What Happened to LV 223 After Prometheus: Engineers, Deacon & Xenomorphs

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  • What happened to LV 223 after Prometheus. There are actually a number of interesting things that we did not have a chance to see in the movie including more deacon scenes and some fascinating events involving Engineers and xenomorphs
    that take place after a few decates

    As many of you probably know lv 223 is named this way for a reason and is actually a reference to a quote from the bible Liviticus 223.

    Originally it was planned that David and Shaw would be pursued by a new born deacon alien as they run towards the second jugernaut on lv 223. Collector’s Blu - Ray edition has many images of that sequence and they provide several details about the Deacon’s pursuet. The deacon runs across desert landscapes as it hunts Shaw. This would actually imply that Shaw pretty quickly assembled David back together since she doesn’t know to control Jugernauts, otherwise David had had to explain to her how to set up the navigation system.
    The imagery of the Decon persuit, is really cool and too bad that it was never filmed as it would learn more about the deacon, a distant relative of the xenomorph species. It would also give a reason why the deacon teaser was included at the end.

    Comic books fire and stone explain what happened to deacon and lv 223 after the Prometheus film ,which actually extremely interesting so it’s go over it.
    A year after a probe is sent to the moon and it started to scan the landscape but an Engineer crashes it on its way.
    This indicates that there is at least one Engineer left alive.

    Then the story goes fast forward. In the years that followed the Prometheus expedition, LV 223 changed dramaticly from rocks and stones to massive organic jungles.
    the Ampules aboard the Engineer ship containing the black GOO spread across LV-223, accelerating the development of the world's ecosystem, introducing acceleration of organic life and a breathable atmosphere, which later led to apperance of different alien species.
    86 years after the prometheus expedition, a cargo ship Onager
    made an emergency landing on lv 223 due to a xenomorph attack on the board. A crew thought that they killed all the xenomorphs but it was not the case. So shortly after the landing, xenomorphs killed the crew and escaped into the jungle.
    40 Years after this a second human vessel, the Geryon, arrived at LV-223 as part of a documentary film expedition, with the captain, Angela Foster, to discover the fate of Peter Weyland and the Prometheus.
    The crew soon discovered different creatures and the xenomorphs in the jungles. It also happened that they arrived at the moon in the middle of a huge conflict between xenomorphs enginners and predators. The surviving Engineers were awakened from stasis and began attacking the crew,with the intent on continuing their mission to wipe out humanity.

    At one point two crew memebers are surrounded by a bunch of xenomorphs but an unexpected Enginner kills the aliens and saves these people. When they showed their gratitude to the Engineer, he destoyed them using the same weapon. Probably Engineers view all other species as a theat similarly to xenomorphs who are extremely violent and aggressive.

    The survivors tried to go across a lake but they fell into the water with mutated sharks down below that have some similar features with deacon.

    Theb crew also encounters the same Decon that we saw in prometheus. After all these years, the deacon transformed into a mountain. I know it sounds a little bit crazy but this is actually what happened. Apparently the Deacon was consuming the Black Goo because there was no any other food at the time when Shaw left lv 223.

    Eating such large amounts of the Black Goo resulted in severe mutations so that deacon grew to the size of a mountain.
    This is actually a pretty interesting idea and it show one of the effects that the Black Goo might have.
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  • david eirth
    david eirth 13 hours ago

    What does Ridley think about this direction ?

  • Southern Acrobat
    Southern Acrobat 3 days ago

    Except neomorphs , xenomorphs , deacons dont fucking need to eat shit u never see them fucking eating anything

  • Alan Alban
    Alan Alban 4 days ago


  • Kozmikōcēlōtl
    Kozmikōcēlōtl 5 days ago

    Predators vs Engineers

  • The DORUK
    The DORUK 7 days ago +1

    The moon became a planet full of mutated alien monsters ?
    Awesome !

  • Georgios Papadopoulos
    Georgios Papadopoulos 7 days ago +3

    The black goo contains condensed spores of mutated beatles and I believe that the white liquid is an accelerator of the process, we have seen that in Covenant in the bombing scene, they were the first ones which were created when the vials broke in the air, they spreaded the virus everywhere eating all the meat they could (that's why the engineers seemed like burned) and after there was no food they died giving space to other life forms which were infected by the mutagen virus (Xenomorphs that can go into the seas to infect and kill everything etc), these life forms are doomed to be self destructed (like the yeast which eats glucose and produces alcohol and by its self sacrifice we drink a cold beer) since they don't follow eco systems rules and kill everything they encounter at sight. A hint that the black goo has to do with beatle's DNA, is given when Walter enters David's room we see on the wall a 'megasoma elephas' and a 'goliathus regius', David learned everything about the engineers and their intentions in Prometheus. I also believe that David's phrase 'a dying race grasping for resurrection ... and I am not going to let them!' is said for the engineer race. If he wanted to destroy mankind he could have done it by changing course when Shaw was asleep. The worms in the temple room of 'Prometheus' were beatle larvae mutated and accelerated in the process of growing until the became those insects that killed the engineers from the white luquid. Search for goliathus regius which is grown in Afrinca and by the way in the scene in which David held Earth in its hands the continent we see is Africa, those goliathus regius live in Africa, did the engineers used Earth as breeding place for these insects to create their goo? Megasoma elephas live in America.

  • xor negatronix
    xor negatronix 7 days ago

    Prometheus and Covenant are perfect examples of what happens when something that was perfectly fine as a mysterious anomaly in sci-fi is forcefully explained by lame comic books and overly ambitious writers/directors... RS should have retired Alien with Alien, and let the Space Jockey remain Alien to this world.

    • xor negatronix
      xor negatronix 7 days ago

      hater... nope, just let down tremendously by the mediocre crap RS has made. He's trying way too hard to make something that isn't really doable nor working. He's spreading things too thin and making himself look like a fool at filmmaking and storytelling. I would expect RS to make an Alien trilogy on par with LOtR or Saving Private Ryan. He is more capable than Prom and Cov, and has fallen far short. Your silly wonder woman remark shows your depth..

    • The DORUK
      The DORUK 7 days ago

      xor negatronix
      Honestly seeing you guys constantly shilling on Mr. Scott is getting ridiculous. Didn't like it ?
      Go & Watch mediocre movies like Wonder Women & BatmanVSuperman

  • inulover03
    inulover03 8 days ago

    a fucking *mountain?* 😧

  • Silvermoon Raccoon
    Silvermoon Raccoon 8 days ago +2

    Kroft, you are such an infinite stupid ass. the creature in question was not a "Neo Morph" but what's a film designers described as in Ultra morph.

    quit adding confusion with your videos and spreading misinformation all over the internet.

    • Silvermoon Raccoon
      Silvermoon Raccoon 8 days ago

      that's hysterical, LOL! I I can dig a guy with a sense of humor.

    • Dave Albrecht
      Dave Albrecht 8 days ago

      You're like Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.

  • Justin Abdallah
    Justin Abdallah 8 days ago

    Kroft can I get the name of the music you use in the background of your videos? Very calming.

  • Matthew Squibbs
    Matthew Squibbs 8 days ago

    Ah. So David didn't create the xenomorph then? 😂

    The whole franchise has become a joke now since Prometheus.

    • Justin Abdallah
      Justin Abdallah 8 days ago

      Fire and Stone was written before Covenant. The writers probably should've spoken to Ridley first before considering this canon.

  • Igor  Nedyuzhiy
    Igor Nedyuzhiy 8 days ago +4

    thanks god comic book is not canonical

  • DillyDyson007
    DillyDyson007 8 days ago +1

    l v to the 3

  • Ryan Petters
    Ryan Petters 8 days ago +4

    Thee black gooe is technically referenced as Omnimold, we think it may have destroyed the dinosaurs until there was nothing left but a layer of carbon mud in the earth. It happened so fast and then all at once they gathered together in unison to simply break down leaving no trace of their actual structure. In star wars logic they are called The Destroyers, and the Alphas who release them do so every five thousand years unless there is progress made upon the residents of that system. One of the Alpha ships was stranded and crashed on a planet that survived the Omnimold and became the Sith. They used the technology of the Alphas to manipulate the force thru Midi-chlorians, which is the antidote to the Omnimold. They knew they only had 5000 years to escape their own planet, and thus began the quarantine breach that gave rise to the Jedi, and encompassed the whole saga of what we call The Luciferean Rebellion. On 🌍 Earth proper, because the Alphas were successful, only a tiny amount of the Omnimold is remaining in our generational psyche (collective unconscious) and it is the source of all disease to life. The term Midi-chlorians means -half green or half way yet to be living. Sith means, here rising. Jedi, to divide and conquer. Had to throw that in there. lol -Guess you could say the Omnimold term means "half way already dead"
    Thankfully yours

    • toro64xxx
      toro64xxx 4 days ago

      Ryan Petters you are trying to unify the sci-fi universe... good.

  • X_Reptile_BiH_X
    X_Reptile_BiH_X 8 days ago

    fuck you fuck jesus fuck bible. fukin retards bring jesus and bible wich makes no sense. fuck you bitch

    • the22game
      the22game 8 days ago

      You will be saved soon, no worries mate

    • X_Reptile_BiH_X
      X_Reptile_BiH_X 8 days ago

      the22game dead ppl cant save anyone. jesus will save haha. save me from what lol. dead ppl are dead ppl

    • the22game
      the22game 8 days ago

      Jesus will save you

  • Ryan Petters
    Ryan Petters 8 days ago +1

    wowed beyond all foresight

  • Fabian Velasquez
    Fabian Velasquez 8 days ago +3

    Fascinating. And I like this music you use in the backgrounds, song name please? 🤔

  • rustdawg666
    rustdawg666 8 days ago +2

    How to change video speed on android ? I don't have 2 hours.

    • Michel Taheri
      Michel Taheri 8 days ago


    • Steven Bustamento
      Steven Bustamento 8 days ago

      rustdawg666 you go to your settings, and go fuck yourself. nobody wants you here if you don't want to be here.

  • 孽父
    孽父 8 days ago

    it's getting ridiculous.

  • MagBoshtet
    MagBoshtet 8 days ago +3

    Humans, Engineers, sentient A.I, Xenomorphs and Predators all clashing with each other. This could be really goddamn interesting.

    • MagBoshtet
      MagBoshtet 8 days ago

      +MateDrinker33 Hehe, fair enough.

    • MateDrinker33
      MateDrinker33 8 days ago

      MagBoshtet: I totally get where you're coming from, I just had to bust out with that shit, lol! :D

    • MagBoshtet
      MagBoshtet 8 days ago

      wow, look at all these great arguments. I mean, what was i thinking? It's not like all these races i just mentioned share the same universe and have a reason to hate each other, right? It's probably going to be like the real world, where we all hold hands or play flute together.

    • MateDrinker33
      MateDrinker33 8 days ago

      MagBoshtet: Yes, exactly like that "Freddy Versus Agent Smith" mashup that never happened after His defeat by Jason.

    • Marcin Jechorek
      Marcin Jechorek 8 days ago

      yes if you are retarded

  • Ronnie Ritchie
    Ronnie Ritchie 8 days ago +5

    Very interesting information. Thanks for the knowledge.

  • omnibus01
    omnibus01 9 days ago +21

    the Deacon becoming a mountain is fucking retarded.

    • BVargas78
      BVargas78 13 hours ago

      Frankly, the comics go too far. It reminds me of the silly stories you get in star wars extended universe like chewbacca getting killed after a moon is made to drop on him.

      It's OTT. Over the Top writing. The whole premise of that comic seems bad as well. i.e. Let's throw in a predator because why not? It would be cool. Let's have it fight an engineer because wow that would be awesome...

      Come on guys, try treat the material with some dignity. Or where will it end? If it can turn into a mountain why stop there? Why not have it turn into a planet? See what i mean? It's a bad direction.

    • Remi Lebō
      Remi Lebō 7 days ago

      omnibus01 no it isn't super retarded

    • omnibus01
      omnibus01 8 days ago

      yes it is super retarded

    • Remi Lebō
      Remi Lebō 8 days ago

      omnibus01 no it isn't

    • the22game
      the22game 8 days ago

      Yeah they should've put more thought into that, who the fuck came up with that idea lol

  • Girl No.
    Girl No. 9 days ago +7

    That's interesting

    • the22game
      the22game 8 days ago


    • 19DRC93
      19DRC93 8 days ago

      I seen that there was a reply hoping it was somebody saying nudes even though it didn't happen I wasn't disappointed

  • iamburak
    iamburak 9 days ago +11

    Wow.. Thats too much information

  • Imanol Garcia
    Imanol Garcia 9 days ago +15

    The deacon apparently turned into a giant mountain...

    • mousqy
      mousqy 8 days ago

      ultraman gonna give it a beat down

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