Your Friend Who Lives Too Far Away

  • Added:  10 days ago
  • I shouldn't need to refill my gas tank on the way to your house.

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    Zac Oyama
    Ally Beardsley
    Grant O'Brien
    Rekha Shankar

    Director - Ryan Anthony Martin
    Writer - Zac Oyama
    Producer - Lucretia Stinnette
    Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
    Director of Photography - Cooper James
    1st AC - Chris MacDonald
    2nd AC/DIT - Santiago Bahti
    Gaffer - Brody Anderson
    Key Grip - Saul Cervantes
    Sound Mixer - Chris Bennett of BoTown Sound
    HMU - Denise Valentine
    Production Designer - Alexis Preston
    President of Original Content - Sam Reich
    Senior Vice President of Production - Spencer Griffin
    Executive in Charge of Production - Sam Sparks
    Supervising Producer - Alex Edge
    Production Legal - Karen Segall
    Production Accountant - Shay Parsons
    Production Accountant - Chetera Bell
    Production Assistant - Esmeralda Pelayo
    Production Assistant - Talia Miller
    Post Production Supervisor - Melissa Balan
    Post Production Coordinator - Marissa High
    Content Management Supervisor - Theodora Hart
    Programming Assistant - Caroline Langella
    Editor - Sam Geer
    Visual Effects & Graphics - TJ Gonzalez
    Head Assistant Editor, Post Prod. Systems Engineer - Mark Chernausek
    Assistant Editor - Brittany Joyner
    Assistant Editor - A.J. Bedard
  • Video CategoriesComedy
  • Runtime: 2:39
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  • Jai Moti
    Jai Moti 12 hours ago

    You don't turn into a meme when you ask for it.

  • crippler crossfade
    crippler crossfade 19 hours ago

    i have a nice couch and an air mattress too!

  • Romane Denis
    Romane Denis 21 hour ago

    Dumbass credibility It looks for me like really sexy video complete :>

  • James Martin
    James Martin 1 day ago

    This is specifically an LA problem

  • INFJ
    INFJ 1 day ago

    Looks like Marilyn Manson

  • Vincent Herring
    Vincent Herring 1 day ago

    I legit feel his pain. I live 20 min from my friends and i try to have them over sometimes and they all flake and say i live too far. I TRAVEL THE SAME GODDAMN DISTANCE TO SEE YOU CUCKS

  • Emily Goh V
    Emily Goh V 2 days ago

    Lol... aliens are not real....👽

  • Stupid Faggot™
    Stupid Faggot™ 3 days ago


    does anyone get my reference...?

  • moonlight phan
    moonlight phan 3 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the trash can for one clip

  • Tom Knight
    Tom Knight 4 days ago

    hi .. mouth i prefer tmms # companion xd

  • Derp Fox
    Derp Fox 4 days ago

    Hey, it's another new cast!

  • Kelly Banh
    Kelly Banh 4 days ago

    You CANNOT ask to be a meme. There's no humor in it.

  • Sonic2772
    Sonic2772 4 days ago

    I feel bad for the blue person

  • The Gamer Dog
    The Gamer Dog 4 days ago

    but where is the illuminati

  • Vortex Studios
    Vortex Studios 4 days ago

    thats a fucking andorian in the thumbnail

  • Jimbo Cataldo
    Jimbo Cataldo 5 days ago

    he pulled out a fart gun to teleport

  • Satan_Worshipper.666

    Remember when collegehumor was funny, and wasn't shit?

  • Sarah Wright
    Sarah Wright 5 days ago +1

    FINALLY!!!!! I've been going through this struggle for years! All of my friends know I'm a unicorn that was born on Saturn, but no one ever goes with me when's a I visit! :( it's really sad. they always say that it's too far away and that no one would believe their story.

  • Notics Varus
    Notics Varus 5 days ago

    Did Zack grow his hair out again?

  • Jace Wallace
    Jace Wallace 5 days ago

    Theres nothing wrong with my dimension

  • Dan C
    Dan C 5 days ago

    The only funny part was after the skit.

  • Glen M
    Glen M 5 days ago

    Who's that she man on the left

  • BuddhaisNepalese
    BuddhaisNepalese 5 days ago

    All indians are ugly in this world, true fact because they' are very sinful and liars.

  • Benjamin KayEight
    Benjamin KayEight 5 days ago

    i relate so much lol

  • xuan mai
    xuan mai 5 days ago

    phim hay

    SUPAH SPECTACLES 5 days ago +1


  • 101TheLuke
    101TheLuke 5 days ago +1

    Ali is trying to use PEMDAS to tie a shoe

  • The Mexican Animator

    How can I say this constructively?
    Collegehumor still entertains me and I laugh a lot at most of their sketches, but around 80% of them is now them just talking on the office with very minor changes. I was with this channel since the beginning and I remember sketches like Troopers, The Six, Um Actually, Streeter's Monolgues, THE ANIMATIONS!
    My point is, I want a little more variety than just them talking around the office in ridiculous situations

  • Grinning Mask
    Grinning Mask 6 days ago

    Bounced on my man's smurf-lookin trans dimensional time crystal for hours to this

  • SITH
    SITH 6 days ago

    would smash

  • afif ahya muttaqin
    afif ahya muttaqin 6 days ago

    isn't the guy in blue are like "star vs evil force" i forgot the name

  • OhMyGlob SoCliche189

    Zach should grow out his hair to that length....and then wear a dress all the time...

  • Randy Lopez
    Randy Lopez 6 days ago

    I kinda miss the days when college humor was a little bit more of college.... and humor...

  • ZodiacKitten
    ZodiacKitten 6 days ago

    And THIS is why I hang out with humans rarely.They live so short!

  • XerDav
    XerDav 6 days ago

    this was okay, Zac, but not your best

  • Fructus Dea
    Fructus Dea 6 days ago

    LoL I just bought that fart gun for my toddler today. He loves fart noises.

  • Pinquin Sammy
    Pinquin Sammy 6 days ago

    Has Zac a booked salad for the weekend? Is a salad something you can book? why and why is that a good idea just grab a salad and eat it.

  • Swag BOI
    Swag BOI 7 days ago

    CollegeHumor wouldn't it be cool to make a video about a guy who is playing a Xbox game and pauses it and goes on a bathroom break, and all of the characters get together and discusses the problems in the game and talks as friends. Then realizes they are technically slaves and band together to make the player quit only to realizes he throws out the game and the characters all die forever.

  • Simon Li
    Simon Li 7 days ago +1

    Why can't he teleport everyone there?

  • Snowmanbutternips
    Snowmanbutternips 7 days ago


  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly 7 days ago

    I miss Jake and Amir!

  • Pyrodragon996
    Pyrodragon996 7 days ago

    Is it just me or does the guy with blue skin look like Soraka from league of legends without a horn?

  • NekoMitch
    NekoMitch 7 days ago

    hey they got that Rachel girl from MTV on here.

  • Big Daddy Jam Dawg
    Big Daddy Jam Dawg 7 days ago

    zac is a gayboy

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith 7 days ago

    This sketch video pleases The Matrix.
    We will refrain from 'recycling' Zion for another year.

  • Галя Безпалева

    Ever since I moved to another country, I'm this friend.

  • Lolo TG
    Lolo TG 7 days ago +1

    The middle girl kinda looks like Liza Koshy 😂

  • Malyngar
    Malyngar 7 days ago

    I kinda like college humor more now

  • Undisputed Knight
    Undisputed Knight 7 days ago

    That middle chick is hot.

  • Haha Lol
    Haha Lol 7 days ago

    I swear I can tell Zac wrote this as soon as I see him in blue

  • ashley archer
    ashley archer 7 days ago

    there is illuminati in every episode

  • Marty Despot
    Marty Despot 7 days ago

    Zac looks like a mix between an avatar and Daenerys Targaryen

  • Papa Bless
    Papa Bless 7 days ago

    that one newer girl looks like Lyla from Arrow

  • Ali Hamza
    Ali Hamza 7 days ago

    that brown chick looks like a dude

  • Echo
    Echo 7 days ago

    Why is this on trending?

  • Austin Hyde
    Austin Hyde 7 days ago

    What is he, Norse?

  • Shadow Senpai
    Shadow Senpai 7 days ago

    That's me. I'm five miles from my school while my friends are like 3 blocks away.

  • Jemma J
    Jemma J 7 days ago

    i will come zack 😍😍😍😍

  • Gordon Ramsay
    Gordon Ramsay 7 days ago

    Pardon me, I'm just looking for the lamb sauce.

  • Spooky .S Skeleton
    Spooky .S Skeleton 8 days ago

    When you are the person who lives far away

  • Dausen Moore
    Dausen Moore 8 days ago

    I still hate the lesbian... She just isn't funny and her voice drives me crazy.

  • Kye Talks
    Kye Talks 8 days ago

    That awkward moment when your video has a Vultron reference as a main thing but no one gets it lol

    (I haven't even gotten around to watching the show yet and I recognized the character right away)

  • What's New?
    What's New? 8 days ago

    If college humor replies to this, I'll start working on my first short film

  • Red Cape Films
    Red Cape Films 8 days ago

    True friends would not let a couple of dimensions keep them from visiting their friend.

  • 1000 thousand subs without vids

    Congrats for being *#28 on trending*

  • Top Dawg
    Top Dawg 8 days ago +1

    Why does she look like a guy with a Daenerys wig?

  • Randolp Ascano
    Randolp Ascano 8 days ago


  • Nora
    Nora 8 days ago

    Is there a story on how the MTV girl (Rekha) switched to Collegehumor? Or was she always here? I haven't been watching a lot recently.

  • juan mello
    juan mello 8 days ago +1

    This one was pretty lame

  • poopngriddles
    poopngriddles 8 days ago

    Lol when I used to live 30 minutes outside of town people totally acted like it was a different dimension.

  • Divergent Droid
    Divergent Droid 8 days ago

    CollegeHumor has really gone down hill. This wasn't funny. Bring back Troopers.

  • Vota Dona
    Vota Dona 8 days ago

    It's 2017 and people are still fine with bluefacing. smh

  • Mackery Delić
    Mackery Delić 8 days ago

    you guys ever watch the movie The Fly with Jeff Goldblum? shit is wild. classic.

  • Marshall Jeffries
    Marshall Jeffries 8 days ago

    the guy with glasses looks like an off-brand Keith from buzzfeed

  • Gamers Bros
    Gamers Bros 8 days ago

    plzz zzzzzz aboment my chanel

  • Mateusz Parus
    Mateusz Parus 8 days ago

    What name are they calling the alien?

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 8 days ago

    God, does humor really drop that low college?

  • Pelcogo
    Pelcogo 8 days ago

    can dimensions even be measured by distance?

  • Djahi Sinthia
    Djahi Sinthia 8 days ago

    ca existe vraiment

  • Ezylrybs
    Ezylrybs 8 days ago

    The collegehumor fellas got olda

  • Leto2ndAtreides
    Leto2ndAtreides 8 days ago

    Too slow and boring. Never reached the end. Although the comments imply that I should just jump ahead to that.

  • Pulling Guy
    Pulling Guy 8 days ago

    Lmao the toy is the fart blaster in despciplen3

  • Aesthetically-Josh
    Aesthetically-Josh 8 days ago

    His teleporting gun is a minions fart gun


  • Adhi Pradana
    Adhi Pradana 8 days ago

    all seing eye symbol poped up in trash bin and dissapeared

  • DoggyDutchman95
    DoggyDutchman95 8 days ago

    I think your friend is a smurf

  • Hollie Price
    Hollie Price 8 days ago


  • Michael Gonzales
    Michael Gonzales 8 days ago

    I wonder if Zac regretted writing this sketch while he was spending all of that time in the makeup chair.

  • lalobee
    lalobee 8 days ago

    This is literally me. I moved to a part of the town which others don't fancy going because it feels like a suburb (even though public transport is great) but is across the main river and thus people on the other side consider it being a completely different world somehow ...

  • Peter Tran
    Peter Tran 8 days ago

    how hands aren't painted

  • Vincent Erickson
    Vincent Erickson 8 days ago

    Zac be doing me a rick and morty

  • Josh Morgan
    Josh Morgan 8 days ago +1

    ohhh geez rick

  • Watermantaloupe
    Watermantaloupe 8 days ago

    I thought that this was going to be the new Smurfs movie.

  • TheYasdonaught
    TheYasdonaught 8 days ago

    lady smurf lookin' ass

  • Ramsés Amadeus
    Ramsés Amadeus 8 days ago

    I'm more worried about the space octopus

  • Squidward
    Squidward 8 days ago +1

    I'm guessing this was a parody of Avatar.

  • Randy 1914
    Randy 1914 8 days ago

    They got the ugliest niggas in this channel

  • Michi
    Michi 8 days ago +1

    i thought zac was the cocaine girl!!

  • Isi Arana
    Isi Arana 8 days ago

    OK... that's freaky but really weird

  • Solid Sorensen
    Solid Sorensen 8 days ago

    This is where you shine, CollegeHumor!

  • Matthew Haas
    Matthew Haas 8 days ago

    Goonies eyeroll!

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