Bernie Sanders Grills Trump's Education Nominee Betsy DeVos

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  • George Kobakhidze
    George Kobakhidze 11 days ago

    Just imagine if this guy was in a whitehouse right now!

  • Yur Face 2.0
    Yur Face 2.0 14 days ago

    And she still got approved...

  • Harrison Torres
    Harrison Torres 14 days ago

    How is this person our secretary of Education!!! oh I forgot the question is how is Donald Trump the president of the United States!!! SmH

  • steph sdlnthms
    steph sdlnthms 16 days ago

    This is what happens when people are too far removed from most peoples reality....she can't imagine what it's really like to be that mom, or how that mom ended up single, working for 10 bucks an hour, and what that means for that mom and her child. So she doesn't have any empathy for that mom, and she isn't willing to go to bat for that mom. That being said, if she actually agreed with Bernie on anything - or just expressed a positive reaction to any of his ideas - the republicans probably wouldn't confirm her. Useless.

  • David Boson
    David Boson 16 days ago

    Billionaires are in control.

    These hearings are merely a distraction.

  • Mike T
    Mike T 27 days ago

    When will the corruption end?

  • meta1gear4
    meta1gear4 Month ago

    She likes looking forward to a lot of things. Wonder if she ever looked back to see how deep Trump's junk is sticking in her naive ass. Give the nation about 2 years and you'll see riots and maybe even civil war when dipshits like these are leading one of the country's most important sectors.

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q Month ago

    The US is totally FUCKED.

  • jack smith
    jack smith Month ago

    I feel sick.

  • Joe Parrotta
    Joe Parrotta Month ago

    I don't understand the point of this. He knows the answers to his questions. He knows he's not going to get a straight answer.

    This is all for show and nothing is being accomplished. He's asking conservatives to consider his liberal ideals.

  • Hearsheyboi *
    Hearsheyboi * Month ago

    last time i checked ,Working is not define as using ah pen to write a check🤔

  • Ranger
    Ranger 2 months ago

    So tired of the top% telling us how to live.Just get more lopsided all the time. There all about the money. As they say follow the money.

  • Jessie Soul
    Jessie Soul 2 months ago

    Get her, Bernie <3 #FeelTheBern

  • shaire99
    shaire99 2 months ago

    DeVos is not only Ignorant but she is DUMB. Anyone purporting to be interested in helping all children receive a quality education and then turns right around supporting Massive cuts to Education is Dumb to think it would go unnoticed. If she doesn't care whether or not it's unnoticed (such as the dumbest of all presidents, namely trump), then she is in the wrong job. She's trying to make herself relevant and she will only prove her relevance in a destructive, shallow minded manner

  • Bear4hair
    Bear4hair 2 months ago

    first her and now the wedding planner I can't with this Trump guy

  • Bloody Hope
    Bloody Hope 2 months ago

    LOL ,,,,,,,,,Betsy DeVos is just Fake!!
    She is the problem!!!

  • C Moon
    C Moon 2 months ago

    200 million,is entirely possible.what's a few million plus or minus,DeVoss?

  • Defensor
    Defensor 2 months ago

    no commitment on her part,a way of saying no.bitch💩

  • lynguist
    lynguist 2 months ago

    there is no way that one could with any sequence of words get through to an ignorant person like she is. no way. one just has to get rid of them otherwise there will only be hearings after hearings with that ignorant smiling f... not answering the simplest question. so sad

  • Jane Bute
    Jane Bute 2 months ago

    crist on a crutch, how does her head just not explode?! my god, she is a dodo bird.

  • Vincent Westerband
    Vincent Westerband 2 months ago

    Wait a second. DeVos wants to make it difficult for people to get educations, and then when asked about people with low income getting health care, she says that if they have better education they could have the "option" for healthcare which Sander's points out that under current republican rule they couldn't afford?

    What an evil subhuman monster. If there's a Hell, DeVos would be getting a pitchfork enema for eternity.

  • Sebastiaan de Weerd
    Sebastiaan de Weerd 2 months ago

    Franken playing it smart, like how he took that on.

  • Lane Brunkhorst
    Lane Brunkhorst 2 months ago

    She's unqualified and all of his question were, "will you help me with my agenda". That's bad on both of them.

  • i am deacon
    i am deacon 2 months ago

    i cant see any comments defending this billionaire

  • Quang Nguyen
    Quang Nguyen 2 months ago

    cruella Devos

  • Little Lulu
    Little Lulu 2 months ago

    sanders is sympathetic to socialism and that is to such and extreme he leans toward communism......if you do not know why that is bad then you need to look at its history in other countries that have tryed it......this man is hostile from the gate toward every nomination by trump.......bernie is not a conservative for a reason of ideology.....these people are enraged the amerlcan people have voted for the opposite ideology.......they hate the people who voted in disagreement of them as much as they hate all of trumps candidates

  • Acro Bart
    Acro Bart 2 months ago

    dude ur not running for president anymore bernie, stop presenting ideas, interview these people like a cross interview in a court of law, make the defendants opinion come out and show their corruption or ignorance by their own mouth, ie: instead of proclaiming that you think tuition free education is important, ask the defendant if she thinks more people should have access to college education, you expect her to answer yes, if she doesnt re-iterate her own statement that agrees with this, you've caught her in a lie, then you ask her if the amount of people with access to college will increase or decrease with tuition free college, walla you've exposed her as idiot or a corrupt idiot and simultanaeously pushed your own agenda..... panni prestoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • gina tarven
    gina tarven 2 months ago

    Trump's administration: They are like the blind leading the blind

  • Barb Black
    Barb Black 2 months ago

    Hey she bough that position fair and square....LMFAO

  • jlpolcat13
    jlpolcat13 2 months ago

    Al and Bernie ask the right questions. And I also was on the same tracks as you two knowledgeable Senators. If it looks like a chicken and clucks like a chicken and acts like a chicken then it is generally true that it is a chicken. Lies are bendable and can likely be costumes to look like a duck but still be a chicken. Betsy lays eggs no doubt about it either chicken or duck is hard to tell until they hatch. Be very careful or we might end up on a duck pond instead of a chicken farm.

  • vijju k
    vijju k 2 months ago

    Oh my god...she is just "give me this job, can i have this job"

  • Luter Leko
    Luter Leko 2 months ago

    ty for that question that made me look like a complet retard. /Smile

  • John McNamara
    John McNamara 2 months ago

    I'm skeptical about her, I like her stances but her qualifications concern me. I'm willing to listen to her because Liberal policies on education screwed me royally.

  • Lisa Janco
    Lisa Janco 2 months ago

    She is not answering any of the questions and she isn't even artful in dodging them.

  • Scooters Videos
    Scooters Videos 2 months ago

    I have yet to see a Republican suggest that we end K-12 school, in spite of the fact that is is not paid for directly by parents and students, yet EVERY time you suggest that we continue this to the college level, they bring up how it has to be paid for by someone. We live in a time where not having a degree is as detrimental to people as it used to be to not have a high school diploma, and its time to raise the standard of what a minimal education is.

  • Daryl Smudgeon
    Daryl Smudgeon 2 months ago

    Bernie straight to the point. I love it. No berating, just the straight out question: Would you be here if not for your money donated to your party? Blam!

  • Apostate
    Apostate 2 months ago

    equivocations and no more

  • Marie Hansen
    Marie Hansen 2 months ago

    Republican or Democrat I don't care. Why would anyone not appoint someone who has American citizens needs in mind?
    DeVos answered Bernies question regarding universal childcare by saying that she would ensure that, that mothers child had an opportunity to go to colledge. Okay great.
    What about the universal childcare? How about answering the damn question!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is shown children raised in severe poverty are less likely to even go to colledge. So If not providing affordable childcare is not possible well then what is that parent supposed to do? live in her car to pay the babysitter so she can work?
    Don't give me an answer like "oh she can have her family watch her daughter." Imagine for once, a single mother who was raised in fostercare and happens to not have any family to turn to. She is an adult. Her childhood and youth was spent as a ward of the court. Federal and state property.
    There are people out here that do need these services. What is sad is that there are people in positions of power that have not lived one day through that kind of pain or suffering.
    No nothing is free. Which you would think would make these people think about the overal future costs to this country by not providing an education and not providing universal child care.
    Ponder on that for a minute if your able to!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nitrobass
    nitrobass 2 months ago

    i love seeing that I next to Vermont. glad he's leaning a little more towards the middle

  • Suzanne Modzelewski
    Suzanne Modzelewski 2 months ago

    2:56 wasted his time..then again doesnt answer the question fully, why he ignores, she doesnt answer directly held it for two long throw a book papers rip them up like barack..fired..

    suzy's education genetics poland is concerned...

  • Raquel Baker
    Raquel Baker 2 months ago +1

    What an apologist for robber billionaire class.....feckless and insincere answers for her corporate masters.

  • Sa Sa
    Sa Sa 2 months ago

    she must be related to kellyanne because she dodged every question with a long intros and going completely off topic

  • John Branscombe
    John Branscombe 2 months ago

    "I've worked very hard, for the last almost 30 years to be a voice for parents (oops) to be a voice for children and to empower parents to make decisions on behalf of their children, primarily low-income children..." I guess those would be children not old enough to have access to their trust funds yet. High-income children can afford to buy their own schools as they see fit.

  • Steve Mule
    Steve Mule 2 months ago

    He's not sharp as a knife, he is a knife in the back of the country. this guy wants everybody to be able to get higher education for free. He is a completely lost dude trust me. there are already kids going to college that don't belong there, that's just what we need Bernie a bunch of nothings with free degrees to do nothing, WTF is wrong with this guy? Everybody isn't fit for college, when the hell is this going to get through to these idiots? Some got it and some don't. Nothing has changed just because you think you can change it somehow. YOU CAN'T !!!!!!! It's a fact. This is getting stupid now seriously. WTF ?????

    • Steve Mule
      Steve Mule Month ago

      This guy would have been locked away some place years ago just based on his actions. Not anymore, now the mentally ill run our country.

  • Pranav Gunda Naga
    Pranav Gunda Naga 2 months ago

    WTH im going back to Canada

  • SAF 2008
    SAF 2008 2 months ago

    As Bernie said the US is "moving towards an oligarchy of a small number of billionaires that control the country..." the US will be an oligarchy, if it isn't already.

  • 1ondon
    1ondon 2 months ago +1

    She is basically the female version of trump thick as a plank, born with a silver spoon.

  • Bakari8886
    Bakari8886 2 months ago

    Feels like a courtroom drama and Betsy is getting GRILLED on the stand

  • Omgocopter Lolzstein
    Omgocopter Lolzstein 3 months ago

    MegaGoinpostal --- I'm going to repost in the spirit of agreeing more than 100% with you, because I have already done a ton of research, and he (Bernie) is basically the extremely smart and moral, yet, on free lunch kid, at school, and hence an outsider, compared to the others ---

    +Paula Smith may I remind you Bernie Sanders is one of the poorest out of the entire senate, because he has made his money without the full help of corporate friends and billionaires constantly donating to vote on benefiting them through legislation, May I remind you as well, assuming you are part of the Republican party, if not my apologies, but Betsy DeVos is not the only person that has donated to Republican party to benefit from through legislation. Now if you are of the middle class or lower, it is better to have progressives such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, or Keith Ellison on your side than Trump on your side. I'm not including Establishment Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker, or Chuck Schumer, who will take money from everyone and everybody to benefit themselves...

  • Naghmeh Salek
    Naghmeh Salek 3 months ago

    The VERY ONLY reason for Betsy De Vos being picked, is that his brother has had dealings with Trump and that is basically the ONLY qualification she has. A good example of the country going the WRONG DIRECTION, by Trump choices to head different institutions. You can be promoted to the highest positions if you are filthy rich, regardless of how you attained that wealth. For example, you need not know anything about education system, and yet be promoted to be "Secretary of Education", or you can be a handbag and shoe designer, and be promoted to "Adviser of President". Isn't it funny how democracy is working?!?

  • JAi Torres
    JAi Torres 3 months ago +1

    Sanders is my president

  • jim jones
    jim jones 3 months ago

    For all of you morons that think colleges and Universities should be free you need to have your heads examined. Look how horrible our public schools are. Now you want our Universities to be the same? We have little sissies running around colleges needing safe spaces because they are told something they don't want to hear. Do you actually think the professors are going to work for free? How are we going to pay for them? That's right, take it from the rich. Just steal it from them, right. They didn't earn the money anyways, or did they? Sanders wants you to believe the rich are thieves themselves, but he has never had a normal job a day of his life; so how would he know what hard work looks like. If you Progressive Liberal morons want the government to run colleges so bad just remember who is running our government right now. Are you ok with a Republican running colleges, or only Liberals?

  • Elizabeth Roy
    Elizabeth Roy 3 months ago

    She should never has any real power! She is a douche bag...

  • Debra Meadows
    Debra Meadows 3 months ago

    Bottom line the Board of Education want the government to give them the funding.and they give us s... in return.

  • Debra Meadows
    Debra Meadows 3 months ago

    She is a problem because they want the federal government to fund programs that they have but, are not offering that funding to the community. I took a job as a school bus driver with five kids making under 30.000 . The president of the school lie told homeland security that I was a boarder and immigrant worker under a group pool eb5 visa to get funding and to monitor me and my family.My boss tried to get me kick out of HUD housing he was reporting money that I did not receive change my taxes
    All they want the poor people to do is sign so they can get the funding, they also have programs that govern your housing , food stamps.
    the School Board Claim they are sovereign they hold fake court.

  • Supreme Bape
    Supreme Bape 3 months ago

    poor people should not be allowed to reproduce. If your not making over 100K don't even think about having any kids. Whos dumbass fault is it that you are only making 30k-to 40k and chose to have a child?

  • Tyler Wood
    Tyler Wood 3 months ago

    Thank god I'm Canadian

  • Leroy Cravatt
    Leroy Cravatt 3 months ago

    Every politician buys thier position 😂

  • Sergio Arrechea
    Sergio Arrechea 3 months ago

    answer the question

  • noah wood
    noah wood 3 months ago

    She has the same knowledge as me on education ......... zip, zero, squat

  • atom
    atom 3 months ago

    Shes like a voice automated robot that gives that same generic answers to every question.

  • Proudmule1
    Proudmule1 3 months ago

    Look at that smirk. She's thinking, "The Mercer's told donny he must award the job so.......screw all of you peon US citizens, my family and I are more important than you so I get what I want not matter how that hoses you."

  • R.T Barton
    R.T Barton 3 months ago

    Disgusting woman, liar, even under oath; her head is an empty vessel.

  • The Prune Patty
    The Prune Patty 3 months ago

    She's okay.

  • gdwendyml
    gdwendyml 3 months ago

    In a perfect world, that man would have been president.

  • hottpoker
    hottpoker 3 months ago

    she's lighter than light weight; scary that she's going to be entrusted with the responsibility over the education of millions of our children, ultimately..

  • William Jomar
    William Jomar 3 months ago

    How much Hillary gave you for your lake house Bernie? How did you pay a less percent income tax than I did when I make substantially less than you? I dont have to pay for no ones education, because no one will pay for mine nor my children's. Start being responsible about your own decisions and outcome you big babies. Socialism isn't the answer and you all know it.

  • Sylvia Leon
    Sylvia Leon 3 months ago

    It happens ..Just like Forrest Gump said...Trump is like a box of chocolates... You never know what your going to get .Wrong..Wrong.Its going to be Huge,Very Huge

  • tai'- inifio - Nesa
    tai'- inifio - Nesa 3 months ago

    since went did Aristocrats like DeVos ever wanted the serif to have an education, her plan is to destroy dept,. of education and bring back feudalism

  • billytheweasel
    billytheweasel 3 months ago

    Ask her to spell 'oligarch'.

  • mario perez
    mario perez 3 months ago

    She has such a smug face she knows this is all bs she is going to be approved regardless of her ignorance about educating anyone except how much money she controls.

  • wetlazer
    wetlazer 3 months ago

    Fuck her!

  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez 3 months ago

    Why even bother with these confirmations? They evade every single question. There is no question that is not evaded to where a satisfactory answer is given.

  • Woody Woodlstein
    Woody Woodlstein 3 months ago

    She's a swamp monster. And a disgrace.

  • Jason Delvaux
    Jason Delvaux 3 months ago

    I'm sorry... MOVING towards an oligarchical society, Mr. Sanders? We've been drowning in that precise situation for decades. I would hope the American people would be filled with fear -- PETRIFIED of such a thing. But, we are most certainly already there.

  • Hafiz Bhuyan
    Hafiz Bhuyan 3 months ago

    The perfect match for the 2020 election would be for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders to run together. I don't care who is the POTUS and who is the VPOTUS, but these two are the most qualified, and uncorrupted people, who genuinely care for their constituents, in the US Government right now. The two of them together should be able to defeat who ever challenges them and their leadership can fix the problems this country and its people are facing

  • smile anymore
    smile anymore 3 months ago

    she only would have 5,000 left after child care how does she pay for school? LOL

  • David Edward
    David Edward 3 months ago

    I'd really like to wipe that smug smirk off her face.

    EPICFLYINGLIONS 3 months ago


  • 40colby
    40colby 3 months ago

    Being questioned by a true communist.  Everything should be "free" for everyone.

  • RayJayRob
    RayJayRob 3 months ago

    Senator Sanders should've been our president.

  • lonelycyclist
    lonelycyclist 3 months ago

    $200,000,000 in contributions of course she's bought her way into her job.

  • Maybeline Villacorta
    Maybeline Villacorta 4 months ago +1

    She bull shitted her responses like I bullshit my papers when I forget to do it and it's due the next morning

  • Andrew Wilbur
    Andrew Wilbur 4 months ago

    go sanders

  • NDBit
    NDBit 4 months ago

    Bernie's like 'I can't even do this anymore. Get this woman out of my sight.''
    And Elizabeth Warren is like 'I can! I can!'
    I don't know which approach was more effective

  • Your Lord and Savior
    Your Lord and Savior 4 months ago

    Bernie was really angry here. Understandable.

  • Pamela piccolo
    Pamela piccolo 4 months ago

    all these people never stepped foot in a classroom; all experts blah blah

  • allan nørgaard
    allan nørgaard 4 months ago

    she gives NO answers to any questions. She just puke words, buzzwords, mumbo jumbo. This is typical for a politician. How the hell did she ever get to be secretary of education? its a joke right?

  • Kimberly Gonzales
    Kimberly Gonzales 4 months ago

    It amazes me the things that are still bing debated in the US and the visceral fear-mongering against tuition free/affordable tertiary education and single payer healthcare. Almost every self respecting country in the world has done this while remaining competitive , innovative and wealthy. Heck, even my little island in the Caribbean has this. It's clear that conservatives are not defending the market, choice and the economy but the profits and power of the super wealthy

  • porculizador
    porculizador 4 months ago

    she said nothing specific.. i love bernie but warren really drilled her

  • Thomas Buchovecky
    Thomas Buchovecky 4 months ago

    "Will you support socialism?"
    Lol go fuck yourself Bern

  • Forcing Google+ Makes Me Feel Better About the Spying

    Sure she's unqualified, but she's going to hire the best people to work for her.

    Who are those people? People who are themselves going to hire the best people!

  • Ivica Jaranovic
    Ivica Jaranovic 4 months ago

    Money can buy ALL

  • Jay Cimo
    Jay Cimo 5 months ago +3

    Sanders: what about the single mother who cannot afford childcare?

    DeVos: Arghh argha marffle arg grunt shput...

  • n v
    n v 5 months ago +1

    she sounds like a beauty pageant contestant giving completely empty fake answers 🙄

  • Father Time
    Father Time 5 months ago

    Bernie Sanders for president!!

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