INSANE VIDEO: Train plows through straight through semi

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  • BrickTsar
    BrickTsar Day ago

    Hey WSB-TV - have you ever thought of filtering out the spam on your YouTube comment section? It's disgusting.

  • Possibly Your Friend

    It was time for Thomas to leave,
    he had seen everything.

  • Derek Rogers
    Derek Rogers 3 days ago

    What city was this in?

  • Poland Ball
    Poland Ball 3 days ago

    Can't wait for them sabaton memes

  • toXic viRus01
    toXic viRus01 3 days ago

    Wasn't insane whatsoever, very uneventful

  • Good Email
    Good Email 3 days ago

    Was the semi ok?

  • cmtmj2006
    cmtmj2006 3 days ago

    Ow look free candy.

  • NachoPlaysTv
    NachoPlaysTv 3 days ago


  • Templar Knight
    Templar Knight 3 days ago

    Well no vehicles Crossing there for a little bit

  • BrickTsar
    BrickTsar 3 days ago

    Trains are undefeated at crossings

  • Impossible
    Impossible 3 days ago +1

    Me plowing through your mom

  • Diego Bernard
    Diego Bernard 4 days ago +1

    Lol i when the train hit us gta players could see


  • Dylan Rohr
    Dylan Rohr 4 days ago

    Video Title: Train plows through straight through semi.
    My Question: But did the train go through the Semi?

  • TUBE sauce #sauce
    TUBE sauce #sauce 4 days ago

    who cares

  • Bryan Siv
    Bryan Siv 4 days ago

    My left ear enjoyed this.

  • Pixelated
    Pixelated 4 days ago


  • Dova Raptor
    Dova Raptor 4 days ago

    When the train hits the truck sounds like the gta wasted sfx😂😂💀

  • Walter Pulliam
    Walter Pulliam 4 days ago

    That truck driver is fired!!!

  • Hy Nguyễn
    Hy Nguyễn 4 days ago

    Poor candies.

  • thebeardless
    thebeardless 4 days ago

    Go loot whatever that stuff was

  • ChicoMan 813
    ChicoMan 813 4 days ago

    No matter what you do the train will always win in GTAV!!

  • Supersoldier
    Supersoldier 4 days ago

    I like how the music makes it dramatic.

  • I, TamiShey Make Videos About Weird Products

    Omg for real was there human inside the truck hope there was nobody 🙏

  • Cody Lewis
    Cody Lewis 4 days ago

    Is the semi ok?

  • ThatBlackGuy242
    ThatBlackGuy242 4 days ago

    yoooooooo!!!!!! free candy!!!!!!

  • Jihad Johnson
    Jihad Johnson 4 days ago

    Lmfao GTA got it right

  • Hyprome Gaming
    Hyprome Gaming 4 days ago

    They fucked up on the title

  • Ethan Pitzaferro
    Ethan Pitzaferro 4 days ago

    Damnit, my new XBOX was in that truck!

  • Zeroe GRAVITY
    Zeroe GRAVITY 4 days ago

    Funny, because everytime I do this, I explode and respawn at the nearest hospital.

  • Truth is the new hate speech


    • Kaff231
      Kaff231 3 days ago

      Truth is the new hate speech LOL😆😆😆😆😆😆 Well no more thinking buddy..YOU CAN!😆

  • jordan tomiye
    jordan tomiye 4 days ago

    This is just like unstoppable

  • Ultra
    Ultra 4 days ago +2

    When u try to stop the train in gta 5

  • Created by One
    Created by One 4 days ago

    get rekt

  • Evan Johnson
    Evan Johnson 4 days ago


  • Pnoykid 559
    Pnoykid 559 4 days ago

    When you're playing GTA and you're trying to stop the train

  • Drakon Clip
    Drakon Clip 4 days ago

    That gta 5 train😂

  • شلوان شلوان


  • ZanDaMan
    ZanDaMan 4 days ago +1

    Vanossgaming videos behind the scenes...


  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 4 days ago

    My cat just pooped.

  • Tsukuyomi Phase
    Tsukuyomi Phase 4 days ago

    I was expecting a "YEEEE HAWWWW" after it hit... idk why.

  • Pixel Pod
    Pixel Pod 4 days ago +1

    No one beats the train 😔

    VAN KEETO 4 days ago

    I seen that happen in 1996 right in front of me

  • Whofan06
    Whofan06 4 days ago

    Yeah trains do that

  • templar 2496
    templar 2496 4 days ago

    that's were my package went

  • PaneledJungle99
    PaneledJungle99 4 days ago +1

    Who cares about that... Nice Tahoe or Yukon!!

  • marzinjedi
    marzinjedi 4 days ago

    Proves you can't argue with a train 🚂

  • Basic_Assumption
    Basic_Assumption 4 days ago

    Blame it on white people.

  • Bl_nd Bull on Mars
    Bl_nd Bull on Mars 4 days ago

    "My Pokemon cards!!"

  • Ryan Miranda
    Ryan Miranda 4 days ago

    better den gta trains xD

  • Giantsfangotswag
    Giantsfangotswag 4 days ago

    When you realize this isn't gta 5

  • half of marco
    half of marco 4 days ago

    Totally tubeular radical 😂😂😂😂😂🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • Zempayo ooo
    Zempayo ooo 4 days ago

    GTA v

  • Rayhart Twins
    Rayhart Twins 4 days ago +5


  • LoganDaCarr
    LoganDaCarr 4 days ago +8

    When bae says her parents aren’t home

    • Evangeline Andrews
      Evangeline Andrews 3 days ago

      make me cum lϋsh french leather ohmibod bigtitş squirt loveşense nippleclampş private anal

    • aman k
      aman k 4 days ago

      LoganDaCarr 😂😂

  • Elecy B. Steele
    Elecy B. Steele 4 days ago

    I'd get out of the car and start picking up the free candy around the truck

  • Wolfgang Arteaga
    Wolfgang Arteaga 4 days ago


  • The moorish man
    The moorish man 4 days ago


  • Couch Time
    Couch Time 4 days ago

    *Train ploughs through straight through semi* anyone see anything wrong with that title?

  • LEGO GOJI Davidson
    LEGO GOJI Davidson 4 days ago

    To quote Zero Punctuation, “HA! "

  • ThomasMac30
    ThomasMac30 4 days ago +2

    GTA 5 Episode 6: Trying to stop the train!!

  • Prodigy One
    Prodigy One 4 days ago +4

    I was trying to figure out why my package usually come all bust-up now I know why a a freight train had hit😑

  • Saurav kumar
    Saurav kumar 4 days ago


  • iPanda Nation94
    iPanda Nation94 4 days ago

    This is why you never shift on train tracks

  • frances uhlir
    frances uhlir 4 days ago

    Fake news!

  • 2degucitas
    2degucitas 4 days ago

    *breaks semi truck pinata*

    50 kids rush in, some adults push them outta the way

  • Natalie Bieber
    Natalie Bieber 4 days ago +8

    I’ve been meaning to make a list of bad railroad puns…but I keep getting side tracked

    • nhyijy
      nhyijy 3 days ago

      Natalie Bieber that joke was off the rails

  • tony
    tony 4 days ago

    The train conductor must have gotten a text from his girl that said "I'm home alone"

  • Ghassan Zahabi
    Ghassan Zahabi 4 days ago

    If I was her I would have got out and got all that candy

  • •MochaMelt•
    •MochaMelt• 4 days ago


  • Rickk Lopez
    Rickk Lopez 4 days ago

    Nothing stops the gta train

  • Patrick Swayze
    Patrick Swayze 4 days ago

    If I was that driver I would've pulled my pin dropped my airbags and ran out of there!

  • CrypticMind
    CrypticMind 4 days ago


  • Nimra _
    Nimra _ 4 days ago

    My left ear really enjoyed this video

  • Luv Sharma
    Luv Sharma 4 days ago

    This is what should be on trending not these makeup tutorial videos!

  • Soullesspancake
    Soullesspancake 4 days ago +2

    When you try anal

  • Jack Leo
    Jack Leo 4 days ago

    Thoooommmasss and hiiss fffrrrriiiieeeeennnnddddsss

  • M H S
    M H S 4 days ago

    Dan dan dan dan da dan dan
    Dan dan dan dan.
    Dan dan dan da-dan
    Da na na na
    Da na na na na
    Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan. DAN!!!!

  • Angie M
    Angie M 4 days ago

    Well... somebody got fired

  • Slotzoffun
    Slotzoffun 4 days ago

    This video was about 2 meters from Liveleak

  • HypeBeast
    HypeBeast 4 days ago

    Thats why my package never came

  • James Neutron
    James Neutron 4 days ago

    Get Ready For The Memes

  • Sam B
    Sam B 4 days ago

    This is me when people walk slow

  • cz productions
    cz productions 4 days ago

    Well there goes his job 😂😂

  • WodernWarfareTree
    WodernWarfareTree 4 days ago

    Train through plows through straight through semi through

  • Clayton Lamond
    Clayton Lamond 4 days ago

    Was this accidentally the world's biggest piñata??

  • bulldog Brown
    bulldog Brown 4 days ago

    Hell of a place to park

  • Cat Shark
    Cat Shark 4 days ago +4

    The truck driver has been playing too much GTA V smh

  • Rusty Reno
    Rusty Reno 4 days ago

    Largest piñata - Guinness book record

  • Haley Beth
    Haley Beth 4 days ago +1

    Yay! SEMI PIÑATA !

  • Jason Allcreator
    Jason Allcreator 4 days ago

    "straight through" more like "into" 😒

  • Traveel
    Traveel 4 days ago

    Let me just record this and put it on YouTube instead of helping, being useful, or CALLING 911!!!

  • Joe Mako
    Joe Mako 4 days ago

    This is a TV news station and they cant even form a correct sentence.(Title).

  • Break Fast
    Break Fast 4 days ago

    Uhm... Is the guy ok?...🤔

  • Loser Otaku
    Loser Otaku 4 days ago

    Is the train OK?

  • Wavy Bone
    Wavy Bone 4 days ago

    The title of this video gave me an aneurism

  • xSpamForFunX
    xSpamForFunX 4 days ago


  • Joshua Lovelace
    Joshua Lovelace 4 days ago

    You know it takes a full mile of track for a train to stop.

  • Egguar Baggins
    Egguar Baggins 4 days ago

    Fake news

  • Bishan Rai
    Bishan Rai 4 days ago

    That's why I haven't been getting my packages

  • Amy Rodriguez
    Amy Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Was the person in the semi injured?

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