Top 10 Hardest Instruments to Learn

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    Playing an instrument isn’t easy to begin with, but these instruments will really test your patience! Welcome to Today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Hardest Instruments to Learn. From Harp, Guitar, Piano, Accordion and Drums to Oboe, Violin, French Horn, theremin and bagpipes, these instruments are all incredible musical tools - but only if you know how to use them! Did your favorite instrument appear in this list? Let us know in the comments.

    00:24 #10: Drums
    01:17 #9: Pipe Organ
    02:05 #8: Accordion
    02:54 #7: Oboe
    03:35 #6: Guitar
    04:47 #5: Piano
    05:42 #4: Harp
    06:34 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • Just A Girl And Her Ukulele

    Me: I wanna play the piano! Sure it's a bit hard to play but I can do it!! After all I play the trumpet ;) not too different
    Also me: .. *someone teaches me a note* "so uh what key was that?"

  • Liv Grace
    Liv Grace 30 minutes ago

    I play the violin

  • Pat B
    Pat B 31 minute ago

    Wtf is this lol there's no way to determine the difficulty of an instrument especially for everyone. People's abilities are different. I picked up drums 3 years before guitar and I'd say my guitar playing is significantly better than my drumming. It's not measurable is music.

  • Thomas Todd
    Thomas Todd Hour ago

    Piano is difficult to master, but much easier to learn than any other instrument here. There really are not a lot of difficult techniques required to play it, and it is stabilized to the ground. Requiring little endurance compared to most instruments, and far less dexterity than any string, percussion, or woodwind instrument. The reason most composers prefer the piano is because of the ease in which you can create a song and determine the note or chord you are playing.

  • Filippo Mari
    Filippo Mari Hour ago

    This is the most stupid video I've ever seen.

  • Everything Random Channel

    How can you out the accordion but dont put corridos for an example

  • Elena
    Elena 3 hours ago

    I agree with violin as number one. There's soooo manyyyy things you have to make sure you are doing exactly right. You have to have a good bow hold, have you hand position on the instrument right, have the correct angle of your hand, have the correct elbow+arm angle, keep track of the angle, pressure, and direction of he bow, have the instrument steady with your chin and body, all while reading music and using your fingers to make notes that sound SO off if you are even a tiny bit off the right fingering.

  • Salty Simon
    Salty Simon 3 hours ago

    I play the bagpipes for my high school band it's very hard at first lol

  • Nikki Ta
    Nikki Ta 3 hours ago


  • Holly Sangster
    Holly Sangster 3 hours ago

    Wheres the saxophone

  • ThatGuitarBand
    ThatGuitarBand 3 hours ago

    Theremin is the hardest. It requires perfect pitch to be able to read/understand what the fuck you're playing and no visual indication of what you're playing. And the pitch rocker is never the same

  • James Haygreen
    James Haygreen 5 hours ago

    Guitar is easy to play, but it's EASILY the hardest to master

  • Kaya Peoples
    Kaya Peoples 6 hours ago

    As someone who plays the piano, HOW THE F*CK IS IT HARDER TO PLAY THAN A PIPE ORGAN!!!

  • Gunztogusta
    Gunztogusta 9 hours ago

    LOLWOT Guitar is a lot harder than piano XDDD

  • rogerdotlee
    rogerdotlee 12 hours ago

    So you're going to try to convince me that the violin is harder to play than the bassoon?

  • Naomi Male
    Naomi Male 16 hours ago

    Your correct piano is very hard. Violin are pretty hard but cellos are harder not many people know that position is also everything in cello plus when you play the cello you cant where dresses longer than down to half your shin

  • WaterFlame
    WaterFlame 17 hours ago

    How the f drums is easy?!

  • Chantelle Natasha
    Chantelle Natasha 17 hours ago

    I started playing the tenor saxophone 3 weeks ago and I am a flute player of 6 years, the transition of the mouth shape was so difficult and I have braces, I also don't have the breath control, lung capacity or facial muscles yet so I end up with an aching face and swollen lip whenever I play , not to mention to size difference I carried it home on my first day and missed my flute so much. But what I'm getting at is sometimes the difficulty of an instrument depends on prior experience so maybe they should do a video on the hardest instruments to transition from/to

  • Adrià Vargas Romero
    Adrià Vargas Romero 19 hours ago

    This is not in the easier-harder order, isn't it?

  • maya Aviles
    maya Aviles 20 hours ago


  • James Maniac
    James Maniac 21 hour ago

    This is clearly backwards. The piano is much easier than an organ and the guitar is MUUUCCHH harder than the bass.

  • chris T.
    chris T. 22 hours ago +1

    I've play four instruments from this list for 6-14 years each and this video makes me sick

  • Lorenzo Garza
    Lorenzo Garza 23 hours ago

    you fucking dumbasses shitposting bullshit

  • Phan Mothling Teen
    Phan Mothling Teen 23 hours ago

    French horn isn't a very hard instrument to play, I play it and it's very easy to get a sound (it'll most likely come out low). The only part I havr problems with is pitches, all of my bandmates who play have hard times with them.

  • ThatGuy OverThere

    Drums? Its not drums, its percussion! And percussion has over 100 instruments in its arsenal.

  • Ethan Capello-Venicci

    As a pianist who knows many organ players, I think it makes no flippin sense that you put the piano higher on the list than the organ. On an organ, you could be using two keyboards at once, along with complex bass lines in the foot pedals (AKA PLAYING STUFF WITH YOUR ACTUAL LEGS/FEET WHILE YOU'RE TRYING TO GET THE HAND STUFF DOWN), AND you need to keep track of what stops/sounds your're using, which isn't even a thought as a pianist unless you're playing a keyboard and want to get the right sound. Another thing you mentioned with the piano is that pianists have to read a grand staff. If you're reading and not improvising or playing from memory (like most jazz pianists would), putting the piano higher on the list because of this makes sense--until you consider that organists almost ALWAYS read a grand staff AND an extra bass clef for the pedals.

    Now that rant's done with, I'm gonna eat me some heckin chickie nuggets.

  • Chloe M
    Chloe M Day ago +1


  • Esra Kocak
    Esra Kocak Day ago

    I don't think that the piano is hard

  • Moises Puente Morales

    Why, why Lindsey Stirling???

  • Mr Tiger
    Mr Tiger Day ago

    Playing the piano is the easiest thing ever 😒

  • Neil Moses
    Neil Moses Day ago

    The theremin should be in the top 5

  • __musicinmyveins __

    I played the violin for a year when I was 8 (because I had to, it was a school lesson, I hated it) it is actually really easy to play

  • __musicinmyveins __

    So.....what the fuck is an easy instrument to learn?!

  • how to do homemade stuffs and more

    3:16 that face tho

  • jishwa dun for president

    the violin is kinda easy. i learned it like 3 years ago in 4th grade.iplayed alot, its easy. for me

  • Vibelyness
    Vibelyness Day ago

    I play the violin and it didnt take long for me to get how to play it . Now I've tried piano and that is hard . This video wasnt made by a musician 😔💯

  • Hannah Tay
    Hannah Tay Day ago +1

    This video is completely false

  • mainefiddler89
    mainefiddler89 Day ago

    Irish uilleann pipes. Hands down harder than the Scottish highland bagpipes.

  • Mr.Nugget Challenges and Stop Motions!

    How the heck is a piano harder than guitar?

  • Toasted ToasterAJ

    i'm starting to take violin classes...

  • VandalizeDesigns

    i just watched someone play violin and i learned violin myself boi

  • Funny Nightmare
    Funny Nightmare Day ago +1

    how is bagpipe is harder to play than a GUITAR or PIANO???? I am 13 and I can play it fluently!

  • Bubblegum Unicorn

    I'm a big fan of why dont we and I used to be jealous of Daniel seavey cause he plays a fack ton instruments but now that I see that violin is the. Hardest instrument to play (according to watch mojo) and I play the violin solo . . . .
    Me: (5 mins later )suck on that Daniel seavey whooooooooo!!!

  • Yoda Man
    Yoda Man Day ago

    Omg piano should be harder

  • Shaddowed Gameplay

    Lol I play piano started at 4 years old it's pretty easy

  • Lukas Eichinger
    Lukas Eichinger Day ago

    I think it's harder learning how to play contrabass then the violin

  • fra mei
    fra mei Day ago

    every instruments is hard to play nothing is easy like it look just push a button hit this pick that and bla bla bla

  • Amy Carlton
    Amy Carlton Day ago

    Never knew violin would be in this list, especially at #1. Of course it's hard to hold the position and get the right note, but you'll get used to it.

  • Kristine Carlson

    I was really expecting to see some more exotic instruments. Didjeridu? Sitar? Pedal steel guitar? Erhu? Marimba with 4+ mallets? Bandoneon? Piccolo trumpet? Ga-Ya-Gum?

  • Steven Sanchez
    Steven Sanchez 2 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the Organ should've been somewhere on the top 3, I mean no matter what YouTube video you watch someone who plays it would have at least 2 formatting mistakes.(somewhat exaggerating but still)


    I know this for a fact, the organ is WAY harder than the piano because there are no pedals the carry on the notes or mute the notes and you have to play with two rows of keys minimum with just your fingers plus pressing on MORE notes with your feet while at the same time looking at music unless you have the piece memorized

  • moocat11
    moocat11 2 days ago

    violin is very difficult.

  • Merida1105
    Merida1105 2 days ago

    How is the PIANO harder than the ORGAN. And, let's be honest, playing the guitar isn't THAT hard. I play it myself, and it's really easy

  • Yvonne Wang
    Yvonne Wang 2 days ago

    Yes, violin is hard, but I still think piano is harder (I play both). Also, lyre is a pain to play as well.

  • Yvonne Wang
    Yvonne Wang 2 days ago

    Clearly whoever made this has never picked an instrument in their life.

  • Falstaffdrawz :3
    Falstaffdrawz :3 2 days ago

    My friend plays the French horn. I play the flute ^^

  • Hanna Li
    Hanna Li 2 days ago

    Piano is harder than the pipe organ?
    I don't think so.

  • Galaxy_Gal
    Galaxy_Gal 2 days ago +1

    I play the violin

  • Charlotte Westwell
    Charlotte Westwell 2 days ago

    Mkay but they played Guns n Roses ❤

  • Savannah Cain
    Savannah Cain 2 days ago

    i play violin

  • Lt.Dolphin
    Lt.Dolphin 2 days ago

    Pianos are for that one gay kid who says he isnt gay and be singing for no reason. Also is rich.

    Dont get me wrong pianos still sound amazing, so do campfire guitars

    This video just named basically every school instrument

  • Jade Wahnschaffe
    Jade Wahnschaffe 2 days ago

    Violin and piano aren't that hard once you learn the basics

  • AudioMayhem100
    AudioMayhem100 2 days ago

    Hardest instrument is Def the pipe organ. This comes from a pianist and guitar player. Ya'll should've had a musician write this list. it's obvious that a musician didn't make this list.

  • Joyce Gong
    Joyce Gong 2 days ago +1

    I play piano and violin

  • Cranberry
    Cranberry 2 days ago

    The violin isn't that hard. It's fun!

  • J&K onYoutube
    J&K onYoutube 2 days ago

    Idi nahui accordion very slav amerikano spy.

  • art9irl7 rhino
    art9irl7 rhino 2 days ago

    You don't hold the violin up with your arm/hand. You hold it up with your chin and shoulder and then you play the notes by pressing down the strings with your fingers and using the bow. And the hand is technically supporting your chin and neck and playing the notes

  • Quirllie Cattt
    Quirllie Cattt 2 days ago

    The guitar is hard ;-; I am currently leading the guitar ;-;

  • Daniel Olsen
    Daniel Olsen 2 days ago

    I'm yeah it's not a harp scince it sounds like a piano lol jk

  • Potato Master 69
    Potato Master 69 2 days ago

    Try a theremin, then come back and tell me about which instrument is hard to learn.

  • patta14
    patta14 2 days ago

    The piano is probably the easiest instrument to learn. It is hard to master but playing your first songs takes minutes.

  • Dave Chrociarny
    Dave Chrociarny 2 days ago

    You guys annoy me.
    That will be all.

  • mark lloyd curate
    mark lloyd curate 2 days ago

    erhu and guzheng is far more complicated .

  • TheAnythingGuy//TAG
    TheAnythingGuy//TAG 2 days ago

    Wintergatan’s marble machine is the hardest instrument

  • Spencer Polivka
    Spencer Polivka 2 days ago


  • Genevieve Jarvis
    Genevieve Jarvis 2 days ago

    Okay the organ is way harder than the piano and accordion ??? Wtf. I play all of them. Pianists are sloppy compared to organists. Also guitar is harder than piano

    Also campaign that organ is probably harder than all of these.

    Also you can't even play an entire scale on bagpipes? Not a lot of theory or musical styles to master here

  • Duchess Death
    Duchess Death 3 days ago

    When your waiting for your instrument to show up so that you have the bragging rights that your instruments the number one hardest instrument on this list to play.............which mine was ;)

  • Hard Luck Chuck
    Hard Luck Chuck 3 days ago

    Where the fuck is 5 string banjo... That's way harder than guitar if you're doing it in bluegrass style.

  • vf4407761
    vf4407761 3 days ago

    I learned the piano in two weeks with the black keys

  • Eddlicious
    Eddlicious 3 days ago

    Guitar isn't difficult to learn... I guess this channel will keep on existing as long as world has idiots to keep on watching these videos.

  • Collin McAdams
    Collin McAdams 3 days ago

    They are just picking all the instruments they know guitar is darn easy

  • MR Poopy Butthole
    MR Poopy Butthole 3 days ago

    I play french horn

  • Im Weird
    Im Weird 3 days ago

    did you have a musician write this it doesn't seem like it...

  • Just Plain Pastel
    Just Plain Pastel 3 days ago

    I have experience with the Violin. Im actually still learning it in school right now. It most likely shouldn't be number 1. In 6th grade, the second i was taught the position of the violin, i could use it every single time. Now i do admit that it kinda hurts your shoulder (if you dont have a shoulder rest.) and it could hurt your arm and fingers. But over time that goes away. I would say violin is almost as easy to learn the basics as it is to learn the basics on a ukulele (which i also play.). Just get the right education to start playing a violin, and you got it down.

  • Connor Kane
    Connor Kane 3 days ago

    Where the hell is tuba. You need an extremely large lung capacity to even begin to attempt it, let alone master it.

  • Raghav Barot
    Raghav Barot 3 days ago

    Ever heard of SANTOOR???

    It takes an hour just to tune this 100 string instrument.

  • FrostedMantis
    FrostedMantis 3 days ago

    Guitar isn't that hard, cuz I learned how to play it at school for a month and then I was decent at it

  • Laken Walker
    Laken Walker 3 days ago

    The violin is easy I play it

  • Landon Ray
    Landon Ray 3 days ago

    Piano harder than organ! I nearly had a heart attack hearing that!

  • Ana Leticia
    Ana Leticia 3 days ago

    Omg I play violin I'm feeling amazing lmao

  • Madison Faith
    Madison Faith 3 days ago

    I play violin, piano, and guitar.

  • Denise 4 life
    Denise 4 life 3 days ago

    Wow I'm learning how to play the violin this year I'm still gonna try this though

  • Dominic DeCarlo
    Dominic DeCarlo 3 days ago

    Dude the violin is so easy to play. Guitar is fairly simple and bass is bas-ic. I play/played all three of these

  • Prah Shrestha
    Prah Shrestha 3 days ago

    What about Sitar? ........... Ever heard about this instrument .................or else you are dumb .............

  • Wes Lee
    Wes Lee 3 days ago

    OHMY!! CAN someone tell me t-the name of that Korean violinist performing in 8:49! I've seen her before playing the piece "Danse Macabre" by C. Saint-Saens -but I can't really read her name cuz the title of that video was in pure Korean characters. Somebody who knows tell me pleeeaaaaase.

  • Oscar the Grouch
    Oscar the Grouch 3 days ago

    Bassoon anyone?

  • Ocim Nov Aled Osar
    Ocim Nov Aled Osar 3 days ago

    It's so hard to use Maraccas someone help me :(

  • Rebecca Bailey
    Rebecca Bailey 3 days ago

    Bitch the piano is the easiest instrument in the list, I don't play piano but I can easily play a few songs on it.... ffs

  • Dario
    Dario 3 days ago

    Watchmojo stop with this shit you have to undersand that to master an instrument you have to put all your time in to the instrument and every instrument is as hard to learn you fucking morons

  • Marilena Stavrou
    Marilena Stavrou 3 days ago

    You wrong!!😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

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