Just Let The World Die

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Take that, student loans!

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    Grant O'Brien
    Katie Marovitch
    Ally Beardsley
    Raphael Chestang
    Shane Crown

    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Grant O'Brien
    Producer - Shane Crown
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    1st AC - Sarah Greenwald
    2nd AC - Loren Azlein
    Gaffer - Brody Anderson
    Key Grip - Heather Ballish
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett for BoTown Sound
    Production Designer - Rick Mader
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
    Supervising Producer - Alex Edge
    Production Legal - Karen Segall
    Production Accountant - Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Emily Ellis
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Content Management Supervisor - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek
    Assistant Editors - Spencer Kombol & Andrew Primavera
  • ComedyComedy
  • Runtime: 4:02
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Comments: 6 346

  • Misty-Ann Anderson
    Misty-Ann Anderson 9 hours ago

    Isn't this what happened on Krypton?

  • Aydan Metsch
    Aydan Metsch 14 hours ago

    Wait did he just say that westworld was a disappointment?

  • ᴛʜᴇ ᴛᴏxɪᴄ ѕкєlєтσи

    **General sees emoji movie trailer**
    Call the shuttles back.

  • RedTallon Gaming

    we deserve it

  • Fresh Prince Of Dreamland

    Stop pushing your fucking agenda into every video you make. TAKE A LOSS LIKE ADULTS AND STOP BEING CHILDREN.

  • shivam jaiswal
    shivam jaiswal 2 days ago

    not before infinity war

  • Nick Wilson
    Nick Wilson 3 days ago

    This is actually the best society has ever been and trump is so much better then so many other presidents

  • Christopher Osberg
    Christopher Osberg 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice that he's a general, but also has a beard?

  • TheDeltak
    TheDeltak 3 days ago

    Liberals: Wants the world to end just because they didn't get their turn of presidency.

    JAXON COOPER 5 days ago

    Capitalism rocks Trump is better liberals are dumb cause they wear sweaters (and because of many other things that just rymed.)

  • SirkSirkSirk
    SirkSirkSirk 5 days ago

    5,000 people are Trump loving Nazis

  • KnowledgeIsPotent
    KnowledgeIsPotent 5 days ago

    "But why?"



    "Fuckin' Trump."

  • Jimmy Burke
    Jimmy Burke 5 days ago

    Bet they're getting paid with capitalism using equipment bought by that very system dumb fucks

  • VChuckShunA
    VChuckShunA 5 days ago

    Oh, so West World is disappointing, but a new Star Wars movie is worth living for.

  • BlackX 9905
    BlackX 9905 5 days ago

    That is so true. The Earth was nothing until Star Wars came along ( I don't actually know that because I'm only 12, but still) and when Star Wars ends, it'll be nothing again.

  • TRUMP i was touched as a young boy

    What wrong with capitalism

  • Robin McEvoy
    Robin McEvoy 6 days ago

    End of the world is on my birthday 🙌

  • joeis007
    joeis007 6 days ago

    Take that, student loans!

  • P1zza Cat
    P1zza Cat 6 days ago

    Im watchin this at 13 august, 20 august, ww3 starts, let the world die

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 6 days ago

    It's kind of funny... But more importantly, it's TRUE! More and more people think the world is fucked up.

  • Harry Ingle
    Harry Ingle 7 days ago

    When Star Wars saves the day

  • Hamasake Gagf
    Hamasake Gagf 7 days ago

    gota love how blavks and women want world to burn and its takes a white guy to try to save them

  • Bam5000000
    Bam5000000 8 days ago

    If the world was going to end in November you think they'd give us the new star wars early?

  • Gavin Monaghan
    Gavin Monaghan 8 days ago

    Why do you all hate trump

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 8 days ago


  • Callum Pieterse
    Callum Pieterse 8 days ago

    fantastic vid lads

  • Brian Realtor
    Brian Realtor 8 days ago

    what movie is this?

  • Mihael Jerko
    Mihael Jerko 9 days ago

    Noooooooooooo,u U why didnt u just let it all end

  • DoobieDrew
    DoobieDrew 9 days ago

    I always think about how I want a nuclear bomb to go off but globally
    I'm down with this shit

  • Adam 420
    Adam 420 9 days ago

    That ending Song! 😂😂😂

  • Joeno On
    Joeno On 10 days ago

    Thank you star wars you saved our planet!

  • riptiderobin15
    riptiderobin15 10 days ago +1

    You know if it wasn't for all this political-liberal-bias-SJW crap, I would have appreciated this channel and this video much more. Shame liberals have to shove their 'fears' down everyone's throats, every chance they get.

  • I use auto buy in csgo

    Trump is bae tho

  • UserNameMandatory
    UserNameMandatory 10 days ago

    You had me until final gag 👎

  • Ronald Berk
    Ronald Berk 10 days ago

    Won't be much of earth left if an asteroid the size of texas hits it. For comparison the asteroid that hit the dinosaurs had a diameter of 10km or 6 miles. So I very much doubt any multicellular will survive. Which puts at least a few billion years back and by the time humans or another intelligent lifeforms will reign the planet again the freaking sun will become a red giant. Thank god for Starwars.

  • Melissa Ward
    Melissa Ward 10 days ago

    They actually make really good point. the world is messed up

  • Ninja Butz
    Ninja Butz 10 days ago

    Why the heck did they throw in political crap

  • robert jacob
    robert jacob 11 days ago

    So Star Wars was the reason we lived?

  • Uncle Vivid
    Uncle Vivid 11 days ago

    That song at the end

  • Nathaniel DSouza
    Nathaniel DSouza 11 days ago

    That ending was perfect.

  • Olorin Elior
    Olorin Elior 11 days ago

    Whaaaaaat? Westworld was great!

  • xXMinecraftMainiacXx
    xXMinecraftMainiacXx 11 days ago

    Star Wars Saves Lives

  • Candy C
    Candy C 11 days ago

    And the rebel forces save the universe again!!!

  • Rio Sol
    Rio Sol 12 days ago

    The end of the world was the same day the switch was released coincidence I THINK NOT!!!

    Nintendo = illuminati

  • Turtlelover333
    Turtlelover333 12 days ago


  • Buckerydog
    Buckerydog 13 days ago

    Westworld was disappointing?

  • Minnesotan Youtuber
    Minnesotan Youtuber 14 days ago

    Thank all that is holy that the lives of 7.5 billion human lives and hundreds of billions of innocent animals, is not entirely in the hands of the democrats

  • Some asshole on the Internet

    Lmao these comments man...can you guys chill?

  • George Sheppard
    George Sheppard 14 days ago

    March 3rd: The Nintendo Switch Launch Date Is The End Of The World

  • Sunny Jay
    Sunny Jay 14 days ago +1

    So star wars saves the planet.

  • Keith Gurley
    Keith Gurley 14 days ago

    hates capitalism and loves stars wars. checks out.

  • Sean Blackburn
    Sean Blackburn 15 days ago

    its funny i get it. but in all honestly college humor needs to stop with the political statements. They propagate wild popular innaccurate opinions about the world.socialism just doesn't work. capitalism with very slight constraints might, but we are far from a capitalist country right now in america. Not a trump supporter, just not a fan of worn out political banter in my comedy.

  • Josh Lynn
    Josh Lynn 15 days ago

    Trump is better than all of you lowlife scum

  • Alternative Jew
    Alternative Jew 15 days ago

    Globalist propaganda

  • Reed Lobbestael
    Reed Lobbestael 15 days ago

    Why does Raphael look like the actor Noa Pharaoh who played Dr. Gordon in the (terrible) movie "Zoombies" (2016). He was also in "End of the Night" (2017) and "Taught in Cold Blood" (2017)

  • ValasaFantastic
    ValasaFantastic 16 days ago

    This was great, made me laugh out loud and show friends. And very true. When I'm depressed about all the problems the world is suffering it's really cool stuff to look forward too that makes me hopeful, such as Pokemon main series games, hype for Pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon! Also this is a great commercial for star wars!

  • Ryanj0207 Minecraft and More

    Lol the description
    Take that student loans

  • Andrew Lyons
    Andrew Lyons 16 days ago

    "It's mostly Trump."

  • SUlover4life hi
    SUlover4life hi 16 days ago +1

    Woah he got me at
    "You could just eat this covfefe cake or u could just throw it away"

  • Roblox Master
    Roblox Master 16 days ago


  • Claire Sugarshy
    Claire Sugarshy 16 days ago


  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 17 days ago +2

    Lost it at "this stray pube - that's united airlines"

  • Drew Smith
    Drew Smith 17 days ago

    It's funny when ever Hillary is bashed democrats get triggered so easily but they bashed trump and I saw one triggered comment and a dozen comments about how triggered republicans are. Not triggered by the way.

  • ThePopeFrancis
    ThePopeFrancis 17 days ago

    Why do I agree with them. I don't understand.

  • SpiderPlayzMC
    SpiderPlayzMC 17 days ago


    SOWRAB VATTIPALLI 17 days ago

    I don't care who you are
    what political stance is
    what your opinion on the end of the world is
    but westworld was awesome

  • __spencer__
    __spencer__ 18 days ago

    did someone badmouth capitalism... that is... Not good

  • green ghost
    green ghost 18 days ago


  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez S. V.

    Facebook arguments are buggers

  • Tibabalase O
    Tibabalase O 18 days ago

    You take that back about Westworld

  • Bowie _RM
    Bowie _RM 18 days ago

    Wow so much liberal non sense. Of course liberals would want everyone including themselves to die if nothing will go its way

  • Al So
    Al So 18 days ago

    luke just saved the day again

  • Victoria Mathieu
    Victoria Mathieu 18 days ago

    Cool idea. A bunch of scientist discover that the world will end in a year. They come up with the plan to fix it and it will have a 100% chance of success but they won't do it until the world changes for the better. I'd see that instead of the new Star Wars.

  • Jessica Guardian
    Jessica Guardian 19 days ago +1

    I would stay just for Star wars too lol

  • Aditya Radhakrishnan
    Aditya Radhakrishnan 19 days ago +1

    Not 500 million years. It will take billions. And life on Earth will only survive for another billion. So, unless we colonise other worlds within the next 500 million years, we're screwed.

  • Jenna Jones
    Jenna Jones 20 days ago

    The video was good but the ending was crap I wanted to see an explosion😟

  • Jeremiah Turner
    Jeremiah Turner 20 days ago

    Aphael killed this lol

  • Luckysquirrel1256
    Luckysquirrel1256 20 days ago

    Since when is Capitalism a bad thing?

  • cortez jensen
    cortez jensen 20 days ago +2

    Holy shit march 3rd was my birthday!?!??!!?😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez 21 day ago

    Yeo i love you guys n girls i mean to say everyone in college humor

  • Karim Dahabra
    Karim Dahabra 22 days ago

    you ruined it with the star wars.

  • Jamin Jedi
    Jamin Jedi 22 days ago

    Project Zero Dawn!

  • Looking In With Victor B

    Once again, Star Wars saves the day

  • cart9750 cart9750
    cart9750 cart9750 23 days ago

    Let it die, let it die, let it shrivel up and die...

  • tjr3145
    tjr3145 23 days ago

    Crazy how Liberals think. We didn't win the election so let the world die. This is very metephorical.

  • Howard Yates
    Howard Yates 24 days ago

    The Philosophy of Nili...( Can't compete that word

  • NMEstewy
    NMEstewy 24 days ago

    This is why liberals shouldnt be world leaders.

  • SamTEG Woodruff
    SamTEG Woodruff 24 days ago

    March 3rd!? Dammit! How am I susposed to play the Switch when i'm dead?

  • michael lehman
    michael lehman 24 days ago

    Capitalism determines who is smart and who is poor

  • Ryan Qin
    Ryan Qin 24 days ago

    Fucking united what I expected

  • William Krause
    William Krause 25 days ago

    well my birth day is march second so im ok with it

  • Hm, so that's what I taste like

    Then moment they said something about trump I knew that the comment section was gonna be a fucking battleground

  • Xtatic_is_not_gay
    Xtatic_is_not_gay 25 days ago

    b-b-but the switch comes out on march 3rd

  • [TheLifeLessVampire]
    [TheLifeLessVampire] 25 days ago


  • biscuits n gravy
    biscuits n gravy 26 days ago

    Why do my hands smell like garlic bread when I haven't eaten garlic or garlic bread in about a year.

  • Damokles' Sword
    Damokles' Sword 28 days ago


    KING OF NERDS 29 days ago

    The end is so true

  • Sombra
    Sombra 29 days ago

    Feminism is way worse than fucking Trump

  • J For Jacqy
    J For Jacqy 29 days ago

    And now I want the world to end 😢😢😢

  • Lucas Souza
    Lucas Souza 29 days ago

    Man, these new cast members are killing it. They're funny AF.

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