The Bizarre Death Of Elisa Lam

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  • What happened in that hotel?

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    Emerging Terror
    Cheat The Gallows
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  • Runtime: 7:01
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  • Mike Eaton
    Mike Eaton 3 hours ago +1

    Do the mystery of the "Montauk Monster", plz!!

  • Jajean Aliff
    Jajean Aliff 13 hours ago

    ryan and your friend you should try the elevator game/ritual. 😂

  • Jajean Aliff
    Jajean Aliff 13 hours ago

    the elevator game?

  • Jaynisha Bhikha
    Jaynisha Bhikha 17 hours ago

    I miss shane

  • Shauna Rankin
    Shauna Rankin Day ago

    Where's Shane?

  • Saito 1324
    Saito 1324 Day ago

    @[00:05:24] when you say that footage is not science and want to be a ghost scientist but want to use footage as you evidence. #LOLMODE

  • The dead Character
    The dead Character 2 days ago

    She was playing the elavator game

  • Vida Wong
    Vida Wong 2 days ago

    Americans love foul language a lot!

  • Frank's Doppelganger

    I mean......... she was Canadian

  • Lit Landfill
    Lit Landfill 2 days ago

    Obviously, she used Andalite morphing technology to become a rat, climbed up a toilet pipe into the water tower where she tried to unmorph, but she couldn't lift the lid of the tank. That's why she was up there.

  • Mary Jose
    Mary Jose 2 days ago

    I am hella scared bro my name is elisa

  • MooyaBear
    MooyaBear 2 days ago

    But there is a theory that she was playing the elevater game

  • teal
    teal 3 days ago

    wtf y her her hands like that

  • Shaan Rakhra
    Shaan Rakhra 3 days ago


    CINDYSUE COFFMAN 3 days ago

    FYI look into missing 411 david Paulides scary

  • Dazzling Donut
    Dazzling Donut 3 days ago

    This is the elevator portal ritual, as the floors were above ten, which is what you need to do the portal. But the portal world encourages you to kill urself but gets rid of all trauma. That's how she died

  • je_rh6
    je_rh6 3 days ago

    What were Ryan and Brent laughing about? This case remains unsolved.

  • musicalman1995
    musicalman1995 3 days ago

    I still think it was a manic episode, doctors say it can lead to superhuman abilities, such as being able to lift open a water tank...

  • A H
    A H 3 days ago +1

    American Horror Story :D season 5

  • gabriel verdeguer
    gabriel verdeguer 3 days ago

    you know i feel like a group of pedophile workers were thinking on killing a girl and mustve tried to corner her at the elevator and make her feel scared and seeing how she is a tourist she mightve known about the history about the hotel she wouldve thought its the ghosts and did get scared and a worker mustve took her around the corner where you see her go they took off her clothes raped her then poisoned,suffocated,or even drowned at the water tank that still doesnt explain how they got her up there but it would've been a group and their staff so they can go where others cant and it still would be hard to explain. (yes i know this seems very very wrong but it is just a theory and im not smart enough to think of other ways if you have any ideas comment but you dont have to) but i would like it :P

  • Zetch_
    Zetch_ 3 days ago +1

    3:16 Bipolar disorder doesn't make you hallucinate, dude.

    • Della Mae VanNeste
      Della Mae VanNeste 3 days ago

      Zetch_ yeah I have bipolar disorder and it is not like most people think

  • Andrew Donaghy
    Andrew Donaghy 3 days ago +1

    If it ain't shane, I ain't stayin'

  • Laura Marryatt
    Laura Marryatt 4 days ago +1

    you forgot the theory that she was playing the elevator game! also this is super late hi

  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez 4 days ago

    Who's this white guy with the beard and where is the other cooky white guy without the beard? I feel duped!

  • Anthony Sanchez
    Anthony Sanchez 4 days ago +1

    Um how much weed did she smoked

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat 4 days ago

    Got here after seeing Sapphire!!!! Who else?

  • Meg tube
    Meg tube 4 days ago

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    And your total cost is.....

    Oh just 1 like ok have a nice day 😃😄

  • Kitten Love
    Kitten Love 4 days ago +1

    I'm going in full screen

  • LittleLulubee
    LittleLulubee 4 days ago

    The narrators are so damn annoying

  • kookingbacon
    kookingbacon 4 days ago +1

    i dont wanna be THAT person but im just curious about the elevator game. i kinda want you to try it but at the same time if it's an actual thing then stay out of it lol

  • The AngryBeaver
    The AngryBeaver 4 days ago

    anyone see snarled's version of this?

  • Shea Duffy
    Shea Duffy 4 days ago

    Maybe she was playing the elevator game

  • Melany Almendarez
    Melany Almendarez 4 days ago

    here's the answer to the mystery.. she was playing the elevator game

    • Melany Almendarez
      Melany Almendarez 3 days ago

      +Della Mae VanNeste that's why she was checking if someone was there

    • Melany Almendarez
      Melany Almendarez 3 days ago

      +Della Mae VanNeste well it is a ritual that will take you to the other world

    • Melany Almendarez
      Melany Almendarez 3 days ago

      +Della Mae VanNeste well it is a ritual that will take you to the other world

    • Della Mae VanNeste
      Della Mae VanNeste 3 days ago

      Melany Almendarez what is the elevator game?

  • * Olivia Reesha *
    * Olivia Reesha * 4 days ago

    I'm literally staying in a hotel right now... watching this was a mistake

  • carytreasure
    carytreasure 4 days ago

    why isn't brent on here anymore?

  • GingleGangle1
    GingleGangle1 5 days ago

    Hm, I think these guys aren't less crazy than Zodiac himself. Every 'unsolved' mystery is so funny for them (?)

  • Gamer Joe
    Gamer Joe 5 days ago +1

    I say ghosts

  • Gamer Joe
    Gamer Joe 5 days ago

    I saw ghosts

  • Orestis
    Orestis 5 days ago

    I love Brent for his logic.

  • Claire Brianne
    Claire Brianne 5 days ago

    They left out a theory some people believe that she was playing the elevator game if you watch Shane Dawson you know what I'm talking about if you don't well if you're curious look it up

  • allison li
    allison li 5 days ago

    Whats creepier is that before all of this happened there was a movie released in 2005 called Dark Water where the hotel water turns dark in color and the one of main characters in the movies name is Ceci...

  • Jessica Luna
    Jessica Luna 5 days ago

    She probably played the elevator game

  • Anaya Brown
    Anaya Brown 5 days ago

    Maybe she was playing the elevator game and went to floor 10 and got took to another dimension?

  • Doom666
    Doom666 5 days ago

    When she does her odd hand gestures all I can hear is "Giiiiive me the slab, or suffer my cuuuuurse"

  • Bogwedgle
    Bogwedgle 5 days ago

    She looks like she's having some kind of paranoid episode, it's possible she climbed into the tank to hide from her perceived threat, then succumbed to hypothermia, paradoxical undressing, fell unconscious and drowned. She has a history of quite severe bipolar disorder if she's on four separate medications at once, and paranoia is quite common with severe bipolar disorder.

  • Maria Winchester
    Maria Winchester 5 days ago

    Ghost scientist sounds appealing tho

  • bea bug
    bea bug 5 days ago

    I think she was playing the elevator game and the ghosts woman did this to her

  • Lace Lay
    Lace Lay 6 days ago

    when they ran tests on her they found her medication for her bipolar disorder in her system. so it wasn’t that.

  • Delaney A
    Delaney A 6 days ago

    kinda offended by the ghost scientist comments when the field i'm going into is parapsychology..

  • Mikzilla
    Mikzilla 6 days ago

    you guys should look up the murder that takes place in Norway, it haven`t been solved, I don`t remember what it is called though.

  • taejineat
    taejineat 6 days ago

    elevator game

  • Rebel glower
    Rebel glower 6 days ago

    No she was playing the elevater game

  • Leena Abidi
    Leena Abidi 6 days ago

    Any one think she played the elevator game

  • Raven Goth
    Raven Goth 6 days ago

    I've seen websites about an obscure game called "Elevator Ritual/ Elevator to another world" and in another youtube video showing Elisa's footage, some believe that she was performing that game *shrugs* just wanted to say it just in case

  • Mckayla My Dude
    Mckayla My Dude 6 days ago

    There's also a theory that she was playing the Elevator Game (the Elevator Ritual).

  • Meggie :D
    Meggie :D 6 days ago

    2:14 am I the only one who seen her eyes turn black or is that just me and my insane crazy mind

  • I am Phoophi
    I am Phoophi 6 days ago

    Do the Lizzie Borden case, please!

  • uni corn21
    uni corn21 6 days ago

    they're even scarier when they happen recently......

  • basma wahb
    basma wahb 6 days ago

    Apparently she was schizophrenic

  • Drealicious xx
    Drealicious xx 6 days ago

    anyone thought of black water movie?

  • Finem ReSpice
    Finem ReSpice 6 days ago

    No same time footage of the hallway?

  • HorsieGurl
    HorsieGurl 7 days ago

    I heard a female scream in the beginning... Did anyone else?

  • England MetcalfeVlogs
    England MetcalfeVlogs 7 days ago +1

    She was playing the elevator game

  • Niamh Biggs
    Niamh Biggs 7 days ago

    I think she died because she was playing the elevator game.The elevator game is where if you are in a hotel that has at least 10 floors, you go into the elevator and press the numbers in a specific order. A woman will come in the elevator and you must NOT look or speak to her, as she is not a human.Eventually, you will arrive. You arrive in a "Different demention" where no one exists at all. Terrible things can happen to you there.I am guessing by the video that she puts in the sequence and waits.After a while she checks if she's there yet. She thinks that she is, gets spooked and hides. Eventually persuading herself to go out, she sees a woman. The woman that she should not look at or talk to.I think she didn't know about that, so talks to the woman. The woman could of done something to her- like, well, killing her.That's my theory.(Talking to the woman might be why the elevator doors didn't close.)

  • Brent W
    Brent W 7 days ago

    I thought they figured out how she got to the roof. She used The ladder and locked door that sets off alarm that supposedly only maintenance had a key to. I think she was killed and dumped n the tank

  • McDonalds Guy
    McDonalds Guy 7 days ago +2

    The bloody hand chair looks like a chair in iCarly...

  • Sky A TianLan
    Sky A TianLan 7 days ago

    the comments scares me more than the video.

  • Anna Saphira
    Anna Saphira 7 days ago

    Why do I wach this...
    I'm home alone!

  • Loki Athena
    Loki Athena 7 days ago

    She could have had schizophrenia. Hallucinations often appear to be very real, so she could have been having a conversation with a hallucination, and perhaps they told her to kill herself (as some do) and she did so in a bizarre fashion. I don't know, it's 1 am and I can't sleep.

    NOODLERENA Do 7 days ago +1

    The elevator game

  • Kim Taehyung Wifeu
    Kim Taehyung Wifeu 7 days ago +1

    Don't worry I have a cup of TAE and cubes of SUGA and a platter of KOOKIES for yah

  • Erin Joyce
    Erin Joyce 7 days ago

    There's also a theory that she was playing The Elevator Game. I just watched a video on Snarled's channel on Something Scary with Sapphire, that was about this same case. And it blew my mind! Theory is she was playing The Elevator Game and that could explain why she was acting so strange in the elevator, pushing multiple buttons, talking to seemingly nothing. All the details are in the video on Snarled, just thought I'd share for anyone interested!

  • amanda schulte
    amanda schulte 7 days ago

    To me it just looks like she is trying to figure out why the damn door won't close

  • kykavuler
    kykavuler 8 days ago

    I'm gonna be a ghost scientist now bYE

  • Lady Lucario
    Lady Lucario 8 days ago

    She could have done a ritual in the elevator that led her to her fate

  • Jeff The Killer
    Jeff The Killer 8 days ago

    The elevator game

  • Mio
    Mio 8 days ago

    shane looks different

  • Arturo Miranda
    Arturo Miranda 8 days ago

    Wish me luck, I'm going full screen.

  • MjstcArt
    MjstcArt 8 days ago

    that was film dickhead

  • miss Santos
    miss Santos 8 days ago

    this is horror

  • Cookies Deluxe
    Cookies Deluxe 8 days ago

    May i ask? When she was talking or seemed liked she was taking to someone I'm wondering what about if she's schizophrenic?

  • Amber Smith
    Amber Smith 8 days ago +1

    Aren't paranormal investigators kinda like "ghost scientists" ?

  • Life of Dance
    Life of Dance 8 days ago

    Maybe she was schizophrenic and was looking out and or chasing away scary or bad hallucinations

    • Life of Dance
      Life of Dance 8 days ago

      maybe she also had mild schizophrenia and was running away from scary hallucinations

  • Tony Hutchins
    Tony Hutchins 8 days ago

    She was clearly manic... Displaying bi polar symptoms quite heavily. But the death is still weird. But I guess a bi polar person could find a way to make her death look weird from the perspective of a healthy brain

  • sapphiregun
    sapphiregun 8 days ago

    Anybody heard of the elevator game? It's said the you go to another alternate dimension after pressing a series of buttons in a specific order. I don't know all the details but maybe that's it.

  • zep mirales
    zep mirales 8 days ago

    This is the only time that I have a courage to watch this. I just ignored this before coz other videos are less spookier than this because I heard that this is so scary

  • Eric O'Connor
    Eric O'Connor 8 days ago

    I feel like 99% of people knew most or all of this watching this

  • Nikki Jay
    Nikki Jay 9 days ago +1

    shane is never in the ones that i'm actually super excited about watching

  • Caitlin Lyons
    Caitlin Lyons 9 days ago

    Maybe she was high and wanted to go for a swim

  • andrew young
    andrew young 9 days ago

    Wait where is shane

  • Chrisanna Fabela
    Chrisanna Fabela 9 days ago

    She looks like she is playing the elevator game

  • The Athena Kaitlyn Channel

    Elisa Lam looks EXACTLY like my friend's sister.......and her surname is Lam.

  • Big Bird
    Big Bird 9 days ago

    Was it the American horror story season hotel based on this hotel or there was a story about this hotel in that season

  • I love kookie and tae!
    I love kookie and tae! 9 days ago +2

    Has anyone seen the movie dark WATER? It's based on this story it's really gd

    • Xana
      Xana 4 days ago

      I love kookie and tae! the movie was made in 2005 and this happened in 2013 actually. very unsettling similarities.

  • Sinister Wolf Games
    Sinister Wolf Games 9 days ago

    Do you think she was playing the elevator game because she pushed a lot of buttons and she looked out a couple of times plus it looked like she was hiddinng from someone?

  • Jason Kim
    Jason Kim 10 days ago

    That giant hand chair is from Icarly.

  • Madison Cunningham
    Madison Cunningham 10 days ago

    Richard Ramirez died in June of 2013... Elisa died in February of 201. :/

  • Map Duch
    Map Duch 10 days ago

    She did an elevator ritual search it up and you'll see people doing it and you'll see people entering a different world 👻👻👻👻👻 its real

  • NemoLZ
    NemoLZ 10 days ago

    She could have taken bath salt ,of the things I heard about bath salts they have amazing strength and do crazy things I think she took bath salt and she went completely off that's why she moving funny and I think she pressed a button on the elevator to make it stay open for awhile then she climbed up the to the roof and took her clothes off and opened the water tank and jumped in because I heard when people on bath salt they tend to get hot and take off there clothes and maybe she was going to try to cool off and went in the water tank, I know it sounds silly but that's just my Theory.

  • puglifeaf
    puglifeaf 10 days ago

    it's it's the elevator game

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