A FISH THAT EATS ROCKS? (Cat Goes Fishing)

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  • Apologies again for the lower quality audio, only one more episode :)
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  • Runtime: 17:24
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Comments: 920

  • Chloe Sand
    Chloe Sand 54 minutes ago

    He said the Bombat eat Rock, but they just try to eat circular objects... Look at the definition of Carver...

    • Chloe Sand
      Chloe Sand 54 minutes ago

      It's 2:28 when you can see the definition

  • Escape Hays
    Escape Hays 8 hours ago

    you have to take the fish out of its moth

  • Kimberlyn Davis-Kitchens

    no faggot

  • Daniel Russell
    Daniel Russell 5 days ago

    The audio is bad

  • Null
    Null 9 days ago


  • Margelatu Dude
    Margelatu Dude 10 days ago

    To catch the maw don't have a lightbulb and use the same fish

  • Tyler Drury
    Tyler Drury 12 days ago


  • Goldfish 1218
    Goldfish 1218 13 days ago +1

    I laughed so hard when he was trying to catch the maw

  • Ethan Campbell
    Ethan Campbell 13 days ago

    The audio is messed up or its just me

  • XtremeGaming
    XtremeGaming 14 days ago

    Exilerating game play with the maw

  • Cj John
    Cj John 16 days ago


  • yari santana
    yari santana 21 day ago

    What happend to his mike

  • Bryces Vlogs
    Bryces Vlogs 22 days ago

    The only way you can cathe that large fish is to catch the fish in his mouth

  • Nubby Playz
    Nubby Playz 24 days ago

    Lol he didn't even realise that it was the light bulb that was messing him up when he tried to catch the Maw

  • Minimasterpeice Mini
    Minimasterpeice Mini 25 days ago


  • LlamaGames
    LlamaGames 25 days ago +1

    Bring back slime ranchers

  • natalie stottlemyer
    natalie stottlemyer 26 days ago

    Hi 😀 I love your look you look good today ☺ and the cat in the game to ☺

  • Jharsen the shadow gamer

    My dream is to become a successful YouTuber :P

  • Isaac Warren
    Isaac Warren 29 days ago

    At 9:30 in the vid you hear him say I am believing, which is a minecraft parody he created

  • ᴄʜɪᴋᴇɴs ᴀʀᴇ ᴍᴇᴍᴇs

    Where did you download it

  • Colby Forsyth
    Colby Forsyth Month ago

    Wtf where is the others

  • Sarah Anne
    Sarah Anne Month ago +1

    U can use the bombat to catch yin

  • Nick Moss
    Nick Moss Month ago

    When he tried to catch the maw it made me laugh so hard

  • ninjakid140
    ninjakid140 Month ago

    His audio is so bad in this video

  • Sαѵαɡε -Landon
    Sαѵαɡε -Landon Month ago +1

    Unsubscribe bad audio

  • raygal
    raygal Month ago


  • William Karlsson
    William Karlsson Month ago

    The fish didnt "eat" the rock but it huged the rock xD

  • TheExpertCow Goes chow

    To get the maw u half to hook the bulb fish in its mouth so then there will be no bulb fish in the way

  • lucy connor
    lucy connor Month ago

    There isn't a mike

  • Stitch Ogrady
    Stitch Ogrady Month ago


  • Nathan Chilly
    Nathan Chilly Month ago

    Cat goes fishing plz

  • Mike Hayward
    Mike Hayward Month ago


  • Infinite Times
    Infinite Times Month ago


  • Redstoneminecraft Redstoneman

    i know how to catch it. So you try to get the fish in its mouth if it is possible.

  • Kayla Carrino
    Kayla Carrino Month ago

    Do another one plz

  • The Random Channel
    The Random Channel Month ago

    Lachlan deserves 50 million

  • dragon gaming
    dragon gaming Month ago


  • Peace Puppy
    Peace Puppy Month ago

    Lachlan if you go in a some spot with a Bombat on the hook without bait guard you can get a $800,00 it's called a Cave Shark

  • HopperEddie
    HopperEddie Month ago

    Find the maw before you catch the fish to catch it

  • Blue Inkling
    Blue Inkling Month ago

    * B E A M M E U P S C O T T Y ! *

  • Challenger I
    Challenger I Month ago +1

    to catch a maw you have to steal the lumina out of his mouth

  • BabyEndDragon YT
    BabyEndDragon YT Month ago

    Lol Laclan get "Triggered" with Moa XD

  • Nia loves The Pack
    Nia loves The Pack Month ago

    Wtf happened to the audio???

  • Beamer017
    Beamer017 Month ago

    Upload more cat goes fishing

  • Grayson Moore
    Grayson Moore Month ago

    drn noctis

  • AwesomeBros132 YT
    AwesomeBros132 YT Month ago +1

    You can hook the fish when it's inside the "maws" mouth

  • Markatron
    Markatron Month ago


  • Reaction Studio
    Reaction Studio Month ago

    Catch the fish in the maws mouth

  • 83shyla
    83shyla Month ago


  • Jwillis Plays
    Jwillis Plays Month ago


  • Master Gamer12354
    Master Gamer12354 Month ago

    Do more videos on cat goes fishing

  • Master Gamer12354
    Master Gamer12354 Month ago

    Sort your Mike out

  • Dee Zyl
    Dee Zyl Month ago

    14:17 poor random fish xD

  • Carlos Magsadia
    Carlos Magsadia Month ago +1

    please countinue cat goes fishing

  • Kimberly Bodnar
    Kimberly Bodnar Month ago

    Do How to Minecraft

  • Joseph Neville
    Joseph Neville Month ago

    To catch a maw you have to hook a bulb fish in the maws mouth without getting any fish on it.

  • gerardo hernandez
    gerardo hernandez Month ago

    What is that old fashion song when he fails.

  • Snootchie S
    Snootchie S Month ago

    You have to hook the glowing fish from the maw's mouth to catch it when it has one stuck in it.

  • Charlie Giordano
    Charlie Giordano Month ago

    Don't catch the bright wins u have to catch the fish in its mouth!!;)

  • ant vlogs ant
    ant vlogs ant Month ago

    rip audio

  • AwsomeMan 900100
    AwsomeMan 900100 Month ago +1

    whats wrong with mic lachlan

  • Andre Sharma
    Andre Sharma Month ago

    rip audio

  • madman605
    madman605 Month ago

    lachlan your real idiot all you have to do is catch the bulb fish in the maws mout

  • Pac Man
    Pac Man Month ago

    you can't have a light

  • Owen1657
    Owen1657 Month ago

    the cat has a boat

  • jack thrush
    jack thrush Month ago

    fuck the musterfish

  • Zwerfkees
    Zwerfkees Month ago

    You can get a caveshark with a bombat

  • AtticusAce
    AtticusAce Month ago


  • Moon Animal
    Moon Animal Month ago +1

    I want maw puns pls XD

  • MLAgency
    MLAgency Month ago +1

    "Gotta catch a Maw" and "Gotta catch 'em all" sounds identical

  • The Pink Pancakes
    The Pink Pancakes Month ago

    To catch the maw you can't have a light on the fish you catch it with

  • hazelnutandmom2 AJ
    hazelnutandmom2 AJ Month ago

    Wow you guys go crazy for H4M, I didn't know this was YOUR channel? Maybe you should let him do what he wants on his channel, he's pretty cool and it isn't a bad game

  • hazelnutandmom2 AJ
    hazelnutandmom2 AJ Month ago

    This is good, nice game dude and I just subbed. Pretty cool man

  • ViolateAHS
    ViolateAHS Month ago

    Avatar the last Lemonback

  • ViolateAHS
    ViolateAHS Month ago

    MAW Cat goes fishing! nice puns  mate

  • Kieran Woods
    Kieran Woods Month ago

    If you want to catch the maw

    1.get the bait you need

    2. Get the huge hook

    3 catch the bulb fish that the maw is always chasing

    4. Love your vids

  • Just TheClutch
    Just TheClutch Month ago

    Favorite season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana Cisneros
    Ana Cisneros 2 months ago

    get cave shark

  • minion nator
    minion nator 2 months ago

    u passed the flipping stormy

  • Parachute202
    Parachute202 2 months ago


  • Parachute202
    Parachute202 2 months ago

    dat audio

  • Ozzie
    Ozzie 2 months ago

    Does anybody watch the Wwe

  • t
    t 2 months ago

    😢😢😢I will miss this game:(

  • sirbutts allot
    sirbutts allot 2 months ago

    Your audio is shit

  • Deng Mading
    Deng Mading 2 months ago

    Hey Lachlan try and join vikk more at how to minecraft

  • Hamza Afridi
    Hamza Afridi 2 months ago

    I feel so sad for him

  • Ethan Newsome
    Ethan Newsome 2 months ago

    Maybe it was the lightbulb

  • The Prince of Thorns
    The Prince of Thorns 2 months ago

    You have to catch the fish the maw is chasing!!!

  • Blorpis Norblet
    Blorpis Norblet 2 months ago

    Play more Minecraft mate. (Factions)

  • Milo McGuire
    Milo McGuire 2 months ago +1

    You need flick it is in rod upgrades please shout me out

  • Laughy04 Games
    Laughy04 Games 2 months ago

    to catch a maw u need the bones of the fish not the live one :) Love the cat goes fishing on the channel

  • Isaiah Magillis
    Isaiah Magillis 2 months ago

    Lachlan if you can't get him by catching a bulbfish NOT a luminia try catching the one that he is chasing that had worked for me good luck catching that Maw!

  • Gambit Mangsy
    Gambit Mangsy 2 months ago

    9:39 lol

  • Budras TV
    Budras TV 2 months ago +1

    Nobody watches these vids

  • TheTrollingPugYT
    TheTrollingPugYT 2 months ago

    Thx lachy

  • TheTrollingPugYT
    TheTrollingPugYT 2 months ago +1

    I hate dat mike

  • Our Adventure
    Our Adventure 2 months ago

    I repeat, we want h4m.

  • Our Adventure
    Our Adventure 2 months ago

    Lachlan. We want h4m

  • MrStrongBro
    MrStrongBro 2 months ago

    Hey, where's that Old School Runescape Progress Series my man? ;)

  • lukeplays games
    lukeplays games 2 months ago +1

    plz make another piximon season plz its my favorate thing you have done plz make another season

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