YFN Lucci - Everyday We Lit (Official Video) ft. PnB Rock

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Get LONG LIVE NUT here: https://WBR.lnk.to/LongLiveNut

    Official Website: https://yfnlucci.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yfnlucci
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YFNLucci/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yfnlucci/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/yfnlucciVEVO
    Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/yfn-lucci
    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5Berubt6ysOy2LCMyqhmXP
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  • Runtime: 3:30
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  • Ashley DeCosta
    Ashley DeCosta 22 minutes ago

    My mom love ❤️ it sow bab lol miasia bos to lol Ann jazzy lol

  • Ashley DeCosta
    Ashley DeCosta 24 minutes ago


  • ShaQuenta Mayo
    ShaQuenta Mayo 1 hour ago

    u bo c

  • Adria Han
    Adria Han 1 hour ago


  • Terrance Mccullough

    i guess im lit cause im taken niggas girls😂💪

    SALEM GAMING 1 hour ago

    This song makes me want to go to the club and come out with 6 girls

  • Hyper Sniper
    Hyper Sniper 1 hour ago

    Best song he has made

  • Nina magnifico
    Nina magnifico 1 hour ago

    it's true

  • Lucky #RHHF
    Lucky #RHHF 1 hour ago


  • Vankai
    Vankai 2 hours ago

    Will Smith's slower lit doppelganger

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris 2 hours ago

    All these per rehearsed filing videos.

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris 2 hours ago

    Prbli go plcz.

  • Joe Harris
    Joe Harris 2 hours ago

    Is dis uh rapr poof ouduh ndn frm whr.

  • Gabriel FREE
    Gabriel FREE 2 hours ago


  • TJ media
    TJ media 3 hours ago

    This song is lit fam what a tune g

  • Xtre Xjay
    Xtre Xjay 4 hours ago

    When u hit ss1 on nba 2k17😂

  • paula edreira miñana

    me pregunto porque siempre son las mujeres las que salen medio en pelotas y los tios siempre bien vestidos en todos los videoclips, continua el machismo a estas alturas de siglo 21 y los jovencitos imitan a los imbéciles que crearon esta imagen de mierda, este y muchos mas videos, porca miseria!! HAGAN ALGO EDUCATIVO PORFAVOR, DEJEN DE ENSEÑAR QUE LAS DROGAS EL SEXO Y EL DINERO ES LO MEJOR, LOS VALORES DE VERDAD SE ESTAN PERDIENDO Y CON ELLO LA HUMANIDAD

  • Taniya Exum
    Taniya Exum 5 hours ago

    that is True I be let and I am not rich.

  • Deshonn Newell
    Deshonn Newell 6 hours ago

    no body know everyday we lit⛄🍀🌲

  • Lady Loveee
    Lady Loveee 9 hours ago

    Can y'all let me know if my video sucks

  • SyncroScales
    SyncroScales 9 hours ago

    Where was this recorded?

    JAUN MERECE 9 hours ago

    Will smith can sing??

  • AwantedSniper xX
    AwantedSniper xX 9 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna drink a big mac, and eat the coca cola,

  • sall
    sall 10 hours ago


  • Jamall Morris
    Jamall Morris 10 hours ago

    When your parents let you miss school

  • 洋洋 王
    洋洋 王 10 hours ago

    为啥 看不了

  • 洋洋 王
    洋洋 王 10 hours ago


  • Gavin Huang
    Gavin Huang 11 hours ago

    TF IS DISS?!?

  • BIRD S.H.O.W
    BIRD S.H.O.W 11 hours ago

    When that snow day rolling in

  • james Chavis
    james Chavis 12 hours ago


  • Justis Deweese
    Justis Deweese 12 hours ago

    Lite it for reale

  • Zamia Moore
    Zamia Moore 12 hours ago

    this my song bro

  • The Litt Crew
    The Litt Crew 12 hours ago

    Me and my family made a YouTube name after this song😍😍

  • Orlando White
    Orlando White 13 hours ago

    I love you

  • Dudey DJ
    Dudey DJ 13 hours ago

    every day we lit

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia 13 hours ago

    Who else got lit to this in a 15 birthday pary?😂💯

  • Richard Gaming
    Richard Gaming 13 hours ago


  • ItzWolfyMcpe
    ItzWolfyMcpe 13 hours ago

    This Song Makes Me Wanna Ask My Mom If She Has Kids

  • Latoya Lee
    Latoya Lee 14 hours ago

    how do i down laod the song

  • George Young
    George Young 14 hours ago

    Everyday we littttt 😎😎😎😎

  • Gabriel Hanner
    Gabriel Hanner 15 hours ago

    SI guess I'm lit😂👌🏻🔥🔥

  • Game Changer
    Game Changer 16 hours ago

    Who is that at 1:00 !?

  • Jayda Askew
    Jayda Askew 16 hours ago


  • TurtleZ
    TurtleZ 16 hours ago

    i'm half of these views

  • zluster100
    zluster100 16 hours ago


  • zluster100
    zluster100 16 hours ago

    Just sfdi

  • zluster100
    zluster100 16 hours ago

    Zaria cole

  • zluster100
    zluster100 16 hours ago

    Zuki l"mddvxjalalzlsllzasldLxysj

  • AllDay
    AllDay 16 hours ago

    Didn't know Malcolm Bulter was a rapper

  • Jacob Tomlin
    Jacob Tomlin 16 hours ago

    When u frnd your friends harlin

  • Justin Gordon
    Justin Gordon 16 hours ago

    In lit now lol

  • Justin Gordon
    Justin Gordon 16 hours ago

    In lit now lol

  • weenie hutjr
    weenie hutjr 17 hours ago

    Best song ever

  • Quantavious Hill
    Quantavious Hill 17 hours ago


  • Courtney Hupp
    Courtney Hupp 17 hours ago

    these ugly broads that are in the video though. 😂😂 hoes too happy hahaha. 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Villarreal
    Ryan Villarreal 18 hours ago

    Kodak Wack

  • Christopher Garcia
    Christopher Garcia 18 hours ago

    How does this song have that many likes it should have like 3 million

  • Nikky_to_cute
    Nikky_to_cute 18 hours ago

    When you find out you're not the father lol 😂

  • Iqra Ahmed
    Iqra Ahmed 18 hours ago

    Love this so much

  • Valente Barragan
    Valente Barragan 19 hours ago

    every day we lit

  • Reflex
    Reflex 19 hours ago

    When it's summer time.
    Everyday we lit.

  • Avery Robinson
    Avery Robinson 19 hours ago

    when u finally got to sit in the front seat

  • carmen garcia
    carmen garcia 19 hours ago

    Ayee this song is litt

  • Savina Jones
    Savina Jones 20 hours ago


  • Timandee Thompson
    Timandee Thompson 20 hours ago

    i fucking swear to god i will fucking slam you on the ground like i did to him

  • Timandee Thompson
    Timandee Thompson 20 hours ago

    shut up!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elvin Matos
    Elvin Matos 20 hours ago

    When you find out porn is free

  • Gaby De leon
    Gaby De leon 20 hours ago

    dope ass song

  • NoCrySoEasy 14
    NoCrySoEasy 14 20 hours ago

    Damn my brotha music be lit💯💯

  • NoCrySoEasy 14
    NoCrySoEasy 14 20 hours ago

    Damn my bro music be💯💯

  • seattle mut
    seattle mut 21 hour ago

    that beat go hard af

  • Cj Mahoney
    Cj Mahoney 21 hour ago

    how do people like this song there's nothing special about these guys same old shit nothing new nothing special

  • Zachary West
    Zachary West 21 hour ago

    #Jakepaul every day bruh #team10

  • austin boyd
    austin boyd 22 hours ago

    can I get 10 likes

  • Gaming With Rhea
    Gaming With Rhea 22 hours ago

    When you get your license then five minutes later you have all your friends in the car

  • underlordd
    underlordd 22 hours ago

    This has to be the worst song in human history, fuck this garbage.

  • Monica Sengmany
    Monica Sengmany 22 hours ago


  • Monica Sengmany
    Monica Sengmany 22 hours ago


    DONYEA CHILDRESS 23 hours ago

    Everyday we lit...u can't tell me shit

  • Orion Ecker
    Orion Ecker 1 day ago

    Deez nuts

  • Orion Ecker
    Orion Ecker 1 day ago


  • Timandee Thompson


  • 901 Negus
    901 Negus 1 day ago

    Stay Lit family 901

  • Nude Miley
    Nude Miley 1 day ago

    ike - get your crush
    reply = kiss your crush
    and i bet Rihanna use * _ authentic views d 0 t c 0 m _* and getting tons of views everyday
    thumbs up if you have thumbs

  • julia jay
    julia jay 1 day ago

    when it the last day of school that me

  • saitama
    saitama 1 day ago

    who watching this with bae?

  • Brander Zarzuela
    Brander Zarzuela 1 day ago

    Good job

  • Jamecca Cohee
    Jamecca Cohee 1 day ago

    this how i feel when my ex call and u say i want u back i just put my phone on speaker and me and my girl sing ee day we lit and i hang up in her face like bitch u thought

  • Laressa Dudley
    Laressa Dudley 1 day ago

    the shit

  • Naked Nigga In the bathroom with a Shotgun

    Not gonna lie I clicked cuz I saw the nice titis

  • Kazoo Kid
    Kazoo Kid 1 day ago

    When your teachers cancels a test

  • Kaylee Wright
    Kaylee Wright 1 day ago

    When your mom remembers to get your pizza rolls

  • Triston Lewis
    Triston Lewis 1 day ago

    tell me why I thought that was ty$ sign😒

  • Maco Beatz
    Maco Beatz 1 day ago

    who the girl in the orange? need her insta for some stuff.......

  • Aliza Maniece
    Aliza Maniece 1 day ago

    pnb look like rango

  • elena underwood
    elena underwood 1 day ago

    not JoJo

  • Riccia Bryant
    Riccia Bryant 1 day ago

    put that on my glok

  • Riccia Bryant
    Riccia Bryant 1 day ago

    song lit

  • Sakai unique furman

    we your crush ask if you want to be their bae

  • Soulless Gemini
    Soulless Gemini 1 day ago

    That Nexus grand piano preset lmao.

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