Moto G5 Plus: Budget Smartphone King?

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  • Shoaib Malik
    Shoaib Malik 17 hours ago

    xperia x or moto g5 plus??

  • Pranay Nagavolu
    Pranay Nagavolu Day ago

    G5 plus do have NFC.

  • Jack Patterson
    Jack Patterson 2 days ago

    Fuck Motorola I got tired of constantly being harassed about the never ending updates. I reset my moto 4 , opted out of the updates,went through the system and turned off every notification, called them asked them to stop, nothing worked. I am on my way to work and received six notifications in one hour there are psychotic stalker's you don't want to deal with don't buy from them. They have no respect or appreciation for customers

  • lucas salas cravero
    lucas salas cravero 2 days ago

    i have a motorola g4 play and have nfc

  • Misteryman94
    Misteryman94 2 days ago

    What do you think about the Moto G5 plus vs Nexus 6?

  • Happy Puppy Pink Cupcake Kisses

    As long as you use a case, the camera bump isn't an issue. And, I don't know why they didn't stick to the amazing double front-facing speaker set-up from the Moto X Pure!

  • Raj Krishan
    Raj Krishan 3 days ago

    please make more budget and mid range phone videos

  • Jordan Ratliff
    Jordan Ratliff 3 days ago

    your videos are always so well articulated and reviewed with an actual sense of background knowledge and know how. keep em comming ! i get to learn new things

  • david sharan
    david sharan 4 days ago

    this phone is rocking in India... absolutely bang for the buck!!!!

  • Piotr Lipka
    Piotr Lipka 5 days ago

    European version got 3 gb of ram and NFC

  • tech2 world
    tech2 world 6 days ago


  • Glebewood Windsor
    Glebewood Windsor 7 days ago

    This phone got an annoying bug it reboot itself for no reason, there is a problem between android nougat and the hardware of this phone, you can look on Google to see a lot of people having those regular reboot .

  • mamachawngthu vangtlang

    My moto g5 plus has NFC

  • Kelpo Gaming
    Kelpo Gaming 8 days ago

    The price is more like midrange price

  • Hyper Blu
    Hyper Blu 8 days ago +1

    i have this phone... AND IT HAS NFC

  • Edgar Geronimo
    Edgar Geronimo 8 days ago

    I just bought me a moto z Droid for less than 150, I love Motorola

  • Chinmay Chiplunkar
    Chinmay Chiplunkar 8 days ago

    Motorola is different though. No complaints there.

  • Chinmay Chiplunkar
    Chinmay Chiplunkar 8 days ago

    Its a good thing that the American Smartphone Market allow very very few Chineese companies to sell their products. Because these companies offer Big features for less price but with very Poor build quality and after sales service. It is very annoying. Unfortunately these companies are booming in the market of my country

  • Aravind P V
    Aravind P V 8 days ago

    Actually in my Moto g5 plus I have nfc

  • 510JAZZ Inc.
    510JAZZ Inc. 8 days ago

    Super-informative review. Thank You :)

  • Siddhesh Kotkar
    Siddhesh Kotkar 10 days ago

    Anybody got his g5 plus wallpaper link?

  • Ashwin Nair
    Ashwin Nair 10 days ago

    talks about bezels and does not mention iphones,lol.

  • Brendan T
    Brendan T 10 days ago

    I got the g5 plus, and coming from the S7, the camera actually tends to be better on the g5 plus. Mkbhd shows no signs of actually using the camera and disses it because its lack of OIS, and most likely confirmation bias since the phone is so inexpensive. The camera actually hesitates to push the iso up, and my Galaxy S7 actually pushed iso more than the g5 plus. The g5 plus would ask me to hold still but only bump the iso to 640 at dusk. If anyone has any evidence he actually tested the camera for more than a few seconds, please let me know.

  • osricen
    osricen 10 days ago

    I had to choose between this one and the G4+ and went for the G4+ Maybe I'm wrong but it has a way better system design and camera quality. In what I'm not wrong at all is: it feels and looks definitely better.

  • Ryan Patel
    Ryan Patel 11 days ago

    Can anybody give me a suggestion if its worth buying an iphone 5s and if so how long will the phone last when it comes to longevity ?

  • Gaurav sawant
    Gaurav sawant 12 days ago

    Where did you got that dope wallpaper

  • Prateek Prasad
    Prateek Prasad 13 days ago

    if only one plus took the way through the oneplus x tht would have been great but anywho
    greay vid man

  • Netzi Tapia
    Netzi Tapia 15 days ago

    So I got this phone TODAY and when I plug my headphones it doesn't work. I already plugged 3 headphones. On Wednesday I'm going back and see if I can change it. But the point is that mines doesn't work that means it's sensitive. Cause that normally doesn't happen

  • Winner Singh
    Winner Singh 15 days ago

    What about Moto M

  • Green Gamer
    Green Gamer 16 days ago

    I've been falling of the tech train and I'm going back on

  • Green Gamer
    Green Gamer 16 days ago


  • David Zafiu
    David Zafiu 16 days ago

    Marques Brownlee Lenovo P2? I would love to see a review of that phone from you...i believe it is a budget banger for what performances it has. BIG MINUS - Camera!

  • Patrick Connolly
    Patrick Connolly 16 days ago

    I'm gonna get one off of Amazon, they are about 180 USD for 32 GB right now, but with ads. Anyway, thanks for one of the most practical not too long reviews on the internet- great timing being that too many reviews are like Istar.

  • Thomas Not Tom
    Thomas Not Tom 16 days ago

    Have Moto finally fixed the ghost touch issue yet?

  • Alberto Guadalupe
    Alberto Guadalupe 16 days ago

    Xiaomi mi 5x.

  • Alberto Guadalupe
    Alberto Guadalupe 16 days ago

    Meh.. it looks kinda like an old phone.

  • Brendan Kapp
    Brendan Kapp 16 days ago +2

    I got one, it's fucking hype!!

  • Gopal Srinivasan
    Gopal Srinivasan 16 days ago

    design back is sleek!!

  • Gopal Srinivasan
    Gopal Srinivasan 16 days ago

    i love it :)

  • Jack Axefist
    Jack Axefist 16 days ago

    wow not a word about battery great review

  • Rohit M Sasikumar
    Rohit M Sasikumar 16 days ago

    Moto g5plus have nfc ! 😐
    And the camera is pretty good , best in it's class 😐.

  • Dan
    Dan 17 days ago

    My G3 is still going strong. It has survived LOTS of drops onto concrete.

  • _RespecWamen
    _RespecWamen 17 days ago

    Kinda reminds me the old Galaxy Mini 2

  • Tim Jue
    Tim Jue 18 days ago

    Should I get a HTC u play or a moto g5 plus? Both currently go for about 250€ on Amazon.

  • Andrew Sheehan
    Andrew Sheehan 18 days ago

    Just got the 64 gig version off of ebay for $249 free shipping. No way was i paying that for the one with Amazon apps. I got no problems with a camera bump. Don't care about NFC nor USB C right now. Wonder how the call quality was, or did I miss it in the video? Can't wait till I get mine. Also, don't now why people really care about looks for a darn phone. I'm going to be putting a case on it anyways. Looks on a phone are the least of my worries.

  • Mohnish Singh
    Mohnish Singh 19 days ago

    Moto G5 plus has NFC in Indian Version

  • Vikas Yadav
    Vikas Yadav 19 days ago

    this phone have NFC. and this phone come with 3Gb ram + 16 gb rom and 4Gb ram + 32 Gb rom and budget of this phone is 250$ not 300$

  • Fokosmok
    Fokosmok 20 days ago +1

    G5 plus isn't budget... All other are overpriced.

  • 6sek
    6sek 21 day ago

    You keep calling the microSD card slot rare, however most Android smartphones still have it.

  • SteveGisthebest80
    SteveGisthebest80 21 day ago

    2 or 4 gb ram 🤔
    How the f... mine have 3gb ram 🤔

    • SteveGisthebest80
      SteveGisthebest80 17 days ago

      Damyan Slavov very impressive tbh. Only thing that makes this phone a budget phone is camera. Its not very good.

    • Damyan Slavov
      Damyan Slavov 18 days ago

      How is the battery life on the phone?

  • Pauli Diebold
    Pauli Diebold 21 day ago

    Just buy an older phone like an lg g5 that thing is flippen cheap

  • Es roy
    Es roy 22 days ago

    Dude My Moto G5 Plus Indian Version(XT1686) seems to have NFC. Seen it in CPUX and Settings>Hardware Information>NFC. Whats the case?

  • SnorryHobo
    SnorryHobo 22 days ago +1

    are you gonna do a Nokia 6 review?

  • Alfredo Sugay Jr
    Alfredo Sugay Jr 23 days ago

    Hi MKBHD Please try to review the Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro and tell us who's the new King =)

  • Plant Plant
    Plant Plant 23 days ago

    You have beautiful eyes lol.

  • Kanwar Pal Singh
    Kanwar Pal Singh 23 days ago

    I don't know about g5+, but g5 is really a worst phone. It hangs a lot,heats a lot and it keeps getting worse. The only good thing about this phone is it's fingerprint pad.

  • Harsh Pasari
    Harsh Pasari 23 days ago

    Not having NFC is only for USA. In India, NFC is available for the phone.

  • Ziah.954
    Ziah.954 23 days ago

    the honor 6x is more powerful, cheaper, better build quality,and has a bigger battery.The problom with the 6x though it not stock android.

  • Ozzy _
    Ozzy _ 23 days ago

    I'm between Huawei P10 Lite, Samsung A5 2017 and Motorola Moto G5 Plus. What do you think is better?

  • Sondelschrottis
    Sondelschrottis 24 days ago

    Marques. The storage is not a SSD. It is not a DRIVE. It is a
    SSS. Solid state STORAGE. That's true for all phones.

  • Sigurd Vickery
    Sigurd Vickery 24 days ago

    Watching this on my Moto G5+😎

  • Uros Sretenovic
    Uros Sretenovic 25 days ago

    Would you pick this or Huawei p10 lite

  • wajahat merchant
    wajahat merchant 25 days ago

    What are your thoughts on the Nokia 6?which one would you rather buy, Nokia 6 or Moto G5 plus?

  • Abhishek S
    Abhishek S 26 days ago

    Heyy U said that there is no NFC in this phone
    But it's wrong there is an NFC option in it. pls check it out

  • Xander Zockt
    Xander Zockt 27 days ago

    Moto G5 or LG X Power

  • Dr.J Gaming
    Dr.J Gaming 27 days ago

    huh my parents not even ready to spend this much money for me. my Samsung galaxy j5 has just 8 GB of memory and is just android 6.0 huh just god will have to give me this Moto g5 plus😢😢😭😭

  • Valentine AT
    Valentine AT 27 days ago

    The new budget king is the LG Q6

  • Girish Rao
    Girish Rao 28 days ago

    i am watching this video on 480p and it looks much better more like most youtube videos at 720p !

  • aarif khan
    aarif khan 28 days ago

    I has NFC, i m using this in india

  • bbcoachSuperman -
    bbcoachSuperman - 28 days ago

    My S8+ got a random crack at the very bottom of the glass above the charging port...hasnt been dropped, hit, squished, etc so it really pissed me off since I've had it for 3 weeks. Samsung will fix it but wont give me a loaner phone. For $200 with Amazon's ads on the lock screen this seems like the perfect "back up phone" for when these things happen...absolutely not going to be a main phone or pull me away from flagships, but just in case either myself or my wife happens to break our phones or need to fix them we can fall back on a cheap phone that's perfectly fine for a week or two while the flagship is getting replaced.

  • maximus10463
    maximus10463 28 days ago

    Good phone but I would go with the Nokia 6

  • SonicAce Dave
    SonicAce Dave 29 days ago

    I have the G5+ but I'm not impressed tbh. Bought it only because of: stock Android Nougat!, dedicated dual-SIM with microSD slot, an okay 3k mah battery and good build quality.

  • Grown Kiddin
    Grown Kiddin 29 days ago

    Solid vid dude - I had to hit the subscribe!

  • Harrison Jae
    Harrison Jae Month ago

    New Zealand model is 32gb/3gb and with NFC :)

  • Jerry Wang
    Jerry Wang Month ago

    Hi Marques, on the Moto G5 Plus, do you feel a numbing electricity leaking sensation when your fingers or ear lobe touches the back of the phone while charging? I'm getting that from two Moto G5 Plus units sent to me already and on to the 3rd exchange unit... This electricity leak while charging is unsettling.

  • Justin Moyer
    Justin Moyer Month ago

    What if the entire surface of that large chin was the finger print scanner? This could allow for more custom gestures like what we see in the nova launcher gestures and even draw a shape/letter to open specific apps. How ergonomic would this be? Would it be a reach for the thumb to do more gestures near the bottom? Would this tech be more achievable than putting the scanner beneath the display? I like what Moto is doing here and I am seeing some potential for them to expand it.

  • David Burnett
    David Burnett Month ago

    Just to make it clear, the US version of this phone doesn't have NFC, but does have a compass. I believe other areas of the world has NFC, but no compass. Not sure why this is the case.

  • Mile Lemi
    Mile Lemi Month ago

    Budget phones, 300 dollars!?

  • Tech guy
    Tech guy Month ago

    the problem is it has a small display

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma Month ago

    it actually has NFC lol

  • Jacob Frank
    Jacob Frank Month ago

    I got the most defective Moto G4 Plus ever, so I might be forced to get a new phone. I got it in for repairs once under my warranty, afterwards the problems came back after about a month. Now it's in repairs again and I'm stuck with some LG loaner phone running Android 4.1. I'm doubtful that these repairs will fix the phone, I'm actually hoping that the problems will come back after the repairs so we can just get Rogers to replace the phone straight up instead of attempting to repair it

    • Jacob Frank
      Jacob Frank Month ago

      And on top of that my Moto G4 Plus is on a 2-year contract so if I want to get another phone I have to either get an unlocked one, which get expensive quickly, or I have to pay $250 to pay off my Moto G4 Plus. And on top of that Rogers doesn't carry the Moto G5 Plus!! So I'd be stuck paying around $300-$400 for an unlocked version!

  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen Month ago

    i've had a samsung galaxy s3 for 2 years i think, the only problems i've had are slow internet and lagging. should i wish to get this for my birthday?

  • Aadhar Bagale
    Aadhar Bagale Month ago

    LG G5 is the best budget phone now for sure

  • Naoki Maeda
    Naoki Maeda Month ago

    moto g5 plus is, in my mind, the best budget smartphone of 2017, bar none

  • Roy Eastham
    Roy Eastham Month ago

    I had portable TV with just one speaker so just fine for me.

  • Buz Off
    Buz Off Month ago

    Head phone jack is defective.

  • ajith pa
    ajith pa Month ago

    but my g5 plus has nfc

  • Syed Ayaz Syed
    Syed Ayaz Syed Month ago


  • mluu510
    mluu510 Month ago

    great phone but the camera is still terrible in low light. oh well, compromise

  • Emil johnson
    Emil johnson Month ago

    Moto g5 plus vs htc desire 10 pro
    Which one is the best Which is the best in performance and software?

  • tasdid hasan
    tasdid hasan Month ago

    You should also try xiaomi phones

  • Chris Chung
    Chris Chung Month ago

    Hey man. Thanks for the great video. Would you still recommend this phone over the newly released Nokia 6?
    I'm looking to try out Amazon Exclusive phones.
    Thanks in advance!

  • The Manic Merk
    The Manic Merk Month ago

    thanks for a thorough and well thought out review. it was very helpful. do you script or bullet point?

  • Daniel Verejan
    Daniel Verejan Month ago

    So, are the frames of G5 plus made out of metal or plastic?

  • Ruf1337
    Ruf1337 Month ago

    would you review the Nokia 6? would love to see your review

  • Naoki Maeda
    Naoki Maeda Month ago

    watching this video on my G5 Plus

  • Scott Leung
    Scott Leung Month ago

    just got it at a deep discount on Amazon Prime Day. :D

  • vito fiore
    vito fiore Month ago

    is it worth 180

  • Brody Brown
    Brody Brown Month ago

    Just bought this phone.. Hella excited. But I think I probably should have went with the ZTE axon 7... Fuck

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