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  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 7:12
  • high school  dance battle  choir  acappella  cheerleaders  cheer  squad  jocks  basketball  ballers  teachers  collide  scottdw  scott winn  dance  dance off  dance lesson  learn dance  epic dance  epic battle  battle  face off  funny video  short film  director  cinematographer  writer  music video  hip hop  choreography  ahmt  scotter310  chimpanzang  

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  • Lego Kai
    Lego Kai 9 minutes ago

    Who is else is watching in 2017

  • Madison 354768
    Madison 354768 13 minutes ago

    why do he cone the fat one

  • Vanusa Canofe
    Vanusa Canofe 20 minutes ago

    Cheerleaders team I vote for them

  • Squidoodle55
    Squidoodle55 2 hours ago

    all I was thinking at the beginning is "poor kitten" I don't know why...

  • Alysse Johnson
    Alysse Johnson 2 hours ago


  • Anastasia Barnes
    Anastasia Barnes 3 hours ago

    Go cheerleaders

    TODAY WITH KK! 3 hours ago

    That was really cool I liked that alot keep up the great work!!😀😀😍😍😘😘😘😎

  • Alona Clark
    Alona Clark 4 hours ago


  • Cristina Pellerano
    Cristina Pellerano 4 hours ago

    21 guy i can do that and im only in single digets 😆

  • Cindy Cano
    Cindy Cano 5 hours ago +1

    Number 17 is cute😍😍🙈

  • Miss Eva 2
    Miss Eva 2 5 hours ago

    Bully's vs teacher's

  • Elvin Uniana
    Elvin Uniana 7 hours ago


  • Ava Rodriguez
    Ava Rodriguez 7 hours ago

    My favorite parts when the coach interrupts the dance battle

  • Rachel Playz Games
    Rachel Playz Games 8 hours ago

    Choir for life! ❤

  • Louis Farrell
    Louis Farrell 8 hours ago


  • Amanda Lundin
    Amanda Lundin 9 hours ago

    Just looked the comments.

  • Victoria Fann
    Victoria Fann 10 hours ago

    Next do sister vs brother dance battle

  • Abigail Prater
    Abigail Prater 10 hours ago

    Umm you uhh

  • Simply Me
    Simply Me 10 hours ago

    These videos inspire me to dance more.... i love to dance it my fav thing to do❤️❤️

  • Goy Suthasinee Sanprasert

    I wanna go to that rest area

  • Mia M
    Mia M 11 hours ago

    Cheer and jocks all the way why was this even made?

  • Crystal Nightcore
    Crystal Nightcore 11 hours ago

    Who else was paying attention to the cute kitty?????

  • Elz
    Elz 11 hours ago

    The random stuff you come across on YouTube, is sometimes surprisingly awesome 😄

  • Therealmacypooh
    Therealmacypooh 12 hours ago

    choir won

  • Laughing Kitten555
    Laughing Kitten555 12 hours ago

    Pit the audio out plaza the song is amazing put the audio oh you tube

  • Samir Mandal
    Samir Mandal 14 hours ago

    Bless you

  • Jerikafan10 Team10Fan
    Jerikafan10 Team10Fan 16 hours ago

    Jocks won

  • DancersGlobal
    DancersGlobal 17 hours ago

    Very entertaining, well done!

  • Molly Hargreave
    Molly Hargreave 17 hours ago

    I loved this; Next vampires VS werewolves VS Witches VS Ghosts? I would love that as a Halloween video and I'd so watch it with me being a horror fan and all

  • Tylia13
    Tylia13 18 hours ago

    does anyone think the cheer squad just won? until the teacher kinda safe them?

  • Barış Krbck
    Barış Krbck 19 hours ago

    Anime vs Movie DANCE BATTLE PLS :D

  • Irizlize Gonzalez
    Irizlize Gonzalez 20 hours ago

    I wanna see a video about bule Childers vs the red childers

  • Cgamer28// //CookieGamer

    I like the both dance

  • ThePandaWolf 323
    ThePandaWolf 323 21 hour ago

    Best vid ever Thanks!!!

  • bhing guirit
    bhing guirit 21 hour ago

    who wins

  • The Cute Dogz
    The Cute Dogz 23 hours ago

    Geeks vs cool kids still the best you've made

  • Casey Carson II
    Casey Carson II Day ago


  • LPS Skitty
    LPS Skitty Day ago


  • Gabstrology
    Gabstrology Day ago

    These are amazing videos.


    You should do Track and Swim team VS Football and Baseball. Track and Swimteam are always forgotten :,(

  • Douglas James
    Douglas James Day ago

    Scott, you are blazing trails. Thanks for that. We get lulled to sleep. You're an alarm clock of awesome!!!

  • yasha mohometh
    yasha mohometh Day ago

    Watching ur vids make me feel free! Whenever i watch em i always dance around like an idiot.😂. You should do one where all the dancers in all ur vids are in one vid that would be cool

  • Tessa Sombrana
    Tessa Sombrana Day ago

    Is that the moon walk? OH YOU NOW WHO ALREADY ONE

  • mini turtle
    mini turtle Day ago

    yo I was not feeling the jocks and cheerleaders

  • Audrey Adams
    Audrey Adams Day ago

    Dance battle?? Challenge accepted

  • Numa Aisatou Fofana

    Them Jordan's tho

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Day ago

    Where did you get the cheer costumes from?

  • liz phanny
    liz phanny Day ago

    5:00 and going was just more awesome

  • Soadorbz Girls
    Soadorbz Girls Day ago

    Cheer leaders

  • h0spy123
    h0spy123 Day ago

    Is that Madd Chadd? Hell to the yeah

  • WeirdBells600
    WeirdBells600 Day ago

    Why the dislikes??

  • Mya Hernandez
    Mya Hernandez Day ago

    That escalated quickly.

  • علي الثوعي

    It was so amazing
    Keep doing these things

  • Dior Native.scorpio

    1:36 the guy in the back 💀💀💀

  • Carolina Hernandez

    They should do a summer camp edition

  • imd240zman
    imd240zman Day ago

    This is one of the best videos I've seen on YouTube. The video is absolutely amazing. But that music,... I can't get over it. I've seen all of your videos in the last few days thanks to this one. I can't wait to see what you do next. One thing I have to say, though,... This is the best song I've heard. Absolutely love every part.

  • Elizabeth Rodriguez


  • Local Boss
    Local Boss Day ago

    It good

  • Rana Ghana
    Rana Ghana Day ago

    Starts at 2:30

  • DdL's LPS
    DdL's LPS Day ago +3

    Iam making a new series on my channel it's called runaway the trailer is already out

  • emily87550
    emily87550 Day ago


  • YouTube -Diy
    YouTube -Diy Day ago +2

    I Love this video❣️🦄Awesome dance moves.Can't stop watching❣️🦄Love it❣️🦄☺️😊🙃😍😝

  • Toys Are Friends

    Is sabrina in there??

  • Micheal Booze
    Micheal Booze Day ago

    the songs are so cool

  • Micheal Booze
    Micheal Booze Day ago

    Can you please make an audio from the song we came to dance and an audio from the song HUM pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  • Isabella Ozaki
    Isabella Ozaki Day ago

    Lol you uploaded the video on my Bday

  • T͙H͙E͙ P͙A͙S͙T͙E͙L͙• S͙P͙A͙C͙E͙ U͙N͙I͙C͙O͙R͙N͙

    Do emos vs preps or punks vs cool kids

  • Sinai Barnor
    Sinai Barnor Day ago

    i love it

  • Aqeel 02
    Aqeel 02 Day ago

    Hey Scott are you doing well I saw that you had

  • Kill streak hen
    Kill streak hen Day ago

    Humming bird winsss

  • Nummer378
    Nummer378 Day ago

    Great video as always, Scott! Thank you for all the great content.

  • Aggi 888
    Aggi 888 Day ago

    Team Choir

  • tracii x
    tracii x 2 days ago +1

    I honestly love this channel so much. <3

  • Thương Đàm Song
    Thương Đàm Song 2 days ago

    Another masterpiece! You never fall to surprise me!

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 2 days ago

    i am both of these

  • Kaleigh Oliveri
    Kaleigh Oliveri 2 days ago +6

    i think the jocks and cheer did better

  • MadNinjaGato Shadow
    MadNinjaGato Shadow 2 days ago

    Someone as big as the Coach with Bowel Trouble? Time to use the Emergency Window Exits.

  • Heyitz Gwen
    Heyitz Gwen 2 days ago

    I thought it said on there shirt RHS cause I thought it said roblox high school lol 😂 it was RHH

  • Aminata fofana
    Aminata fofana 2 days ago

    this music is gooooooooooood

  • Hopwa Draws/Games
    Hopwa Draws/Games 2 days ago

    oh the jocks are kinda good
    *sees him dab*
    i changed my mind

  • Prata gamer
    Prata gamer 2 days ago

    Sorry but
    Huming birds who hurt you?

  • Alynnah Walker
    Alynnah Walker 2 days ago


  • Pia Calventas
    Pia Calventas 2 days ago

    That guy always interrupts lol

  • LlamaGod YT
    LlamaGod YT 2 days ago

    In book - Jocks Win- but either way they both were good.

  • Queen_Baby_Nyomi 0
    Queen_Baby_Nyomi 0 2 days ago

    I like how they danced together at the end

  • Holo Chicken Nuggets

    3:49 *deep sigh* why?

  • Lashayvia May04
    Lashayvia May04 2 days ago

    august 15 17

  • Elliott masters
    Elliott masters 2 days ago

    People in cheer and choir are not like that

  • Dance4Life
    Dance4Life 2 days ago +1

    When his stomach growled I thought it was me 😂

  • Chris Alliance
    Chris Alliance 2 days ago +1

    The dance off at the end, just got to weird

  • Sara Jones
    Sara Jones 2 days ago

    you made us choir kids seem like nerds, do not appreciate

  • Porter Ervin41l
    Porter Ervin41l 2 days ago

    Stop smoking the f

  • FANGIRLL __23
    FANGIRLL __23 2 days ago

    Scott You are So amazing, Continue Your Job this is So cool! love you

  • Daria Brandt
    Daria Brandt 2 days ago

    Is The one Not from Step up ?😍

  • Zurca Aseret
    Zurca Aseret 2 days ago

    I love it

  • Pile Of Trash
    Pile Of Trash 2 days ago

    ok tbh afet getting into kpop and korean dance studios these videos just no longer seem interesting :// low quality choreos

  • Happy Traveller
    Happy Traveller 2 days ago

    Half of the views are mine!))))

  • V Plays
    V Plays 2 days ago

    Hehe greyhound bus

  • Barakudaa
    Barakudaa 2 days ago +1

    Some choir dudes have some serious Skills!

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