc.

  • Jazzmine girls
    Jazzmine girls 17 days ago

    'Just give me a reason' just made me DIE of laughter.....

  • Megan Xu
    Megan Xu 19 days ago +1

    "I WILL BE PUNCTUAL!!!!" 😂

  • #K a r l V e n e s s#
    #K a r l V e n e s s# 19 days ago

    Fecc Anne Hathaway is a good sexy singer!
    Aware of this- I wasn't!
    Hiding far too south- Must I have been!😊😊😅😂😂😂😂.

  • Thomas Iobst
    Thomas Iobst 19 days ago


  • Anna Podolska
    Anna Podolska 20 days ago

    I love Anne

  • Dark Star
    Dark Star 20 days ago

    löö mind, kallis, veel üks kord...hit me baby one more...can't belive estonian is here 😂😂

  • Joy Lee
    Joy Lee 20 days ago

    💕Google Translate Songs with Anne Hathaway= Bad Paraphrased Musical Notes alongside Hathaway, Anne💕

  • Queen A
    Queen A 20 days ago +2

    She's a pretty good singer❤️

  • Luke Bennett
    Luke Bennett 21 day ago +2

    This is like if you put parental controls on a sexy song

  • H Chandra
    H Chandra 21 day ago

    oops oops

  • Clara Nyhus
    Clara Nyhus 21 day ago


  • Anthony Baso
    Anthony Baso 22 days ago

    Jimmy has been taking voice lessons.

  • LowfDog
    LowfDog 22 days ago

    Anne Hathaway makes me laugh so much.

  • Jessy
    Jessy 23 days ago

    Why is Anne Hathaway not doing more music omg

  • wefe feqef
    wefe feqef 23 days ago

    oops oops

  • Rhianna Ramnath
    Rhianna Ramnath 23 days ago

    She is a good singer

  • Kim Goodall
    Kim Goodall 23 days ago

    Love reeducate :)

    XXX YYY 23 days ago

    Anne I LOVE YOU!!! You are the most beautiful woman in the world

  • Crystal Argent
    Crystal Argent 24 days ago

    Can't stop seeing Amelia Gething in her

  • simplymisslatoya
    simplymisslatoya 25 days ago

    They sound good together lol

  • Lily Weaver
    Lily Weaver 26 days ago

    the "oops oops" killed me

  • Dreamer19286
    Dreamer19286 26 days ago

    I don't understand.. he translates songs from English to what?
    (Sorry my english is not very good)

  • Chenee Thompson
    Chenee Thompson 26 days ago

    Such a beauty! What a voice too!

  • Da_Queen_Regg
    Da_Queen_Regg 27 days ago

    as a bilingual i can see how the songs got to this point

  • Ella Groarke
    Ella Groarke 27 days ago

    anne should totally start sinigng

  • Madysen Gaming!
    Madysen Gaming! 27 days ago

    They are making a third princess dairies

  • Purple Foxs757
    Purple Foxs757 27 days ago

    Who else thinks google is trying to tell us something

    I will NOT be punctual

  • Gau Yang
    Gau Yang 28 days ago

    Love it!!!

  • GalaxyGirl's World
    GalaxyGirl's World 28 days ago


  • Redlocks
    Redlocks 29 days ago

    Middle finger to Fallon for stealing this idea from a YouTuber! He could have at least given credit to him!

  • Moisés Ávila
    Moisés Ávila 29 days ago

    She is so fuckable

  • Anonymous Fluffy puppies

    When there Anne Hathawill, there Anne Hathaway.😎

  • The WWE, Madden, and NBA 2K Channel

    In your presence, my front is not felt.

  • Sofia Quezada
    Sofia Quezada Month ago

    "Löö mind, kallis, veel üks kord" it means Hit me baby one more time in estonian
    "Χτύπα με μωρό μου άλλη μια φορά" it means Hit me baby one more time in greek
    and "私の赤ちゃんをもう一度ヒット" is the same but in japanese

  • konri17
    konri17 Month ago

    Queen is never late, everyone else is just early

  • Diana Flores
    Diana Flores Month ago


  • Mary Nolan
    Mary Nolan Month ago

    Anna looks goth

  • NickRoman
    NickRoman Month ago

    Dang, she's pretty good.

  • Charles Bryant
    Charles Bryant Month ago

    Fuck them for not featuring Melinda Kathleen Reese.

  • Borna Japundžić
    Borna Japundžić Month ago

    I mean it's obviously scripted

  • Jeremiah Boulin
    Jeremiah Boulin Month ago

    You should make more of these

  • witty jade Catalino

    your so amazing actress anne not only that your a good singing too,,

  • E-flix live
    E-flix live Month ago

    2:47 I'm ready to hunt, YES!😂😂

  • Riley Bowling
    Riley Bowling Month ago

    "i never punctual, i will be punctual"

  • Maca B
    Maca B Month ago


  • Gabriela B
    Gabriela B Month ago +1

    We can love reeducate!

  • The Joker
    The Joker Month ago

    I lost it as OOPS OOPS

  • Mandy
    Mandy Month ago

    Damn that girl can SING! I'd love to hear a ton of songs by her, even if they are just covers. I'll always remember Ella Enchanted - Somebody to love!

  • Esra Akemi
    Esra Akemi Month ago

    this is like this like in the tonight show one with most comment likes with anne hathaway

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